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Meridian Valley Country Club

Brian Thornton

PGA Teaching Professional
Meridian Valley Country Club
Kent, WA

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Shorter hitters

“Never belittle a ball in the middle”

Low side always wins

I like to read the putt from all angles to get an overall view of the green. The one side that rules is the low side which will affect the roll of the ball the most. To do this I define what call “the straightest uphill putt” to that hole location. Standing on that line […]

Adjust for the effective loft

The angle of the ground will affect the how the ball will travel in flight. The higher the slope the higher the ball will come off of the club. The adjustment is to use a lower lofted club so it will come out like a lesser lofted club off of normal ground. Your expected height […]

Create good spacing and a consistent club path

When it comes to consistent center of face contact the address position is the first area to consider. I call it “spacing”. This is achieved by understanding both the vertical and horizontal. Meaning how much spine bend (vertical) and how far from the ball (horizontal) does one need. Both can affect how the club is […]

Bend from waist for proper posture

I like to my students have a good sequence that can be repeated and have check points along the way. 1. Start by standing tall with back straight. 2. Spread feet apart about shoulder width to make the letter “A”. 3. While standing straight extend your arms out and put your hands together with club […]

It is personal

This depends on how much you know your game. Some times they both can be either hot or cold. If that is case then I prefer to go with distance and take what I get. The 3 wood makes sense if you know you can strike it in play most of the time. I also […]

Samurai Chop Grip

The lead hand on the grip needs to be what I call “built up on top” of the handle with two knuckles showing and in the fingers while the face is square. This gives you leverage to “Chop” the club and have control of the face. The trail hand needs to cover the lead hand […]

Weight transfer into ball is your best bet

The length of the club combined with the ball forward in the stance requires good timing for good contact. You must rotate and shift your balance to the forward foot to time the strike at the ball. The tendency is to hang back which causes the club to ground out behind the ball creating chunks […]

Use the bounce and splash it out

This will depend on the lie and where the pin is located. Generally the use higher lofted clubs while opening the face a little to create “bounce” is a great option. The swing will need to bigger and have some acceleration to get through the thicker grass. Like a bunker shot the club will not […]

Risk it all!

The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge #14 is one of the best Risk/Reward holes I have ever played. Going for the green creates a much longer carry distance over the ravine but if you don’t…reload. The bail is to the right in which the carry is less but you still have to commit or suffer the […]

The Backswing Fix

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