Allan Bowman

North Palm Beach Country Club

North Palm Beach Country Club

Allan Bowman

Director of Golf
North Palm Beach Country Club
North Palm Beach, FL

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Putting Answers

On the putting green the golf ball does not care how you hold the club / align your feet or body. The only things that matters – did you send it on the correct speed down the correct line! The more you putt the better you can get at figuring out the correct speed and […]

Crisp iron shots

Crisp iron shots require a slight descending angle of approach to the golf ball. Students need to understand that the golf swing is a circle understand where the bottom of the arc of the circle should occur (slightly in front of the golf ball). The question then becomes how to move the bottom of the […]

Freedom - no helicopters

The best learning environment is one in which you can form a bond of trust with the student without interference from parents. I like to get on eye level with my students even if I need to get on my knees .. Trust on both ends is so important .. and sometimes the role of […]

Nervous or Excitement

When we get nervous – golf swings get shorter and faster. On the first tee – try making the biggest slowest swing possible Reminds of a story – Gary Player once asked Jack Nicklaus if he got nervous before a big tournament or one first tee. Jack responded I do not get nervous – I […]

Lines or Ropes on the Green

The best training aids are those they let us practice ball trajectory and ball distance. If we execute a nice beautiful looking golf shot but it does not go the right distance at the right trajectory we could have some unfortunate results (short in the bunker or maybe even over the green). I like line […]

The Backswing Fix

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