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Dennis Clark

Senior Master Instructor
Eagle Lakes Golf Club
Naples, FL

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Swing plane is misunderstood. TrackMan has essentially redefined it as follows. – The vertical angle of the plane relative to the horizon defined by the club head’s center of gravity movement prior to impacting the golf ball. It other words it is NOT the attitude of the golf club in the backswing or in transition. […]

Ball flight

Most of the time my students favor a ball position that complements their swing bottom. Slicers like the ball forward, those who hook prefer it back. In order to correct the swing path, you need to move the ball-back for slicers, more forward for hookers. It’s the only way to develop a better part path […]

Ability level

It may depend on the student’s skill set. As one improves and their handicap lowers a more experienced instructor is likely needed. $150 per hour area.

Bottom of swing arc

A few things that have helped my students are: 1. Place a tee a few inches in front of the golf ball and try to hit it instead of the ball . 2. Place a golf towel a few inches behind the golf ball and try to not hit it. 3. Go into a fairway […]

A better swing

The main benefit of properly fit clubs is they CAN help you make a better golf swing. Of course they are not magic wands, as some advertisers would have you believe, but they can help you to avoid certain swing flaws. Let’s take “shaft flex” as an example. Golfers using shafts too stiff for their […]


There is a big difference in golf balls. It is not likely however that the different types will matter to the new or occasional player. I advise my new and middle/higher handicap players to look for the best price until their skill set warrants the use of better golf balls.

Club Choice

If you are 200 yards from the green you are likely not hitting the same club as you you would from 100 yards, correct? So why use the same club for a 50-yard bunker shot as you would from say a 10-yard bunker shot? Go down in loft all the the way to a PW […]

Posture and acceptance

When playing a downhill lie, set your shoulders parallel to the slope and your spine perpendicular. The swing in as if you are chasing the ball down the hill. Choose one less club, choke down a bit and you’re ready fire. DO NOT TRY TO LOFT THIS SHOT!! Accept the fact that the golf ball […]


Set your shoulders parallel to the slope, your spine perpendicular, narrow stance, weight slightly left. Make a firm no-wrist stroke. Cocking your wrists can stub the club to steeply behind the ball.

Fixing Thin Shots.

Hitting the middle of the golf ball is a milder version of topping. One fails to reach the bottom of the ball for one of a few reasons: poor posture, a shallow attack angle (club ascending into impact) or simply a lack of radius (chicken winging) their downswing. To offer a prescription, I’d need a […]

The Divot Board

The Divot Board is a useful tool for all who struggle with bottom of swing issues. Very few golfers know what it even feels like to hit the ball before the turf. A wing bottom some 3-4″ in front of the ball is a confidence builder, and the Divot Board is an effective way to […]

It depends.

Simply put more loft is more forgiving (You don’t slice or hook you wedges). So yes the 3-metal will curve less, all things being equal. But the answer lies is speed and distance. If you carry your driver say 250 yards (100 MPH CLUB-HEAD SPEED) I absolutely recommend using a 3 metal for tight driving […]


There are a few corrections for dropping the ball but they are all based on the type of topped shot you’re hitting. The shortened lead arm (chicken wing) can be corrected simply by knowing that and extending the arm or reestablishing the full radius. “Late” topping where the body gets to the ball well before […]

On course guidance.

After a certain level of proficiency has been developed swinging the club, it is time for me as an instructor to take my students on the golf course. There I can see if they’re actually making the swing that we’re working on, and how they manage the course. I make very detailed notes when I […]

“Toe Chip”

Select your appropriate club for the distance you need to roll the ball. Place the toe on the ground, heel in the air, stand the club up to almost a putter lie Angle-70 degrees or so (close to vertical). You are now standing almost putter distance from the golf ball. Chip the shot off the […]


Xander Schauffele. He’s gonna do it eventually. Why not now? Really nice young man too.


The first Thing to consider would be your optimization numbers. Be sure to get on a track man system and find out if your distance is being optimized for your speed. Your angle of attack launch, spin and club specifications Have to complement your personal speed. I have seen as much as 25 yards more […]

Daily lesson schedule.

I have closed my lesson tee until further notice. I’m have a heart condition that puts me at higher risk. Teaching involves close personal contact and I, for one, am not willing to take that risk. Please stay safe everyone!

I use technology as a complement to my eyes and gut.

I use technology as a complement to my eyes and gut. I also spray the face of the club to track face mapping and be sure contact is center. Vertical and horizontal gear effect can mislead our eyes. If the strike is toward the toe, for example, tech read will recognize open face but of […]

Pebble Beach

I would change the rankings of top courses by price…categories like unlimited price, under $500, under $250, under $100 etc. It would be more fair. In any case, Pebble is the best public course I’ve played. The setting, the routing, the breathtaking views, the underrated inland holes, and the dramatic flow from fairly easy to […]

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