Aaron Black

Springfield Golf Club

Aaron Black

General Manager and Head Golf Professional
Springfield Golf Club
Fort Mill, SC

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Golf Sayings

Trees are 90% air! You are standing too close to your ball…after you hit it!

Know your clubface and path

Where is your clubface at impact? What is the path of the club? If your clubface is open to your path (path to the left, clubface aiming to the right for example), this is a main cause of slicing. Drill: Slow down the swing (75% slower), and learn/feel to match the clubface with the path. […]

One Handed Indoor Putting Drill

To keep your putting sharp here is a drill that I use at home. First take your normal putting stance and grip. Next, take your lead hand and place it on your trail shoulder. Now putt the ball, making sure to strike the ball with a descending blow, holding the putter with your trail hand […]

Have a plan

Most amateur golfers go to the range and just hit ball after ball without a plan for each shot/swing. From picking the target, visualizing the ball flight shape and trajectory, working on rhythm timing for each swing on the range is what is essential for “effective practice”. It is the quality of your practice that […]

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