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Aaron Purviance

2x DIII National Champion
Red Ledges
Heber City, UT

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Play the Conditions

It is best to not fight the conditions of the day that you can’t control. Learn to play your ball flight with different conditions. For example, if you are hitting into the wind, don’t swing harder, just take more club and make a balanced swing. Too many people try to fight the elements and end […]

Club Fitting

I would say as long as #1 they are at least a high schooler or older, mostly because of strength purposes. And they are consistently shooting 90’s or below. Most golfers might not realize how big of an impact a set up properly fitting clubs can have on their golf game. It is a must […]

Collin for the Win

Looking for a solid bet to win the U.S. Open? Look no further than Collin Morikawa. His golf swing is simplistic, repeatable, and with a calm and winning mentality, he will be tough to beat. His dispersion rate (distance missed left to right from the target) with a 6-rion is that of most touring professional’s […]

Hitting a Draw: The Easy Way

Need help hitting a draw? Here is how to hit a draw with purpose and power. First, ensure that you are square to the target. Many folks aren’t lined up correctly and this causes errors in the path of the club. Secondly ensure that when you take the club back, that the club face matches […]

Offer your expertise from a distance

I have recently started using a digital coaching mobile app, called PerfectMotion, that accurately measures body movements during the swing. The student runs the app on their phone and makes swings with or without a ball. The app uses AI to detect body motion issues in the swing and provides immediate feedback to the student. […]

Staying Connected

It is unfortunate I’m not outside in the sun teaching at this time but I’m making the most of being inside. I am currently staying connected through Phone, Virtual Lessons and Mostly Social Media. My Instagram account is a big part of how I stay involved with my students and golfers around the world. Giving […]

Get Your Lesson Without Going Outside!

Hello fellow golfers! If your golf course is closed, or you’re stuck inside, simply take a video of your golf swing using your phone or tablet. From there, simply log on to www.SwingEssentials.com and create an account. Upload your golf swing video and within 48 hours you’ll receive a virtual golf lesson from a PGA […]

Take on the challenge of Blind and Adaptive Golf!

Getting involved in Blind and Adaptive instruction is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In general, I recommend you approach your students with limitations and challenges the same as you do all of your players. Do your homework, and have a plan in place to help each individual get the most out of what they have […]

Working With Wounded Warriors

The highlight of my teaching career is working with our Wounded Warriors. Being able to take golf, and use it as a rehabilitation tools is a very unique and understated tool that many sports simply can’t mirror. When working with wounded warriors, the teaching methodologies are tested and challenged. Instructors who can teach golfers with […]

It's important to keep as many "constants" in your swing as possible.

When dialing wedges, it’s important to keep as many “constants” in your swing as possible. For instance, if a student can keep their stance width very narrow, grip the same, and tempo consistent, they will be much more precise with their short game. With borrowed methodologies from world-renowned instructors like Dave Pelz, a simple “clock” […]

The reality is that the dominant winners are compelling. That’s why we watch sports.

Multiple winners on tour have always been a good thing and will continue to be a good thing. The more people that win send the pool and make it easier for a dominant winner to rise above and create separation value. The reality is that the dominant winners are compelling. That’s why we watch sports. […]

In the last year, golf has been able to add different role-players to their inventory of champions.

A wide variety of winners is always a good thing for golf. In the last year, golf has been able to add different role-players to their inventory of champions. The news media has done a terrific job casting a new “villain” in Patrick Reed, the “flawed hero” in Tiger Woods, the new “cool uncle” with […]

Besides Tiger Woods....? Yeah it’s Tiger!

Besides Tiger Woods….? Yeah it’s Tiger! There’s nothing more jubilating then watching Tiger win. I think this week will be interesting at the presidents club to see how much TW picks himself under pressure. If he looks at himself in the present tense he’ll pick himself a lot and if he’s looking into the future […]

Tour Striker Smart Ball

My favorite full swing training aid is the “Tour Striker Smart Ball”. This training aid is great for both the backswing and downswing. I believe it promotes great fundamentals and can be used while hitting golf balls. The smart ball is travel friendly and can easily be placed in ones golf bag.

A Medicine Ball

Throwing a medicine ball works the correct muscles in the golf swing and also keeps the arms in front of the body with nice width.

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