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Lords Valley Country Club

Eugene Yanovitch

Director of Golf
Lords Valley Country Club
Lords Valley, PA

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Not finishing your swing

Trying to steer the ball can prevent you from finishing the golf swing. If you make sure you have a full balanced finish with your hands behind your head at the finish and can hold your finish for a second or two you will not block nearly as much because your arms and hands will […]

Spine Angle

Your hips are moving toward the ball instead remaining back and up until after contact with the ball

Loosen your grip

Unless you have a great lie forget trying to hit a 3 fairway wood. Use a heavenwood or a 7 fairway wood. The most important thing to work on to correct the problem is to make absolutely sure you are not gripping the club too tightly and that your shoulders are relaxed and not scrunched […]

Windy Golf Course Strategy

Try to swing in slow motion. Will help tempo and reduce ball spin.

easy as pie

Get them onto the golf course

Thinking of 9-10-11 o'clock is just a way to adjust your swing speed.

Thinking of 9-10-11 o’clock is just a way to adjust your swing speed. Obviously the speed is the important part. Amazingly the thought of taking the club back to 9 10 or 11 will all finish at approximately the same place. It is just the thought of the length which helps adjust the swing speed.

The Backswing Fix

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