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The Golf Instruction Evolution with Swing Essentials

The Swing Essentials Golf app has helped evolve golf instruction. Offering on-demand, personalized coaching through advanced app technology allows golfers to work on their swing at any time, any place, and around their schedule. A PGA Professional in your pocket, this unique golf application allows for quality instruction at a fraction of the price, allowing […]

Set up, the right way

Improving your golf posture and setup position can significantly impact your game. Here are some tips to address poor posture and achieve a solid setup: 1. Stand Tall: Maintain an upright posture with your spine reliever straight and your shoulders relaxed. Avoid slouching or hunching over the ball. 2. Proper Spacing: Position your feet shoulder-width […]

Get Familiar With Your Game

When it comes to golf club selection, some common mistakes include: 1. Overestimating distance: Many golfers tend to overestimate their hitting distance, leading them to choose a club that doesn’t suit the shot. Be realistic about your capabilities and choose a club accordingly. 2. Ignoring weather conditions: Wind speed and direction significantly impact the flight […]

Listen to Your Anatomy

Have you ever wondered, “How long should my golf swing actually be”? Let us help you swing “within yourself”. Stand straight up, place your lead arm straight in front of you, and totally extend your lead arm, parallel to the ground. Next, move your lead arm across your chest, keeping the arm pressed against your […]

The Perfect Divot

Many higher-handicap golfers have an improper weight shift. This causes the student to slide with their hips and hit behind the golf ball. A simple, but effective drill can help most golfers to hit crisp iron shots. Take a short iron to start. Set up to the golf ball and take your stance. From here, […]

Putters: Which one is right for you?

For an average golfer, putting strokes result in 70% of all shots located on the scorecard. You use your putter on every hole, so how do we go about finding the right one for you? First, let’s examine length. The length of the putter is very important. When you set up to a putt, you […]

Where does the water flow?

Need a simple way to think about reading greens? Imagine this… You get to the practice green, and all of a sudden, the clouds open up and it starts to pour down rain. As you look around the green, you’ll notice that the water starts to flow off the green. In some places, it runs […]

Having trouble compressing the golf ball?

Do your hands hurt after hitting a poor golf shot? Do you find your weight on the back foot at the end of your swing? If so, chances are you are trying to lift the golf ball into the air. Golf instructors will throw out technical terms like “casting”, “flipping”, or “stalling”. What does it […]

The Perfect Setup - Every Time

Let’s look at it this way; you have fourteen different tools in your tool bag (golf bag) and they are all different lengths with various lofts. Seems difficult right? Not if you can rely on a constant variable. This constant variable is an easily repeatable pre-shot routine. Simply stand up straight, and put your hands […]

Technology: Help Your Game & Learn to Hit New Clubs

Let’s be honest, it is not the clubs, right? Well…maybe. The best golf companies hire exquisite engineers to push the state-of-the-art when designing new clubs, so every few years, it is worth trying out the new equipment. However, make sure you do so with a qualified PGA Professional so that the technology works in your […]

Get out of that ROUGH

Need help getting out of that thick rough? Simply update your stance and club face. I like to teach my students to move the ball a bit further back in their stance. This allows for a steeper angle of attack and reduces the amount of grass between the club face and the golf ball. Also, […]

Change Your Focus

A lot of my students feel nervous when they find themselves in fairway bunkers. However, fairway bunkers do not have to be a make-or-break shot in your golf round. Simply, change your focus. The next time you find yourself in a fairway bunker, follow these simple steps to get your golf ball out of the […]

When Windy, Change Your Club; Not the Swing

I have a lot of my students ask me about different playing conditions. For instance, they ask me if their swing changes when it gets windy. My answer focuses around a golfing methodology that tries to keep as many variables the same in whatever environment you’re playing. For instance, you could certainly put the ball […]

Go-To Short Game Shot: No Wrists

Leave the wrists out of your short game shots. I see many of my students attempt to garner extra spin and check on their short shots by flipping their wrists at impact. This does not help with consistency, or with solid contact. When looking for a go-to short game shot, practice hitting half-shots with your […]

Never 3-Putt Again

Need help with eliminating those nasty 3-Putts? This quick tip will help you immediately reduce putts per round by helping you with your speed control. You’ll need five golf balls, a putter, and a surface to putt on. Line up to your first golf ball, and don’t take any aim. Don’t even aim at a […]

Speed = Distance

Students often come to see us looking for more distance. Who isn’t, right? From an instructor’s perspective, the real question is, “How can the student generate more club head speed”? The answer comes in three parts. First the student must be evaluated on their set-up. Secondly, the student must use large muscles and ground forces. […]

Impact Drills

Need a drill to rehearse your impact position? This drill is for you. Simply address the golf ball. Now, place your hands in front of the golf ball and kick your trail knee in towards your lead knee so that your heel is just off the ground. Keep the shoulders where they are, and slightly […]

Virtual Golf Lessons

Staying in touch with students is a cornerstone of great teaching programs. When world events make it impossible to see students face-to-face, technology helps fill the gaps. A great place to keep working on your game from afar, is . This online platform allows students to use their cellphone or tablet to record their […]

An injury or physical limitation can dictate the roadmap for making swing changes.

Understanding your student’s physical limitations is extremely important for a good instructor. An injury or physical limitation can dictate the roadmap for making swing changes. At Swing Essentials, we simply ask the student if they have any limitations or injuries. This will allow our instructors to ensure that we avoid further injury to these areas. […]

The Swing Essentials Golf App

The best teaching application on the market is the Swing Essentials Golf App. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s like having a PGA Professional in your pocket for on-demand lessons anywhere at any time. Simply use the app to film your swing and then press “submit”. Within 48 hours, a virtual […]

I use ball flight technology in club fittings and with more advanced players to dial in wedges or check the launch angle of drives.

Libby Larsen once said that “The great myth of our times is that technology is communication”. Ball flight technology provides many data points for PGA instructors during their lessons and they use this data to paint a more complete picture of the golf swing. However, an influx of data without a basic understanding of the […]

Go see a PGA professional and start with a good posture, work on your grip, and align yourself properly to the golf ball. Then, get fit...

Embarking on the search for a set of custom fit clubs can be daunting for new players. As a PGA member, my recommendation would be to find a PGA professional for a brief consultation. In my experience, there are many kinds of new players. Some beginners are “weekend warriors” on a journey to find a […]

Ben Hogan said that a good grip is the most important element of a golf swing.

Ben Hogan said that a good grip is the most important element of a golf swing. Getting golf clubs re-gripped is essential to peak performance. If the grip on the golf club is old and too slick, the golfer will try and compensate by tightening up their grip and their forearm muscles. This will decrease […]

The Most Versatile Training Aid: The Towel

A towel can the be the most versatile training aid in any golfer’s arsenal. A towel can quickly increase club head speed, improve touch on the putting green, or even promote crisp chip shots around the fringe. During your next practice session try these tips with a towel: 1. When you’re on the driving range, […]

Work on things that make the game a bit easier

If your practice sessions are few and far between, let’s work on things that make the game a bit easier. A simple set-up for every single club in your bag can improve consistency and make the game a lot less frustrating. Simply follow these four steps. First, grip the club and place your hands and […]

The Backswing Fix

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