Donald Sargent

Scioto Country Club

Donald Sargent

Director of Instruction
Scioto Country Club
Columbus, OH

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Pre Shot Routine, every time!

Always start standing behind your golf ball and pick out a very specific spot where you want your ball to land. Then approach the ball while aiming the club face at that spot. I am in the club face is imperative for the stance of the body is built always around the angle of the […]

How often should one buy new irons?

For dedicated golfers and practicers, more than 150 rounds per year and consistent practicers, one should consider replacing their irons every 2-3 years. The wear on the faces and grooves will dictate this. As for wedges, every season. If staying with the same bounce and loft and brand, keep the old ones to practice with […]

US Open Champion!

Xander Schauffle

The Backswing Fix

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