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Village Golf Club

Park Ridge Golf Course

Chip Inks

PGA Director of Instruction
Village Golf Club
Royal Palm Beach, FL

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Tempo is key for overall consistency

Any tempo that is too fast or too slow, will eliminate any chance with overall consistency with your golf swing. It’s impossible to consistently get the club in the correct position at impact if your golf swing tempo is out of sync. To help achieve better tempo, I like to use swing trainers such as […]

Email blast about online virtual lessons

I have been a V1 Golf branded academy instructor for the last 10 years. During that time, I have accumulated well over 700 emails from the lessons I have given using V1. With this student database, I have been sending out email blasts about my online virtual lesson options with the V1 Pro App. In […]

The Golf Club in New Albany, Ohio

The best private course that I have ever played was The Golf Club in New Albany, Ohio, designed by Pete Dye. The Golf Club is currently ranked #39 on the Golf Digest America’s 100 Greatest Golf Course list.

The Backswing Fix

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