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Lower Scores

Because I do training sessions rather than lessons, students come to-1. Lower their scores 2. lower their scores 3. lower their scores. All the best with your improvement !

“How Much Do You Wish To Improve”

If you wish to get a “tip” and practice a little, 3 lessons for $500 is reasonable. If you wish to improve immensely, then 10 hrs with a really good coach, and 20 hrs of training should run you $2,500.

All suggestions on golf advice should be customized for the student !

Anything on YouTube, Gasp ! All suggestions on golf advice should be customized for the student ! “One man’s food, is another’s poison”

“Mentors - Necessary For Sure”

No one ever reached the promised land in their career without help along the way, much like an athlete striving for the Olympics. Craig Shankland was my first boss in the golf business, taught me how to dress, conduct myself, and to present myself in a professional manner. Ken Venturi taught me the game of […]

Easiest Set-up Ever !

Grip the club with your right hand only, move into your set-up, left hand on last. Now your perfect every time !

Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

Increasing a golfer’s swing speed is a two-part process. 1. Improving arm and hand speed 2. Improving the sequential nature of the swing Arms & hands for speed, and accuracy with improvement in sequencing. As always, good luck with the process !!!

Proper transition

Topped shots are caused by the shortening of the arms on the way thru, which is caused by improper weight shift. Start with more weight on your back leg at address, and finish with more weight on your target leg. This will allow your arms to extend and no more topped shots !!!

“Fix Your Grip”

Most golfers who slice have a weak grip with the left hand. Just keep moving your left hand over to a stronger position til the slice becomes a pull and you’ll be on your way to a better game !!!!

“Jason makes the Day”

To play well at Augusta National, a player must have a well-rounded game and possess an unbelievable short game within 50 yards from the green. Green reading, speed control, club selection, targets, angles, are just a few of the skills necessary to navigate the course. And finally, do you possess the emotional skills to be […]


Techniques for deep rough around the greens is much like a menu, lots of choices- 1. Use a SW rather than a PW or LW rather than a SW 2. Ball position could be left heel as opposed to middle of your stance 3. The face angle could be slightly open or a lot open […]

Mtn Lake CC, Lake Wales FL

Seth Raynor, ranked #27 in top 100, hole #1, slight uphill, short hole, well framed tee shot, 8 or 9 iron second shot to a triple segmented green with bunkering on 3 sides, awesome !!!!

Motor Pattern Training

There is no improvement taking place without feedback! Thus the use of training aids & drills ! In the beginning, you may do more “dry runs” than balls, and eventually you’d be @ 50/50. Good luck with your training !

The Backswing Fix

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