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Bob Kotowski

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Buellton, CA

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"step into" longer shots

Probably the best way for the average golfer to learn proper timing and sequencing of a golf swing is to utilize a basic “Step Drill” This is accomplished readily by 1. establish your basic setup. 2 with your lead foot, step to the back foot, and stop. Start the club back and extend to a […]

Simple,solid,athletic set up

With students of all skill levels, and assuming there are no physical limitations or injuries to account for, we try to establish an “athletic” “ flexed and at the ready” position at address. This involves a slight bend in the knees, with flexed and ready pressure in the legs. The player should bend forward at […]

Feel the hand action

The hands should hold the club and wrists should keep the hands of the player connected to the arms! I’m being sarcastic, but hopefully making a point! Simply feel the proper hinging action of the hands and wrists as a result of swinging the club and feeling the weight of the club head. A great […]

Function, Not Fashion!

It aint fashion, it’s function! Your Golf swing might look pretty, but can you play? We see so many players consumed with the appearance of their golf swing, yet they neglect to focus on many far more important areas of the game. Can you hit fairways and greens when it counts? Can you get a […]

Get a lesson and Practice

The only time we see players hitting the golf ball off the toe of an iron with a 4 1/2 inch long face, or a driver that is as big as a toaster, is when they are just taking up the game, and are trying to figure it out on their own by whacking at […]

Steady head , Steady golf

I can’t think of any key that is more important when it comes to solid ball striking! Keeping the head reasonably steady and your eyes keenly focused on the ball, is the bottom line if you want to hit solid golf shots! Every golfer knows this,yet most golfers neglect this huge key to solid play. […]

Golf is for Fun!!!!

Here are a few that I use frequently in my instructional sessions, especially in group classes. It is likely I’ve heard them somewhere in the past, but some I came up with in the moment to help a student. Bob Toski had some great ones to help instruct and entertain his students. “The game of […]

It aint the Arrow, its the i (oops, Golfer)

The bottom line to putting well is good fundamentals, solid setup, feel, and PRACTICE. I have a rock taped to a stick that I use to beat the bejeebers out of the guys that come out with the new super-duper, space-age, titanium, graphite composite, Bumble Bee, triple wing, computerized and laser-guided implements, thinking that their […]

Own the bump and run!

I cannot overstate how important it is to have a go-to chip-and – run shot for players of all levels. New players would likely shoot scores of 5 to 10 shots lower if you took that wedge out of their hands until they learn how to use it, and have the confidence and the experience […]

It's all about timing and balance, get LEFT!!!

This one is real simple. Get onto your left side at impact, ( forward foot, right side for lefties), and the club will follow with a descending strike! If the sequence and timing are such, that the player is leading with a weight shift, or a lower-body move toward the target, the path of the […]

Rythym and Tempo are everything

The short answer on this is rhythm and tempo are the most important keys in the game once it comes time to pull the trigger and execute any golf shot This includes the often neglected chipping and putting “swings”. This answer assumes the player has built a strong swing and routine of solid fundamentals and […]

Experience is the best teacher for golf!

Greens reading 101 The Olde School method of playing a lot of rounds, keeping your eyes open, ( watching all of your shots as well as other players’ shots carefully around the green ),is still the best way to gain valuable insight to reading greens. Learning to putt well on your own is a large […]

Experience is your best teacher here.

Efficiently reading greens is a skill that is generally learned and earned through trial, error, and experience. The Olde School method of going out, playing a lot of rounds, keeping your eyes open, ( watching all of your shots as well as other players’ shots carefully around the green ),is still the best way to […]

Learn to play from experience.

This is a great topic! The right tools to improve course management can have the greatest impact on amateurs playing better and enjoying the game more. First of all, there is no substitute for EXPERIENCE in learning to play the game well. And…this experience can come in many forms. The best of all of these […]

Swing a three wood with confidence!

Using a three wood off the tee is a great option and tool to have in your bag. There are situations, and certain holes during every round where the choice is given to “get it in play” or “go for it”. The basic risk-reward factor is an important aspect of the game. Many factors need […]

"One whole motion" Keep it simple!

Ideally, I would like each of our students to think of their golf swing as one whole motion, a simple and effective athletic move. If you build a core swing based on a foundation of good fundamentals in a step-by-step routine, and feel your natural rhythm and timing, similar to throwing a ball, the swing […]

A good grip is the key to good golf!

Grip position and pressure. Proper grip position and grip pressure are two of the most important fundamentals in the game. It is very important to understand and establish both for any player who wishes to play the game at a high level and consistently strike the ball well. In general, the club should be held […]

Swing smooth, stay down, and hit it solid!

Here are a couple of simple keys that will help the inexperienced golfer make consistently solid contact, minimize, and eventually eliminate topped shots. Generally, there are two reasons for hitting the top of a golf ball. One is going at it too hard and quick, over accelerating the hands and arms, which either leaves the […]

Rahm, first of many major victories!

I would like to repeat my statement from five months ago,….. Jon Rahm is my pick to win the Masters! To win a major championship, it takes a combination of talent, heart and soul, power, and a passion for the game. Mix these in with great touch around the greens, laser focus, and a relentless […]

The Greatest Golf Hole any one has ever played.

The Best golf hole ever played…. The 18th at Pebble. The 18th hole at Pebble Beach Golf links is without question, the greatest hole of golf I’ve ever played, and probably for every one else who has had the privilege and pleasure to experience a round at Pebble. The walk down the fairway on this […]

Respect the wind, Use the wind, own the wind!

Tips on playing golf in the wind Growing up in New England, we never knew there were any other conditions in the spring or fall. If you were going to play golf, you learned to deal with the wind and adverse conditions. Later in my career, this proved to be of great value and my […]

Jon Rahm has what it takes to win at Augusta

It takes a combination of Talent, Heart, Soul, power, Passion for the game, great touch around the greens, focus, and relentless desire, to win a major. That is exactly why Jon Rahm is my pick to win the 2020 Masters. Coming off some recent victories, and strong finishes are some of the reasons Jon Rahm […]

Start hitting it solid, its all about balance!

For players of any skill level, it is so important to define your balance at impact! Generally, every great ball striker has all of their weight firmly on their forward foot at impact!!! Establish confidence in this by setting up for some short swings (waist to shoulder high) with 95% of your weight planted on […]

Inexperienced players, chip and run shot for more fun!

I can’t emphasize enough that amateur golfers get the ball on the ground, and rolling like a putt as soon as possible. Your feel for distance is based mostly on how a ball will roll out. It takes a long time to develop the skill and confidence to manage a sand wedge consistently around the […]

Rahm and Finau playoff continues on Monday!!

I already have my VCR set to record the 2 hole playoff between Jon Rahm and Tony Finau! I had it set for Monday , but they changed the rule in 2019 from an 18 hole playoff to a two-hole aggregate ( I disagree with the decision to abandon the tradition!). I love to see […]

Keys to solid putting

In general, practicing the three basic skills of putting will help minimize the number of three-putts, but even the best will have to deal with this reality of the game. Three putts happen! Practice the things that matter on the greens. There are three basic skills. First, learn to line up square and be aware […]

PGA Junior League is great for kids!!

We are fortunate to host two PGA Junior League teams at our course, Zaca Creek. It is a perfect learning center, with full access for the juniors to learn and practice all aspects of the game. PGA Jr League gives them the opportunity to take it out onto the course, learn playing procedures, etiquette, and […]

A simple plan to develop focus, confidence and improve your mental game!

Yogi Berra once said ( referring to baseball) “the game is 90% mental and the other half is physical!” I agree with him 140 percent when talking about golf!!! Most golfers don’t come anywhere close to performing at their potential and capability, simply because they don’t manage the rational thought process for becoming strong mentally! […]

Prepare well, Play well!

The first tee! Prepare to have a good start and play well! How to prepare for the first tee jitters The opening drive off the first tee in a round is an interesting experience that only golfers can understand. It can be the most humbling, or the most satisfying event in a day, a week […]

Carry on! Golf is good Therapy.

OUR CHOICE IS TO CARRY ON Greetings all. We hope you and your families are all safe and in good health. This an interesting and challenging time in all of our lives, and I believe we will get through this and have a better world when this “thing” is well behind us. Perhaps we will […]

Olde School feedback/ pound some balls and see where they go!

It is nice to be able to take advantage of all of the technology available today. But playing the game well always comes down to associating your routine, swing keys, and feel with the character and quality of the shot! It is so important to simply observe your shots, be aware of the swing keys […]

I think it is a great thing, especially for our Junior Golfers.

I think it is a great thing, especially for our Junior Golfers. It is important to see that anyone can accomplish great things if they believe in themselves, work hard, focus on a goal. We are all unique, and everyone’s golf swing and game are also unique. I like to see young players identify with […]

You need to feel it, NOT think it

This is a great topic of discussion. It is true that we are bombarded with so much information, technology, terminology and fancy theories about how to swing the golf club and develop good swing mechanics. It is fun to learn. Information and knowledge are GOOD in developing a solid game, up to point. The key […]

There are three books that are important if you love the game of golf, want to understand it better, and have a desire to become a good player!

There are three books that are important if you love the game of golf, want to understand it better, and have a desire to become a good player! ( I define a good player as a person who gets the most out of their given ability and is satisfied with their own personal performance.) 1. […]

I would encourage anyone who loves the game to go to

For several reasons, I would encourage anyone who loves the game to go to, instagram or facebook.You will find a variety of interesting current and informative golf content, including tips to improve your game, more than 100 exclusive interviews and profiles of PGA , LPGA, PGA Champions Tour Players, such as Vijay, Jon Rahm […]

Learn to maintain your grips, and change them as needed.

When it comes to managing your grips, the Manufacturers probably won’t like my answer! Learn to maintain your grips, and change them as needed. Frequency of play and practice is the main factor. Get in the habit of washing them regularly with warm soapy water (for conventional composite /and rubber grips) and spray them with […]

Pebble Beach Golf Links in Monterey California

There is no public golf experience that can compare with a day at the Pebble Beach Golf Links in Monterey California! Period, drop the mic, floss, or whatever the kids do these days, end of discussion!! If you love the game of golf; the beauty of the area, the character of the golf course, the […]

Hold tryouts

For an accomplished player with good fundamentals( Solid posture and square set up, eyes above the ball, etc) I recommend hold tryouts for the “putter position” without brand loyalty and see what looks, feels, and performs the best. An example: the number of made three footers in a row, the number of made putts out […]

If that individual enjoys the game, he or she should contact a qualified PGA Professional or certified golf instructor

The solution is simple. If that individual enjoys the game, he or she should contact a qualified PGA Professional or certified golf instructor and invest an hour developing basic fundamentals of the short game. A good instructor will head them in the right direction, and with some practice, anyone can build a solid short game. […]

The Kittanssette Club in Marion Massachussettes, and the Valley Club of Montecito, California.

I have a tie for the top spot, coming in at 100 points each out of a possible 100. The Kittanssette Club in Marion Massachussettes, and the Valley Club of Montecito, California. The Kittanssette Club is a wonderful Donald Ross design, built on a peninsula on Buzzards Bay. Every shot has to be thought through. […]

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