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Country Club of the Rockies

Joseph Kamby

PGA Senior Assistant Professional
Country Club of the Rockies
Edwards, CO

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Alignment woes-CURED!

Ah, alignment. The simplest part of the set-up, except when our students don’t listen and implement our suggestions. Using an intermediate target for alignment of the clubface is critical. So placing the club behind the ball BEFORE address, with the “eye” of the center of the club pointing “through” the ball and at a close […]

Say "nay" to sway!

Moving laterally off of the ball, or “swaying” can be a real killer to an efficient move. As weight moves outside of the back foot, it makes it nearly impossible to get back to the ball, without throwing one’s hands and arms at the ball. This has a negative effect on the shape of the […]

Rotation-It's what everybody wants!

Having players swing with their feet together is a great way to limit sway and instead enhance rotation. Players can also drop their back foot back(severely closing their stance/feet line) to feel extra rotation.

Masters favorites

It appears that the powers that be will have ANGC running fast and firm this week. Absent of any inclement weather to soften it up, the Champion should come from the group of players with the most controllable game, and, of course, the great putters. Look out for Webb Simpson, who hits it plenty far, […]

Fairway wood fear

For most of us, the fairway wood can present a challenge. With its long length and lack of loft, it certainly is one of the most difficult club to hit. I advise my students to make sure the ball position is forward enough in one’s stance. Then put your hands a bit forward as well, […]

Supervised Practice and Short Game focus

We all know that scoring happens around the greens. So why do the members head to the full-swing area and bang driver after driver? Because they can!! With supervised practice via golf professionals on staff, “walk the line” type presence, and scheduled lesson time, players can improve their games more easily. It takes encouragement from […]

The Backswing Fix

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