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Windsor Parke Golf Club

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Kirk Jones

PGA Golf Professional
Windsor Parke Golf Club
Jacksonville, FL

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Golfs’ new speed and strength trainer

I use a new device that just came out last year called speed/strength trainer. It has multiple benefits and most importantly it increases clubhead speed by improving flexibility and engaging the fast twitch muscle fibers. Scientific studies have revealed that swinging an implement 20% heavier than a normal club, and then switching to 20% lighter […]

Difference between swaying and lateral motion.

Swaying is when the heat moves laterally in the weight ships to the outside of the trail foot. This is a flawed pivot. Lateral motion is when the upper body moves back on the backswing but can be achieved without swaying. This is of benefit when loading up the driver swing and also for taking […]

Bryson's Putting drill technique

Bryson’s new putting technique is simply a putting drill that we used to do 40 plus years ago.. The only difference is that the putter is made specifically for using that type of putting stroke. This is very similar to Matt Kutcher’s technique that hes been using for many years. The technique allows the user […]

The Backswing Fix

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