Gary Monisteri

Links at Mariners Point

Links at Mariners Point

Gary Monisteri

PGA Golf Professional
Links at Mariners Point
Foster City, CA

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Take a step to the left for a smooth transition

Take your stance. Pull your left foot next to your right so both feet are almost touching. Swing the club back and as the club is swinging back step back to where your left foot was at address and swing through the ball with a smooth easy swing to get the feel for a good […]

Give yourself some room for error

Average players tend to neglect to take into account mishits, wind, green elevation, cold and air density and if they are feeling less energetic. After factoring in all of that give yourself some room for error and aim to hit past the hole and and see how your scoring is.

Some of the ways I like to control my trajectory with irons

To control trajectory with irons meaning keeping it consistent, I monitor the ball position, and how much if any the shaft is leaning forward at address. I try to keep my angle of attack the same and the amount of shaft lean at impact consistent. To go higher or lower, I move the ball up […]

Simple and very effective

My top three training aides are simple and very effective. 1) A shoe box to work on returning the club square to the flat part on the back to learn a square clubface, lengthwise to work on swing path (not too much outside in or too much inside out). 2) A can of foot spray […]

Hit the little ball before the big ball.

I tell my students “the little ball is the golf ball and the big ball is the earth. I’d like them to hit the little ball the golf ball before the big ball the earth”. A good drill is to scratch a line on the grass perpendicular to the target and make practice swings hitting […]

The putter finds you

When I am in the market for a new putter I look around in proshops after checking in to play or for what ever reason I’m there. When I see a putter I might like I pick it up set it down and if it looks like I like it and feels like I can […]

How to find a Golf Pro

When choosing a golf instructor consider if their style and personality fits yours. To find a golf instructor I recommend asking your friends if they had somebody they thought was good, look up pros in your area online and study how they teach, try to contact them by phone or email to discuss how they […]

Chose your landing area

My idea of the bump and run is when you can’t land it on the green and stop it by the hole because there is not enough green to work with or it is too much downhill so that the ball is rolling too fast. So you land short of the green and let it […]

It's your turn for success

On the backswing do what Harvey Pennick said turn to look at the person on the range behind you while staying in your posture. On the downswing after your weight pressure gets to your target side foot have your bellybutton facing the target.

Set up for the shape you want.

It’s easier for the amateur to change their set up to shape a shot. This will influence the swing, for example by opening up to hit a fade this is going to make you swing a little more upright and swing across the ball for the fade you want. At address firm up your last […]

Long and straight shots

Most amateurs can increase swing speed without losing effective accuracy especially if they do it under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Usually the lower the handicap the farther the player hits the ball and they tend to be straighter. If a player is using good fundamentals and increases swing speed they should have the […]

How to find your natural backswing position

Here is a drill I use when my students can’t seem to get a feel for their backswing and are getting too technical and consequently confused. Take your stance then swing up to a three quarter follow through hold it for a couple of seconds then swing it back down so it has enough momentum […]

The smell of coffee and pastries

It’s difficult to pick a favorite hole because there are so many fabulous holes out there. But there is a hole on a course in Sweden that I have fun memories of. The 10th hole at Djursholms Golf Club located in the City of Djursholm, Sweden (a suburb north of Stockholm). The course is a […]

Teaching new golfers to play

I start talking about playing the game from the start, during the initial lessons I explain what the clubs are for, tell them how the game is played and how to to keep score along with a few basic rules and some etiquette. Depending on their experience many times I take them to the first […]

Swing out to the right where you'd like the ball to start

Take a little closed stance aiming a little to the right where you’d like the ball to start, and pull the right foot back little. Swing out to the right where you’d like the ball to start and let your forearms rotate to the left as you swing through the ball which gets the clubface […]

I have them start at three quarters of a follow through

When players are having trouble feeling where their hands should be at the the top of the backswing I have them start at three quarters of a follow through then start the club swinging down and back and as it continues to swing on it’s own the clubs finds the correct top of backswing position […]

The Backswing Fix

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