Juliet Little

PGA Golf Professional

Juliet Little

PGA Certified Teaching Professional

Livingston, NJ

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Railroad Tracks

I see often that people line up their body to the target, either by looking over their shoulder while at address or putting the club hip high and pointing it to the target. I affectionately call this technique “the limbo stick.” If the club face is pointed to the intended target, your body and feet […]

Head to the Wall

This drill is good for some indoor practice when the weather isn’t great or you don’t have a putting green at your disposal. Step up to a wall and take your putting stance, putting the toe of your putter against the wall. Move close enough so your head also touches the wall. Take small strokes […]

Grip it and Rip it!

We all get into our heads too much, regardless if its on the practice range or the golf course. I used to fall victim to overthinking while standing over the ball and the outcome was usually not what I intended. So I started saying a simple phrase to myself after I take my practice swing […]

It’s all in the timing

The golf swing is a sequence. If the sequence is out of order, the swing won’t be executed properly. One of the main causes of hitting behind the ball is starting your downswing with your arms and the club, instead of your hips and weight shift. The club bottoms out where your sternum is, so […]

Go For It!

Absolutely! It just depends where in the swing you increase your speed. Whipping the club back quickly and through impact will most likely throw off your tempo. Make sure to keep your body alignment and positioning in sync with your tempo, and focus on increasing your speed through impact. Swinging with a weighted club will […]

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

It seems that companies come out with the ‘latest and greatest’ technology every year. But if it’s not going to help your game in a drastic way, should you upgrade? Most amateur golfers do not see a big difference in new clubs year to year, but I would recommend changing out your set every 3-4 […]

Baseboard putting

Put the toe of your putter against the wall. Then take your stance and bend from your waist and stand closer until the top of your head is also resting on the wall. This ensures your eye is directly over the ball at address. Take small putting strokes back and forth using the wall to […]

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