Josh McKinley

GOLFTEC - Spokane

GOLFTEC - Spokane

Josh McKinley

PGA Golf Professional
GOLFTEC - Spokane
Spokane, WA

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Putter Fitting

The best possible thing to do when finding a new putter is to get a putter fitting from a qualified professional with the right knowledge and tools to find the best putter for your game. There are so many variables that can effect putter performance. The correct length and lie are important to get your […]

Solid Contact is Your Business!

There is one reason that golfers hit the middle of the ball, typically called “blading”, and this is because the low point of their swing is in the wrong spot. This can be caused by either bending the elbows through impact or not getting enough trail shoulder tilt, or both. A great drill to help […]

I use ball flight technology in every lesson.

I use ball flight technology in every lesson. I find it very helpful in helping students understand how and why the swing changes we are making are important. It also helps encourage them to see specific parameters of improvement through the lesson

The Backswing Fix

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