Ian Grant

Oak Brook Golf Club

Ian Grant

PGA Teaching Professional
Oak Brook Golf Club
Oak Brook, IL

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Top 3

The top three reasons I attract clients have not changed in the last 20 years. First, by a mile, is other student referral. I have found that helping one golfer usually adds two more to my client list. Second is the old real estate saying, “location, location, location”. I am fortunate to teach at a […]

Word of mouth

Three things that I would look for are basic swing knowledge, experience in teaching, and communication skills. The last one may be the most important of all assuming a sound knowledge of the first two. In my experience word of mouth and referrals have provided me with more students than any advertising videos marketing gimmicks, […]

Late arrival

As a second career golf professional, I was never looking for a mentor, but I learned many things from many mentors in the teaching arena. There is so much knowledge out there, including books and articles as well as the many YouTube videos. The key is interpreting that knowledge in a way that can help […]

When is a 3-wood not a 3-wood?

When you use it as a driver. A large number of golfers persevere with the driver because it is such a rush to hit a great drive, but hitting three fairways out of fourteen and four penalty strokes may beg to differ. The 3-wood has more loft to help get the ball in the air, […]

Clubfitting is essential if you are serious

People buy drivers mainly for the wrong reasons, e.g. Tiger uses it, Rory uses it, I want to look cool, keep up with my buddies etc. If you are taking instruction to improve your game and want to increase driving distance, you need to be fitted for your next driver. There are multiple adjustments for […]

Working for television there now

Course is set up almost like a US Open venue. Narrow fairways and some deep rough. With no spectators, that rough is going to stay long. My first group I walked with chopped out five times. No chance other than a layup.

No substitute for a good pre-shot routine

Pre-shot routine needs to be practiced too, but when you feel comfortable and confident it works, your first tee shot has a greater chance of being successful. Nerves are normal, don’t fight them.


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