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Chuck Will Golf Academy at Dulles Golf Center

Chuck Will Golf Academy

Chuck Will

PGA Director of Instruction
Chuck Will Golf Academy at Dulles Golf Center
Dulles, VA

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"Stop the Flip" for solid contact!

An age old problem of flipping the club through impact has a couple possible causes. 1. Most common cause is an off plane swing path. Typically, a swing path (plane) that is too steep (out to in) results in the shaft swinging in and up at impact = open clubface, loss of power and toe […]

Custom Fitting to Improve Your Game

For many years, custom club fitting was not available for most golfers at an affordable price. Long wait times, extra add on costs, etc. were the norm. Now all the major brands offer custom fitting options for all golfers. There is a good selection of no upcharge shaft and grips in addition to the many […]

Backswing Pivot Sequence for Accuracy and Power

Maintaining your posture in the backswing is key to maximizing power and accuracy. Linking your arms and club in front of your chest allows the club to swing on the correct arc and plane angle. Setting up with arms crossed on chest, bend forward from hips until shoulders are over toes, add some knee flex. […]

Fixing the Block!

All golfers face hitting a block or push to right of target (right hand player) from time to time. The most common mistake is the club approaching the ball too far from the inside or under the plane. This can be caused by clearing the hips too quickly or hanging back on the trail foot […]

Sync the Swing

Hitting the middle of the ball or “thin” as it is commonly called is due to lose of posture or early extension on the downswing. This will result in the right arm straightening early and a flip with the hands through impact. Hit shots from a chest high backswing (“L”) to low finish. This will […]

Proper Set Up Routine

Set up routine where you reference the ball position with the lead foot and width of stance with the trail foot. Left hand remains opposite inside of left thigh on all shots. Ball position will determine shaft alignment with left arm as well as secondary spine tilt.

The Backswing Fix

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