Krista Dunton

Berkeley Hall Club

Director of Instruction, Berkeley Hall Club

Krista Dunton

Director of Instruction
Berkeley Hall Club
Bluffton, SC

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The top is not caused by lifting your head!

There are actually 3 types of tops….one is from a path of the club that is coming down too steep into the ball so the club hits the top of the ball. Just like a plane coming in on a steep landing in order to avoid the ground the pilot pulls up on the plane. […]

Get your first putt closer!

Work on two areas when you putt. 20-40 foot putts, getting those within a 3 foot circle and then work on 6 feet and in. Become great in short putts and long putts. Don’t worry so much about the 10-20 footers they will be fine. The key to not 3 putting is distance control with […]

City by the Bay

I grew up in Atherton about 30 miles south of Sf where summer temps are dry and mid 80s. But I played a lot of golf and junior golf at Lake Merced, SF CC, and the Olympic Club. Soft fairways, fog and wind usually present but such gorgeous courses. The guys in the afternoon might […]

The Backswing Fix

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