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POSTURE or Athletic set up

As we watch golf on TV or attend a tournament everyone seems to look the same, or as Nick Faldo said they look like ROBOTS. What can help us is to watch other sports, such as Tennis, Football ( Middle LB or running backs and down hill skiers. But all we need is a Mirror, […]

Pulling the Right Club

When we practice or play we want perfect conditions, Flat lies, the sun out, no wind. Tiger would practice into the wind and rain. If you play in the COLD select ONE extra club because the golf ball does not travel as far. Where if it’s warm or playing in higher alittude the ball will […]

Getting lined up

Most golfers those whom are “right handed” aim the the right, and opposite for lefty golfers. When clients come to me and we see on video, I ask them what makes the ball go to where we want it to go? We usually get various answers of course at this time, so we get Alignment […]


Who doesn’t like speed, there are things like SPEED Stick system and golfforeverprogram they are all great and I have tried them. But at times I will swing an Alignment stick or taking a 7 or 6 iron and swing them upside down. Actually learn the from Mike Bender, but you also need to get […]

Our Wrist Action

One of the WRIST drills is to do L to L golf swing drill. This old drill is great to get student to hinge on there back swing and post impact.

Pressed to warm up

It would be great to get to the golf course about an Hour before our tee time. Try to hit Putting Green 1st and hit a variety of different Putts. Then head off to range and begin with wedges ( 5 balls) and then get to mid irons. If not swing 2 wedges together and […]

Swing Plane!!!!

To improve our swing plane how about we try to improve our take away. As a former student of Mike Bender to help me with swing plane we started a bit with my take away. From there we used a Medium basket with golf balls in it, I had to dump the balls out over […]

Toe hits

Answer could be 2 fold, If you are a Tall person with shorter golf clubs then could be 1 issue. 2nd could be your swing direction (aka over the top), Make sure your golf clubs are the right length when getting fitted. Next take 2 baskets at the driving range place one by your lead […]

Shorter Backswing

So why are we doing this? Is a golfers backswing looking a bit like John Daly and now we what to look like John Rahm? Most golfers look like John Daly because they are over flexing there Elbows so they look long on the backswing, but we also notice there hands to close to the […]

Controlling Iron shots

This is a fun topic, when I work with students I ask them at times “Do you know how to it a Punch Shot”? And the answer is a BIG FAT NO. I learned 2 ways playing a Game called One Club on the golf course. The other was on the driving range with a […]

2023 training aids

As an instructor, my trainings for 2023 are the same plus ONE newbie. Alignment Rods, a Hanger, a ball from Martin Chuck and the new is the the “Down Shift” board. Good luck for 2023 golf season. Will check out more training aids while attending PGA Show. If viewers are looking for training aids please […]

Which is the best?????

My answer is based on what some friend have told me as well as clients, From a friend of my from the Met PGA section, when he does not have the use of CGQuad or Trackman especially outside and easy of travel the Flightscope Mevo seems to be the winner. The only I don’t know […]

Raise up (Early Extention)

Early Extension where the back KNEE and Belt Line move toward the ball. 2 things that we can do!!!! One place a golf club across your chest with the club head outside your back shoulder. From your address position you should FEEL that you are tilting down toward the ball but correcting your leg/foot work […]

What is too much for a Golf lesson???

I think clients need to sit down and figure out a budget just like most other things in there lives. Personally I went to Florida and spent 2 hours with Dr. Rob Neal and that cost me $400. For me it was to learn more as instructor but what I needed to work to improve […]

Making a divot

2 answers to the question, if you have a practice Bunker then draw a line the Sand place the club head/leading edge in the Sand make some swing an see if you can return the club head on that same line. If not grab a towel place a golf ball 6 to 8 inches in […]

Over swinging UGH

Over Swinging and how we can Fix It. 1st, if you go to a Driving Range with a Friend have them stand behind you and hold an alignment (if you have) off your back shoulder and you want to just want to touch it. At home stand against the wall make a back swing (with […]

Divot or No Divot

As I teach with Trackman at Golf Galaxy and at Fox Hollow GC I see a wide variety of things. Beginners take No Divot because they Pull their arms apart, Intermediate has a tendency to do both again take No Divot or too much, Where the Advanced Player takes some to very little. If you’re […]

sayings on golf course

Let the Big Dog Eat. Mr. Scholarship Winner

Putting stroke and Right Putter

So what is the RIGHT Putter for me??? Over the 10 years the Mallet Style has grow the most in the golf Industry. So much so that about 75 to 80 percent of Tour Players us them. Putter to me are a personal thing, for example my wife and I use SeeMore Putters but she […]

Swaying happens in an Earthquake Not Golf

Swaying is when our Back Knee/ Hip move Lateral. So What can we do to remedy this??? Here are 3 options that may help our readership: 1st place a 6 irons against your back leg if done Correctly the club will turn behind you and fall toward the Ground. If not it could ride up […]

Finding Mr. or Ms. Right

Just like doctors clients should do there research on line. Then ask friends who they have taken lessons from. Go watch someone teach in person. Ask for the instructor to call you back to answer your questions and see if they have an email to ask questions. What are his or her teaching approach??

New Clubs and Fitted For The Right stuff

When some of us started playing Golf we would walk into Caldors, Ramsey Outdoor or some type of sporting goods store and bought golf clubs off the rack. The problem was if you where to tall or short there was a problem. With proper club fitting we can find out the right Grip size, the […]

Core Elements

Controlling the Face, knowing where the golf ball is going. Swing Direction most golfers swing over the top. Lastly, Impact Most golfers hit a couple inches behind the golf ball.

The Right Golf Ball

At Golf Galaxy we ask our clients what golf ball they use when doing a fitting. All golf ball fittings are done with a Putter first, then wedges, to mid irons, then the Driver. When we watch a commercial for Titleist they start at the Greens on a golf course. If you want to stop […]

How To Supinate In Lead Hand

I would have a client put a Golf Ball in there lead hand at hip high then go to impact then finish palm up so they can see ball toward finish side.

Long vs Short Bunkers

Technique for Bunker distance should change but club choice should change. But like most golfers have their fears in a Bunker and they hit too far behind. 1st make sure your clubface is OPEN { picture a glass of Wine on your face) hands and grip goto the Middle of our stance, Put of weight […]

How to read greens

Here in the US we have different areas that have different grasses (Bent vs Bermuda). So for example when I was practicing or caddying at a club in Florida I would look for a worn out area up at the Cup. If not I would keep in mind this grass would follow where the SUN […]

The worst advise is very broad

The worst advise is very broad, most get some type of swing tip they get from a friend that is no better than they are.

Up Hill Lies

When hitting from an uphill lie the best thing that golfers can do is pick out a less lofted wedge or club. When hitting from this particular lie the golf ball take off a bit higher. The best way to understand this more practice this way to find out.

Blocking your Driver sounds like a Face Control issue

Blocking your Driver sounds like a Face Control issue, so put a Tee in the ground, then put an Empty Water about a foot in front of the Tee. As you make a swing up and over the bottle make sure is closing over it. Then from there start to work on your Swing Direction. […]

Everyone should have one

My mentor is Mr. Dave Carazo, he was the Head Pro at The Tuxedo Club and now works for Met PGA Section office. When I started working there as a caddy then later moved into the bagroom. With his time and efforts though golf lessons I was able to play well in golf tournaments and […]

Title Back and Flip

Have clients move the golf ball back to middle of the stance and have the hit punch shots with a half finish, This is only a Drill.

Move forward More

Most clients who come to see me for golf lessons release the golf club to early. We try 2 things, One will placing a towel 8 inches in front of the Towel. This is 2 widths of a Iron head, if I don’t have a towel place an Alignment outside the back foot. In either […]

More 3 woods

The question should be whom should be hitting more 3 woods?? As a fitter and instructor my answer would be those Golfers who are starting out in golf. They’re just out there hitting the and have NO control to what they are doing on the golf course. When I started out hitting my driver in […]

Alignment Rods

When Putting or Full Swing it’s always good to us Alignments Rods. Place one along your Toe Line then place one toward the Hole with this one Tap it with your Putter Face and see if your face is Square. Then take a golf ball and see what happens.

Speed and Accuracy

Can Not answer this question never ready hit the ball far to begin with, but anything is doable. Does the a student or client have the right PATH, Clubface and movements going?? How does ones body hold up??? Is there proof thru Biomachanics?? We only seem to have statics in the Modern Age, what where […]

Club fitting and new clubs

Golfers just starting out need to be fitted the most, then golfers whom been playing for a while then advanced. In recent articles I have just read WEDGES need to be replaced every year to 2 years, Irons should be replaced 3 to 5 years and Drivers 5to 6 years. Grips should be replaced every […]

The grip

Very simple I show my clients a picture from Ben Hogan’s 5 Fundamentals or I have them grip what are FORMED GRIPs, Simple as that!!!!!!!

Ball Postion and Chix Wing

The 1st thing I see when teaching with video, most golfers play the ball to far up in their stance especially Irons. They have a tough time trying to find the Bottom of there Arc. The other cause I see is that Golfers Chicken Wing (or there lead Elbow Bows away from body). To find […]

I don't have golf clubs

With Covid 19 and more people taking golf lessons people are showing up with no clubs. As a fitter too I recommend the box set to get people get off the ground. If working with someone for 2 years guide the client to an upgrade.

Winner Winner CHix Diner

Justin Thomas hits it out there far enough, hits it High and can roll the ROCK.

Bad lies in rough

As a PGA Pro that plays with alot of high handicap golfers they seem to put there hero hat on thinking they can hit their mid to high irons onto the green. Well no so much, they either hit their shots low and left or duff it. So in this take a more LOFTED club […]

PAR 3 17th at TheTuxedo Club

The 17th hole is a Par 3 over a lake, but it was to be an Island Green in the middle of the lake with Tee boxes set up in the mountain the covers 16th green, 17th tee and right side of 18th par 5. This is also not the original golf course, it’s origins […]

Tee it Up

Don’t worry where not playing golf on a Par 3 , Par 4 or Par 5, where going to use on the practice Putting Green. This was brought to the light by Tiger Woods. Place your Putter on the green about 5 feet from the Hole, place a Tee outside the Heel and Toe. From […]

Fairway Bunker Play

If you struggle from Fairway Bunkers play to a strength hit a more lofted club and into play. Then when have time to practice start to try the following, take a Mid Iron grip down 1 inch, play the golf ball a bit back in the stance. From there focus on a spot an inch […]

Get out and Play

Golf Lessons are great for everyone, but the only way to find out about Golf is to play on the golf course at the right time. For beginners start out on the fairway about 220 yards out on a PAR 4 fairway and tee the ball up. Do the same on a Par 5 hole […]

Alignment Rods

If you ever attended a TOUR EVENT or just watch a Tournament more likely or not those players will have Alignment Rods in there golf bags. As a teaching pro I have least 8 of them. So what do I use mine for???1. Alignment both Full Swing an Short Game, Ball position, Putting, Swing Path […]

Hit it Low into the Wind

Well in todays golf we are told to hit it as far as possible. This is great, but into the wind this is NOT GOOD. You could SPIN it too much and could be knocked out the air. So how do we improve upon this?? Take ONE Extra club, place the golf ball in the […]

Drills over the Winter

There so many way to improve inside, but this one of my favorites. Get in front a MIRROR, throw a magazines on the FLOOR open. Go get your 7 iron, now take your shoes off because we are going work on your set-up. With your FEET just on the corners of the MAGAZINE hold the […]

Club Fitting for Whom

So whom benefits from a club fitting?? Advanced, Intermediate, or Beginner and the answer is Beginner. By explain the benefits of having the Right Lenght, Lie Angle and Grip Size you sort of break down any barriers that a client may have. Though most in this case wait to take golf lessons I try to […]

Go to shot around the greens

Most amateurs don’t spend enough time on short game but just watch what Tour Players do on television. Set up is important, so play the ball in the MIDDLE of your Stance which is about 4 inch wide ( clubhead is 4 inches), from there grab your Pitching Wedge with hands forward, make a small […]

Striking down to hit hit better

Place a towel on the ground, now put a golf ball roughly 5 inches in front of it. As go to hit the golf ball your job is to MISS the towel, if you nick it or it moves NO good. Hope this helps

You're Going to Be Nervous

Well I asked this to a 18 time major champ when I caddie for him in Florida and he told me you are going to be that way. But for myself in tournaments or qualifying I would take a deep breath and release slowly. Then have positive self talk about the shot at hand.

The Backswing Fix

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