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Christian Sheehan

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Pittsburgh Field Club
Pittsburgh, PA

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Always Wondered about Divots

I’ve played golf for twenty five years, and have taught golf for nearly twenty. But if a player takes proper posture (which soles the club AT ground level) and makes a proper swing (maintains posture throughout the swing and returns the head to the address point), why should the club enter the turf below the […]

You're Still Away

“You’re Still Away”. Nothing quite sums up one players’ joy versus the frustration of the opponent, and it’s widely accepted!

Better to Stay Home than Sway

When a golfer addresses the ball, arms extended, they’re identifying the bottom of their swing arc. If a backswing includes excessive lateral movement back, it changes the bottom of that swing arc. The player would then need to “time up” the lateral movement back to the ball, with the arm swing, and the body rotation. […]

"Keep Your Head Down" is a No-No

While we’ve all heard an Instructor tell us to “Keep Your Head Down”, it’s probably the worst thing you can focus on to maximize solid ball striking. The golf swing is based on fast rotation. Great players rotate the club around their body. At impact, keeping your head down would restrict the rotation of your […]

Be Yourself

Most amateurs who’ve had a taste of golf get sucked into the thought that there’s a perfect way to swing to club. I try to impress on amateurs interested in improving that often the one piece of the swing they neglect is to take advantage of the skills they already possess, rather than trying to […]

Ride the Hot Hand

I like Jordan Spieth. There’s a lot to say about confidence heading into a Major, particularly at Augusta where you already know the shots to hit. There’s less “surprising” shots and sightlines when you’ve played 30-40 rounds on the course already. Spieth also has a tremendous career record at The Masters, and the return to […]

Stretch like CRAZY

As the colder weather approaches, golfers are just happy to still be playing. But it’s a hassle to warm up on the range because it’s COLD. Players would rather ride than walk because it’s COLD. There’s very little practice sessions because it’s COLD. So my recommendation is to keep as flexible as possible. Use the […]

Play More Break

There’s a reason many use the phrase “missed on the Amateur side”, or the low side of the hole. It’s been done so often it’s become a norm in our lexicon. When you miss on the “low” side of the hole, the ball is running away from the hole, meaning it will come to rest […]

Charles Howell III

Without Question it’s Charles Howell III. A can’t miss kid with early success, but can you believe he’s been on the PGA Tour for TWENTY years? He only has THREE wins (his last two were twelve years apart), but over $38,000,000.00 in tournament earnings. The reason for this selection is that golf is HARD. Anyone […]

I've always been a big believer in acceleration with wedges.

There’s so many variables (yardage, hole location, wind, green pitch) but I’ve always been a big believer in acceleration with wedges. A club will not generate as much speed through impact if the downswing starts from the hip versus the top of the head, so players can modify shot length without compromising spin if they […]

The Backswing Fix

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