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Swing Slower and Speed Training

I heard Raymond Floyd at an exhibition say when he wanted to hit it farther he swung slower. This allowed him to make a bigger turn. When trying to add speed you typically will swing faster which will tighten muscles up, shorten the swing and throw off the timing. There are several good speed training […]

Important Fundamental

Just like grip, posture, and alignment–ball position is another very important fundament. I believe there are 3 basic ball positions depending on the club being hit. Off the lead heel for any wood off a tee–because you want to strike the ball with an ascending blow. 1″ back of that heel for any fairway/hybrid off […]

Shorter is better for most

The keys to the length of the backswing are: 1. Getting the upper body turned as far as you can–the arms need to stop when the body stops. 2. The wrists are fully hinged–about 90′. 3. The trail arm is only bent about 45′. To get a feeling of the turn controlling the length–turn a […]

A Good Instructor is Worth It

My Title–A good instructor is worth it is correct BUT I don’t think there’s any reason to spend more than $200 an hour. I can’t believe what some of the “big” name folks are charging–I could see $250 or $300 but no more. And don’t think that just because someone charges a lot or teaches […]

Hands/Grip Lead

To take a divot in FRONT of the ball you need to understand why you either hit the ground first or don’t hit the ground at all. The two biggest reasons this happens are: players try to help the ball in the air–to do this they try to swing the head end of the club […]

Stay In SYNC!

Ever feel like your swing is out of SYNC? If so, it’s typically because your arms and body are out of SYNC due to the arms overswinging on the backswing. Understand that the arms really don’t swing on the backswing–they raise slightly, the trail elbow folds, but no more than about 45′, and the arms […]


Divots are good BUT–they need to be in front of the ball and they don’t need to be deep gouges. Depending on the turf most PGA and LPGA Tour players take divots that are like 2″ wide 4″ long scalps. The divots starts at about 1/2″ in front of the ball. Most mid to high […]

Looks, Feel and Aim

There are several factors to finding the right putter but the most important are: Find one you can aim and one that you like the looks and feel of. Others and still important are, the right length to fit your posture and a comfortable grip. Your stroke type and typical miss will also dictate whether […]

Stay Centered

There are several keys to NOT SWAYING! First pre-swing–be sure to not get too wide of a stance. We all have heard shoulder width–but your feet are not attached to your shoulders–they are attached to your hips. Your stance should never get much wider than hip width with a driver and less with the irons. […]

Do Some Research

You need to do some research. The best way is word of mouth from other golfers that you know and feel confident about their feedback. Once you settle on someone plan on an hour for the first lesson–the instructor should interview you about your background, sports played, physical issues, your goals for your game, etc. […]

Fundamentals and Swing Keys

Not just YES but absolutely YES! First being solid fundamentals–the grip is first as it’s the only connection to the club and controls the club face. I like the V’s in both hands for a right hand player to point to the middle of their right collar bone. Next is posture–you won’t see ANY tour […]

Keep it LOW

I think most players, unless they are highly skilled would be much better off with the Bump and Run. I’ve got two rules of thumb on my short game outline I give folks. 1. Putt if you can, if you can’t putt chip (bump and run) if you can’t chip pitch (as a last resort) […]

Cross Arm Drill

A lot of players think as they get older that they can’t turn and some are right–however most find with this simple test that they can turn farther than they thought. Standing straight up lay a club across the chest at the shoulders and turn the right shoulder (backswing turn for a right handed player) […]

The grip/hands lead

I really am not a fan of the thought, “hit down on the ball.” The golf ball is struck three different ways depending on the club and ball position. Woods off a tee are hit with an ascending blow and are played near the lead leg heel. Woods and hybrids off the ground are hit […]

Use the right club and vary swing length

Too many people get in a bunker and automatically pull out the 60′ wedge–WRONG!!!!!! If you have a short shot and need height and stopping power use the 60′. If you’ve got a long bunker shot and don’t need a lot of height–try your PW or gap wedge. Mid-length shots a 54 or 56 works […]

This is a question that has a lot of variables

Always look at the land around the green. Greens are built to drain water, so slope on greens typically will be toward a low point, a creek, pond, catch basin, etc. Feel the green with your feet as you walk around your ball and stand behind it–they can tell you slope on the green. If […]

Set up and swing path are key--And don't swing too hard

All unlevel lies are hard–for all players. For a right-hand golfer the ball will tend to go low and cut or fade to the right. First take more loft than normal because the ball is going to come off low. If there’s a 10′ down angle and the 8 iron has 38′ of loft–it now […]

Lots of Things Cause a Block

There are a quite a few things that could cause a block. Bottom line is the path is either too much in to out and/or the club face is open. The big question is which one and why. There’s a huge difference between a block and a slice. Because most players have an outside in […]

Play YOUR OWN Game

Unless you are a very low single digit handicap (3-below) amateurs have ZERO business shaping a shot! Everyone has a shot they normally hit–straight, fade, slice, draw, etc. HIT YOUR SHOT. If you’re a right handed drawer and there’s a back right hole location–instead of trying to be Mr. Hero and hit a cut–go ahead […]

Do you buy new tires when they get bald?

YES–keep the grooves clean and buy new irons and wedges when the grooves get pretty well worn. A lot of folks think grooves grab and spin the ball. WRONG! The grooves are the like the tread on your tires. That tread channels water away from the tire so there’s more tire surface touching the road–giving […]

Ball Speed is the Determining Factor

There are three factors to distance–ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. As a players ball speed drops they better have the other two and the best way to get them is with more loft. I think a lot of middle to high handicappers, especially the ones with slower ball speeds, would be better off […]

Find a Putter you can AIM!

The two most important things in putter fitting is to find a putter the player can AIM and also one that they like the way it looks and feels. That said–putting is very independent and personal. Being able to aim the putter is key, using a line on the ball or the side pole trademark […]

Same Swing!

Absolutely!!!! They said in Ben Hogan’s prime if you couldn’t see what club he was swinging you wouldn’t know as every swing looked the same. The key to a repeating swing is to REPEAT IT! Your body gets used to a sequence and that sequence doesn’t need to change unless you are trying to do […]

Being Fit is a MUST

I’ve always asked students if they work out or more importantly if they stretch and encourage them to at least stretch if not more. I also work with and recommend a friend who is TPI certified for anyone with physical issues or wanting to get on the right program to improve. I think fitness is […]

Only Connection to the Club Face

I’ve never been one to shy away from changing a players grip–but not right away. I’ve seen way too many “weak” grips in my career and how many folks slice the ball–a LOT. The hands/grip control the club face and if a player senses an open club face due to a weak grip they are […]


One of the best things about golf today is that there is a huge number of players who can win Majors. Look at what has happened in the women’s game over the past few years. Very few of the “so called favorites” have one–I bet no one had Patty Tavatanakit on their radar screen. The […]


Gee thanks Backswing–at 68 years of age I’ve been fortunate enough to play so many courses and holes or see them from the perspective as a rules official. I remember the day Ed Hoard (former PGA Rules Chairman) and I walked around Oak Hill before the 2003 PGA–I said WOW on every tee except one. […]

Hit in Front of the LINE

I’ve always taught students there are three reasons why players struggle with ANY bunker shot: 1. Inconsistent impact point in the sand 2. Inconsistent depth of cut (only important in greenside bunker shots) 3. Scared to death because of all the previous bad shots they’ve hit from other bunkers. First issue is to get over […]

Short game, play while practicing and just play

First is to get them to appreciate and work at their short game. Use their imagination and experiment with different short game shots while practicing and on course when playing alone. Second play holes from the practice tee. Go through their routine and play holes on their course on the practice tee—hit a tee shot, […]

Good Attitude

One reason why players struggle in the wind is because they don’t like playing in it, they have a bad attitude about it and try to change their game to deal with it. The best advice I can off is DO NOT CHANGE THE WAY YOU PLAY. Trying to swing too hard into the wind […]

Wide Open

It’s hard to pick a winner when none of the stars have competed much lately and none are playing well. I’ve always liked Jason Day and would like to see him win, he’s doing well right now in Houston. It would be hard to bet against any of the bombers—DJ, Bryson, Finau, Rory, etc. I […]

Mirror Work

The winter time is perfect for making posture and swing changes. I’m a firm believer that you CAN change your swing without a club and ball. What you need to do is change the sequence and way the body and arms work and move, and all you need is a mirror and lots of reps. […]

Fit Time

Fit time is as soon as possible when thinking about new clubs or a first set. It’s virtually impossible to develop a consistent golf swing without the right equipment. Poor posture develops from the wrong length, poor path and face position from the wrong lie, poor grip from the wrong grip size and all kinds […]

He's Unique

Putting is very personal and there are really no musts in putting. One thing I think is very important is good posture–you don’t see any tour players today–PGA or LPGA–who have bad posture when putting. Here’s what I’ll say about Bryson’s style: 1. It works for him. As I mentioned there are no musts–find a […]

Lean the Shaft

First I don’t like the intent of trying to hit down on the ball. Before you know it they’ll be sticking the club in the ground. The reason folks “scoop” the ball is because they are trying to help it in the air. Start my simulating a good impact position using an impact bag if […]

I don’t think they are done tweaking this thing yet.

I don’t think they are done tweaking this thing yet. I didn’t like the fact that there weren’t many players with a chance after 3 rounds. I really think the players total scores for all three events should be used, possibly with the first 2 events being weighted a little less—say 50%. Rory was -2 […]

Most importantly find a fitter you know or were recommended to that you can trust.

Most importantly find a fitter you know or were recommended to that you can trust. It’s equally as important to see the ball fly, hitting a ball 10 feet into a net and going strictly off of numbers is never a good idea. Trackman or something similar and video are also important. Have an idea […]

Grips should be changed whenever they start feeling hard or slightly slick.

Grips should be changed whenever they start feeling hard or slightly slick. Normally the driver and wedges are the first ones that show these characteristics. How long a grip lasts varies a good deal. Type of grip, how often the clubs are used, how often the grips are cleaned, weather, if clubs are kept in […]

Otter Creek Golf Course in Columbus, IN.

Otter Creek Golf Course in Columbus, IN. I grew up about 20 miles from Otter Creek and was fortunate to play there several times in the 1960s 1970s. We didn’t have any golf courses like it at that time in Indiana. It’s a championship course that is long, hard, extremely well maintained and fair. The […]

A mirror

A mirror. Since all you are trying to do is change the way and sequence your body moves. Seeing what you are doing rather than just trying to feel it is important. A lot of reps at home without a ball and in some cases without a club can be very helpful.

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