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Club head lag…

It is imperative to feel a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist as a player swings the club. It is also important to feel the pressure point one the trail hand index finger (part of index finger that touches the grip). It is essential for players to deliver the grip end of the […]


Pictures often say so much more than words… Trackman #’s and swing video after every lesson is the only way we can put the onus on our students to do the work that yields better ball flight. We as instructors have a lot of tools and learning when to use each is the key to […]


The GolfForever swing trainer and App will turn the off season into training season. You will be so ready for next year with 20-30 minutes per day using this wonderful device and training program. There is a good reason why tour pros use this tool!

Firm wristed chips are a must or your game is a bust!

Having a stock firm-wristed chip shot is an essential for anybody that plays the game! In fact I would say short game skill is directly related to a lower handicap. In other words, the better player fully understands the need to putt any time putting is possible, chip if putting is not possible and pitch […]

Avoid hitting on the collapse

Golf Professionals have many ways of instilling fundamentals into their teaching when working with beginners or high handicappers. However, many other players who have carded lower scores but still have the ability to improve fundamentals can benefit from a better understanding of the “Imperatives” as defined by Homer Kelley in the Golfing Machine. I do […]

Calibrate your sand explosion shots

If you can feel the swing for a 30, 40 or 50 yard pitch shot with a 56, 58 or 60 degree wedge you have the right feel/technique to cover 30, 40 or 50 feet of “explosion” type bunker shots. The difference is in ball first contact for the pitch; sand first contact (an inch […]

Face to Path Relationship

Students should learn to hit short game shots with the face held open through impact or the face closing down through impact (hinging action). This will give the student a foundation for trajectory and side spin. This foundation is then applied to full iron swings to help the player understand how the face at impact […]

Rotational shifting to set the low point

The golf swing is a rotational movement not a lateral transfer of weight back and forth. This is a fact not easily understood by most high handicappers. Because we turn, bend, tilt and sway in a golf swing we have to synchronize various motions with one intention—low point control. The golfer first trains a low […]

Where is the widest fairway landing area

Are you playing from the tee box that corresponds to your carry distance with driver? IF not than you will most likely hit a lot of Drivers in your quest to have less than 3 wood for your second shot 🙂 However, when playing the appropriate tee box it is best to look at the […]

Fitting is not just for tour pros…

Repeatable golf swings can benefit from modern club fitting technology. This goes for swings that consistently produce good shots or bad shots. If the club path and club face consistently move through impact changing lie angle and changing shafts can improve dispersion. So getting fit is not just for tour pros! The average high handicapper […]

Stabilize the Face

The typical high handicap or novice golfer will roll their club face open on the backswing. Their club face moves very low and inside on the backswing. By low and inside, I mean the club is behind them early and too flat as compared to their shoulder plane at address. This under the plane backswing […]

Assess the Lie

How does the ball sit? Buried? Perched? Nestled? The lie determines what part of the wedge is integral to use during impact. It also dictates the hand action needed to pull off the shot. Buried lies demand skillful use of the leading edge. It is important to get the club digging into the ground to […]

Target specific versus fundamental specific practice

Define your session before you start: Is it a fundamental refresher to reinforce a feeling or practice a ball flight that is challenging? Is it a session where you want to produce shots that will help improve scores? A-pitches with varying hand action B-approaches with trouble left or trouble right to a specific yardage or […]

The Backswing Fix

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