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David Stephens Golf

David Stephens

PGA Golf Professional
David Stephens Golf
Westminster, CA

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Drives for show putts for eagles...

These are the smartass versions… Drives for show putts for eagles… It might be crooked but it’s short Maybe if you took the head cover off. You know you are short off the tee when you can hear your drive land. I think you are standing too close to your ball…After you tee off!

Feet together

Put your feet together touching. Place the ball in front of a particular toe on your right foot (assuming you are right-handed) Say middle toe for your driver. Then take your stance without moving your left foot. The ball will be in the same position every time no matter where you are.

Visualizing the range back home

Practice visualizing the first tee when you are practicing on the driving range back home. Look at your favorite target on the range, look at the ball, and picture yourself shaping your shot to the target. When your ready to hit the ball on the first tee (any tee for that matter) Line up and […]

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