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Foundation Golf Center

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Christopher Tilbury

PGA Golf Professional / Golf Instructor
Foundation Golf Center
Coldwater, MI

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Find the best golf instructor for you!

It is important that when you choose the best golf instructor for yourself you get to know the person. Make sure they match your personality and have common goals for your game. When new students come to see me the first lesson is about getting to know their “language”. Which side is their dominate side, […]

Utilize the Tools You have

The best way to make sure your address position is perfect is to base the setup around the ball. I make sure my students use the golf club as a measuring tool. Our eyes give us incorrect information each and every day. I try to instill a pre shot routine where the student sets the […]

Fairway Wood Hitting

I think the fear from hitting the fairway wood stems from amateurs using too little loft to hit the ball in the air. Too often I meet students that think they must hit a 3 wood because it will go further. This is simply not the case as it is a product of launch conditions. […]

TPC Sawgrass #17

My favorite hole is hole number 17 at TPC of Sawgrass. This is my favorite hole because of the difficulty of such an easy shot. If you were to play any other hole from 145 you would be expected to hit the green most of the time. There is no forgiveness in the hole as […]

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