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Chas Holmes

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The Yakima Country Club
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Bad Thoughts and Images

When I’m playing casual golf with amateurs I often hear negative thoughts and images going around in the group. Examples are, “There is water right on this hole so don’t hit it right” or negative self talk like, “That was such a bad swing”. Bad thoughts and images cause us to have self doubt which […]

Rotate Not Slide

Sliding the hips forward too early and before impact causes the lower body to get ahead of the upper body resulting in an open clubface at impact. Rotate and clear your hip back toward the heel of your lead foot without sliding them too far forward toward your target. Also remember to rotate your arms […]

Eye Line and alignment aid

Two things are key when working on putting alignment. 1.) Proper eye line – your eyes should be directly over the ball in to ensure you are looking down your intended line when looking at the hole. To test this, either use a mirror or place drop a ball to the ground from between your […]

Know your miss

Every player needs to understand the difference in a strong, neutral, and weak grip and become comfortable with adjusting to his or her needs. If the student is missing right consistently, strengthen the grip by rotating the left hand to the right and/or the right hand to the left. This will help the clubface rotate […]

Setup and Swing Path

Slices come from putting a spin on the ball from left to right (right handed golfer). The spin on the ball is caused by the path of the club through impact. Slice spin comes from an outside to in swing path. Many techniques are taught on how to fix a slice. Start with your setup. […]

Nip the Turf

To make better consistent contact with fairway metals off the turf try and nip the turf. Practice sweeping the grass and hitting the ball at the bottom of your swing arc. Ball position is important as well. make sure your ball is positioned where your club bottoms out. This will help you nip the turf […]

Steeper is Better

To get out of heavy rough you need to get your club down to the back of the ball at impact. Pick the club up steeply at take away and drop it down steeply through impact. This will limit the amount of interaction between your club and the grass before you impact the ball.

Hole #16 at Bandon Dunes Golf Course, Bandon Oregon

Hole #16 at Bandon Dunes Golf Course, Bandon Oregon. This hole provides one of the most spectacular views in the Pacific Northwest if not the world, located along the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. The layout of the hole and the changing wind and weather conditions give players numerous options off the tee depending on […]

Practice Patiently with a Purpose (PPP)

Always have one or two (no more) skills and drills in mind before arriving at the practice facility. Try and learn something from every shot and be patient. Take your time hitting balls and if you get frustrated, take a break or come back another time. Frustration can cause old habits to resurface.

The Backswing Fix

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