Brady Hatfield

Gamble Sands

PGA General Manager - Gamble Sands

Brady Hatfield

PGA General Manager
Gamble Sands
Brewster, WA

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Reduce spin for success in windy condition

Having played a lot of golf in Las Vegas, you have to learn in very short order how to play in the wind. And the key to success, if to control how much spin you impart on the golf ball. This includes backspin and side spin. Too many amateur golfers have bought into the mantra […]

Reduce 3 Putt Frequency

The key to reducing the number of 3 putts is really quite simple. Too many golfers are paralyzed by fear of controlling the line, when distance control is by far the most important. Making putts boils down to three components. Reading the break, hitting it on the correct line, and also the right distance. Knowing […]

increased driver distance

I am compelled to comment on this, since I’ve made sort of a opinion shift of late on this topic. For most players, I agree that better swing technique, more consistent impact factors, and improved fitness are the most important keys to improved length in todays day an age. However, with your better amateurs and […]

The Backswing Fix

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