Jess Robinson

Jess Robinson

NTPGA Teaching Professional

Dallas, TX

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On Course Playing Lessons

The game is played on the course. The game is rarely taught on the course, in my observations. Sometimes what your Students/Members/Customers/Golfers want is something they can’t identify, and taking them out to a spot on the course and getting in six holes in an hour can be eye opening for both of us. I […]

Immediately. Don’t overthink it.

Similarly to the search for instruction, a Golfer should keep in mind that the fitter needs to see ‘The Miss’. Every Fitter I have met in the last year, be it Callaway, Taylormade, Mizuno, Titleist or the Instructor at a Green Grass Property has seen so many swings that they could fit you correctly based […]

I feel we all relate to certain types of energies that other people exude.

Give me as many examples of excellence as possible. Embrace the reign of a Champion while reminding yourself there’s always someone out there that we don’t know…..yet. I would suppose that this question arose from Editors observation that we are being exposed to the stark contrast between Tiger’s era of dominance against today’s era of […]

The Backswing Fix

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