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It depends

It depends on the golfer and their goals and capabilities. A junior golfer should make those neurological gains because it is fun and usually their swing works better. A beginning adult golfer or a golfer without speed should free up and learn a few key movements that create speed. The old way of thinking was […]

Only when...

Only when they are better than your current set. New does not equal better. Better is better. I have a soft spot for old clubs, they work better on their last run. But in general if a new club or clubs perform exceptionally well… Put it in the bag.

Chop shop

It is like a deep seeded bunker shot. Find the ground and hope that the wedge you are using does not bounce or turn. Some cut and mostly hands… When it is sitting down you can only hope for the best. As for Tiger, he had two looks at it. The ball may have been […]

#2 Olympic Club

Downhill right to left shot. Through the schute with the fairway sloping left to right. Best three wood of my life missed the trees just ran through the fairway. Uphill left to right shot. Chop cut one up to the front of the green and two putted. Great par…. For me. Or you can hit […]

Well aligned...

For me, I can use alignment sticks effectively. One is just outside the ball or parallel right of my target. One is close to my toe line or parallel left of my target. The last one is just inside my left heel perpendicular to my toe line. The reason for the alignment stick inside my […]

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