Darrell Chase

Oak Hurst Golf Course

Darrell Chase

PGA Golf Professional
Oak Hurst Golf Course
Bullard, TX

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Golfers should wash and clean their grips every 5 to 6 rounds.

Traction between the hands and the grip is a key element to be able to maintain control of the golf club with a light grip tension. Golfers should wash and clean their grips every 5 to 6 rounds. Hot water, any kitchen grease cutting spray (409, Fantastic, etc), and a stiff bristle brush will clean […]

The Orange Whip

My most used full swing training aid has to be the Orange Whip. This tool is great for loosening students up previous to lessons or practice. It greatly helps students feel what a smooth, synced tempo feels like. This is my favorite tool for a player that has an out of control, too fast swing […]

Swinging a club in the backyard

Swinging a club in the backyard. If the golfer commonly falls off their feet, swing a club and just concentrate on finishing in the balance position. If the golfer commonly tops the ball, practice with wedge half swings in getting a small twig off of a doormat. These drills can be done in 5 to […]

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