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David Ayres - Lowcountry Custom Golf

Grange Cuthbert

PGA Teaching Professional
David Ayres - Lowcountry Custom Golf
Mount Pleasant, SC

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Hitting behind the ball

A lot of things can contribute to hitting behind a golf ball or hitting it fat. It happens to everyone on occasion but if it’s a chronic issue….in many cases the golfer is failing to get off of their trail foot and as a result their body rotation is out of sync. To identify the […]

Full swing alignment

An alignment stick laid across the back of your heels at address is really easy for most people. They can step back and visualize the line the ball is on when they see the line their body is on by the alignment stick.


Impact is hopefully the fastest point in ones swing. To be consistent in getting your hands in a good position you can go through a long list of drills but one of the oldest and best is an impact bag or box. It really engages your head and body to remember what impact should feel […]

The Backswing Fix

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