Benjarong Murray

Pasadena Yacht & Country Club

Benjarong Murray

Class A PGA Professional
Pasadena Yacht & Country Club
Gulfport, FL

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Keep Your Arms in Front and Transfer Weight

I have worked with many golfers who struggled with hitting behind the golf ball. In many cases, the player’s arms and clubhead are working very hard to the inside and flat. The arms get stuck “behind” the body, making it very difficult to return the club head back to the golf ball. A good drill […]

Pebble Beach Hole 6

The 6th Hole at Pebble Beach is my favorite hole I have ever played. The beauty of that hole is hard to describe to anyone who has not been there. The tee shot on the par 5 is dramatically downhill with ocean bordering the right side and sand along the left. The second shot forces […]

Shift Your Weight Properly

Most ‘scoops’ are the result of an incorrect weight shift on the downswing and follow through. A ‘scoop’ is often coupled with a falling back onto the trail foot as the player tries to lift the golf ball into the air. It can be very difficult to time the release of the scooping motion, which […]

J.B. Holmes Short & Simple

I would like to see more amateurs emulate J.B. Holmes. I have seen too many amateurs with long, loose backswings. This often causes a lack of control, consistency, and power. While a long swing can create power, it only does so if the correct kinematic sequence is performed in your downswing. The proper kinematic sequence […]

The Backswing Fix

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