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Release tension

Squeeze grip as hard as possible and then slowly lighten grip pressure. All tension starts to leave your body.

Big deep breath

Tension is a golf swing killer! I like to tell my students to stay wide through the shoulders. Take a big deep breath and feel your chest expand and try to keep that feeling through setup. Sometimes a drink or water can help with that as well. All actions that promote expansion through the upper […]


The most simple answer is awareness of tension at address. Many golfers are either gripping too tightly or holding too much pressure in the arms and shoulders which disturbs the rhythm of the swing. Once you become aware of tension before beginning every swing you can let it go. Watch Freddie Couples walk into a […]

Meditation and Breathing

After working with combat veterans for 13 years, Meditation and Breathing have had incredible results. Everyone should focus on it. Follow

Clean grips=relaxed hands

One of the easiest ways to keep tension from creeping into your hands and arms is to make sure your grips are good and tacky. I rarely hit a shot on the course without wiping off the grip after with a damp towel. I like my hands to feel like they are practically sticking to […]

It's All About the Setup

People have been taught too bend forward to much from the hips and keep their lead arm very straight. This tendency leads to way too much tension in the arms and a very disconnected swing. If you went to the gym to curl weights, your elbows would be in front of you on your rib […]

Put a number on it.

If a golfer is experiencing too much tension in the arms at address and during the swing they should allow themselves to be relaxed in the arms but firm in the fingers or a soft grip whatever they feel they play best with but strive for very little if any tension in the arms. They […]

Keep tendon out for a smoother golf swing

Hello golf enthusiasts! One of the keys to achieving a more relaxed swing and avoiding tension in the arms is to embrace the beauty of a pre-swing waggle. This dynamic movement not only helps to loosen up your muscles but also serves as a great way to build rhythm and tempo before you even take […]

Old School = Good School

Advances in technology and thinking is a good thing but swinging the club with soft arms can be difficult when trying to reach new heights on our launch monitor for club or ball speed. One of my favorite ways is an old school drill of making half speed full swings and hitting the ball about […]

Maintain Soft Grip Pressure

Some of our worst golf shots come from too much grip pressure. Make sure your hands are not tense when you hit a golf shot. Take a practice swing and practice the proper amount of pressure to use. Then, when you address the golf ball, maintain that same soft grip pressure throughout the swing, and […]

Move and Hover

Tension in the arms starts in the hands. And if you’re pressing the club into the ground as you address the ball, the club can’t move. And the arms will get tight. You need to stay in constant motion. Which is what your waggle should produce. A motion you can “react” to the ball. Versus […]

Tension relief

Teaching a Tour player who said he had too much tension. I said what does your tension look like, he said green jello. I said where is most of this green jello he said my arms wrists fingers and legs . I said what are you going to do about it he said squeeze it […]

Open your hands on the grip and gently replace them on the grip

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This video will likely fix your flip!

This video has 50k views. It has fixed a lot of flips!

Proper release is a chain reaction

So if you struggle releasing the club to early or “flipping” do not try and correct it without realizing a few important aspects. First, if your impact path is extreme in to out, and you do not “flip” to square the face, you will hit some shots that start right and curve right, which means […]

Hit it Low!!!!

One of the things I think help players ‘flip’ or scoop the ball is to learn to hit low shots. Either using props or launch monitor data, the player can get ball to fly at a lower trajectory by getting lower body weight forward and hands forward at impact therefore reducing the loft of the […]

Proper footwork can eliminate flipping & scooping

Flipping and/or scooping is generally caused by improper footwork. Fix your foot pressure, shoulder turn and pivot and you can begin to release the club properly. The ‘fix’ requires loading/transferring your weight to the heel of your trail foot in your backswing as you turn away from your target and then pivoting to your lead […]

"Stop the Flip" for solid contact!

An age old problem of flipping the club through impact has a couple possible causes. 1. Most common cause is an off plane swing path. Typically, a swing path (plane) that is too steep (out to in) results in the shaft swinging in and up at impact = open clubface, loss of power and toe […]

Wrists control the clubface angle

To correct scooping or flipping at impact and achieve a proper release in a golf swing, you can make the following wrist adjustments: 1. To Maintain a flat left wrist at impact, the wrists need a certain amount of ulnar deviation: Ensure that your left wrist remains flat (or slight flexion) at impact rather than […]

Good For the Ice Cream Shop

Scooping is good at the Ice Cream Polar not in GOLF neither is Flipping. Sounds like people are trying to help the golf ball up in the air. So we need to look at where golfers have there hands and shaft at impact. At the range golfers can try hit PUNCH SHOTS, at home try […]

Club head lag…

It is imperative to feel a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist as a player swings the club. It is also important to feel the pressure point one the trail hand index finger (part of index finger that touches the grip). It is essential for players to deliver the grip end of the […]

Stick with a stick!

Leading with your hands may be easy when chipping and for small shots, but when it comes to full swing, it’s tough to know at impact if your hands are really in the proper position. Flipping or scooping is usually caused by a dominant trail hand wanting to take over, or not turning your body […]

Drag and Release

Release of the club is after you hit the golf ball, not before. If you release the club before, yes, you will scoop or flip the shot, causing bad shots to happen. Feeling the proper release is key to your improvement. You can definitely feel a proper release with my drag and release drill.

Things Have Changed Over the Years!

From an instructor using eyes only to decipher a golf swing to currently having high speed cameras, launch monitors and force plates, the last 20-25 years have really changed how golf is being taught. Some of the so called “absolutes” in golf have been proven wrong with modern technology. How the golfer’s body needs to […]

Yes is the 10 cent answer

This topic could be discussed for days and then some. As technology continues to evolve teaching and coaching has become much more data driven. There are definitely pros and cons to this, at the end of the day what really matters is how many shots it takes to get it in the hole. If you […]

How has golf instruction evolved?

In recent years, golf instruction has seen significant advancements in teaching methodologies, technological tools, and an increased understanding of player psychology. These changes have significantly impacted how both beginners and advanced players are coached. One of the significant developments in golf instruction has been the incorporation of technology into teaching methods. Tools such as launch […]

Golf Instruction Improvement Over the Years

Golf instruction for the most part is much improved over the years. I gave my first lesson as a golf professional in 1971 and wish I could find that young man and refund his payment with damages. Two main reasons for this improvement. First, the education programs have improved significantly, starting with Michael Hebron who […]


Pictures often say so much more than words… Trackman #’s and swing video after every lesson is the only way we can put the onus on our students to do the work that yields better ball flight. We as instructors have a lot of tools and learning when to use each is the key to […]

The Golf Instruction Evolution with Swing Essentials

The Swing Essentials Golf app has helped evolve golf instruction. Offering on-demand, personalized coaching through advanced app technology allows golfers to work on their swing at any time, any place, and around their schedule. A PGA Professional in your pocket, this unique golf application allows for quality instruction at a fraction of the price, allowing […]

Has Golf Instruction changed!!!!

When I started taking golf lessons at The Tuxedo Club under Dave Carazo all we had at that time was a computer and video and a book on his shelve like Ben Hogan 5 lessons. Now we have force plates, still video of tour players on Trackman which I use at Golf Galaxy. Plus there […]


The mythical and magical quality of golf is in the imagination of every golfer. Freedom to dream and the courage to swing both make golf possible. As in life, what you decide should be inspired. Golf provides that opportunity, to hold a golf club, imagine a shot and feel the stroke required. Instruction has evolved […]

Golf Evolution: Change is good

Golf instruction has undergone significant evolution, driven by advancements in teaching methodologies, technology, and a deeper understanding of player psychology. These changes have tailored the approach to coaching, offering distinct pathways for beginners and advanced players. Evolution in Teaching Methodologies: Historically, golf instruction was predominantly based on one-size-fits-all swing theories and techniques. However, modern coaching, […]

Stay connected to a full finish!!

In most cases the infamous “Chicken Wing” finish, is a reaction to poor motion. Instead of trying to eliminate the problem, you will have higher success by targeting the root of the problem. This is the easiest way to make long term change, a change that will last, and get rid of the dreaded “Chicken […]

Fixing the chicken swing starts in the backswing!

The dreaded “chicken swing” often is a result of an improper backswing. Players in an attempt to “hit from the inside” roll the club to the inside (under the plane) in the backswing. This results in the downswing getting “over the plane” and coming “over the top” which makes the arms come into impact too […]

Better extension

Visualize that you’re actually keeping the ball on the CLUB as long as POSSIBLE ! For that extra nanosecond . It works ! Thanks Chico

A fatal flaw…the chicken wing

The chicken wing is a fatal flaw! If you chicken wing the club head stays behind you and points to the right. With NO club head extension. We want club head extension not just arm extension!

Trail Arm

Keep your trail elbow to the ground on backswing. This keeps the trail elbow in a position to shallow the downswing. While doing this and release club after impact to achieve extension.

How to avoid the chicken-wing

To avoid the dreaded chicken wing and achieve a full extension in your follow-through, several essential golf swing adjustments can be made. Firstly, focus on maintaining a straight left arm (for right-handed golfers) throughout the swing. Keeping the left arm extended helps promote a smoother, more fluid motion and prevents the elbow from bending prematurely, […]

Chicken Wings For Dinner

The “chicken wing” is a power killer! A big plate of chicken wings should satisfy you, after a round of golf. But having a “chicken wing” in your lead arm, at impact, is no bueno! Extension is the key! In order to avoid any collapse in the lead arm at impact (a bent lead arm […]

Treat the cause, not the sympton.

Chicken-winging is the body’s natural self protection from what could happen if the the club is approaching the ball at an extremely steep angle. The fear (probably sub conscious) is injury to body parts because of such steep impact. The brain compensates by shortening the lever (the left arm) to try to create contact with […]

The chicken wing

The Chicken Wing is very common in golf, and primarily a sequencing issue coupled with a downswing that is too steep. Doing drills and exercises that improve golf sequencing and learning how to properly allow the golf club to shallow gradually during the downswing. The easiest drill to learn how to get rid of the […]

Relax arms to avoid chicken wing and improve extension.

Based on my teaching experience, most golfers that struggle with the ‘Chicken Wing’ or not achieving full extension is because they are using their arm strength to move the club and not allowing the natural swing motion to develop their full arc. By lifting the club and arms to control the club, the player will […]

Set Up to Extend

Most “Chicken Wings” are caused by 2 main reasons. The first is a closed alignment to the target, forcing your front arm to collapse before, during, and impact to get the club and its face redirected to your target. The second reason is your in ability to feel your arms “extend” through and past the […]

Chix Wing

Just seeing this title is making hungry. I use 2 things a Smart Ball by Martin Chuck and having students swing the club with their lead hand into a 2×4 then put their back hand on the PUSH the piece of wood forward. Hope everyone has a great season.

Putting and chipping

Putting and chipping in a room with a putting green carpet and chipping mats outside the room where you can hit chips from a real chipping mat through the open doorways into to the rooms.

Get in Shape

The off-season is the absolute BEST time to condition your body for golf. Hire a golf certified fitness trainer and get in shape for the game you love! The keys you should focus on with your own personal golf fitness are strength training, stretching, and cardiovascular endurance. Don’t go it, alone! Find a trainer in […]

Indoor Swings

When it becomes too cold to play golf outside, I would recommend these three options: 1. Swing a weighted/heavy club. Make about 20-30 swings each day working on technique and tempo. 2. Stretch those golf muscles and even consider taking yoga classes to keep you golf ready. 3. Indoor simulators and places like Drive Shack […]

Swing like you are on a Swing set

Take any golf club or an Orange Whip and find enough space indoors to make full length swings, back and forth in repetition. This is just like a child on a swing, that continues the motion efficiently and in balance. By repeating this motion, you are learning to most efficiently swing the golf club without […]

Body drills

As the weather cool down and players become limited to indoor activities, it is a good time to practice your body motion. Check out the link below to learn how to practice your tilting and turning during the off season.


The GolfForever swing trainer and App will turn the off season into training season. You will be so ready for next year with 20-30 minutes per day using this wonderful device and training program. There is a good reason why tour pros use this tool!

Alignment Stick practice

Even though this video is on the range the drills would be excellent indoor practice this winter!

Maintain Things

So what can help us especially in the Northeast and Midwest. Try to get your body correct especially getting more Flexible and a bit stronger. Work on Posture in front of a Mirror. Get alignment rods(3 of them) work on take away. Last get a piece of wood or water bottle against the wall and […]

Winter is the time to make changes!

The winter/off season for most is the best time to make real changes to the golf swing. Really target what you want to improve on and get after it. Speed training is a great way to spend some time when you are indoors, assuming you have an area big enough to take a full swing. […]

Don't forget your short game!

I m certain there will be many responses regarding the popularity of simulators and I am 100% for them as long as you can see where the ball goes. But many golfers will get “stuck” thinking they can only practice full swings in winter. Work on your wedge game and putting during this time to […]

Find the Center of Your Club Face

Winter indoors is a perfect time to find the center of your club face. While working indoors, work, half-swings to groove a rhythm and tempo that allows the ball to hit the center of the face. As well as learn to square the face more consistently with less effort. A great way to do this […]

Well putt indoor training mat

The Well putt matt is my favorite indoor putting matt. You can get different lengths and speeds. Also it has markings to help with alignment, length of stroke and visualization for your eye line. They are around $100 and well putt also has several other tools I used that can help with stroke shape and […]

From backswing to downswing or impact

At Golf Galaxy of East Hanover I use 2 things, if it’s nice outside I will grab an alignment rod have clients set up on a downslope placing the alignment 4 inched off there lead pocket, What asking for is that they try to move toward the stick but try not to spin out. I […]

Take a step to the left for a smooth transition

Take your stance. Pull your left foot next to your right so both feet are almost touching. Swing the club back and as the club is swinging back step back to where your left foot was at address and swing through the ball with a smooth easy swing to get the feel for a good […]

"step into" longer shots

Probably the best way for the average golfer to learn proper timing and sequencing of a golf swing is to utilize a basic “Step Drill” This is accomplished readily by 1. establish your basic setup. 2 with your lead foot, step to the back foot, and stop. Start the club back and extend to a […]


The drills I would recommend to help promote better transition sequencing into the downswing are: 1) Step Drill 2) Stop N Go Drill 3) Press and Swing Drill

Like a child on a swing!

Since the golf ‘swing’ is a swinging motion, the best way I have been able to share the concept of transition from backswing to downswing, is to have my students recall the feeling of when they were a child swinging on a swing. I want them to remember what it felt like when they reach […]

Fly fishing helps your golf

When casting a fishing line, the action sequence is load the rod, gently pull forward, and release. You feel the moment the rod is loaded, then pull forward. Same in golf. I could give you 200 words, but simply casting a fly line will give you the feel you need.

Slow Your Tempo

When your timing is right, you will hit it on the sweet spot! A smooth transition in your golf swing is vital for an on center hit! Try this: soft pressure at address, relax the muscles in your shoulders and arms, take the club back slowly and pause at the top. These are all great […]

Tricky Transition Topics

I really like the thought of “Smooth and controlled” in the transition for tempo purposes. Even if your positions are not mechanically sound, a player with good hand eye can find the ball if they are not rushing or quick. Here is a drill for tempo. 1)Take your address position with a 7 iron, and […]


Mine is not so much a drill, but a training aid. One of the most common problems I see is transition from backswing to forward swing. Most people tend to hang back on their trail leg, or try and initiate forward swing with the arms instead of the lower body. I have had great success […]

Use drills to improve your golf swing transition

To enhance the transition from the backswing to the downswing in golf, several effective drills can be incorporated into your practice routine. These drills focus on improving timing, sequencing, and overall fluidity in this critical swing phase. By diligently practicing these drills, you can refine your technique and achieve greater consistency and power in your […]

Weighted clubs for the win

Best help for transition is weighted clubs. I am a huge fan of the Orange Whip. This product provides a lot of value. Being able to feel the added weight create some speed is a huge help when working on timing with the transition.

POSTURE or Athletic set up

As we watch golf on TV or attend a tournament everyone seems to look the same, or as Nick Faldo said they look like ROBOTS. What can help us is to watch other sports, such as Tennis, Football ( Middle LB or running backs and down hill skiers. But all we need is a Mirror, […]

Set up, the right way

Improving your golf posture and setup position can significantly impact your game. Here are some tips to address poor posture and achieve a solid setup: 1. Stand Tall: Maintain an upright posture with your spine reliever straight and your shoulders relaxed. Avoid slouching or hunching over the ball. 2. Proper Spacing: Position your feet shoulder-width […]

Simple,solid,athletic set up

With students of all skill levels, and assuming there are no physical limitations or injuries to account for, we try to establish an “athletic” “ flexed and at the ready” position at address. This involves a slight bend in the knees, with flexed and ready pressure in the legs. The player should bend forward at […]

Perfect Your Posture

Perfect your posture in order to be athletic. At address, flex your knees slightly and tilt at the waist, keeping your spine angle straight. Let your arms anatomically dangle below your chin. Make yourself feel comfortable. Make sure your weight is evenly balanced on both feet and slightly back, towards your heels, at address. Use […]

Be Athletic

Poor posture can stem from a few reasons, but most of the time on the lesson tee the root cause is the student trying to keep their head down or still which results in poor posture. If you went to the gym and curled weights or held something heavy, you would have your head up […]

Posture readiness

Grounded, ready, engaged, solidly planted, ready for speed. Ready so that no one could push you over. These are expressions of “posture readiness” needed for making a powerful golf swing, feeling properly and solidly balanced from start to finish. Ie Tommy Fleetwood, Brian Harmon. Bending from the waist is necessary, but not to be over […]

Know Your Carry Distances

The single biggest mistake ALL golfers make is using the wrong club for a yardage. Statistical data supports this claim, of you making a club selection that almost guarantees you come up short of your intended target. One of the reasons why you do this is you don’t know the “Carry” distance of each of […]

Commit to it...

You know they say your first instinct is usually pretty safe – well in golf it is no different. Commit to your first read on the green, commit to your first thought on club selection. Here’s how I look at it – no matter what there is a 50/50 chance you are either right or […]

Choose hybrid or 5 wood out of the fairway

When I give playing lessons, most players think they have to hit 3 wood if they can’t reach the green, even if it’s a bad lie. Consistency is what most amateurs are striving for. If they can eliminate their disaster shots, they can turn doubles into pars and bogeys, 4-5 times a round. So next […]

Elements and variables

Correct club selection requires an understanding of elements and variables. The elements are: Cold or hot Uphill or down Windy or calm Elevation in relation to sea level Humidity Variables Knowing Carry distance in perfect conditions so one can adapt for not perfect days Quality of lie Carry and Roll How are you swinging that […]

Club Up for Better Contact and Distance control

I think we can all say that most incorrect ball contact comes from not using the right club and trying to swing too hard. Learn your distances with your clubs for sure but never feel like you are going 100% at a shot. By believing you have enough club to get to your target your […]

Tips to make better club selection choices

When it comes to club selection in golf, there are a few common mistakes that many players make. However, by recognizing these errors and implementing some strategies, you can significantly improve your decision-making on the course. Here are some tips to help you make better club choices: 1. Overestimating Distance: One of the most frequent […]

Give yourself some room for error

Average players tend to neglect to take into account mishits, wind, green elevation, cold and air density and if they are feeling less energetic. After factoring in all of that give yourself some room for error and aim to hit past the hole and and see how your scoring is.

Club Selection

The biggest mistake in club selection is being honest with yourself. Many mid-to high handicap players don’t use enough club when choosing a club to hit shots especially on approach shots or on par 3’s. Be true to yourself and better results will come.

Pre-Shot Routine

Alignment may be the most important part of the pre-shot routine. Most amateurs I see set their feet first and this is a critical error. Pick a specific target and align the clubface to that target (or intermediate target if you use one). Then align feet and body using the clubface. This will also improve […]

Play the percentages

As humans, we don’t do everything perfect every single time. Be it driving a car or shooting pool, we make mistakes. The golf swing/shot is no different. We would like to think we hit every 6-iron the same every day of the week but that is just not true. When selecting a club to hit, […]

Be Prepared and Make a Plan

Here are three ways to improve your club selection and decision-making process out on the course: 1. Have Options: always have three clubs with you to give you options. I often observe golfers who grab just one club based on the yardage. Due to variables such as incline, wind, lie, etc., you will likely need […]

Club selection

That is an easy question to answer in two parts. First you need to know how far you hit every club in your bag find a PGA professional that has a TrackMan and hit every club in your bag and find out how far they go you should do this at least once per year […]

Not just yardage

Getting the actual yardage is just the first step in determining what club you choose. Wind , type of lie (flier, bare lie , uphill, downhill,etc., air temperature, how the golfer feels that day, firmness of green, etc. Obviously not a simple process; but miss- clubbing usually can be traced to ignoring a factor that, […]

Get Familiar With Your Game

When it comes to golf club selection, some common mistakes include: 1. Overestimating distance: Many golfers tend to overestimate their hitting distance, leading them to choose a club that doesn’t suit the shot. Be realistic about your capabilities and choose a club accordingly. 2. Ignoring weather conditions: Wind speed and direction significantly impact the flight […]

Pulling the Right Club

When we practice or play we want perfect conditions, Flat lies, the sun out, no wind. Tiger would practice into the wind and rain. If you play in the COLD select ONE extra club because the golf ball does not travel as far. Where if it’s warm or playing in higher alittude the ball will […]

Don’t Under-Club Yourself

The most common error in amateur golf is under-clubbing. Don’t come up short of your target! Amateur players should over-club themselves and simply swing easier. After all, golf course architects put bunkers and lakes in front of the greens! There is less danger, when you go long. My advice, once you get your yardage to […]

The Difference between Aim and Alignment

There are several things most amateur golfers do when aiming and aligning that create a situation where they are not aimed from “Point A” to “Point B”. They create a “Point C”, causing inconsistency within their entire set up and in turn, continual compensation within their swings. This is all caused by their failure to […]

Railroad Tracks

I see often that people line up their body to the target, either by looking over their shoulder while at address or putting the club hip high and pointing it to the target. I affectionately call this technique “the limbo stick.” If the club face is pointed to the intended target, your body and feet […]

Align the Face First, Body Second

Most common is that many player’s work diligently in an attempt to get perfect “square” body alignment of their feet, yet pay little attention to where their club face is actually aiming- which is far more important. It should also be noted that square feet does not guarantee a straight shot, contrary to popular belief. […]

Most common alignment errors in golf

Here are some of the most common alignment errors in golf: 1. Open or closed stance – This is when the feet are not aligned parallel to the target line. An open stance is when the front foot is positioned away from the target line, while a closed stance is when the back foot is […]

Alignment woes-CURED!

Ah, alignment. The simplest part of the set-up, except when our students don’t listen and implement our suggestions. Using an intermediate target for alignment of the clubface is critical. So placing the club behind the ball BEFORE address, with the “eye” of the center of the club pointing “through” the ball and at a close […]

Don't forget the forearms

The most common alignment error that I see is the mismatch between the club face and forearms/upper torso. When the upper body and forearms are aligned to the left of the target but the club face points at the target, the club face is effectively open. When you combine this with the average golfer’s tendency […]

The walk in

Most of the time I see amateurs walk into the ball incorrectly and set their body to the target instead of their clubface. This skews their alignment and now they have to begin to make compensations to get the ball started on their intended line. I would have golfers practice picking an intermediate target on […]

Begin your alignment as you walk into the shot!

Many golfers will stand next to their ball, and make a practice swing or two. Then, shuffle forward a few inches and address the golf ball. The issue here is that after a couple practice swings alongside the ball, and then a short movement forward; the likelihood of correctly aligning oneself to the target is […]

Shoulder, feet, club face

There really are three lines to pay attention to at set up. Club face, shoulders, and feet. I see a lot of players set up with open shoulders, aimed left for right handed players. This is a recipe for disaster more often than not. Using a mirror and or video to practice can help with […]

In my opinion!

I believe the largest issues with alignment come from #1 not practicing with alignment sticks to engrain what it feels like to be square ( if you are trying to hit it relatively straight), and #2 I think players should build their stance placing the club face square first then the feet, while constantly looking […]

Fix your aim then your swing

The average right handed golfer aims 20 or more yards right of their target. Mostly I believe because of where they think they should align their feet. Parallel lines don’t describe aim very well. In truth, our feet, knees, hips, and shoulders aim much further left of the target then you think. Lay down two […]

Align your Clubface First

Simple but please aim your clubface toward the target first when thinking about alignment. From putter to driver after gripping the club set the club behind the ball and aim it toward your intended target. After club is aimed align body parallel to target line and then you’re ready. Too many players aim their body […]

Get your alignment "Open" for better short game results

DO you struggle with most all short game shots? If so make sure to check your alignment. Even though we want to be able to work the clubface in different directions in the short game, in general it is best to stand “Open” or get your lines a little left of parallel for a right […]

Getting lined up

Most golfers those whom are “right handed” aim the the right, and opposite for lefty golfers. When clients come to me and we see on video, I ask them what makes the ball go to where we want it to go? We usually get various answers of course at this time, so we get Alignment […]


First you have to have a pattern, fade draw or straight to be able to aim with complete confidence. How can you trust aim when you have no idea what your ball is going to do? It’s called “aim and hope” The intended line of flight is not the line across your shoes, it’s the […]

Think Train Tracks

The biggest issue I see with golfers is a lack of understanding of the proper set up. If golfers visualize train tracks, they’ll have a better set up to reward good swings. The club face should be aiming to the target. The body should be parallel (left) to the clubface . This creates target line […]

How to Increase Swing Speed

1. Soften their arms, hands, shoulders and jaw. 2. Make as big of a turn as possible with both hips and chest 3 Stretch the hands as high and away from their head in the backswing 4. Swing feels like you have a ball in your right hand and you’re gonna whip and throw it […]

SuperSpeed Golf

As a Certified Personal Coach, want to add 20 yards to your drive. The SuperSpeed Golf Training system increases ball and club speed the right way. In my Academy 90% of all students use this system.

Golfs’ new speed and strength trainer

I use a new device that just came out last year called speed/strength trainer. It has multiple benefits and most importantly it increases clubhead speed by improving flexibility and engaging the fast twitch muscle fibers. Scientific studies have revealed that swinging an implement 20% heavier than a normal club, and then switching to 20% lighter […]

Speed Training Made Simple

Maintaining your swing speed is key as you get older and I would like to make a couple of points. First off keep your swing long as that will generate more swing speed. Secondly, continue to maintain your balance no matter how hard you swing. Swinging any weighted club will be good for speed increases, […]

Finish Fast

When it comes to swing speed, the only place you really need it is in your follow through. Most amateur golfers decelerate and the resulting shot is a chunk, a push or a wild slice. Try this: take a practice swing and “swoosh the shaft,” as you finish. Make the shaft sound LOUD, as you […]

Focus on 3 areas to incrementally increase clubhead speed

Three areas to focus on to help with speed are the following. 1) Strength 2) Flexibility 3) Swing Sequence Start your journey today to increase speed. Set “SMART” goals. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time. Like if you currently swing the driver 97mph on a stock swing. Say in 4 months I want my stock […]

Posture Change = 20 Yard Increase

This short video shows how posture impacts shoulder rotation, clubhead speed and distance. Wright Balance research shows that this posture set changes by Core Strength. If your Core Strength resides in the Upper Body, this video is for you. This particular video demonstrates how a person who swings with their Upper Body (Arms and Hands) […]

Swing Slower and Speed Training

I heard Raymond Floyd at an exhibition say when he wanted to hit it farther he swung slower. This allowed him to make a bigger turn. When trying to add speed you typically will swing faster which will tighten muscles up, shorten the swing and throw off the timing. There are several good speed training […]

Speed Trainers on the rise

Two of my favorite trainers right now are Super Speed Golf and the Stack System. They can explain their process much better than I but both are definitely worth a look!

Light and Heavy Works

I am not a trainer but as an instructor, I warn players to be cautious about training to increase clubhead speed at the expense of great technique and rhythm/tempo. Club head and ball speed is something one can get obsessed with and lose their swing. My experience with swinging a heavy club or swinging light […]


Who doesn’t like speed, there are things like SPEED Stick system and golfforeverprogram they are all great and I have tried them. But at times I will swing an Alignment stick or taking a 7 or 6 iron and swing them upside down. Actually learn the from Mike Bender, but you also need to get […]

Our Wrist Action

One of the WRIST drills is to do L to L golf swing drill. This old drill is great to get student to hinge on there back swing and post impact.

Hitch Hike Your Way to a Better Swing Plane

Your wrists in the golf swing work the best when you’re grip is correct. But if you have a great grip, now what do you do? Hitch hike to the top and down for a better plane and impact position. Hope you enjoy this video from 2015 that shows you how to make that happen.

The wrists' job

The hands and wrists job in the golf swing are to make the club head work up and down and to maintain a square club face. Proper hinging of the wrist should establish a square club face at the top of the backswing.

Focus more on Proper Grip & Tension than wrists

It seems that many players like to try to force a wrist snap, turn, lag, etc… Often times the harder you try to do something involving your wrists in a golf swing, the worse it gets. If you focus on the proper grip and making sure that your main grip tension remains in the pinky, […]

Proper Wrist hinge development

During the golf swing, we can greatly increase clubhead speed through the leverage created by a proper wrist hinge. This hinge creates the Lever needed for additional speed desired by golfers during the unloading portion of the downswing. But, learning the proper loading in the wrist is the key element, and in the attached video […]


Respond to club and body movements

Wrist Hinge

I was taught that my hands did nothing in the golf swing and my wrists hinged vertically where my left wrist (for right hander) would be in impact position throughout the swing. The goal was to maintain a square clubface throughout the swing and minimizing dispersion and curve in ball flight, especially under pressure.

Wrists control the club face and provide leverage in the swing

The wrists play a crucial role in a golf swing. They are responsible for generating power, controlling the clubface, and creating the correct angle of attack. During the backswing, the wrists should hinge naturally as the club is swung back. This will help create a wider arc and generate more power. As the downswing begins, […]

Set The Lever

In the golf swing, your wrists set the lever, for power. Cocking your wrists, immediately, at a 90° angle going back, creates leverage in your swing. Keep your lead arm straight, going back and hinge your wrists. This angle should be held as long as you can, as you swing back down, towards impact. This […]

Feel the hand action

The hands should hold the club and wrists should keep the hands of the player connected to the arms! I’m being sarcastic, but hopefully making a point! Simply feel the proper hinging action of the hands and wrists as a result of swinging the club and feeling the weight of the club head. A great […]

Quick Warm Up

I like to swing a weighted club in the parking lot. Do some Stretches on the first tee. Grab two clubs and make swings if you do not have a weighted club.

Whip it Good

Swing a training aid designed for warming up your muscles. The best way to warm up your golf swing is with the Orange Whip Trainer. It is an excellent fitness tool. It helps with your tempo, balance, and smooth, effortless swing.

Orange Whip for the win

I’m a huge fan of the Orange Whip training aid. Allows for some great stretching in a short amount of time. Hitting some longer pitch shots is better than taking quick full swings as well.

5-10 minute warm up

I grew up playing a course with no range. I am used to not hitting ball before I play. But I would recommend this quick warm up. 1) Chip – If you can hit a few low chips with a 8-9 iron 2) Long Putts- Hit 5 long putts say 25 to 30 ft 3) […]

I warm up to play. I don’t play to warm up

Check out this video to prepare your self to play!

Relax into your round

We are all pressed for time these days and if you show up at the course just before your tee time try this. After checking in grab a cold beverage of your choice and sit down and relax for a minute and try to slow your day and motor down. After this walk slowly to […]

Pre-swing warm-up is important even if you’re pressed for time

When you’re pressed for time before a round of golf, it’s essential to focus on the most critical aspects of your warm-up routine. Here are a few tips to help you quickly warm up for your round: 1. Start with light stretching: Spend a few minutes stretching your arms, legs, and back. This will help […]

Quick warm up

Well I’m old school. If you are going to invest 4 hours playing golf you should invest another hour getting to the course to warm up properly. But on the rare occasion you arrive late I would practice chipping. And then swing an orange whip to loosen up. And be careful of reckless wagers on […]

Pressed to warm up

It would be great to get to the golf course about an Hour before our tee time. Try to hit Putting Green 1st and hit a variety of different Putts. Then head off to range and begin with wedges ( 5 balls) and then get to mid irons. If not swing 2 wedges together and […]

Swing Plane!!!!

To improve our swing plane how about we try to improve our take away. As a former student of Mike Bender to help me with swing plane we started a bit with my take away. From there we used a Medium basket with golf balls in it, I had to dump the balls out over […]

Loosen up!

If I am pressed for time, I will be more concerned to get loose than to prepare to play well. Preventing injury is my main concern so I will try to stretch my shoulders, posterior chain and rotational core. A few swings with 2 clubs is my go to after stretching. If I can hit […]

Quick Warmup for Golf

Running to the first tee from the car is not recommended, but we’ve all done it! If pressed for time, it is important to get your body ready for the golf swing motion. First off, I encourage stretching your back, shoulders, wrists and hips. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, but I personally like […]

Pressed for time? No problem!

A golf warm up is just that a warm up. When we are pressed for time. Focus on the most important things. Here are what I believe to be those keys. 1. Getting loose and getting the body moving What does that mean? A light stretch of the legs and arms. Right into hitting some […]

Hitch Hike Your Way to a Better Swing Plane

If you swing the club steeply on the way down to the golf ball, chances are your thumbs are pointing straight to the sky. Try my “Hitch Hiking Drill”, which focuses on pointing your thumbs at the top of your swing, behind you. As if you’re hitch hiking your way to a better swing plane.

Are You Warming Up?

I’m willing to bet you think the swings you make before going out to play is practice. WRONG! It’s very simple. Warm up is what you do before you play. Practicing is time spent working on your game when you do not plan to play golf. Check out the video to learn more.

Function, Not Fashion!

It aint fashion, it’s function! Your Golf swing might look pretty, but can you play? We see so many players consumed with the appearance of their golf swing, yet they neglect to focus on many far more important areas of the game. Can you hit fairways and greens when it counts? Can you get a […]


Swing plane is misunderstood. TrackMan has essentially redefined it as follows. – The vertical angle of the plane relative to the horizon defined by the club head’s center of gravity movement prior to impacting the golf ball. It other words it is NOT the attitude of the golf club in the backswing or in transition. […]

Many planes

Everyone has a specific plane based on their anatomy. A basic test for plane is to measure arm length (when measured from tip of your right index finger to tip of your left index finger when arms are out stretched parallel to the ground and your chest) vs. height. If your arms are longer than […]

Check Your Plane

There are lots of debates over swing plane. The truth is swing plane is rather simple. The club must travel on a more vertical plane versus horizontal. A simple drill and check for plane is as follows. From the setup position, with your elbows resting on you your rib cage, hinge your forearms up with […]

What is swing plane?

When instructors talk about “plane” as a player you have to be careful. There are arm planes and shoulder planes etc etc etc. when I think of plane I teach shaft plane. Unless you are Bryson D every club in your bag has a different shaft plane. It’s like that on purpose because it contributes […]

At least until waist high !

I try to train myself and my students to have some awareness of an imaginary plane that is approximately 60 deg for irons and wedges, and 45 degrees for the woods! From the takeaway training to have the shaft move away from the ball backward upwards and inwards 60deg while maintaining the radius of the […]

Your Swing Plane is Critical at Impact

Every time you watch the Golf Channel or pick up a golf magazine at some point the words swing plane will come up. To understand what this is think of the butt of your club pointing at the ball line on the backswing and follow through. This would be the thought with any full swing […]

Your swing plane is an essential element of your golf swing

Your swing plane is an essential element of your golf swing. It is the path your club moves when you swing, and it can significantly impact your ball’s trajectory, distance, and accuracy. A good swing plane allows you to hit the ball straighter, farther, and more consistently. To improve your swing plane, here are a […]

Stay on Plane

Your swing plane will be most efficient when you swing back on one plane and then swing back down on that very same plane. This is known as a “one plane swing.” Ben Hogan was a one plane swinger! It is efficient and it helps you hit straight shots. Keep it simple and stay on […]

Straight shots or crooked ones??

Your swing plane is very important in getting the ball to fly toward your target. Always remember that you are swinging the club from a tilted plane and if you change the plane or posture the path of the club will be altered as will the flight of the ball. Try to make sure that […]

More important than you think!

While face angle plays the largest part in shot shape, how you get the face to impact matters. From a consistency standpoint having a repeatable plane can make a world of difference. Really the only way to know what your swing plane is doing is using some technology and trusting a coach to help you […]

Proper Swing Plane leads to Balance, Power, and Consistency

A golf club has an extended shaft that when addressed to a golf ball, creates a tilted angle. While the golfer is swinging, the ‘plane’ of that angle must be maintained throughout the swing to deliver the Club-head directly to the ball for impact. Since the golf swing plane is tilted, it’s not vertical like […]

Over The Top = Toe Hit

Visit your local PGA golf professional for a lesson right away, when you notice that you are hitting golf shots off the toe of your club face. More times than not, it is an “over the top move.“ You need professional advice, video, and some drills from your PGA golf instructor to stop this nonsense! […]

Some players have said “you can’t stand too close to the ball”

The distance you stand from the ball in address is one of the reasons for toe strikes. Over reaching for the ball over extending your arms where the center of the clubface is not facing the center of the ball comfortably. Arms should be close to the upper chest and not leave that area. Like […]

Check your swing plane if you hit shots off the toe

If you struggle hitting shots off the toe, make sure to check your swing plane. Most players with upright swing plane and steep transitions in their downswing tend to play more toward the toe. Here is a fix: 1.Stop at the top of your Backswing 2. Take the butt end of the grip toward the […]

Toe hits

Answer could be 2 fold, If you are a Tall person with shorter golf clubs then could be 1 issue. 2nd could be your swing direction (aka over the top), Make sure your golf clubs are the right length when getting fitted. Next take 2 baskets at the driving range place one by your lead […]

Get a lesson and Practice

The only time we see players hitting the golf ball off the toe of an iron with a 4 1/2 inch long face, or a driver that is as big as a toaster, is when they are just taking up the game, and are trying to figure it out on their own by whacking at […]

One fix is to keep your shoulders closed until impact and your back to the target longer

Toe hits are typically similar to the “over the top” pull slice shot….a player will swing over the top (arms swinging too far left for a RH golfer) with an open face causing the toe to make contact first. One fix is to keep your shoulders closed until impact and your back to the target […]

Finish your swing and check your lie angle

Contacting the ball with the toe of your club is a very common issue. In a swing lesson I would work on your rotation/finish and ensuring your arms are extended at impact by having full release. In a Club fitting the fitter might want to adjust your clubs to bring the strike closer to the […]

Ball Position Does Influence Ball Flight

Ball position. It does influence how the ball flies. And it’s critical for you to understand how it does if you plan to become a better golfer. Ball position directly effects trajectory, spin, height, and how long the shot will travel. Not to mention the curvature of the shot. This video about ball position shows […]

Important Fundamental

Just like grip, posture, and alignment–ball position is another very important fundament. I believe there are 3 basic ball positions depending on the club being hit. Off the lead heel for any wood off a tee–because you want to strike the ball with an ascending blow. 1″ back of that heel for any fairway/hybrid off […]

Ball flight

Most of the time my students favor a ball position that complements their swing bottom. Slicers like the ball forward, those who hook prefer it back. In order to correct the swing path, you need to move the ball-back for slicers, more forward for hookers. It’s the only way to develop a better part path […]

Pay Attention to Consistent Ball Position

From my view proper ball position is critical on every swing made and too often the most overlooked basic. I think the most common mistake that golfers of all abilities is a lack of consistent ball position with the same club. Too often I watch golfers play and practice with the same club and the […]

Ball Position

Broadly, its better to have a too forward ball position with full swings and too far back ball position with chipping and pitching

Short swings still need speed

Often times when players are trying to shorten back swings they lose speed. A shorter more controlled backswing with speed through impact can often times produce more centered strikes and increase distance. Always remember speed is a major factor!

Shorter Swing is Key to Control & Consistency

I think most golfers can experience a few benefits from a shorter backswing. It is much easier to control the distance and the overall flight of the golf ball from a shorter swing. In particular when hitting into the wind, a full swing will often create too much spin and balloon the ball. Golfers will […]

Shorter is better for most

The keys to the length of the backswing are: 1. Getting the upper body turned as far as you can–the arms need to stop when the body stops. 2. The wrists are fully hinged–about 90′. 3. The trail arm is only bent about 45′. To get a feeling of the turn controlling the length–turn a […]

Is Shorter Better

The question is, “Why?” What does one hope to gain with a shorter backswing? I’m not sure that the answer falls in the “short” versus “long” idea. When one shortens, or lengthens the backswing, my primary concern is, “What does that do to their timing?” We can make an analogy to casting a fly rod, […]

Swing the Whole Club

Swinging only the clubhead may result in a long but narrow back swing. Swinging the whole club – clubhead, shaft and handle moving together creates a shorter but wider back swing.

It depends

I do recommend a shorter swing to a lot of students while practicing! Due to a lack of Rotation and lat shortness, when a player lifts their arms the spine can reverse, they can lose posture, shoulder plane can flatten , etc, etc . So learning how to stay connected and how to get power […]

Age and Strength Matter with a Shortened Backswing

Everyone wants to bomb it like John Rahm with that short, aggressive backswing. Couple of words of caution before you try and employ that to your swing. A younger, stronger and aggressive golfer still has the wrist, hand and forearm strength to set and square the club correctly. Timing, power and speed are key in […]

Widen to Shorten

I rarely use the term “shorten” when it comes to the backswing. Often times this will lead a player into not completing their swing. Most of the great players of all time stressed the importance of completing their swing when under pressure. An incomplete swing usually results in poor rhythm which is the “glue” to […]

Shorter backswing for more consistency

There is no doubt that longer swings and excess movement in the backswing can lead to diminishing returns. Here is a simple swing thought to help get your backswing in a better position at the top. Simply put, stop your arms and clubhead when your shoulders stop moving. Try hitting balls from a “static” or […]

Shorter Backswing

So why are we doing this? Is a golfers backswing looking a bit like John Daly and now we what to look like John Rahm? Most golfers look like John Daly because they are over flexing there Elbows so they look long on the backswing, but we also notice there hands to close to the […]

Shorten The Backswing For Control

You may be losing control of your shot, left and right, too high and too low, because your backswing is too long. Here’s a tip. Relax your grip pressure and your shoulders. Take the golf club back slowly and stop in a shorter, three-quarter position at the top. Make sure that you have turned your […]

Full turn!!

Too many golfers use the shaft position at top to determine the length of a backswing. The position the shaft gets to in backswing is determined by pivot (lower body), rotation (upper body) and arm extension and shoulder flexibility. Many players whose proper backswing leaves the shaft ‘short’ of parallel often make a fundamental mistake […]

Listen to Your Anatomy

Have you ever wondered, “How long should my golf swing actually be”? Let us help you swing “within yourself”. Stand straight up, place your lead arm straight in front of you, and totally extend your lead arm, parallel to the ground. Next, move your lead arm across your chest, keeping the arm pressed against your […]

Shorter Backswing

This is probably a popular question right now because of the success Jon Rahm is having right now. The biggest advantage I see with a shorter backswing is you can usually gain more control. I know Rahm is a big hitter, but he is more of an outlier, not the norm. Most of your big […]

Time is not on your side

Aging alone will shorten one’s backswing; shortening one’s swing should be undertaken only if your are trying to repair a swing fault. Creating consistency in your short irons could be another reason. If shortening happens because you are trying to create more rotation and less lateral motion in your backswing, trying to flatten a left […]

Improving your backswing improves 1/3 of your total ball striking skill foundation! 

The length of swing arc on the backswing is considered a preference. There is no such thing as a fundamental standard of backswing length. If a backswing is shorter and possesses a good turn, it can provide power and efficiency. Some examples of shorter backswings with good turns are: John Rahm, JB Holmes, Allen Doyle […]

The ball never knows how far back you went!

There is no doubt that shorter Backswings can produce a solid ball strike for some people. Todays golfer is winding up so much in search of more distance they become erratic from violence. Doug Sanders from yesteryear had a great career with a short backswing Tony Finau and John Rahm are todays example of a […]

Set up matters

The simplest way to affect trajectory would be moving the ball around in your stance. Typically for a right handed player the more the ball goes towards your right foot the lower the ball flight will be. Tempo can play a factor as well. For more skilled players taking more club and swinging will a […]


Assuming controlling trajectory usually means lowering ball flight. The simplest way is to take one or 2 more clubs and swing slower than normal. This brings down the ball speed and backspin rate. There are also setup changes such as leaning more to target foot, playing the ball back in the stance. This tends to […]

Watching speed is the key to trajectory control

There is no way to control trajectory without controlling the speed as well. If you want to flight a ball much lower, look to taking more club and swinging a bit easier. This will bring the flight down. Placing the ball more forward in your stance and swinging fully will launch the ball higher. If […]

Controlling trajectory

There’s a bit of irony in controlling your ball’s trajectory. Some of it has to do with you actually controlling the size of your swing both back and through. Like tossing a ball high or low , longer or shorter the size of your backswing and through swing will be shorter or longer back and […]

Length of swing and ball position

Growing up in North Dakota and then years later working at a club on the ocean, I dealt with wind often. As a younger player I used to close the clubface down and try smother the ball, but had inconsistent results. As I developed as a player I learned to swing either 2/3’s, 3/4 or […]

Control Iron Trajectory with Short Game Thoughts

Controlling the trajectory of iron shots can be tough especially if you have one speed or length of swing for every shot. Let’s think short game for a minute, if you want to hit a low running chip shot you keep the club low on each side of the swing and that produces a low […]

Path, face, forward shaft lean

The longest players in the world tend to swing from the inside, approaching the ball from a shallow angle of attack. This requires the Clubface to be in a strong position. Getting the shaft to lean forward at impact in combination with a shallow path and a strong face are the best way is to […]

Hit Down, Launch Up

Trajectory on your iron shots is achieved by hitting down on the back of the ball. Play the golf ball in the middle of your stance. Keep your grip pressure soft. Hinge your wrists early in your backswing. Keep your eye on the back of the golf ball and hit down on it! Don’t be […]

Controlling Iron shots

This is a fun topic, when I work with students I ask them at times “Do you know how to it a Punch Shot”? And the answer is a BIG FAT NO. I learned 2 ways playing a Game called One Club on the golf course. The other was on the driving range with a […]

Small adjustments get good results

Unless you’re on the tour ,small adjustments can create lower and higher trajectories without risking miss-hits. To bring your ball flight up simply moving the ball forward( if the lie allows) should create some elevation; If you definitely need some more height and it’s necessary to “just get out of jail” opening the face some […]

Some of the ways I like to control my trajectory with irons

To control trajectory with irons meaning keeping it consistent, I monitor the ball position, and how much if any the shaft is leaning forward at address. I try to keep my angle of attack the same and the amount of shaft lean at impact consistent. To go higher or lower, I move the ball up […]

Imagine Windows

There are 2 “Windows” of trajectory you should imagine as you determine and envision what shot to hit. In all conditions! But you have to start controlling trajectory if you want to sustain your ability to post low scores. Within the video, you’ll see my trajectory ladder, featured within the September/October 2022 edition of Golf […]


There were two ways that I was taught to control trajectory. First is with ball position, you are basically dealing with 3different ball positions. Front of stance, middle of stance and back of stance. Higher trajectory is front of stance, mid-trajectory is middle of stance and lower trajectory is back of stance. Secondly, I was […]

Flighted vs Knockdown vs Punch

Flighted Irons – To “flight” your irons you would set up as normal, but swing with less clubhead speed. Therefore, to add height, you would set up normal but increase clubhead speed. Club speed is the number one way to effect change on trajectory. Of course you can also vary the setup to make the […]

Common Lesson Issues

The 3 most common reasons people come for lessons besides being just beginners and learn to play are: 1-Need more distance or have lost distance on their shots 2- Inconsistent ball contact 3- Struggle with short game chipping and pitching. The most common reasons for these issues are most people are trying to help the […]

Best way to control trajectory with irons

A combo of a couple of things will help to produce a lower flighted ball. First, swing slower and shorter maybe 70 percent of length and speed. Next make sure to have a nice impact position with shaft lean and a negative angle of attack. The ball wont go as far but will stay below […]

Lower trajectory

As you try to lower trajectory, feel like you’re staying over ball a bit longer on backswing and slow down arm swing.

The Big Three Faults in your swing

Obviously golfers have can have numerous swing faults but let’s point out the big three. First, their setup to include grip, ball position, clubface aim, body posture and positioning are off leading to numerous compensations in their motion to correct the problem. Secondly, Club is swung with just arms and hands on downswing leading to […]

Top 3

The top three reasons I attract clients have not changed in the last 20 years. First, by a mile, is other student referral. I have found that helping one golfer usually adds two more to my client list. Second is the old real estate saying, “location, location, location”. I am fortunate to teach at a […]


It does vary depending on the student. With beginners you are just trying to get them to understand the movements. I generally refer to it as shaping clay. It’s not a finished product, your just trying to create a general shape of their swing. The one I get from high handicap experienced golfers is “I […]

You will always learn something you can do

Trusted Reputation built over time in your area. Word of mouth by others who have taken lessons. Works with what you have, does not teach a system. Idiosyncrasies champion you are all different. encourage individualism, You will always learn something you can do. Always available

Rhythm, Balance, Flexibility

1. I developed the ‘Orange Whip Trainer’ to provide a tool that users can swing in Repetitive Motion to improve their Rhythm by improving Sequence. 2. I developed the ‘Orange Peel’ to center one’s Core while they train their swing motion. This greatly improves Balance. 3. The ‘Stretching Pole’. I use the Stretching Pole prior […]

Make a Plan!

#1. Loss of distance – #2 Mis-Hits and #3 They know they need professional help. In this social media age too many people try to learn from Instagram, You Tube, etc. and they try whatever they see or hear. By helping them understand that like any endeavor they must have a plan for long term […]

You think you figured it out…..

The obvious one is they are new to the game & want to start out with the correct fundamentals. My second one is usually business or social golf. They only play in corporate or charity outings & don’t want to embarrass themselves, so just like the first reason, correct fundamentals. The third one is a […]

Motives for golf instruction

– To have more fun on the golf course – To beat their buddies – Taking up golf for the first time and they don’t know where to start

Golf Lessons

People come to see me to get better. Fix something in their golf swing. To get an understanding of their swing and how to get better. To become better ball strikers. To prepare for their next tournament.

Lower Scores

Because I do training sessions rather than lessons, students come to-1. Lower their scores 2. lower their scores 3. lower their scores. All the best with your improvement !

Simple and Fits in Your Golf Bag

I’m an absolute believer that a swing aid must be simple to use and fit in your golf bag. If it is not, the odds of your continued use of that swing aid is slim to not at all. Swing aids must also be versatile. Meaning, you can use the aid for more than just […]

2023 training aids

As an instructor, my trainings for 2023 are the same plus ONE newbie. Alignment Rods, a Hanger, a ball from Martin Chuck and the new is the the “Down Shift” board. Good luck for 2023 golf season. Will check out more training aids while attending PGA Show. If viewers are looking for training aids please […]

3 simple training aids for a fresh start in 2023

Okay you will need the following. 1) A box- one that clubs come in 2) Grip trainer- like a normal grip but has a mold for position of your hands 3) Well- Putt putting mats Everyday when I teach, I use simple training aids. 1) For players with out to in path which can cause […]

Simple and very effective

My top three training aides are simple and very effective. 1) A shoe box to work on returning the club square to the flat part on the back to learn a square clubface, lengthwise to work on swing path (not too much outside in or too much inside out). 2) A can of foot spray […]

Old and New

Garmin R10- Launch monitor that gives the 20 most important parameters for just $600, not thousands. Seems to be accurate, a great help to giving a quality tech-driven lesson. Orange whip- an old favorite that seems to definitely help beginners and high handicappers; jury is still out on whether it is much of a help […]

Impact is where it’s at!

The Impact Bag by Gary Wiren is the best! Isn’t it all about impact & this bag shows you the perfect impact position every time … plus… u don’t have to overthink it!

Keep Your Swing Long and Hold the Club Correctly

Basic mechanics make your swing what it is, there are no gimmicks in this game. 3 aids to maintain your swing First would be the Orange Whip. Love it for many reasons but I think it really works on the timing and length of your swing. Second would be a simple reminder grip, don’t attach […]

Visit Your Local PGA Pro

Consulting a PGA professional is always your best bet when it comes to fixing your golf swing. Book a lesson and visit in person! I find players have issues with alignment, first and foremost, which leads to a loss of golf shot direction control. Secondly, I find many players have a back swing, which is […]

Three excellent aids, tools!

A must is an impact back, great training for feed back of what impact feels like. An Orange whip for tempo training and swing sequence. Alignment sticks for training alignment consistency. They can be used for control of swing path. Most training aids are in your golf bag! Happy New Year.

Keep inside of ball

Better to keep inside of ball a bit.

Eye on the prize...

Yes, an eye on the ball and an eye on the hole…Putting is 51% luck!

Head to the Wall

This drill is good for some indoor practice when the weather isn’t great or you don’t have a putting green at your disposal. Step up to a wall and take your putting stance, putting the toe of your putter against the wall. Move close enough so your head also touches the wall. Take small strokes […]

Eyes over ball

A good simple drill for this is to get into you putting stance with a ball in its playing position. Get another ball and drop it from the bridge of your nose. When the ball drops it should fall just to the inside of your target line. If you are going to error it should […]

The critical things are the correct read and perfect speed

There is “no right way” to do in putting. There’s no perfect putter no perfect way to putt! It’s not the style or the putter. The critical things are the correct read and perfect speed. If you have those two things you will make allot of putts, the ball does not care how you do […]


If that’s what you want here is the link to Eyeline Golf. They have a few different putting mirrors and sizes that fits your need. And I’m not a paid professional. I’m just a huge fan. Don’t get hung up on that method. There are different putting styles. The best one for you is the […]

Putt With Comfort

Concerning having your eyes directly over the line of your putt, is that a good thing? I think not, being too close to your line takes away all arc in your stroke and really is quite uncomfortable. Being a little inside the line allows the club to flow in an opening and closing arc which […]

Count to 2

Getting the eyes over the ball is one thing. Keeping them there is another. Moving your eyes as you putt, and in turn your head, can later the path and face of the putter at impact. Causing errant putts. The count to 2 drill is easy to execute and remember.

Matchup your eye alignment to your putting stroke shape

Arc stroke- eyes more inside Straight back- straight thru ( more over the target line)

Nicklaus and Twitty did it even better

Most good putters have eyes over the ball (or a little inside). Nicklaus and Twitty did it even better; they positioned the head so that the neck and back of the head were parallel to the ground. Their eyes were not only over the ball,but also at 90 degrees to the ground. This sights in […]

Where are your eyes when putting?

This is always a great topic as most players are confused with where to have their eyes. I have done both and have found that the eyes should be just inside of your target line. It allows you to swing the putter on a better pendulum path and will help you to keep your head […]

Putting: Eyes over the Ball?

Actually, there isn’t any law of golf technique that says the eyes must be over the ball when putting If you are a good putter and your eyes aren’t over the ball, you don’t have to change. That said, eyes over the ball normally makes it easier to accurately aim the putter. Why? For the […]

The Swing Caddy S300

The Swing Caddy S300 is simple to use, gives plenty of needed information. It’s extremely accurate which is critical to the users. It’s easy to hear and see in sunlight. For the price you can’t beat it, it’s a fraction of the price of the top name brands and does all the average golfer needs. […]

Trust your eyes or a machine?

No doubt about it, launch monitors are here to stay…I wonder if Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus needed one?


SkyTrak offers a lot of competitive data for a fairly inexpensive price. Great for the home set-up.

Which is the best?????

My answer is based on what some friend have told me as well as clients, From a friend of my from the Met PGA section, when he does not have the use of CGQuad or Trackman especially outside and easy of travel the Flightscope Mevo seems to be the winner. The only I don’t know […]

FlightScope Mevo+

The absolute best launch monitor any amateur can purchase! Doubles as a simulator. And easy to use on the golf course. My academy features Mevo+ for its academy members, allowing them to use Mevo+ during practice sessions. And as accurate as my FlightScope X3. Watch my good friend, Alex Trujillo demonstrate its capabilities!

Zelocity & Ernest Sports

Zelocity and Ernest Sports is pretty good

Steady head , Steady golf

I can’t think of any key that is more important when it comes to solid ball striking! Keeping the head reasonably steady and your eyes keenly focused on the ball, is the bottom line if you want to hit solid golf shots! Every golfer knows this,yet most golfers neglect this huge key to solid play. […]

It’s impossible to come out of your swing and hit a thin shot if you take a divot.

Get in your golf posture and have your butt next to a wall. Make swings without a club and your butt has to stay connected to the wall.

It’s not about keeping your head down!

We hear constantly from our friends & golf buddies to “ keep your head down” when coming up out of the shot… it’s really is “stay in your posture” … maintain your tilt of your chest over the ball until your arms help bring you up. Too often people stay down too long when being […]

Proper unload

Practice starting the forward swing by shifting “weight” or “pressure” from the rear foot to the forward foot while keeping the front hip basically “closed”. The “step” drill basically promotes this move. Club is halfway down and the hips have squared with knees flexed. No hyperextension or “standing up”.

Weight Shift to Maintain Posture

For me the main cause of coming out of your spine angle at impact is improper weight shift toward the target through impact. Any flat footed swing with no finish would give the player the coming out of it feel. By loading and then shifting your weight toward the target to finish should help this […]

Coming up out of posture may be a necessity to hit good shots

If you struggle raising up out of posture from time to time, it might be because your swing calls for it. If someone has a steep downswing, it may be a necessity to raise up to avoid hitting overly fat shots. To see if you qualify, check your transition and swing plane. If you are […]

Cover the ball

Feel as if your chest is covering the ball as you focus on watching impact

Early extension? Load properly!

It’s a very common issue to see someone explode toward the ball with their hips, often in an effort to get more distance. However, pushing off the ground is an integral part of maximizing your power! What’s the trick? The proper loading of weight and the corresponding push off the ground is the secret: When […]

Stand tall at the address position.....

One issue with this problem is bad posture at the address position…Standing over the ball like at senior citizen…Stand tall with an athletic posture…This will keep you centered a bit better throughout the swing…

Stand tall and close

A good drill for EARLY EXTENSION or Loss of posture , is practice making smooth easy swings 50-75% perceived effort standing a smidge closer and a smidge taller than normal. Then on the downswing feel your pelvis getting farther away from the ball while rotating your chest into the ball keeping your chest down ! […]

Raise up (Early Extention)

Early Extension where the back KNEE and Belt Line move toward the ball. 2 things that we can do!!!! One place a golf club across your chest with the club head outside your back shoulder. From your address position you should FEEL that you are tilting down toward the ball but correcting your leg/foot work […]

Stay in Your Swing

Coming out of your swing also referred to as early extension is generally caused by more of a physical reason rather than a mechanical reason. Meaning something in your body is too tight and you can’t hold your posture. In my case my upper back and shoulders are very tight. The best thing to try […]

Keep Your Head Still

Keeping your head still is the key to centered impact! Your shot on the sweet spot is certain to yield greater distance and more accuracy. Watching the back of the ball throughout the length of your swing, especially at impact, is the drill! Be athletic. Turn and shift your weight as you swing. And when […]

I like to keep my rates reasonable

I like to keep my rates reasonable so that most anyone can afford it . $40 for one & $100 for a 3 package

Reaching your golfing goals due to great instruction is priceless

The price put on a Golf Lesson is not so much the monetary cost as it is the value received from the lesson. Reaching your golfing goals due to great instruction is priceless. It’s nearly impossible to put a monetary value on playing great golf for a lifetime! With that said, however, it is imperative […]

$65-$100 a hour.

$65-$100 a hour.

The amount spent depends on many factors

In my opinion this question is too vague. The amount spent depends on many factors: 1. Students short term and long term goals. 2. Frequency of students practicing and playing. Time commitment 3. Student budget 4. Current ability level 5. Frequency of private lessons 6. Frequency of on course lessons Etc……

You get what you pay for

Lesson fees are well thought out by the professionals. Most of the time you can receive a discount if you take a series of lessons. It’s important to find someone you are comfortable with even if it costs a touch more than expected.

It depends

I charge loyal students less than first lessons I prioritize my time towards people I coach, who listen, and work hard I am on call for them as a coach and I think that a professional should adjust fees the same way Loyalty counts….both ways

Experience and Goals

Depends on the experience of the instructor and the level of the student ability and their golfing goals. Should be willing to pay $75 to $150 per lesson.

Whatever It Takes

There is not simple answer as to how much one should spend on golf lessons and every person and or scenario is different. Many of my students over the years, I am able to solve their issues or get them back on track in a few swings. Many of that group wanted a series of […]

It’s Discretionary income we’re talking about

Discretionary income we’re talking about… golf lesson is like getting an education and although our colleges these days are so out of priced for what you get in the end. Golf is something that we do for enjoyment and to enjoy it more and always helps to Play Better there are different ways of getting […]

Do Your Homework!

Do Your Homework! For this topic has two meanings. 1. Do your research on Golf/Teaching Professionals in your area. We all have a short bio or background information that gives insight into our experience and knowledge of the golf swing. And don’t be afraid to call the Golf Shop and ask the staff for their […]

A Good Instructor is Worth It

My Title–A good instructor is worth it is correct BUT I don’t think there’s any reason to spend more than $200 an hour. I can’t believe what some of the “big” name folks are charging–I could see $250 or $300 but no more. And don’t think that just because someone charges a lot or teaches […]

Expensive doesn't always mean great results !

It is very possible that at a small nine hole muni in the mid west they might have one of the best golf instructors in the country. And the lesson fee is probably not near as much as a professional in a big city. In general everyone is usually trying to say the same thing […]

Are you getting a bang for your buck??!!

I’m such a lucky guy that I get to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. My summer job is in a rural area with lower overall golf rates so my lessons run from $60 to $100 overall. My winter job is in a resort area with higher overall golf rates and […]

It's not about money...It's about results....

You don’t always get what you pay for…However, if you find a qualified and dedicated teacher…If he or she is good and expensive don’t worry about it…

“How Much Do You Wish To Improve”

If you wish to get a “tip” and practice a little, 3 lessons for $500 is reasonable. If you wish to improve immensely, then 10 hrs with a really good coach, and 20 hrs of training should run you $2,500.

How much should an amateur pay for a golf for lesson

Whatever the rate is that the Pro charges.

Ability level

It may depend on the student’s skill set. As one improves and their handicap lowers a more experienced instructor is likely needed. $150 per hour area.

Lesson Fee

Golf Lesson in NY Metro area range from $100 – $300 per hour. I currently charge $140 per hour.

Let’s Define a Lesson

Golf is a long term learning sport. The skills necessary and the infinite number of different shots make golf a life time of lessons. A student needs a long term plan to reach and maintain there goals. The cost of lesson will depend on where the lessons are taken. Ask about long term packages as […]

Has to work for you…

There is a happy medium between getting what you pay for and doing what you can afford. There are many qualified instructors out there. I am bias – PGA Professionals are the experts. However, some of the nation’s top instructors are not PGA. In my opinion, the most crucial thing is to get proper instruction […]

More isn't always better

I think amateurs need to first understand that there isn’t a magic number of lesson one needs to take. They should first create a goal and a timeline in which they wish to complete this goal. Then create a budget on how much they would like to spend on improving their games. Lastly, they need […]

What is too much for a Golf lesson???

I think clients need to sit down and figure out a budget just like most other things in there lives. Personally I went to Florida and spent 2 hours with Dr. Rob Neal and that cost me $400. For me it was to learn more as instructor but what I needed to work to improve […]

The Perfect Divot

Many higher-handicap golfers have an improper weight shift. This causes the student to slide with their hips and hit behind the golf ball. A simple, but effective drill can help most golfers to hit crisp iron shots. Take a short iron to start. Set up to the golf ball and take your stance. From here, […]

Making a divot

2 answers to the question, if you have a practice Bunker then draw a line the Sand place the club head/leading edge in the Sand make some swing an see if you can return the club head on that same line. If not grab a towel place a golf ball 6 to 8 inches in […]

Hands/Grip Lead

To take a divot in FRONT of the ball you need to understand why you either hit the ground first or don’t hit the ground at all. The two biggest reasons this happens are: players try to help the ball in the air–to do this they try to swing the head end of the club […]

Paint Line

Draw a line with paint on the ground perpendicular to the target line. Place the ball one to two inches in front of the line. With a PW begin with 1/2 swings then 3/4 swings and then full swings. The divot must be in front of the paint line on the ground! For better players […]

Down and Through Range Ball Stripe

For many years I have taught students how to take divots by taking a Driving Range ball and putting the stripe down at what would be 6 o’clock on a clock and having the golfer hit down and through the stripe. The stripe needs to be flush with the ground and barely in sight from […]

Drills for Divots?

Rarely would I consider using a drill to help one take a divot after contact, rather than before. Why? Because there is a reason one would hit behind the ball, and you should focus on correcting that, not putting a Band-Aid on it. Three primary reasons for fat shots come to mind. 1) Faulty balance/swing […]

Punch down on the 7 iron...

A good way to create a divot but first hitting the golf ball is to get the student to choke down on a 7 iron and hit punch shots…A easy way to create a divot…

Bottom of swing arc

A few things that have helped my students are: 1. Place a tee a few inches in front of the golf ball and try to hit it instead of the ball . 2. Place a golf towel a few inches behind the golf ball and try to not hit it. 3. Go into a fairway […]

Hit the little ball before the big ball.

I tell my students “the little ball is the golf ball and the big ball is the earth. I’d like them to hit the little ball the golf ball before the big ball the earth”. A good drill is to scratch a line on the grass perpendicular to the target and make practice swings hitting […]

Hit the Tee!

When you focus upon an object in front of the golf ball, you’re more likely to make a divot in front of the ball. Why? Because you swung through the ball, not at it. To avoid making your divots behind the ball, think of hitting a tee directly in front of the golf ball. As […]

Grip It Lighter for more distance

On a scale of 1-10, (1 being the lightest and 10 being the tightest) Your grip pressure should be around 3. It remains the same pressure throughout the entire swing thru impact. From the driver to the putter your pressure should not change. Your swing speed will increase the lighter the pressure. Enjoy the distance.

Grip it With Impact Force

Just before impact, a golf club can pull with over 100 pounds of force. You’ve gotta hold onto the club pretty firmly or it will slip from your hands. I’m a fan of gripping the club the same level of firmness throughout the swing, which means gripping it fairly firmly at setup and throughout, so […]

Grip pressure 101

We have all heard it said and we have all said it: Starting with a good grip is the foundation of a good swing. Subsequently, how tight or loose you hold the club can have a huge impact on your swing. We have heard “grip it like a little bird” or “grip it like a […]

Grip pressure

I try to have all my students relax their grips a bit as most instructors get too many players gripping the club way to tight. Think of a scale of 1-10 and start at 5-6, as the club swings faster the player will instinctively grip it tighter than what they started at. Ideally moving into […]

Hold Your Club Like A Bird??

Gripping your golf club correctly means the club is held in your fingers and not your palms for all shots except putting. The fingers are the grippers of your golf club and really for most all daily activities. That being said try not to strangle the club at address so that the wrists can cock […]

Soft Grip When You Chip

Successful short game shots around the green start with the proper fundamentals. Always use a soft grip, when you chip. Hold the golf club with the same amount of pressure that you would use holding a brand new tube of toothpaste. Imagine squeezing just a little bit of toothpaste out, onto a toothbrush, using both […]

Over swinging UGH

Over Swinging and how we can Fix It. 1st, if you go to a Driving Range with a Friend have them stand behind you and hold an alignment (if you have) off your back shoulder and you want to just want to touch it. At home stand against the wall make a back swing (with […]

It's not hard you hit it...It's how well you hit it!

Overswinging is the “cancer” of the golf swing…The best way to fix it, is to swing the club like a 90-year-old person…The only way to stop it…It’s going to take some patience and discipline…Find a PGA instructor and tell them what I just told you…

Widen out that backswing!

Many times people people confuse a long backswing with an overswing. I often here coaches trying to shorten a long swing telling a student to only go back 3/4 or 1/2. I believe this is the wrong approach and a bit of a conundrum. We have heard many of the great players talk about the […]


Take a practice swing , stop at the top of your backswing . Now swing the club down and through the hitting area.. smooooth ! That’s tempo ! Practice swings should be at 50% speed and actual swings 75%. ( we all know one will actually add 10% when they go to hit the ball) […]

Stay In SYNC!

Ever feel like your swing is out of SYNC? If so, it’s typically because your arms and body are out of SYNC due to the arms overswinging on the backswing. Understand that the arms really don’t swing on the backswing–they raise slightly, the trail elbow folds, but no more than about 45′, and the arms […]

Over Swing vs Long Swing

An over swing in golf can cause many issues, with the biggest issue being inconsistency. From my view an over swing is when someone moves laterally off the golf ball or shifts their weight so much to the trail leg that the weight gets on the outside of the back foot. The collapse of the […]

Divot or No Divot

As I teach with Trackman at Golf Galaxy and at Fox Hollow GC I see a wide variety of things. Beginners take No Divot because they Pull their arms apart, Intermediate has a tendency to do both again take No Divot or too much, Where the Advanced Player takes some to very little. If you’re […]

Sweep it!

You are probably sick and tired of hitting fat shots! Sweep it, don’t dig it! Here’s how: play your golf shot directly in the center of your stance. Use a soft grip pressure. Drag the club back, low to the ground. This is the key! Most chunked shots happen when players pick the club up […]

Always Wondered about Divots

I’ve played golf for twenty five years, and have taught golf for nearly twenty. But if a player takes proper posture (which soles the club AT ground level) and makes a proper swing (maintains posture throughout the swing and returns the head to the address point), why should the club enter the turf below the […]

All Your Technique to Influence Your Divot

Taking a divot with irons is a byproduct of your impact conditions (Angle of Attack, Dynamic Loft, Club Head Speed, Swing Direction, etc.) and the turf conditions (grass type, firmness of turf, moisture level, etc). In general, we often see Tour players take larger divots while amateurs may struggle to take any. Whether this is […]


This is one of the most misunderstood concepts in golf. In order to insure the most solid contact a divot should always be taken on the target side of the golf shot. Ball then divot. That being said some divots are deeper than others but should always be taken with every club in the bag […]

More Consistent with a divot

There are tons of ways to swing a golf club and none of them are wrong. However, you will be more consistent with your ball striking if you can take a divot. Without taking a divot your swing is most likely too flat which will bring skulls and thin shots into play. Focus on bringing […]


Yes, the Tour average is 3 to 5 degrees down with irons which means the club is traveling down and takes a divot. There have been a few great players that sweep it more, so much depends on the individual skill level.

To divot or not to divot that is the question....

Yes, with your wedge….No with your 1 iron….

Most players do - but it’s okay if you don’t.

If you watch all the best players on the international tours, most take a divot when hitting a full swing, short iron. I believe this is because the angle of attack is slightly steeper than that of a long iron or fairway metal. This ensures ball first contact, which creates spin. Many of my students […]

Divot or No Divot? It Depends!!

It is definitely true that most of the great iron players took a divot after they struck their golf ball. That being said the many of the greatest ball strikers of all time took shallow divots or no divot unless the shot required them to do so. There are so many different lies that the […]

It depends!

It depends is a common answer I give to my students often in response to many questions. The old school answer is yes you should take a divot with irons just like a dollar bill shape. But it depends on many factors if you should take a divot with irons. 1) what turf do you […]

An emphatic yes!!

Yes and yes. The low point of a proper swing is 4+ inches in front of the ball. We want ball first contact on all shots from the ground. I learned from Tom Kite that it was desirable to take a small divot with a fairway wood, now a fairway metal. We use the ground […]


Divots are good BUT–they need to be in front of the ball and they don’t need to be deep gouges. Depending on the turf most PGA and LPGA Tour players take divots that are like 2″ wide 4″ long scalps. The divots starts at about 1/2″ in front of the ball. Most mid to high […]

Don’t Try to Make a Divot, Let it Happen

Any ball that is on the ground must be compressed to get it airborne. With your irons and wedges you should definitely see some turf move when hitting a shot. That being said, does it need to be a chunk of turf or a brush of the turf? Either can work but I prefer to […]


Yes ! You should take a small divot with your irons ! It helps put backspin on the ball, and improves trajectory !

Iron play and divots

Okay, so there are many great players who have a shallow angle of attack and don’t take much of a divot. But, a slight angle of attack with some shaft lean will give your max compression, distance and spin on iron shots. In my opinion, it would be beneficial to be multiple. When you play […]


Go to a tour event sometime and take a look at the perfect divots of tour pros. A divot is evidence of a solidly struck golf shot. The more in to out (drawer) of the ball the less the divot. The more you play a cut generally the more divot you will take. Optimum Trackman […]

Divots: What? Me Worry?

The question at hand is interesting, because the answer depends. Rule #1: Ball flight doesn’t lie. If you are happy with your ball flight, whether you take a divot is irrelevant. Some of golf’s best rarely take a divot. Others take half an acre of sod with them. Rule #2: If you are having contact […]

To divot or not to divot

Taking a divot is not essential to a good golf shot. Hitting the ball in the center of the face with a square face is important, and if you take a little turf or not isn’t important. There have been great ball strikers who took big divots and others who didn’t take any. However, an […]

Hitting sweet spot.

The club head must be descending in order to contact the club face center/sweet spot therefore making ground contact a part of the event. No ground contact, no club face center contact.

Golf is for Fun!!!!

Here are a few that I use frequently in my instructional sessions, especially in group classes. It is likely I’ve heard them somewhere in the past, but some I came up with in the moment to help a student. Bob Toski had some great ones to help instruct and entertain his students. “The game of […]

sayings on golf course

Let the Big Dog Eat. Mr. Scholarship Winner

I like my students to be right down the middle!

When a student is lined up too far left of target I ask them if they watch CNN. Too far right ask them if they watch Fox News I like my students to be right down the middle!

See it, feel it, do it!

“Lock it and rock it” for putting “Get the flip out!” For chipping “What you see is not what you feel And what you feel may not be real” To those watching video of their swings maybe for the first time? “Swing hard as you can (in the confines of balance) in case you hit […]

Grip it and Rip it!

We all get into our heads too much, regardless if its on the practice range or the golf course. I used to fall victim to overthinking while standing over the ball and the outcome was usually not what I intended. So I started saying a simple phrase to myself after I take my practice swing […]

Favorite golfer sayings

A few of my favorite golfer sayings are: “I’m hitting it farther than most people go on vacation” “That ball landed on the green like a butterfly with sore feet” “Your swing is so smooth it’s like liquid” When a golfer in your group says on the green, “Good roll”, the best reply I’ve ever […]

Drives for show putts for eagles...

These are the smartass versions… Drives for show putts for eagles… It might be crooked but it’s short Maybe if you took the head cover off. You know you are short off the tee when you can hear your drive land. I think you are standing too close to your ball…After you tee off!

You're Still Away

“You’re Still Away”. Nothing quite sums up one players’ joy versus the frustration of the opponent, and it’s widely accepted!

Golf on a windy day

When it’s breezy, swing easy!

Shorter hitters

“Never belittle a ball in the middle”

Golf Sayings

Trees are 90% air! You are standing too close to your ball…after you hit it!

Lesson are not to take the place of practice...

Harvey Pinick : “Lessons are not to take the place for practice”…..Drive for show, Putt for dough: You need to do both!!!


Stand on the big Ball – Hit the Little ball (balance ) Golf is the easiest game ever invented – Its only hard if you want to be good Swing easy and enjoy the extra distance! The club weighs less then a pound – you weigh (???)- think of the club as a Feather not […]

Favorite sayings

“Swing hard in case you hit it! Swing easy when it is breezy

Golf Quips

USGA U Suck Go Again after a poor shot “Take the putter cover off” after someone leaves a putt short “Swing over a pickett fence” Don’t let your lower body move in toward the ball on the downswing “Ring the bell” Your hands should drop straight down at the top of your back swing


I believe Jack Nicklaus once said… “I have never missed a putt in my life… they just didn’t all go in” I think it is a great quote to describe the importance of commitment to the shot and self respect.

My go to…

Practice is for practice, warm-up is just that – so my saying on tournament day after hitting a few to get loose: “If I didn’t bring it, I’m not going to find it now!”

Who Said That?

When you and your golf partners have a light hearted sense of humor, you will play better golf, for sure! I love it when you hit a good shot and someone says, “you got all o’dat one!” Or when you hit a fat one and you hear, “LAY SOD!!!” How about when you get a […]

Hold it tight ball goes right!

Students often hold the club wayyyyyy too tight. This could be due to old, slick grips, a poor grip, not changing your grips regularly. If you hold it tight you inhibit rotation of the face on the downswing.

The Most Used Club in Your Bag!

As a golf pro I have many people ask me what driver they should get, when they should be asking about what putter they should get. It’s really a math question, how many strokes did you take using your putter vs. all your other clubs? Look at this example; On a par 72 golf course […]

Finding a new putter

Finding the perfect putter is a very personal choice a golfer can make. You have to like what you’re looking down at to putt well. There are so many different shapes, lengths, grip sizes out there. I suggest getting fit for proper length, grip size comfortable to your taste. Next, what does your stroke look […]

Putter Fitting: Art & Science

Finding the best putter for your game is part art and part science. The best putter should help you improve your performance on the green- that is in speed control, start line consistency, and alignment. Unfortunately, many players use a putter which hurts them in these skill areas. A good fitting is one where you […]

The putter finds you

When I am in the market for a new putter I look around in proshops after checking in to play or for what ever reason I’m there. When I see a putter I might like I pick it up set it down and if it looks like I like it and feels like I can […]

Length, loft, and look.

Find the putter length that allows you to have your eyes over the ball and also the arms to hang freely (with minimal elbow bend), If correct also lines up theforearms with the shaft Experiment with changing loft if the boll is not rolling smoothly ( bouncing) off the clubface. Finally pick a head shape […]

Three steps to finding the right putter

Becoming a better putter takes a shift in “focus”. Better equipment and practice plan over a couple of months will help. First is your equipment. So make sure the putter is fit. Putters that are too long cause big angles in the elbows and putters that are too short make the arms to straight and […]

It's not the arrow, it's the Indian...

Putters are bought not sold…Eye appeal and feel are very important factors…However, if your stroke faulty, then it really doesn’t matter, Scotty Cameron vs. Miniture putting putter!

It aint the Arrow, its the i (oops, Golfer)

The bottom line to putting well is good fundamentals, solid setup, feel, and PRACTICE. I have a rock taped to a stick that I use to beat the bejeebers out of the guys that come out with the new super-duper, space-age, titanium, graphite composite, Bumble Bee, triple wing, computerized and laser-guided implements, thinking that their […]

Whatever Style Works Best

Putting is such an individual part of the game with so many styles that if something works just ride it until it doesn’t! That being said in general if you are pulling your putts a face balanced version might be best for you. If you tend to block your putts get a putter with toe […]

Putter Fitting

The best possible thing to do when finding a new putter is to get a putter fitting from a qualified professional with the right knowledge and tools to find the best putter for your game. There are so many variables that can effect putter performance. The correct length and lie are important to get your […]

Get Fit For Your Flatstick

The best way to find the right putter is to consult your local PGA golf professional. Get fit! Nowadays, there are very sophisticated pieces of technology, such as Sam PuttLab, that your professional can use to fit you. Fitting your stroke with the proper length, lie angle and loft is vital. A certified PGA club […]

Looks come first

It’s always important when dealing with putters to find something that appeals to you visually. From there matching stroke to the arc of the putt. Putter technology has come a long ways and it’s silly to not take advantage.

Looks, Feel and Aim

There are several factors to finding the right putter but the most important are: Find one you can aim and one that you like the looks and feel of. Others and still important are, the right length to fit your posture and a comfortable grip. Your stroke type and typical miss will also dictate whether […]

Putters: Which one is right for you?

For an average golfer, putting strokes result in 70% of all shots located on the scorecard. You use your putter on every hole, so how do we go about finding the right one for you? First, let’s examine length. The length of the putter is very important. When you set up to a putt, you […]

Perfect putter

Putting styles and putters are ever evolving there are so many choices of putters and so many styles no one putter or style for all. Now you can try different models before buying. The bigger headed putters, called mallet heads are in vogue because they have larger aiming lines for better putter head aim also […]

Feel the putter Find the right grip

The best way to find a new putter is to go to your local golf store or Pro Shop that has a variety of putters. Using your favorite golf balls. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the one that “Feels “ the best take it out for a test drive on your favorite course. Putters […]

Putting stroke and Right Putter

So what is the RIGHT Putter for me??? Over the 10 years the Mallet Style has grow the most in the golf Industry. So much so that about 75 to 80 percent of Tour Players us them. Putter to me are a personal thing, for example my wife and I use SeeMore Putters but she […]

Swaying happens in an Earthquake Not Golf

Swaying is when our Back Knee/ Hip move Lateral. So What can we do to remedy this??? Here are 3 options that may help our readership: 1st place a 6 irons against your back leg if done Correctly the club will turn behind you and fall toward the Ground. If not it could ride up […]

Sway good or bad?

If a golfer sways, it’s a definite power loss. When the sway occurs, the golfers posture, spine angle, and height changes causing the swing path to change causing an errant shot. See The Remedy 4 Golf for a training aid that helps eliminate the sway.

Better to Stay Home than Sway

When a golfer addresses the ball, arms extended, they’re identifying the bottom of their swing arc. If a backswing includes excessive lateral movement back, it changes the bottom of that swing arc. The player would then need to “time up” the lateral movement back to the ball, with the arm swing, and the body rotation. […]

If it works...Don't fix it!!!

It’s all about ball flight…Sway, turn away or whatever, this may be the most comfortable movement for the student…

Say "nay" to sway!

Moving laterally off of the ball, or “swaying” can be a real killer to an efficient move. As weight moves outside of the back foot, it makes it nearly impossible to get back to the ball, without throwing one’s hands and arms at the ball. This has a negative effect on the shape of the […]

Utilize Sway Correctly to Create Efficiency

The term “sway” in a golf swing can carry a lot of meaning, both good and bad. First, to define sway, we are normally speaking about lateral shift of the body in the backswing (only). To take it a step further, we generally assess “sway” in two body segments: the pelvis (lower body) and the […]

NOT A good habit

I believe that Swaying During the backswing is a very bad habit! Though lateral pressure to the right side during the backswing and then forward during transition can be a great source of power and is very important for sequencing, a lot of people overdo this into a fault. A very slight lateral motion; then […]

Difference between swaying and lateral motion.

Swaying is when the heat moves laterally in the weight ships to the outside of the trail foot. This is a flawed pivot. Lateral motion is when the upper body moves back on the backswing but can be achieved without swaying. This is of benefit when loading up the driver swing and also for taking […]

Load Right Unload Left for Proper Contact

When we talk about the best golf swings in the world there is a loading of weight on the backswing and then a shift or unload into finish. No great player is flat footed in their finish position. That being said, there is very little head movement until impact in the best golf swings. I […]

Swaying is a killer

When golfer sway and move laterally it stops rotational movement and makes it extremely difficult to finish the golf swing. Often times swaying will lead to swings with lots of hand and arm movement to try and make up for the loss in swing speed due to lack of rotation. If the body won’t allow […]

To sway or not to sway

The history of golf certainly has shown and continues to show that there are many ways to swing. Nowhere is that more true than in the backswing. It seems to me that many instructors today are very against lateral motion in the backswing. I’m not sure why because most of the players in the hall […]

You Must Coil On Your Backswing

The topic of sway has been a hot button topic for decades. I have observed an entire industry misunderstand Jimmy Ballard. He has been labeled as a sway teacher. The truth is that in any good golf swing there must be a Coil Behind the ball in the backswing. If you look at all the […]

Don't Sacrifice Balance

A little lateral motion in one’s backswing is not an issue unless balance is compromised. If the weight moves to the outside of the trail side (right for righties) foot, the only way to transfer the weight back to the left side for the down swing is with the upper body getting involved. That alters […]

Sway vs. Pressure Shift

I do not like the word sway as it relates to the golf swing. I think in general “sway” has a negative connotation and I’d prefer not to do it. There are a variety of shots in golf with a variety of optimal body motions. In general, the shorter the shot and swing, the less […]

Stay Centered

There are several keys to NOT SWAYING! First pre-swing–be sure to not get too wide of a stance. We all have heard shoulder width–but your feet are not attached to your shoulders–they are attached to your hips. Your stance should never get much wider than hip width with a driver and less with the irons. […]

Sway can get someone out of balance

At the top of the backswing a player’s weight should be loaded up on the inside of the right foot. If it is on the outside of the right foot, that is termed sway, and that can lead to topped and chunky shots. As the backswing proceeds a player should turn, feeling weight on the […]

Finding Mr. or Ms. Right

Just like doctors clients should do there research on line. Then ask friends who they have taken lessons from. Go watch someone teach in person. Ask for the instructor to call you back to answer your questions and see if they have an email to ask questions. What are his or her teaching approach??

The nature of learning

Someone who understands the nature of learning.

How to find a Golf Pro

When choosing a golf instructor consider if their style and personality fits yours. To find a golf instructor I recommend asking your friends if they had somebody they thought was good, look up pros in your area online and study how they teach, try to contact them by phone or email to discuss how they […]


There has to be a connection between the PGA Professional and their student. There’s nothing proprietary about what we teach. However, we all presented in a different manner. Finding an instructor that presents the material in a way you understand it is crucial to having success in learning this great sport. I always encourage my […]

How To Find The Right Teacher For You

I have taken more lessons than most people. I always did my research prior to taking a lesson. I always wanted to know the instructors teaching philosophy and who they have taught. The most important thing for me was observing the instructor and listening/watching how they communicated information. You should be able to relate/build a […]

Find the best golf instructor for you!

It is important that when you choose the best golf instructor for yourself you get to know the person. Make sure they match your personality and have common goals for your game. When new students come to see me the first lesson is about getting to know their “language”. Which side is their dominate side, […]

Do Some Research

You need to do some research. The best way is word of mouth from other golfers that you know and feel confident about their feedback. Once you settle on someone plan on an hour for the first lesson–the instructor should interview you about your background, sports played, physical issues, your goals for your game, etc. […]

Choose the right Swing Doctor

Choosing your golf instructor is almost like choosing your doctor! You need to do some research, you need to be aware of their teaching philosophies and methods. It is a great idea to find an instructor that teaches full-time. In other words, they only teach golf and have no other responsibilities at the facility. Often […]

Word of mouth

Three things that I would look for are basic swing knowledge, experience in teaching, and communication skills. The last one may be the most important of all assuming a sound knowledge of the first two. In my experience word of mouth and referrals have provided me with more students than any advertising videos marketing gimmicks, […] is the way to go!!!

When looking for an instructor comfort is the key. Typically male vs female is one of the biggest factors. With the PGA of America launching finding an instructor has never been easier.

3 things to know before taking a lesson

When looking for an instructor you need to know 3 things. Your budget for lessons is number 1. At my facility we have instructors charging from $100-175 per hour with discounts for purchases of series of 3 hours or more. You may be looking for group instruction which is much cheaper. Second on the list […]

Interview them!

When you were in school, what classes did you get good grades in? Not just the subject, but probably because you liked the teacher. First, you can search for reviews. Then through a phone conversation, email, or in person, ask questions. Such as; What is your teaching philosophy? What type of learner are you? Analytical […]

It’s a big decision get it right

Choosing the right golf coach is a really big decision. If I were doing it I would begin my search with finding a coach who continues his/her education with certifications. Being a “good player” has little or nothing to do with it. Finding a coach who is certified in plane truth, stack and tilt, A […]

Finding an instructor

One important aspect to consider when choosing a golf instructor is what your goals are or what the state of your game is. Golf instructors have grown in numbers over the last twenty years, and many specialize in different areas of the game. Beginner golfers can benefit from most all PGA professionals. On the other […]

PGA all the way.........

Make very sure they are a PGA member…No exception!!!

Choosing an instructor

The truth is that the answer is simple: trial and error. You need to find a quality teacher whose teaching style connects with your learning capabilities. But don’t expect any teacher to improve your game by ten shots, because that is not their job–it’s yours! Their job is to analyze your game, determine what tools […]

Find Experience and PGA Certified

There are so many great golf instructors in our world but finding the right one can be tough. Word of mouth from someone that has taken lessons from a person you are interested in would be great but here are my two keys. First of all, how long has the person taught golf and do […]

Find one who can beat you!

When I was young learning to play I was lucky to have a fantastic instructor. He taught me solid fundamentals and on course instruction to become my own best coach. I was referred to him by the best players from my area. I suggest you ask the better players in your area who to work […]

Do Your Homework

Instructors like students who are committed to the process, because improving at golf is not often “take one lesson” type of situation. Often instructors like to see a student three or five times over the course of several months to continue to build and refine. So, it’s important to do your homework when choosing an […]

Pick a PGA Pro

Choose your golf instructor based on your geographic location. Always select a certified PGA Professional. A pro who is close to home will be convenient for you to visit regularly. And, that’s what it takes for you to successfully improve your golf game! See your teacher once a week!

Getting along

Find someone that you can connect with. Find out if they are more technical or feel based and decide which is best for your mindset

Face the Target!

I work on determining what my student’s follow through and finish position are first. I want them to practice getting to that position on balance without hitting shots to get used to it. I really think this is so important because if they do not get to the proper position after impact on balance, then […]

Direction and Distance with fitted clubs

I have many students who say I’m not good enough for fitted clubs and I tell them they’re not good enough NOT to have fitted clubs!! Tiger might be able to slap it around the course with any type club but you are not at that skill level! Your irons striking the ground correctly, the […]

A better swing

The main benefit of properly fit clubs is they CAN help you make a better golf swing. Of course they are not magic wands, as some advertisers would have you believe, but they can help you to avoid certain swing flaws. Let’s take “shaft flex” as an example. Golfers using shafts too stiff for their […]

Benefits of being properly fit

The short answer here is that the fitter has things that he or she can do to improve ball flight without changing your swing. Now I am not saying that a fitting is more Important than instruction it’s not but the fitting and instruction should go together seamlessly. In a perfect world your teacher should […]

Your suit is fitted...Why not your clubs...

Club fitting is very important…In the summer of 1964 I was given a set of clubs as my first try with golf…It would have been nice to seek out a PGA member who could have flatted the iron lie and trimmed a 1/2 inch off the woods…I was blind…Now I can see, however, it’s too […]

Be Like Bob

The importance of being fit for clubs cannot be overstated. In my time as a player, and now in the business, I feel I can speak freely and say every one of us would benefit from clubs that are properly fit to our swing. That said, there are varying levels of fit for varying players. […]

Your clubs should be yours!

Fitting is an extremely important and much overlooked aspect of our game. Every serious player should be fit for clubs without question. There really isn’t a good argument against it. Playing clubs that aren’t fit for you can only hurt your ability to hit consistently good shots.


It’s debatable what the fundamentals are but I believe that there are four: alignment, posture, balance and rhythm. The other variables for any particular player then must match up to form a swing that strikes the ball well and consistently.

Fit or Custom??

Getting fit for clubs is important. Proper length, weight, flex and lie angle are variables in club-fitting that can make a club set proper at impact and be more comfortable for the player to swing their best. Head style and intangibles may help the ball fly better and make the game more enjoyable. Be careful […]

Clubs should fit like shoes

There is no one shoe size fits all and no two swings are the same so clubs should fit the individual golfer. Drivers, fairway metals, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters all can be individually fitted to match the technique and skills the player has also helping greatly with performance . I have my own club […]

New Clubs and Fitted For The Right stuff

When some of us started playing Golf we would walk into Caldors, Ramsey Outdoor or some type of sporting goods store and bought golf clubs off the rack. The problem was if you where to tall or short there was a problem. With proper club fitting we can find out the right Grip size, the […]

Play What The Tour Pros Play

My advice for everyone who wants to play their best golf, is to take lessons from a PGA Golf Professional and to get fit for brand new golf equipment. If you’re just starting out, old clubs that don’t fit you are not going to help you. If you are a seasoned player, and your clubs […]

Custom Fitting to Improve Your Game

For many years, custom club fitting was not available for most golfers at an affordable price. Long wait times, extra add on costs, etc. were the norm. Now all the major brands offer custom fitting options for all golfers. There is a good selection of no upcharge shaft and grips in addition to the many […]

The club moves through the ball...Not at the ball...

We see all different swings…They have one thing in common=they swing through the ball not at the ball…

The Foundations of a Golf Swing

Whenever I meet a student for the first time, I put them through a swing assessment test. This test includes a handful of swings made with a 9-iron, 7-iron and 5 iron/hybrid. This allows me to get a better understanding of how the player swings the club throughout the bag. Some players have the same […]

Fundamentals and Swing Keys

Not just YES but absolutely YES! First being solid fundamentals–the grip is first as it’s the only connection to the club and controls the club face. I like the V’s in both hands for a right hand player to point to the middle of their right collar bone. Next is posture–you won’t see ANY tour […]

Core elements of a golf swing, especially for a beginner

There are three basic movement patterns that must happen to be able to hit a full swing shot in the air. 1) ”Shoulder tilt” (spine angle) 2) ”Reaching “L”” (extension) 3) “Show Some Shoe” (rotation/at. transfer) Using certain word phrases instills a great picture in a persons mind to be able to make their body […]

Core Components of Solid Ball Striking

The golf ball does not care about anything but the moment of impact. It has no opinion on the grip or any movement in the swing prior to impact. Great ball strikers all have core elements in common: they consistently achieve five factors at impact in relation to the intended target line. There are 5 […]

Rhythm and Balance

With so many great players having a wide variety of style and technique, the one thing I find among all these players is great rhythm and balance. This leads to consistency, which makes it much easier to find your golf ball. For example, Jim Furyk has a unique swing, but he is a tremendous ball […]

Common core elements of good golf swings

I always tell students “the golf ball doesn’t care what your swing looks like.” This is why you see SO many different looking backswings on the professional level. If you slow the video down, and watch from when the club is about hip high in the downswing, all the way through impact, you’re going to […]

Idiosyncrasies champion

They call me idiosyncrasies champion because because I love players who come in front of me with unusual styles that are are very efficient and keep working despite going against the norm I see 2000 people a day on our range no two swings look the same, similar but not the same. I love people […]

Commonalities and Windows

There are a lot of differences in the swings of the best players and few commonalities. By considering ranges, however, the commonalities will increase in number. By considering these ranges, in addition to the commonalities that exist within patterns, you can start to consider the whole.

Core Elements

Controlling the Face, knowing where the golf ball is going. Swing Direction most golfers swing over the top. Lastly, Impact Most golfers hit a couple inches behind the golf ball.

Posture, Grip, Alignment!

There are 3 core elements of all golf swings should have. Those are, Posture, Grip, Alignment! Very simple to remember PGA!

Throw the Bag

Most golfers have a hard time finishing their swing because they’re too worried about hitting the ball and not concerned about getting through the ball. Teach your body first, your swing second, what a full turn is all about. The “throw the Bag” drill is a simple way to teach your body first. Hope you […]

Help! How do I work on my followthrough?

The answer is 2-piece. 1) understand the mindset it takes to properly follow through. Many people have incorrect thoughts in their heads in the downswing, and fixing that can many times take care of it. 2) You know I always have drills for you! Check out the video to learn more!

Finish The Swing

In my opinion- the follow through isn’t really a move- it is just the dissipation of energy. The main thing to be aware of is that you get at least 80 percent of your weight on the front foot. So a simple drill is to tap your back foot when you finish. Remember hitting the […]

Stick the finish

Like Gymnasts who get deductions for not sticking the finish so should golfers. I call it your destination a place to end. Stick the finish! I had much success teaching with starting golfers to begin in the finish. Place them in a perfect finish then go back and return to the perfect finish. This taught […]

Hold that finish...

Hold your finish for 3 seconds that will help complete your follow through…

Purpose of Follow Thru

The follow thru is the result of the direction of forces created during the golf swing. A player needs a predetermined finish position to help control trajectory and distance. A slower swing speed creates a shorter follow thru. Verticality of follow thru position helps control the shots trajectory. Select desired position for shot. Rehearse your […]

Recoil to fully complete follow through

Many golfers try to hold their finish in the follow through to achieve a completed swing, I did the same as a young golfer. But, as I’ve learned more about the swing and the management of your momentum, I feel that there is a recoil after you reach full follow through. This allows the momentum […]

Nailing your follow through!

The follow through should always be a reaction to the momentum of your swing and how much resistance at impact there is. You won’t follow through the same from deep rough as you will from the fairway or the tee. Assuming you are playing a normal shot, you want your weight on your left foot, […]

Follow Through is forgotten sometimes

Working on your follow through can help with balance, tempo and timing. Here is a great drill to help bring it all together. First, simply start in your follow through position. Nice and balanced, fully rotated and club resting on your lead shoulder. Next swing back to the top of the backswing and then back […]

Own the bump and run!

I cannot overstate how important it is to have a go-to chip-and – run shot for players of all levels. New players would likely shoot scores of 5 to 10 shots lower if you took that wedge out of their hands until they learn how to use it, and have the confidence and the experience […]

It's all about timing and balance, get LEFT!!!

This one is real simple. Get onto your left side at impact, ( forward foot, right side for lefties), and the club will follow with a descending strike! If the sequence and timing are such, that the player is leading with a weight shift, or a lower-body move toward the target, the path of the […]

Know your Student

The biggest problem I see is watching someone teaching an amateur (or amateur watching videos) like they are a skilled player or professional. Keep it simple, use fundamentals and techniques that they can manage and repeat and adapt your teaching to the students’ strengths and weaknesses. Contact, attack angle, path and face angle!! Teach them […]

Little Ball First, Big Ball Second!!

Having a descending blow in the ball requires the target side wrist to be flat or slightly bowed. But to simplify things, have the golfer concern themselves more with hitting the golf ball first (with a square clubface) and then the grass/ground after. The low point of the swing arc therefore is 3-5 inches on […]


I read greens a little differently, especially from mid-long range putts. I read the putt backwards from the hole. By seeing where a putt from the direction of my ball will need to enter the hole, I can then look out to the area or line that I will need to start my putt for […]

Is $$$ Ball Worth it?

Golf balls have changed so much over the last 20-40 years. Today’s premium golf ball is expected to perform at every level and for every shot a skilled golfer might want. Low spin on tee ball, high spin on irons and wedges and feel around the greens. For the average golfer however, the premium ball […]

Ball Type

I think beginners and higher handicap players should use the “soft feel” distance type balls. They are usually made of a 2 piece construction, are higher launching and lower spinning than most Tour balls. Additionally they are much more affordable than Tour balls. My biggest suggestion is to zero in on one or two types […]


Keep it simple, play the Titleist ProV1. Or play the Titleist ProV1x. It is the best golf ball in the industry, for every player. Yes, it is expensive, but since you want the best for your game, you certainly are willing to pay the price. It is long off the tee, it performs best when […]

Pick a ball for green side feel

Titleist took every ball they make from a Pinnacle to a ProV1 and only found about 5 yards of distance between all of them off their Iron Byron hitting machine. Point being a ball will not give you distance!! Pick a ball that works for you around the green, how’s it feel off the putter, […]


There is a big difference in golf balls. It is not likely however that the different types will matter to the new or occasional player. I advise my new and middle/higher handicap players to look for the best price until their skill set warrants the use of better golf balls.

Which golf ball is best?

For a beginner and high handicapper THE CHEAPEST! (But don’t swipe the range balls please!) For 7-15 handicaps I think balls that are less than premium pricing is still best but I would recommend deciding on one ball and playing it all year as each ball sounds and feels and spins differently and therefore you […]

Spin a Factor

All premium balls are as long as legally possible; many of the second level balls are also. However, almost all have different spin rates.Choose the one that assists your short game. If you have trouble stopping the ball choose the one that has the most spin on pitch and chip shots. Choose one that spins […]

Pick One Ball and Stick With It

Just about every golf ball on the market is decent enough for any golfer to get results with. The biggest issue has to do with the short game, and switching balls mid round. A simple “bounce” test off a smooth concrete surface will show that for a given, equal impact, there can be as much […]

One ball for life......

One wife, pet, house, car, jewelry, clubs and ball!

Does my golf ball matter?

“I just play the golf balls I find on the course” is one of the most frustrating comments I hear from students. Mygolfspy has proven that the golf ball matters big time… to the extent of a difference of somewhere around 25+ yards between the longest ball to the shortest ball. But that’s not the […]

The Right Golf Ball

At Golf Galaxy we ask our clients what golf ball they use when doing a fitting. All golf ball fittings are done with a Putter first, then wedges, to mid irons, then the Driver. When we watch a commercial for Titleist they start at the Greens on a golf course. If you want to stop […]

Finding the right golf ball for your game

Three things to consider when choosing your golf ball. 1) Course conditions- if you play a course with firm greens, and you hit it low, better get a ball that spins 2) Course layout- if you play a course with a lot of out of bounds and hazards and you spray the ball better play […]


I think a persons golf ball choice goes hand in hand with What is their individual goal! Meaning ! Do they just want to hit the ball farther, or do they want to score better or do they just want the ball to feel softer, etc. I think that most players probably do not play […]

It depends

When you first begin it doesn’t matter if you use different golf balls. As you become more serious and want to get better, I would recommend using the same type of golf ball. I would suggest this because golf balls feel, launch, and spin differently. Using different golf balls means constantly adjusting to the firmness […]

Chose your landing area

My idea of the bump and run is when you can’t land it on the green and stop it by the hole because there is not enough green to work with or it is too much downhill so that the ball is rolling too fast. So you land short of the green and let it […]

Bump & Run? When should I use it? What's the best technique?

The bump & run is one of the most fundamental shots in golf. Golfers of ALL skill levels should be proficient at this shot. To learn more about when to use it, and also learn the best technique for YOU, watch the video now!

Left, left, and left.... let's get the ball rolling!!!

Most players should remember the phrase, “less air-time is better”… When the shot has room to roll to the hole, most players should use the bump and run shot. Primary reason, this has a much greater “margin for error” for the vast majority of players! If you’re a right-handed player, just use the left, left, […]


The Bump and Run is a shot that can be used for great approach shots to the green. Experiment with various clubs and practice many shots to find the right groove. The Bump and Run is typically a chip shot… low trajectory with more roll. The idea is to get the ball on the green […]

Bump and run

Generally when playing a bump and run you need to make sure you have a clean opening to the green and usually it’s best when coming from a clean fairway lie or very light rough. I suggest playing it off of your back foot with a 7,8 or 9 iron and lean more weight on […]

3 keys for bump-n-run

A few keys to perfecting the bump-n-run. 1) Use a 8iron and small stance 2) swing hip high to hip high with firm wrists 3) visualize the landing area and hit the shot with “hook spin”

Bump & Run

If you want to gain control of your golf ball around the greens, I highly recommend learning the “Bump & Run” shot. The club choice should be one with low loft ( 4 hybrid, 7 iron etc). We’re looking to “bump” the golf ball into a landing spot before the green and allow the ball […]

Is it best to bump and run ? Depends...

While I do believe it is usually best to get the ball on the ground as soon as possible there are several factors to consider. I’m in Missouri most of our courses have zoysia green surrounds. This makes it very unpredictable to hit a bump and run shot. So most competent players use a lofted […]

Keep it simple

The key to hitting a simple shot like a bump and run, keep it simple. Use a small swing and keep the club low to the ground. Experiment with lots of different clubs and see what you are most comfortable with and what produces the best results.

It's All About The Lie

When teaching the short game, I am frequently asked what type of shot a student should be playing and my reply is simple. It’s all about the lie. If the lie is good, a golfer can play a variety of shots (hopefully one that they have practiced). If the lie is poor, then most of […]

Use your imagination!

So many players choose that “favorite” club that they almost always use to chip. I feel if they use a little imagination visualizing what they want to do, it will help them choose the right club. First, is there any obstacle between you and the hole? If there is just green, you have many options. […]

The Short Way by Paul Runyan

Run the ball whenever possible. Use putting stroke with any iron. Old school but very forgiving. Read book for details. My instructor in 1976.

Get it Rolling!

The short answer – as many of my fixes are – get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Here’s my theory: a ball rolling on the green is more predictable than one that flies to the hole with spin. Look to bump the ball so it lands 3 feet on and rolls to the […]

Less Loft for Better Result

Most golfers reach for the sand wedge when reaching the green no matter the position of the shot. Sometimes loft is needed but if you just need to roll or bump the ball forward use less loft like a 9 iron or less. Use your putting grip, lean the shaft forward slightly and make the […]

Keep it LOW

I think most players, unless they are highly skilled would be much better off with the Bump and Run. I’ve got two rules of thumb on my short game outline I give folks. 1. Putt if you can, if you can’t putt chip (bump and run) if you can’t chip pitch (as a last resort) […]

Bump and run when you have firm conditions...

Bump and run is famous in the British Isles…Not here…However, with firm conditions on the course it is a good shot to hit…The best way to improve is try the following 9, 8 or 7 iron and see which one performs the best for the course conditions you are experiencing…

Get it on the Ground! (as soon as possible)

When deciding what shot to play around the green, use the guideline that you want to get the ball on the ground as soon as conditions will let you. Why? Frankly there are a number of reasons, but the main one has to do with the fact that if bring the ball in with height, […]

Bump & Run, Gets it Done!

Green side chip shots are made easy when you maximize ground-time and minimize-air time! The bump and run shot is a great “go-to“ shot, around the green, more times than not! Play the ball in the back of your stance, lean the golf shaft forward, use a lower lofted club (like a 9-iron or even […]

Landing zone and Ratios

I think majority of golfers should use the bump and run shot anytime they are around the green and the ball is sitting in the shorter grass(fairway, fringe). I think it’s also important that the golfer understands the ratio of “airtime to roll “ depending on club choice. This will make it easier for golfers […]

Firm wristed chips are a must or your game is a bust!

Having a stock firm-wristed chip shot is an essential for anybody that plays the game! In fact I would say short game skill is directly related to a lower handicap. In other words, the better player fully understands the need to putt any time putting is possible, chip if putting is not possible and pitch […]

Bump and Run to Make the Shot

The bump and run chip shot should be your “go to” shot when you’re around the green and can’t putt the ball. And it is a very make-able shot if you set up correctly and pick a landing area that allows the ball to release to the hole. Check out this video from 2019 where […]

Stretching - Rotational Stretches and T-Spine Stretches

One of the best ways to improve rotation in the golf swing is to actually stretch those muscles used during the swing. A great way to do that is to use the Golf Stretching Pole. I’ve been using this device since 2005 and it’s a great way to simulate the turn you make in your […]

I usually recommend a smaller swing with a lower lofted club

It is often times a better option to bump and run if you are on the collar about 10 or 12 yards away from the edge of the green and you need to hit it into the hillside to take the forward roll away. With this shot I usually recommend a smaller swing with a […]

Cross Arm Drill

A lot of players think as they get older that they can’t turn and some are right–however most find with this simple test that they can turn farther than they thought. Standing straight up lay a club across the chest at the shoulders and turn the right shoulder (backswing turn for a right handed player) […]

Drills for Rotation

This is one of my favorite topics! Rotation is one of the most basic fundamentals in the game of golf, and I find myself working on it with the vast majority of my students. Enough talk… check out the drills in the video here that are sure to have you rotating back and through better […]


Turn away like someone is calling you from the back (stolen from Harvey Penick) …Slide back into the address position…And twist for the finish, hold that position to show you completed your swing…A good rotation will produce a good finish!

Don't Sacrifice Footwork to Gain Rotation

Rotation is dependent upon flexibility, posture (a curved spine, or “C” shape posture over the ball, won’t turn as well), and good footwork. If you’ve lost rotation (I have, due to aging), and you’re working on gaining some back, GREAT! But, a word of caution: many times, to increase turn, a player will lose control […]

Learn to Throw

A golf swing is no different than throwing a ball. Rotation and transfer of your weight from your back foot to your forward foot is what make the ball go. And it works for the golf swing too. Within this video I published 3 years ago, I use an impact bag as a weighted ball, […]

Rotation-It's what everybody wants!

Having players swing with their feet together is a great way to limit sway and instead enhance rotation. Players can also drop their back foot back(severely closing their stance/feet line) to feel extra rotation.

Develop Your Pivot By Tossing A Medicine Ball

Students always ask for a good drill or feel for developing a proper pivot in their golf swing. I show them an image while standing in front of a mirror with a basket of balls or medicine ball of what a proper pivot looks like. This requires a person to stand very athletic with their […]

It's your turn for success

On the backswing do what Harvey Pennick said turn to look at the person on the range behind you while staying in your posture. On the downswing after your weight pressure gets to your target side foot have your bellybutton facing the target.

It’s Great to Rotate

An athletic golf swing needs rotation. But it’s important also to understand a functional way to turn. First, build a wide base, with a wide stance. Second, as you swing back, start loading as much weight as you can on your back foot. Make sure that you feel your hips turn as you keep your […]

Rotation-Not for Everyone

I am not a huge proponent of rotation for everyone, there are many handicapped golfers and golfers in general that don’t have much rotation in their swings. I think the term rotation should be replaced with separation for those trying to use more lower body. It’s my belief that most of the speed in the […]

Backswing Pivot Sequence for Accuracy and Power

Maintaining your posture in the backswing is key to maximizing power and accuracy. Linking your arms and club in front of your chest allows the club to swing on the correct arc and plane angle. Setting up with arms crossed on chest, bend forward from hips until shoulders are over toes, add some knee flex. […]

Grip Wins The Race

To hit down on the ball, rather than scooping, the grip of the club must pass the ball before the clubhead as you swing through the ball. Think of your swing like a bicycle wheel. Your hands are the hub, the rim is the club path, and the spokes represent the shaft. Where the spokes […]

Avoid hitting on the collapse

Golf Professionals have many ways of instilling fundamentals into their teaching when working with beginners or high handicappers. However, many other players who have carded lower scores but still have the ability to improve fundamentals can benefit from a better understanding of the “Imperatives” as defined by Homer Kelley in the Golfing Machine. I do […]

Get Your Ducks in a Row Early On for Better Strikes

This is a loaded question Backswing! But I’ll do my best to answer. 1) It is correct that a slight downward strike (what we call a negative Angle of Attack in the teaching world) is desirable anytime the golf ball is resting on the ground. This slight downward strike (in the range of 2-4 degrees […]

Weight Shift for Proper Contact

We can talk swing plane, wrist action and many other thoughts on the golf swing to compress or strike the ball with a downward motion but to me it all revolves around proper weight shift. If you weight is shifting toward the target this will provide all the down strike you need in a golf […]

Forget it!

It can’t be done for the average player…Too difficult!

Knuckles down!

In order to get into supinated a RH player should allow their arms to swing freely to the right ( don’t start your downswing with your shoulders or upper torso) while feeling that their left hand knuckles are turning down into the strike compressing the ball which should start slightly to the right of your […]

Forward shaft lean

Quite frankly, there are a number of movements that are related to physics that help us achieve a proper impact position. The first one is lag pressure, which is the natural lagging of the club as you move with weight shift and turn into the downswing. The second is centrifugal force, which helps you release […]

Read greens from afar...

Green reading is feel based IMO as a lot of how a putt will move is directly related to speed. The secret is to start with a solid foundation of the lay of the land. All greens MUST drain – there is always a low spot (or many) where water will move off the green. […]

The grip/hands lead

I really am not a fan of the thought, “hit down on the ball.” The golf ball is struck three different ways depending on the club and ball position. Woods off a tee are hit with an ascending blow and are played near the lead leg heel. Woods and hybrids off the ground are hit […]

Distance Control from Bunkers

Bunkers are (or at least should be) the easiest shot in golf – it’s an intentional mishit. In fact, bunkers are where I make the only guarantee in my teaching. I’ll make you better in 30-minutes or you don’t pay me. So when it comes to distance control in bunkers, I believe you can both […]

Learning how to hit down on the ball... what in the world is supination?

Ok – first let’s define supination. Supination is basically just describing the fact that your lead arm rotates during the swing from a palm down to a palm up position. This is important because hitting down on the ball requires some shaft lean. Shaft lean without a little supination typically means the club face is […]

Drive Your Trailing Hip Up To Hit Down

Students ask me all the time…how do I hit down on the ball and take a divot? I always answer…why are you trying to do that…you will hurt yourself. The truth is that when a person is postured correctly their legs will work correctly. Good posture in golf is similar to curling weights in the […]

Get players to understand where the low point of the swing has to be

I definitely believe there is an easier way to try and do this without having to think so much. I have always believed in trying to get players to understand where the low point of the swing has to be. If the ball is on the ground the turf interaction has to be on the […]

How To Supinate In Lead Hand

I would have a client put a Golf Ball in there lead hand at hip high then go to impact then finish palm up so they can see ball toward finish side.

The Nail Visual

I don’t like to use the term “Hitting Down” on the ball. Other issues could come out of that. I say, hit through the ball with a steeper angle of attack. Many times I can achieve this using a visual of hammering a nail through the ball. Keeping your eye sight slightly ahead of the […]

Tempo is the single most important element in your golf swing!

Tempo should be your primary focus, when you are on the course. When your rhythm is on, you are most likely to play your best golf! In order to train your tempo, I advise that everyone should have the world’s greatest tempo training device, The Orange Whip Trainer! This flexible, weighted swing tool will not […]

Focus on Rhythm and Balance to improve Tempo!

When we watch good golfers, it is easy to notice the beautiful Tempo they demonstrate. How did they get that consistent Tempo? Most skilled golfers have practiced (many, many hours) and been taught how to utilize the synchronization of their body and the club to produce a rhythmic and balanced golf swing. For the average […]

I believe Tempo is important in the golf swing, but it can be a hard thing to quantify.

Tour Professionals tend to have a 3 to 1 ratio of backswing to forward swing. The biggest problem I see from higher handicap players is there ratio is almost 1 to 1, meaning they are trying to swing the club back as fast as the do going forward. Without spending money on a swing speed […]

Tempo is VERY Important and Overlooked

I will preface my answer by saying that I am a “Older Thinker” when it comes to the golf swing, but I think Tempo is absolutely the most important and overlooked thought in the golf swing. It is vitally important to have the proper tempo in the swing to hit consistent shots and find consistent […]

Tempo is key for overall consistency

Any tempo that is too fast or too slow, will eliminate any chance with overall consistency with your golf swing. It’s impossible to consistently get the club in the correct position at impact if your golf swing tempo is out of sync. To help achieve better tempo, I like to use swing trainers such as […]

Rythym and Tempo are everything

The short answer on this is rhythm and tempo are the most important keys in the game once it comes time to pull the trigger and execute any golf shot This includes the often neglected chipping and putting “swings”. This answer assumes the player has built a strong swing and routine of solid fundamentals and […]

Tour Tempo

Easy, use the Tour Tempo app and read the book. With a consistent pre-shot routine and good tempo you will have the proper sequencing of YOUR swing. Consistent and powerfully struck shots will start happening.

Swing the club like you are 90 years old...

Tempo is related I think to your personality…The best drill is trying to practice by swing the club like you 90 years old….Second, get into the habit of watching the LPGA go on UTube and pick out a LPGA player a study their swing and tempo…Lastly, listen to Classical music (waltz tempo)…

Tempo: The Invisible Fundamental

One of my neighbors was a highly regarded formula car mechanic. He worked for several elite racing teams, for drivers whose names I think you would probably recognize. This guy was expert on Lotus engines, and undoubtedly, he could tell you that as great as those machines were, if the timing was off, they would […]

What is swing tempo? How do I practice it? Are there any good training aids?

Swing tempo is basically the pace at which you move the club back and through. This is much different from clubhead speed! Watch the video to figure out how to practice your swing tempo and improve! I’ll also suggest a training aid that’s sure to help!

Tempo is all about finding your MESS

Playing with a player with wonderful tempo it rubs off on you and helps immensely. Tempo is all about finding your MESS. (Your most effective swinging speed) Everyone has one, you just have to find it. Each club has its own tempo due to its length difference, they are not all the same even though […]

Hover The Club To Practice Good Tempo

Tempo or the pace of a person’s swing is the glue that holds the swing together. A player can have great mechanics, but if their tempo is out of rhythm, bad things can happen. It is important to note that not everyone has the same tempo, but each player must operate within their normal tempo […]

Rhythm & Tempo

Rhythm & Tempo are two of the most important factors in making a good golf swing and getting excellent results. Any time that your tempo is “off” or “out of sync” you will not get the desired results. In tournament play, it’s crucial to maintain your rhythm & tempo from the practice area, to the […]

Long vs Short Bunkers

Technique for Bunker distance should change but club choice should change. But like most golfers have their fears in a Bunker and they hit too far behind. 1st make sure your clubface is OPEN { picture a glass of Wine on your face) hands and grip goto the Middle of our stance, Put of weight […]

Experience is the best teacher for golf!

Greens reading 101 The Olde School method of playing a lot of rounds, keeping your eyes open, ( watching all of your shots as well as other players’ shots carefully around the green ),is still the best way to gain valuable insight to reading greens. Learning to putt well on your own is a large […]

Not just length, but sand conditions

The length of shot is easiest to change by using different lofted clubs. Anything over 35-40 yards I begin to play with less lofted clubs. I go so far as to play a standard bunker style shot with an 8 iron from 70 yards or so. I was fortunate to spend time with Tom Kite […]

Distance control for green side bunkers

To control distance, you first need to create a consistent strike. After that you can learn the philosophy and mechanics to dial in your distance and hit it close to the hole. Watch the video here to learn how to pull it off!

Change it up

Rarely if ever are players excited about bunker shots. Best advice I can give is try some different options. See what club in your bag you feel most comfortable with. Move the ball position around in your stance and see what produces the best results. Some players benefit from a more square face then the […]

Distance control in Greenside Sand

Controlling distance from green side sand is a must have skill. It is actually quite simple. Players must first learn the main skill in a bunker which is learning to compress the sand out of the bunker in a desired direction. If the technique is sound, the ball will go exactly in the direction the […]

Use the right club and vary swing length

Too many people get in a bunker and automatically pull out the 60′ wedge–WRONG!!!!!! If you have a short shot and need height and stopping power use the 60′. If you’ve got a long bunker shot and don’t need a lot of height–try your PW or gap wedge. Mid-length shots a 54 or 56 works […]

Club Choice

If you are 200 yards from the green you are likely not hitting the same club as you you would from 100 yards, correct? So why use the same club for a 50-yard bunker shot as you would from say a 10-yard bunker shot? Go down in loft all the the way to a PW […]

It's a ball position...

On a short bunker shot place ball inside left heel (right-handed golfers)…Longer bunker shots move ball to the middle of the stance and keep the club low on the take-away instead of the normal “picking it up” on the backswing of a shorter bunker shot…However, this is all meaningless if the student doesn’t spend a […]

Blast or Pick?

When you find yourself in a greenside bunker, it is important to use as much loft as you have handy and hit 1 inch behind the ball, throwing lots of sand up onto the green. This is called a blast shot. When your ball is in a fairway bunker, however, you want to hit the […]

Control from a Bunker

There are multiple ways to control distance from a greenside bunker, taking more sand or less sand will vary the distance. You can change clubs and use different lofts for varying the distance. For me if the ball is close to the green I prefer more loft and less sand which provides more spin and […]

Easiest Shot in Golf

The reason it’s the easiest shot in golf, it’s the only one you don’t hit the ball. Typical “rules of thumb”, on fairway bunkers, all ball, no sand, green side bunkers, all sand, no ball. My choice is my 52 degree wedge opened up using the same swing I would with a 56 degree wedge. […]

Calibrate your sand explosion shots

If you can feel the swing for a 30, 40 or 50 yard pitch shot with a 56, 58 or 60 degree wedge you have the right feel/technique to cover 30, 40 or 50 feet of “explosion” type bunker shots. The difference is in ball first contact for the pitch; sand first contact (an inch […]

Better Bunker Play

Common misunderstandings about greenside bunker play include the swing required, the angle of attack and the angle of the shaft and clubface at impact. Choosing the correct club for you is important. More loft for short shots, less loft for long shots is the general rule. In order to execute a proper bunker shot, practice […]

3 Ways… 3 Levels

Greenside Bunker shots are the easiest shots in golf… Right? Well, some people think so, some don’t! Once you can consistently just get the ball out, next you should learn how to better control your distance out of the bunker. I teach 3 ways to adjust distance when hitting from a greenside bunker. 1) Loft, […]

Golf is a game of angles

On green side bunkers I’ve been a proponent of getting the arms and club back so that you always have enough swing to get thru all kinds of sand, soft to heavy. Next opening and closing versatility on a 56 degree of loft 15 degree angle of bounce is magic. 56 degree loft is all […]

Keep Your Eye On The Ball?

We have all heard the saying ‘you must keep you eye on the ball’ to hit a solid shot. In my experience working with newer golfers in particular, they tend to take what they hear very literally. By telling them to ‘keep your eye one the ball’, they will become fixated on the ball creating […]

Experience is your best teacher here.

Efficiently reading greens is a skill that is generally learned and earned through trial, error, and experience. The Olde School method of going out, playing a lot of rounds, keeping your eyes open, ( watching all of your shots as well as other players’ shots carefully around the green ),is still the best way to […]

Always from behind the hole

I always try and read the second half of putts from behind the hole ! When a putt has reached the halfway point to the hole it is going to start to slow down and will take more break ! Then I read the first half of the putt from behind the ball, and put […]

DON'T Keep Your Head Down!

Don’t keep your head down! There are a few reasons why this advice is detrimental to making a good golf swing. I think all golfers would agree, the golf swing has a starting position and a finish position. At the finish, the golfer’s weight should be balanced mostly on the left foot (RH golfer) and […]

Reading Greens: Start Early

Green reading is largely a matter of experience and judgment. The more practice you get, the better. That said, playing on greens you are unfamiliar with can make it a tough assignment. The best advice I can offer is this: Don’t wait until you are on the green to begin reading it. From fifty yards […]

With a little science and a little art, green reading can become a simple process

Learn to use your instincts and pick a confident line everytime! Watch the YouTube video to find out how.

It really starts as you are approaching the green.

Reading greens can be tough. It really starts as you are approaching the green. Try and get a feel for what the terrain is doing. Get a feel for the general slope of the green. The old school way I was taught was to imagine you are dumping out a bucket of water. If you […]

Green Reading Backwards

During the late 90s and early 2000s I had the good fortune of teaching 3 players who were number one on their respective tours in putting for the year. (Dan Ahmad Bateman, Tour; Kevin Stadler, Nationwide Tour and Ramon Brobio, Asian Tour) I learned as much from them as they did from me. The […]

It starts from 15 yards off the front of the green

Green reading is an art and it starts before you stand on the surface of the green. If you are riding in a cart and approach the green from the side where the cart path takes you then you are dong yourself a disservice. Try walking to the green from the front and take notice […]

This is a question that has a lot of variables

Always look at the land around the green. Greens are built to drain water, so slope on greens typically will be toward a low point, a creek, pond, catch basin, etc. Feel the green with your feet as you walk around your ball and stand behind it–they can tell you slope on the green. If […]

Read grain on bermuda grass

On bent I am looking just at the slope. On bermuda I look at the cup 1st to see which side the grass is falling back into the cup which indicates the way the grain is growing. I then look in different directions to look for a shiny side of the grass which indicates downgrain […]

Observe from a distance

Two things that many great putters do innately that seemingly have basically gone unnoticed over the years are observation from a distance of green contours and close inspection of the path of ALL shots hit onto the green surface. A player (particularly if walking the course) from 50-100 yards out can not help but notice […]

Find the apex

Learning to find the Apex of the putt is the most important part of reading the speed and the break of a putt especially on putts that break a lot. My attached YouTube video demonstrates a great drill.

Like Reading a Book

Two forces are applied to a ball as it rolls across the green, they are gravity and friction. When reading a putt you first should look at the green complex and surrounding areas as you approach the green. You are looking for the overall slope of the green, back to front, left to right etc. […]

3 step process for better green reading

Green reading is not a perfect science. It takes imagination. If you struggle seeing curves, or tracing an imaginary path to the hole, here is a 3 step process to help you. 1) First, identify the point where the ball will enter the hole. For example, maybe a right to left with a descent break […]

Follow the stream…

I imagine holding a garden hose with a steady stream of water to “see” the way it would flow to the hole. You can put your putter down simulating the hose. Another part is looking for the lowest point of the green, or around the section of the green you are on. I hope this […]

Learn the Fundamentals of Green Reading First

The key to improving your ability to read greens is first to recognize that effective green reading involves skills that can be developed. Reading greens is not a mystical art form. Instead, green reading is based on the structured principles of understanding Slope & Friction. Understanding slope involves first recognizing how to see/find it and […]

The Art and Science of reading greens...

I think the best way to learn how to read greens for speed and break is by trial and error…

Low side always wins

I like to read the putt from all angles to get an overall view of the green. The one side that rules is the low side which will affect the roll of the ball the most. To do this I define what call “the straightest uphill putt” to that hole location. Standing on that line […]

How to read greens

Here in the US we have different areas that have different grasses (Bent vs Bermuda). So for example when I was practicing or caddying at a club in Florida I would look for a worn out area up at the Cup. If not I would keep in mind this grass would follow where the SUN […]

Take Another Look

The best way to read the green for speed and break is to look at your putt from the other side. First, read your putt by standing behind your golf ball while looking at the hole. Then, take another look! Walk to the other side and stand behind the hole, looking at your ball. This […]

Where does the water flow?

Need a simple way to think about reading greens? Imagine this… You get to the practice green, and all of a sudden, the clouds open up and it starts to pour down rain. As you look around the green, you’ll notice that the water starts to flow off the green. In some places, it runs […]

Reading greens well is as important as the putter fit, stroke, or anything else “including confidence”

Everything from type of turf, slopes, moisture, time of day, sunlight and grain, drainage etc. but I’d say most amateurs overlook the influence of the wind… I always ask my students to identify where the rains and irrigation water will runoff the green. Where the water flows, the golf ball will tend to follow. To […]

Stop Doing this!

Without a doubt, the single worst piece of advice that still permeates golf instruction, golf courses and driving ranges across the world is the simple four words that people think fixes everything: Keep your head down! When ever anyone tops a ball, hits a bad shot, the fix all advice is always “keep your head […]

Keeping the head down or still and arms straight. Both of these ideas are horrible and very unathletic.

I have very rarely ever given a first time lesson and not had to break someone of the following bad habits: Keeping the head down or still and arms straight. Both of these ideas are horrible and very unathletic. Anyone that tries to intentionally keep their head down reverse pivots and most people that keep […]

Keep your head down, not!

Keep your head down is very restrictive, that advice inhibits the free flowing of the arms and hands into the follow thru creating a middle of the swing. You look like an archeologist studying what’s down there. Allow the eyes to follow the ball, keeping the arms freely accelerating past you on the way to […]

"Keep Your Head Down" is a No-No

While we’ve all heard an Instructor tell us to “Keep Your Head Down”, it’s probably the worst thing you can focus on to maximize solid ball striking. The golf swing is based on fast rotation. Great players rotate the club around their body. At impact, keeping your head down would restrict the rotation of your […]

All suggestions on golf advice should be customized for the student !

Anything on YouTube, Gasp ! All suggestions on golf advice should be customized for the student ! “One man’s food, is another’s poison”

Telling someone to keep their head down is not a productive thought

I’m sure others will concur, but telling someone to keep their head down is not a productive thought. It hinders a quick, balanced turn and shift and is bad for your back. Honorable mention…..keep your left arm straight…… need more lag……you’re swaying.

"Keep Your Head Down"

The worst advice that I hear given to amateur golfers on a daily basis is, “keep your head down.” Most beginner and intermediate golfers top the ball or hit thin and are repeatedly told they “lifted their head.” I actually see more topped and thin shots come from bent arms and scooped wrists than from […]

The one that bothers me the most is when I hear someone say they need to get under the ball

The obvious one you hear is “You picked your head up”. There is probably one person in every foursome that says that for every bad shot. Yes you can definitely have improper head movement, but it is not root problem for every bad shot. The one that bothers me the most is when I hear […]

Bad Thoughts and Images

When I’m playing casual golf with amateurs I often hear negative thoughts and images going around in the group. Examples are, “There is water right on this hole so don’t hit it right” or negative self talk like, “That was such a bad swing”. Bad thoughts and images cause us to have self doubt which […]

Don’t Listen

Keep Your Head Down! I here this all the time. Especially when people are topping the balls or shanking or just miss hitting the Ball. It should be keep you eye on the ball. Some of the best players in the world do not keep their head still.

Don’t keep your head down!!

The worst advice I hear is telling amateur golfers to keep their head down. By doing this, you restrict your body turn through impact and follow through. You are then forced to rely on your arms to compensate and this gives you far less room for error and can cause a variety of mistakes

By far the worst advice that I have seen over 40 years is to keep your left arm straight

Wow where do you begin with bad advice keep your head down stay still make good contact. By far the worst advice that I have seen over 40 years is to keep your left arm straight.(right arm for leftys) It’s only half true. We are trying to swing the golf club and the clubhead in […]

The worst advise is very broad

The worst advise is very broad, most get some type of swing tip they get from a friend that is no better than they are.

Stop With The Head Down!

Over the years I’ve heard way too many am’s telling their playing partners or family members to keep their head down or on every miss hit they’ll say “You picked your head up!”. In some cases the advice giver is correct on the end result but nearly always caused by another major issue. Often the […]

It’s all dangerous

This is a loaded question, I’ve seen good advice of identifying what is wrong with a poor correction. I’ve also seen people trying to fix the effect not the cause a swing issues.

Keep working at it...Everything will come together with good hard work...

I’ve heard that before and you know it doesn’t work…You have it, or you don’t…As golf professionals we need to get realistic and tell golfers that you probably will not improve that much and don’t worry about it…Just enjoy each shot with your family and friends…

Keep your head down

Keep your head down. Paralyzes the golfer limiting his rotation

One Way is NOT for Everyone

Boy, this question is loaded…in today’s information sharing age, there is more info than ever being told to more golfers than ever before. While it’s great to share info, it’s often difficult for amateurs to filter out the gold from the noise. And the reality is there is plenty of noise that isn’t very good […]


While most advice given is given with good intent, it is often either incorrectly or is just wrong most of the time. One piece of advice often given is “keep your head down and eye on the ball”. When you realize that there are many blind golfer’s the eye on the ball part kinda doesn’t […]

How do I hit the downhill lie shot?

This is a tough shot for many amateurs because they try to help/lift the ball into the air. You might get away with this sometimes on flat slopes, but you’re going to chunk and top the ball almost every time from a downslope. Let’s keep it simple and learn the proper technique to hit this […]

Downhill lie use less club

Use one less club…Place the ball a bit back in your stance and don’t look up!

Set up and swing path are key--And don't swing too hard

All unlevel lies are hard–for all players. For a right-hand golfer the ball will tend to go low and cut or fade to the right. First take more loft than normal because the ball is going to come off low. If there’s a 10′ down angle and the 8 iron has 38′ of loft–it now […]

Swing with the hill!

First thing is the ball is going right. Second, align your shoulders with the slope. Third, stay down & swing with the hill.

Posture and acceptance

When playing a downhill lie, set your shoulders parallel to the slope and your spine perpendicular. The swing in as if you are chasing the ball down the hill. Choose one less club, choke down a bit and you’re ready fire. DO NOT TRY TO LOFT THIS SHOT!! Accept the fact that the golf ball […]

Walk Through Your Shot On Downhill Lies

I actually have my students hit downhill shots quite often during lessons. The biggest adjustment is getting a persons lines (shoulder, hip, knees) to match the downhill slope. Once that happens, hitting shots from downhill lies is fairly simple. The added step that I add is is to have students walk through (step through) the […]

Downhill Lies made a bit easier

It is always fun to bomb a tee shot then find yourself on a downhill slope. Most players will struggle with this shot and top the ball more often than not. What I tell my students is they have to get their shoulders and hips on the same line as the slope. Once they get […]

Flare the Downhill Foot

Balance is the foundation of every golf shot. Flare your downhill foot 145 degrees. As you do, narrow your stance so your support is under your lead hip. Next, either behind or next to the ball make practice swings with this foot flare. Notice how balanced you are in your finish. Also notice where your […]

All about loft!!

Greenside shots with an uphill stance can be difficult. Three tips: 1. Swing along the hillside. You do not want to swing your clubhead straight into the hill. 2. Use clubs with less loft to prevent shots from ballooning straight up into the air unless that’s what you want. The slope of the hillside adds […]

Up Hill Lies

When hitting from an uphill lie the best thing that golfers can do is pick out a less lofted wedge or club. When hitting from this particular lie the golf ball take off a bit higher. The best way to understand this more practice this way to find out.

Uphill chip shots around the green. How do I control distance?

The short answer is that you need to understand your options. You also need to stop hitting this shot with your lob wedge unless you’re extremely short-sided! Check out my YouTube video to learn your options and learn how to wedge it in close!

Uphill lie near the green...

Uphill lie near the green can be tricky if you don’t practice this type of shot…Just stay away from your 60-degree wedge…

Uphill Green side shot

Yes, this shot can be tricky. It seems like it should be easy but it does create some problems. The biggest mistake I see is that people tend to lean into the hill and then chunk the club into the ground. What you want to try and do is level your shoulders to the slope […]

Blocked Shot

A blocked shot is one that pushes to the right (for a right handed golfer). This happens when the low body is faster than the upper body on the downswing. The hips clear early and the arms are late, so the club swings too far right and impact is made with an open club face. […]

The ball goes up easily but won’t travel far. players are invariably short in distance control.

Having taught in Aspen Colorado for many years I have seen some incredible uphill lies around greens, students asking what to do? The ball goes up easily but won’t travel far. players are invariably short in distance control. Two things, take your less lofted wedge play the ball nearer to where your weight is. On […]


Set your shoulders parallel to the slope, your spine perpendicular, narrow stance, weight slightly left. Make a firm no-wrist stroke. Cocking your wrists can stub the club to steeply behind the ball.

Uphill chips

Frankly the easiest lie for most players. If you pay attention to a few details. First take several practice swings to determine where your swing bottoms out ( usually further forward in your stance than a level lie) That’s where you play the ball. Second because the ball is further forward the ball will come […]

Blocked Drives

Generally when you block a drive it is a result of a swing path that is going in to out and the clubface is square to that path. If you want to keep the same in to out path you need to release the toe of the club a little bit so the clubface is […]

Less loft,focus on top of flagstick

Envision the club you would use if the lie were flat. If the uphill is not too extreme take one club stronger than if the lie was level; 2 clubs more if the lie is extreme. Remember to tilt your shoulders at the same angle as the slope and focus on the top of the […]

Focus on Contact First

Most amateur players struggle with contact on an uphill lie, often hitting “chunks” or “skulls”. With poor contact comes poor distance control. Therefore, step one is to ensure good contact when faced with an uphill lie around the green. Because the uphill slope will naturally tend to launch the ball higher into the air than […]

Adjust for the effective loft

The angle of the ground will affect the how the ball will travel in flight. The higher the slope the higher the ball will come off of the club. The adjustment is to use a lower lofted club so it will come out like a lesser lofted club off of normal ground. Your expected height […]

Lean into it!

Hitting short shots around the green on an uphill lie can be tricky to get the distance right for some players. Because we generally try to get our shoulders parallel to the slope of the ground on most swings, this is what most people do with this particular shot. so for a right handed player […]

A golfer can block their drives in any of the following 4 ways

In my opinion a golfer can block their drives in any of 1 of the following 4 ways or some combination of the following 4 ways. 1. Heel Strike 2. Open Face to Path 3. Right Club Path 4. Hit down on it- (combo with 1-3) This is too hard to diagnose on your own […]

Stop Blocking Your Driver

The reason people block their driver is because they don’t release their hands or unhinge the club soon enough. Because the driver is the lightest club in the bag, it is the easiest one to hold on to. Players tend to over rotate their body through the shot and their bodies and never stop to […]

Shot Shaping

I’m sure there will be multiple ways this will be described, but I will tell you how I was taught. To keep this simple we will describe a right handed golfer. To intentionally play a fade, a left to right shot, set up with your stance aiming slightly to the left of your target and […]

Lots of Things Cause a Block

There are a quite a few things that could cause a block. Bottom line is the path is either too much in to out and/or the club face is open. The big question is which one and why. There’s a huge difference between a block and a slice. Because most players have an outside in […]

Rotate Not Slide

Sliding the hips forward too early and before impact causes the lower body to get ahead of the upper body resulting in an open clubface at impact. Rotate and clear your hip back toward the heel of your lead foot without sliding them too far forward toward your target. Also remember to rotate your arms […]

Why you block your drives out of bounds and how to stop doing it!

There’s not much more disheartening in golf than knowing the ball is going OB directly off the club face. The blocked shot can cause so many problems, but isn’t a relatively difficult shot to cure. Check my YouTube video out to find out WHY and HOW to stop blocking your shots.

Fixing the Block!

All golfers face hitting a block or push to right of target (right hand player) from time to time. The most common mistake is the club approaching the ball too far from the inside or under the plane. This can be caused by clearing the hips too quickly or hanging back on the trail foot […]

Not finishing your swing

Trying to steer the ball can prevent you from finishing the golf swing. If you make sure you have a full balanced finish with your hands behind your head at the finish and can hold your finish for a second or two you will not block nearly as much because your arms and hands will […]

Don't be afraid to release the club!

A fear of the duck-hook and a failure to release the club will result in the so-called block shot…Building confidence with your clubs in the range should eliminate this horrible shot…It’s seen on the PGA tour because of the high velocity swings that can produce the horrible duck-hook!

Open up and move that ball forward!

A blocked tee shot is usually a shot that comes from the fear of a hook. Those that have closed club face issues usually have an overly in to out path as well. If the face to path ratio is perfect, a nice draw is the result. All is good! If that ratio is off […]

Blocking your Driver sounds like a Face Control issue

Blocking your Driver sounds like a Face Control issue, so put a Tee in the ground, then put an Empty Water about a foot in front of the Tee. As you make a swing up and over the bottle make sure is closing over it. Then from there start to work on your Swing Direction. […]

Shape your Shot

In order to shape a golf shot, simply adjust the golf club face angle at address. To hit a fade, set the club face open at address and to hit a draw, simply close the club face at address. Swing the same way you swing to produce a straight shot, just adjust the club face […]

Simple and with a Purpose

Shot shaping should always be an exercise practiced with simplicity by amateurs. I prefer to alter the setup including face angle position at address to create the spin required. Even professionals and experts (along with ams) should never be left in a bad position on course if the curve desired does not happen. Shape all […]

Learning how to shape shots will tell you which shot is best for you

It’s also a great way to see your strength side, the shape that is consistent and feels easy to repeat. Learning how to shape the ball gives you a library of shots so that if swing A goes away Swing B can be brought in, have C D And E swings if necessary! Sam Snead […]

Set Up Adjustments to Shape Your Shots

Most amateurs have a hard enough time making the same swing twice. So why ask yourself to change your swing to shape a shot? With driver, you can shape your shot by adjusting your tee height. Check out this video about how a lower tee height can create a fade and a higher tee height […]

DO NOT even try to shape shots!

DO NOT even try to shape shots! Hit your shot…if it’s a fade fade it.. if it’s a draw draw it! You will shoot better scores I promise.

Shape with your swing...

Shaping the ball comes from shaping your swing…Inside out…Outside in…Hit it straight and you don’t have to worry about shaping the ball…

Set up for the shape you want.

It’s easier for the amateur to change their set up to shape a shot. This will influence the swing, for example by opening up to hit a fade this is going to make you swing a little more upright and swing across the ball for the fade you want. At address firm up your last […]

Changing the setup

If you want to play a cut shot open your stance and open the club face slightly. For a baby draw close your stance and close the club face slightly.

Play YOUR OWN Game

Unless you are a very low single digit handicap (3-below) amateurs have ZERO business shaping a shot! Everyone has a shot they normally hit–straight, fade, slice, draw, etc. HIT YOUR SHOT. If you’re a right handed drawer and there’s a back right hole location–instead of trying to be Mr. Hero and hit a cut–go ahead […]

Shaping Shots

Beginners and higher handicap golfers are almost always better to adjust their set-up if they need to curve the ball in a different shape than their normal ball flight. The oversimplified method is to aim where you want the ball to start, adjust the club in your hands so the face points where you want […]

Face to Path Relationship

Students should learn to hit short game shots with the face held open through impact or the face closing down through impact (hinging action). This will give the student a foundation for trajectory and side spin. This foundation is then applied to full iron swings to help the player understand how the face at impact […]

Shape your stance to shape your shot

The tried and true method of angling your body to shape your shot is easier for most higher handicappers. For right-handed players to hit a draw, a ball that curves to the left. The player should aim your body slightly to the right of the target, aim the clubface directly at the target and play […]

Open face, closed face

Change your set up for each shot. If you are trying to fade a ball (for a right handed golfer) aim left and make sure that the club face stays open at impact. This will allow the ball to cut. And if you are trying to draw the ball then aim right and make sure […]

I do try to steer amateurs into a general direction, but we always go with what's most comfortable to them

Change setup or swing to shape shots? I think the EXTREMELY short answer is that either way is a viable way to accurately shape shots: Whatever it takes to help you get the proper difference between club face and club path, and do it repeatedly! I do try to steer amateurs into a general direction, […]

If an amateur wants to shape their shot drastically I have them change their set up

I believe and teach that if an amateur wants to shape their shot drastically I have them change their set up. For example for a hook- set your feet closed to where you want the ball to start and then hood the face closed at where you want the ball to end up. Then swing […]

Get your spin on!

There are only few things better than hitting a crisp wedge shot and seeing the ball come to dead stop or even better-spin back toward the hole. Though there are a few needs to spinning a ball & one of the most important is having clean sharp grooves. The grooves bite into the ball on […]

Clean clubs = clean shots

Having a consistent club face is extremely important when hitting shots. Grooves are a not nearly as deep as you would think and having them clogged up with dirt and grass can greatly affect performance. This is very more important with any kind of wedge shot. Reducing spin can cause the ball to carry farther […]

Cleaning the grooves on your irons is important!

Cleaning your grooves does more than just improve your spin and launch on clean shots. Let’s compare your grooves to the tread on your tires. On a beautiful and dry 80-degree day, the quality of your tread will matter a little, not too much. But on a cold and rainy day, you need those treads […]

Clean grooves...Clean shots...

You brush your teeth and floss…No different with your irons!

Do you buy new tires when they get bald?

YES–keep the grooves clean and buy new irons and wedges when the grooves get pretty well worn. A lot of folks think grooves grab and spin the ball. WRONG! The grooves are the like the tread on your tires. That tread channels water away from the tire so there’s more tire surface touching the road–giving […]

Spin to Win

When your golf club grooves are clean, the surface area of your golf club face can effectively interact with the dimples on the golf ball, by producing more friction. With skilled technique, you should strike downward on every golf shot. Clean grooves provide the potential for more spin on the ball. The velocity of your […]

A Small Task that Makes a Huge Difference

Clean grooves make huge differences in every aspect of iron ball striking. Trajectory and dispersion are two big items effected by dirty grooves. But the most influenced aspect of iron ball striking effected by dirty grooves is spin. And without being able to control the spin of your iron shots, your dead meat trying to […]

Clean Clubs!

It is extremely important to play with clean dry clubs and a ball that is clean as possible. The grooves in your clubs act like the tread of your car tires. Water, grass and soil can get into the groves during a strike leaving more surface for the club to make contact to the cover […]

Mentoring isn’t a lost art…

I have many and will always have many mentors. Even in the internet era, where every answer can be found with a simple search, there is still no better way to learn the ropes than from a mentor who has been there before you. I recommend you always have people around you that can help […]

Clean your grooves!

I am no scientist, but grooves are designed to move grass, dirt, and water away from the impact point where the ball meets the face. I was always taught that the ball doesn’t care what you do or what it feels like, only what the face is doing at impact. So in my opinion, your […]

Grooves on your irons are very important, especially on your scoring irons (8 iron to Wedges)

I am always amazed when people show up for a lesson and their clubs are filthy. Unless you just came from a practice session on a grass range, your clubs, especially your clubfaces should be clean. Grooves on your irons are very important, especially on your scoring irons (8 iron to Wedges). They are what […]

Keep it clean

Cleaning your grooves after every shot either on the course or practice is helpful. If you want consistent spin with the golf ball with our wedges then we need to clean our grooves, When watching the GOLF CHANNEL when watching players on the range for warm up you see the caddy with a wet towel […]

You want nothing to get between the ball and clubface

When I worked as an assistant in 1962 in California I got the chance to see the results of grooves versus no grooves on Iron Byron , a machine making a perfect swing at the Golfcraft ball and club plant in Escondido. Titleist bought the company, Golfcraft had incredible persimmon heads, no need for staining […]

I really believe I learned the most by just watching and observing how they applied their craft and knowledge to their students

Once I decided to become a PGA Professional I new that I wanted to be on the Teaching side of the business. My Instructor, who was a PGA Section Teacher of the Year, Was very gracious in helping me learn how to Teach and break down video. Through the years I have been blessed to […]

I have been very fortunate in my career to have a few great mentors.

Two of my earliest were Mitch Joannes and Don Hill, both PGA Members. They worked at two completely different clubs but treated everyone like they were their friend and not a member or a customer. I also watched how well they talked to the “kids” that were there in the Junior Programs and how they […]

My mentors were Rick McCord and Dick Farley.

They were both amazing at letting me try new things and learn on the fly. They never over managed me and let me learn by failing sometimes. This was the best way for me to learn!

My mentor was Stan Thirsk

Stan was the epitome of a golf professional. He helped me with my golf game, my career, and personal growth. Stan was a good man.

I’ve had two main mentors in golf Kevin Smeltz and Sean Foley

Two very intelligent mentors with very different styles. Kevin is way more laid back and understated. Foley is more flashy and telling life lessons while instructing. Both have taught major champions and have been very successful instructors.

Mentorship is the ideal relationship for any Golf Professional

I have no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today in the golf industry without a mentor. In my case, I have been fortunate to have had many. My Dad, Justin, taught me everything I know about the golf swing from an early age, along with never-ending faith in […]

Info about past greats was invaluable.

I actually had 3 mentors; all had been involved with great players. Their insights into what made those great players tick and how they( Ken Venturi, Patty Sheehan were 2 of the players) acquired their skills was incredibly insightful. The knowledge I gained was very helpful later when working with exceptionally talented players. I consider […]

My PGA mentor is my brother Seth Henrich

He is the current PGA GM of Rio Mar Golf Club in Puerto Rico. Seth is the best at what he does. He is my idol and role model.

Pay attention and Listen !

I have been a golf professional for 33 years. I feel the success I might have had is from listening and learning from experienced pros that I’ve met or heard speak. Our PGA section has an amazing amount of superb golf professionals that one can learn from. Whether it be in regards to teaching , […]

Supplemental Mentors

I believe training under mentors is critical to success in most any field, especially golf instruction and coaching. I have been beyond lucky to have two high-profile and extremely successful golf teachers mentor me from an early age. I started teaching golf under the Jim McLean Golf School umbrella, naturally, Jim became a great mentor […]

I Stole A Lot From Greats!

What a great question! My journey covers 50 years in this great game. I had the great joy of working for true legends in our great business. Some were great teachers and some were just great folks that you just hung on every word they said. The honest answer is I took a little bit […]

Father as a Mentor

A life member of the PGA, my father introduced me to the game of golf at the age of six. I was hooked! As I got older, I worked for my dad at the club. After college, I began teaching golf professionally and enjoying rounds of golf with my father. I have taught each one […]

Everyone should have one

My mentor is Mr. Dave Carazo, he was the Head Pro at The Tuxedo Club and now works for Met PGA Section office. When I started working there as a caddy then later moved into the bagroom. With his time and efforts though golf lessons I was able to play well in golf tournaments and […]

A pro from my past

As an assistant professional at Chester River Y&CC, in Maryland, My Head Professional was Mike Versuk PGA. Mike was the best all around professional I have ever met. He was a great player and instructor. He also ran excellent tournaments and kept a really updated pro shop. He taught me that if I was only […]

Mentors Are A Must

I have had a few mentors at various stages of my career as a PGA Professional. My very first mentor was Bob Jones/PGA Professional at Minerva Lake Golf Club. He inspired me to become a PGA Professional. He made this profession look fun! My next set of mentors were Brian Larson, Rocky Miller and JR […]

From Tour Stars to Driving Range Pro's....

My golf career has been impacted by many…Very grateful to see and learn from all of them…For playing: Tom Kite and Corey Pavin: You don’t have to be BIG to have a big bank account!…On the instruction side: Harvey Pinick: Keep it simple…On the business side: Just act with Integrity and common sense: No names […]

“Mentors - Necessary For Sure”

No one ever reached the promised land in their career without help along the way, much like an athlete striving for the Olympics. Craig Shankland was my first boss in the golf business, taught me how to dress, conduct myself, and to present myself in a professional manner. Ken Venturi taught me the game of […]

It takes a Village

Golf is such a wonderful sport as I feel I’ve had so many different mentors along the way. Father, coaches, pros, fellow competitors, teammates and bosses have all shaped both my career as a player, coach, and professional. My father and coaches shared their passion for the game and my improvement and success. My PGA […]

Late arrival

As a second career golf professional, I was never looking for a mentor, but I learned many things from many mentors in the teaching arena. There is so much knowledge out there, including books and articles as well as the many YouTube videos. The key is interpreting that knowledge in a way that can help […]

Playing lessons

One of the things I feel amateur golfers misunderstand is how good and pro players play. The information that viewers get from watching television would lead amateurs to think that golf is complex when in reality, it’s quite simple. Playing lessons and commitment to playing game more simply would help more handicap players.

A playing lesson

The very best thing to do is to buy a playing lesson where the teaching Professional can Observe you on the field of play. He can see what you are doing in all situations which does not happen on the teaching tee. He can video situations where mistakes were made and take care of them […]

Course Management using Technology

The best way for an amateur to improve their game/course management is to use technology such as Decade Golf or Swing U Premium GPS. These are app or web based systems that can track your shots and how you play the course. You will get strokes gained data and learn more about strengths and weaknesses. […]

Learn to play from experience.

This is a great topic! The right tools to improve course management can have the greatest impact on amateurs playing better and enjoying the game more. First of all, there is no substitute for EXPERIENCE in learning to play the game well. And…this experience can come in many forms. The best of all of these […]

Pre-shot Routine

For all golfers, from beginners and high-handicappers to low handicappers and professionals, developing a good and consistent pre-shot routine can eliminate unintended random shots. Aim is the first step. If you aim well you are already halfway to a good shot. If you aim well you send a positive message to your brain that will […]

The golf course itself

One of the best resources for improved course management is the golf course itself. To learn how to best manage your round, if time permits, play a “practice” round. Use the golf course to improve the shots you typically struggle with. Practice the uphill, side hill, downhill shots with a few golf balls from each […]

Decade Golf

Decade Golf is an incredible resource for players of all skill levels. Scott Fawcett has come up with an all-encompassing program that helps players from the TOUR level all the way down to the novice level.

The swing hickup

Often times players get the idea that they need to lift the golf ball. Lift comes from hitting down on the ball, any upward motion at impact is sure to cause a thin or middle of the ball strikes. I describe this motion as a swing hick-up or a sudden upward motion at impact. Getting […]

Hitting the middle of the ball…

Good afternoon, The big 3 need to be addressed once again… 1. Grip position 2. Posture ( including distance from the ball) 3. Alignment Those golfers that tend to impact the center of the ball tend to grip the club with a weak to neutral grip which can cause the club to shorten during the […]

Stop Striking the Ball thin

Golfers struggle hitting thin shots when the bottom of the swing (Spine) is behind the ball. This typically is the effect of golfers trying to keep their head down/and or their arms straight. When golfers are unathletic with an athletic motion required, off center shots occur. Players need to start with good posture. The ideal […]

Thin shots

Most thin shots are a result of a improper weight transfer in transition. Make sure your weight is at least 80% in your lead foot by impact. Add good drill is to lift the lead heal in the backswing and make sure it’s replaced prior to the arms starting down in transition from the top […]

Lead arm breakdown causes topped shots.

In my opinion most topped shots are caused by the lead arm breaking down at the elbow and or wrist. The lead arm is the radius of the swing arc and when that radius shortens, the club head will belly the ball. The lead arm typically shortens when the players body stops rotating or the […]

Focus on Center Face Contact

One of the most important skills to being a great golfer is to hit the ball solid in the center of the club face. Tour pro’s do this much more consistently than we do and it has a direct correlation to a players handicap. The main reasons I see golfers fail to hit the center […]

Hit down...Not up!

They try to help the ball up instead of hitting down on it…”hit down to get the ball up!”

Fixing Thin Shots.

Hitting the middle of the golf ball is a milder version of topping. One fails to reach the bottom of the ball for one of a few reasons: poor posture, a shallow attack angle (club ascending into impact) or simply a lack of radius (chicken winging) their downswing. To offer a prescription, I’d need a […]

Spine Angle

Your hips are moving toward the ball instead remaining back and up until after contact with the ball

Shift Toward Target for proper contact

You could look at a golfer topping a ball and come up with a million reasons that this happened. As long as the club is somewhat close to plane, a proper shift of your weight toward the target should help your skulled shots. It corrects change in posture, arms shorter, shoulder plane and on and […]

Brush the grass in front of the ball

I think most golfers mistakenly try to get under the ball and lift it up in the air. This action causes the clubhead to reach its low point too soon and they lift up to compensate. Try and focus on letting the toe of the club turn down towards the ball and clip the grass […]

Left side bend

90% of golfers struggle to get enough left side bend. At the top of the backswing we want the left shoulder much closer to the ground than the right shoulder. Up to 45° of left side bend is ideal for a short iron.

Sync the Swing

Hitting the middle of the ball or “thin” as it is commonly called is due to lose of posture or early extension on the downswing. This will result in the right arm straightening early and a flip with the hands through impact. Hit shots from a chest high backswing (“L”) to low finish. This will […]

Having trouble compressing the golf ball?

Do your hands hurt after hitting a poor golf shot? Do you find your weight on the back foot at the end of your swing? If so, chances are you are trying to lift the golf ball into the air. Golf instructors will throw out technical terms like “casting”, “flipping”, or “stalling”. What does it […]

Bad Advice Makes You Hit the Middle of the Ball.

After years of teaching new golfers, I have come to one conclusion. Bad advice runs rampant on the golf course and it causes new golfers more harm than good. I can’t tell you how many new golfers, especially ladies, come in to our learning center and look like the photo on the left. This is […]

Stop Topping

Bellying the ball or topping it is very common. This is because the vast majority of golfers don’t use the club correctly. Impact should occur with the grip slightly ahead of the club head, but in most cases the reverse is true. Players are trying to lift the ball in the air by releasing the […]

Create good spacing and a consistent club path

When it comes to consistent center of face contact the address position is the first area to consider. I call it “spacing”. This is achieved by understanding both the vertical and horizontal. Meaning how much spine bend (vertical) and how far from the ball (horizontal) does one need. Both can affect how the club is […]

Blading the ball

The most common way that I see golfers hit the middle of the ball(blading) is because they try and swing up on it to much, or try and lift the ball off of the ground. Their tendency is to hang back on their trail leg and lift. Ironically this can also lead to hitting behind […]

Stop Hitting the ball thin.

One of the primary reasons we hit a ball thin or topped is the player uses all arms with very little leg action in the forward swing. This problem creates a flipping of the wrists which brings the clubhead off the ground at impact. Make sure you turn your core towards the target in the […]

Solid Contact is Your Business!

There is one reason that golfers hit the middle of the ball, typically called “blading”, and this is because the low point of their swing is in the wrong spot. This can be caused by either bending the elbows through impact or not getting enough trail shoulder tilt, or both. A great drill to help […]

The Thin Shot

“If you want to see a bad shot, just look up.“ The shot that you just hit thin, known as a bladed shot, is from taking your eye off the ball. When the bottom of the golf club strikes the center or the top of the golf ball, you have problems! “Keep your head down […]

Title Back and Flip

Have clients move the golf ball back to middle of the stance and have the hit punch shots with a half finish, This is only a Drill.

Fat shots

Not getting weight properly to lead side early enough. Try striding baseball drill for a better understanding

Simple Drill to Stop Hitting Behind the Ball

This is one of the most common issues with golfers is the fat/heavy shot. Generally speaking what I see to be the biggest cause of all this is to much “trail bend” and bad weight transfer all stemming from a fast or quick transition. In the video you will find a simple drill that will […]

Keep your hands to yourself!

Hitting behind the ball, hitting it fat (PGA of America Instructional Professor’s prefer “chunking” ) are all the result of throwing the club from the top of the swing to the impact position…The golfer is too “handsy”…The hands must stay out of the shot…Shoulder and arms swing the club…The hands must stay quiet!…To correct the […]

Hitting the ground behind the ball

Good afternoon! If you tend to hit the ground behind the golf ball often be sure to check the following… 1. Grip position, Body alignment in relation to target, Posture. 2. Often moving your body laterally in the backswing and remaining there during the downswing can cause you to deliver the club into the ground […]

Speed is always the key

A couple of quick fixes to help with the fat or chunked shot. Ball position can play a big factor. If the ball is too far forward often times players can bottom out the swing before impact. If ball position is too far back players can get steep and hit behind it as well. Play […]

It’s an effect

So in golf you normally have a fault and there is an error that breaks the chain down the line. A lot of the time people don’t make long term fixes since they are trying to change the effect not the cause. For example if I’m hitting it fat, it might be from a steep […]

Keep Your Arms in Front and Transfer Weight

I have worked with many golfers who struggled with hitting behind the golf ball. In many cases, the player’s arms and clubhead are working very hard to the inside and flat. The arms get stuck “behind” the body, making it very difficult to return the club head back to the golf ball. A good drill […]

The dreaded fat shot

Hitting “fat” or behind the ball is a swing fault that affects both high and low handicappers. The low handicapper typically has a swing path that is too far to the right (in to out) which will cause the bottom of the swing to occur too far behind the ball. The good player can also […]

Tee drill to help with ball first contact

Golfers hit behind the ball for a few reasons. But the main cause is the low point in the swing happens to early. One drill that will give you great feedback is scratch a line in the ground with a tee. Start with the clubhead on the line and make small swings and hit at […]

Takeaway Matters

The Takeaway is very much overlooked in the golf swing. You must be assured that you were able to get the correct extension on the backswing by keeping the club steady the first 12 to 18 inches on the takeaway. This will assist in the correct extension of the left arm and prevents a pick […]

Pressure movement

Golfers usually hit behind the ball because of poor pressure movement and casting. Usually the two go hand and hand and are seen to occur together. I would recommend that golfers practice small swings focusing on pressing into the lead foot to start the downswing. This will help the upper and lower center move and […]

Swing through the ball !

First, relax your hands. Second, move the ball one inch to the right in your stance. ( for right hand golfers ) Third, swing through the ball, not at it !!!

Get the Weight (and Pressure) Forward

Good golfers get their weight and their pressure forward during the downswing, with PGA Tour players getting as much as 80-95% of their pressure under the left foot at impact. Sure, most bad golfers flip, but they flip because their weight/pressure isn’t forward enough. They often sway back a bit too far during the backswing, […]

Don't Lift the Balll

The lowest part of the arc of the swing with the ball on the ground should be 2-4 inches past the ball. Hitting behind it is usually a result of the player trying to lift the golf ball to get it airborne. This player will lean back on their trail leg and release the clubhead […]

Hitting behind the ball

A lot of things can contribute to hitting behind a golf ball or hitting it fat. It happens to everyone on occasion but if it’s a chronic issue….in many cases the golfer is failing to get off of their trail foot and as a result their body rotation is out of sync. To identify the […]

Transferring weight the link to better ball strikes

With any ball on the ground . When you turn right some weight naturally moves onto the right leg if you fail to transfer weight back to the front leg and “hang back” fat or thin shots result arms and hands are going to outrace you to the ball. Lots of things you can do […]

Weight forward

Start with more weight on your target side foot or be more dynamic in your weight shift to your target side foot to start your downswing. Pressure mats prove good ball strikers have about 90% of their weight on their target side foot at impact.

Diagnosing "fat" shots

There are many things that can lead to the “fat” shot, but the first two I look for are ball position and balance. Regarding ball position, too far forward, or back, can cause a variety of compensation moves that, if not properly timed, will cause problems. Also, poor alignment can alter the effective ball position, […]

Hit the Little Ball and Not The Earth First....

Descent into ball impact comes down to three physics principles. The Club face, Club Path and Angle of Descent. Most beginner or amateur golfers don’t realize that club face to ball first causes a post cut divot. Therefore they are trying to “get under the ball” vs drop club face on the ball. Scoop vs […]

The Toe Drill

Hitting behind the ball or topping the ball is basically the same fault. Rotation and weight shift is sluggish. Getting to a better impact position is ideal. If the weight stays on the trail leg or the upper body falls back (opposite from where the ball is going) you are bound to hit fat shots […]

Emphasize low point

There could be several causes for a player “fatting” the ball. Rather than going the mechanical route, something that seems to often work is explaining to the player that the low point of the swing is 3-4 inches on the target side of the ball. They are usually conceptual victims of trying to scoop or […]

Hit Behind No More

Hitting behind the ball is one of the most frustrating encounters a golfer can have when making a full swing and especially in the short game. Most players struggle with hitting the ground behind the ball for one of the following reasons: • Weight staying back on trail foot thru impact; • An early release […]

Lag vs. Cast

Many golfers hit behind the ball because they “cast” the club, on the downswing. It is very important to “lag” the club, instead. When a golfer falls victim to casting the club, they are swinging too hard, from the top of their backswing. The arms take over, the body stops turning and the hands push […]

Rotational shifting to set the low point

The golf swing is a rotational movement not a lateral transfer of weight back and forth. This is a fact not easily understood by most high handicappers. Because we turn, bend, tilt and sway in a golf swing we have to synchronize various motions with one intention—low point control. The golfer first trains a low […]

It’s all in the timing

The golf swing is a sequence. If the sequence is out of order, the swing won’t be executed properly. One of the main causes of hitting behind the ball is starting your downswing with your arms and the club, instead of your hips and weight shift. The club bottoms out where your sternum is, so […]

Move forward More

Most clients who come to see me for golf lessons release the golf club to early. We try 2 things, One will placing a towel 8 inches in front of the Towel. This is 2 widths of a Iron head, if I don’t have a towel place an Alignment outside the back foot. In either […]


Having the club head too far underplane during the downswing! Many golfers for whatever reason poor set up, loss of posture, flat shoulder plane, etc. Cast the club head during the downswing to try and get speed, but unless the various joint extensions are timed well the club head can bottom out early! I think […]

The main cause of hitting behind the is angle of approach.

At GOATAGOLF we first evaluate your movement pattern and identify where you have issues. The main cause of hitting behind the is angle of approach. Which is usually caused by not clearing your hips, clearing your hips will cause the shaft to shallow out on the down swing. If you can’t corner your trail hip […]

A heavy club !

A heavy club ! It strengthens the golf muscles and keeps you young !

The Divot Board

The Divot Board is a useful tool for all who struggle with bottom of swing issues. Very few golfers know what it even feels like to hit the ball before the turf. A wing bottom some 3-4″ in front of the ball is a confidence builder, and the Divot Board is an effective way to […]

The Best Golf Gadget in the past 20 years...

IMHO, the best gadget in the past 20 years has been the creation and refinement of range finders for both the amateur and professional golfer. It has taken out any guess work on yardage and being fooled by optical illusions during the round of golf. Golfers of today can practice precise distances and carry that […]

The ultimate swing aid

The perfect swing aid for the entire golf swing is called TheRemedy4Golf. I developed The Remedy4Golf several years ago. The main benefit is it eliminates the “Sway” golfers have in the trail leg. The Remedy not only helps with proper weight distribution both in the backswing and through swing but it can be used to […]

Little One training club

Strongly benefits improved face contact; but turns out it is just as beneficial for chipping and pitching.

Range Finders will sharpen your golf

I think the most important accessory for any golfer is a good rangefinder. Knowing your yardage is critical in lowering your score and I watch students every day play shots no truly knowing their yardage. I think this is extremely critical in smaller shots because dialing in those distances will really lower your scores. Work […]

Tempo Trainers Help More Than Tempo

My favorite training aid/accessory is the Perfect Swing Tempo Program from You see, I call tempo and timing the invisible fundamentals because there are no pictures of it in magazine articles or books. But, like a Lotus race car, everything can be perfect, but if the timing is off, not only will it not […]

This reminds me of the Beach Boy's song in the 1960's: "The Man with all the Toy's"

This reminds me of the Beach Boy’s song in the 1960’s: “The Man with all the Toy’s”…A Christmas song about Santa Claus…I think that’s what we have today…Toys that try to help us play golf…The range finder is good…Hand warmers…Is all that I can come up with now…

The Orange Whip Trainer is the best swing tool on the market.

The Orange Whip Trainer is the best swing tool on the market. It is designed to help you improve your tempo. Swing the Orange Whip before hitting balls in order to loosen up on the range and you will get warmed up in no time! Swing it daily, on the days that you don’t get […]

Alignment Sticks

I will typically set up a practice station with 5 alignment sticks. Three on the ground- 2 train tracks, one between legs for ball position, and two angled approximately 60 degrees in the ground on the target line as a guide for backswing and trough swing planes.

I've always felt I played best when I had yardages to front, middle and back of each green. I really like my Bushnell Phantom for that reason.

I’ve always felt I played best when I had yardages to front, middle and back of each green. I really like my Bushnell Phantom for that reason. Fits nicely in my pocket and gives me the numbers I want most. Only need my rangefinder a couple times per round now!

My favorite accessory is my range finder.

My favorite accessory is my range finder. It helps speed up play by being able to quickly determine my yardages and helps me dial in the appropriate shot.

Love the divot board.

Love the divot board. It really gives the sense for where that club is supposed to bottom out

I’d have to say that my favorite golf gadgets are the laser rangefinders

I’d have to say that my favorite golf gadgets are the laser rangefinders because they give you very accurate yardage readings, they really help speed up the pace of play and they make each round that much more enjoyable! I recommend that every avid golfer buy one. It’s way worth the one time investment. Just […]

My favorite golf gadget/accessory is my point and shoot Leupold Range Finder.

My favorite golf gadget/accessory is my point and shoot Leupold Range Finder. I use it diligently through out every round and teach students how to use it effectively as well. Obviously, the range finder helps me and my students find accurate distances to various targets. However, most amateurs only use them to find the yardages […]

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Clean Clubs

We all have at one point or another carried the dual golf brush with the soft and wire brush. And it worked just fine. Scrub the club and wipe it off. But typically I’d have to carry a wet towel with me as well to help keep out the grooves. I have found a company […]

I believe everyone should have some kind of a Range Finder.

To help improve your game I believe everyone should have some kind of a Range Finder. Whether it is one you point and shoot or GPS oriented. Knowing your yardages can help your game out a lot. For enjoyment, I really like all the choices that are now offered for golf specific portable speakers. So […]

Hitting balls with a heavy iron or heavy driver to obtain proper sequence and smoothness of movements.

The best way to help your golf game is to play the game as much as you can, then work on the thing that prevents you from Achieving what you want. The best “players” play allot. The “learning aids” are not accessories or tools or gadgets. If there was one aid that Helped people allot, […]

Goatagolf boards

Goatagolf boards because how you move in the 90% will effect how you perform in the 10%

Simple and Repeatable Setup Cues!

These tips are for sure going to make setting up to the golf ball much simpler for you. Start with your feet together -Depending on the club we take two steps. One forward(lead foot) one backward(trail foot) -The longer the club the smaller the step forward. Example in the video below I am using my […]

The Perfect Setup - Every Time

Let’s look at it this way; you have fourteen different tools in your tool bag (golf bag) and they are all different lengths with various lofts. Seems difficult right? Not if you can rely on a constant variable. This constant variable is an easily repeatable pre-shot routine. Simply stand up straight, and put your hands […]

Pre Shot Routine! Pre Shot Routine! Pre Shot Routine!

Yes, having a sound and efficient pre shot routine that is simple and easy to repeat is so important, especially to also find the proper full swing address position. Any golfer (on the course) should always approach any shot (not just full swings) from directly behind the ball (with my three step process): Pick your […]

Bend from waist for proper posture

I like to my students have a good sequence that can be repeated and have check points along the way. 1. Start by standing tall with back straight. 2. Spread feet apart about shoulder width to make the letter “A”. 3. While standing straight extend your arms out and put your hands together with club […]

Great set up, great foundation

One of the most important things for a good set up is to remember as the club gets shorter, we have to bend over a little more or tilt. Drivers are a little different since we are further away, or even if the ball is above your feet on a sidehill lie you have to […]

Be like Tyra....

Perfect full swing address position: Stand tall or envision yourself as a model walking down the cat walk…Good posture is the key to perfect address position…If Tyra Banks could play golf, I think she would have the all time set-up position by far!

Not impact; a "ready" position.

Stand perfectly erect, with knees straight and extend the arms so the club is parallel to the ground; then lower the club to the ground by bending at the WAIST. Bend the knees moderately so you feel “athletic” balance. Remember this is not the impact position- do not put the hands markedly ahead, weight is […]

Connect Your Elbows To Your Rib Cage

I have found the setup no more difficult than gripping the club, checking my grip pressure and then bringing my arms in close enough to my body that my elbows are in front of me connected to my rib cage without any tension. This is the way I establish my radius to the ball the […]

Ready when the curtain goes up?

Are you ready when you step up to the ball? Imagine when You are on that stage (first tee) the curtain goes up are you depending on Luck or do you have the feeling of certainty? Address is not a position, you should be moving all the time, there should be no absolute still time. […]

Comfortable Relaxed Address position

Tension is the killer of a great golf swing so let’s try to start relaxed! Without a club, Stand tall, lean forward with slight knee flex and let your arms hang from your shoulders. Depending on the length of the club you might change your spine tilt but the rest remains the same. Stay close […]

Full swing posture.

I like to have students bend at the hips only with their arms hanging down until their finger tips touch their knee caps. Then a slight knee flex to find the balance under their shoe laces. Make sure the arms are hanging down loosely and then grip the club so that the hands are just […]

Club face matters most

Always make sure you align the club face first and then use that to align your body. At impact the club face matters most, making sure the face is in a good position at address can make all the difference in the world.

Utilize the Tools You have

The best way to make sure your address position is perfect is to base the setup around the ball. I make sure my students use the golf club as a measuring tool. Our eyes give us incorrect information each and every day. I try to instill a pre shot routine where the student sets the […]

Easiest Set-up Ever !

Grip the club with your right hand only, move into your set-up, left hand on last. Now your perfect every time !

More 3 woods

The question should be whom should be hitting more 3 woods?? As a fitter and instructor my answer would be those Golfers who are starting out in golf. They’re just out there hitting the and have NO control to what they are doing on the golf course. When I started out hitting my driver in […]

Add Loft To Your Tee Shots

If your having trouble getting tee shots in play, just add loft. Most people have more success with a 3-wood off of the tee due to the loft forgiveness factor. While many manufacturers are promoting drivers with more loft on them, players that choose a 3-wood off the tee often drive it better than they […]

It depends.

Simply put more loft is more forgiving (You don’t slice or hook you wedges). So yes the 3-metal will curve less, all things being equal. But the answer lies is speed and distance. If you carry your driver say 250 yards (100 MPH CLUB-HEAD SPEED) I absolutely recommend using a 3 metal for tight driving […]

It All Depends

So, when it comes to decision making off the tee the goal should always be to hit the ball as far as possible while avoiding hazards. Most scratch golfers I coach will hit 3 wood off the tee only when driver distance will get them trouble or the shot shape with 3 word fits the […]

What club do you have confidence off Par 4 or Par 5?

After 30 years of teaching-coaching golf. I have seen where the rubber meets the road off the tee box on Par 4’s and Par 5’s. You can teach-coach the individual what is the higher percentage of success club off the tee in certain tee box decisions. But the reality is the player usually doesn’t stick […]

As always the answer to a golf question is “it depends”

As always the answer to a golf question is “it depends”. The current three woods are not far behind drivers in distance and they often launch lower. There are two factors where a Three-wood may be better for you than driver. One…. if your angle of attack with driver is negative ( which means you […]

When is a 3-wood not a 3-wood?

When you use it as a driver. A large number of golfers persevere with the driver because it is such a rush to hit a great drive, but hitting three fairways out of fourteen and four penalty strokes may beg to differ. The 3-wood has more loft to help get the ball in the air, […]

Long AND Straight

I believe this answer depends a lot on the player. I sacrifice about 20-25 yards from driver to 3 wood but I also drive the ball very straight so I never use 3 wood or any other club off tee for accuracy. Many players I’ve seen in 16 hdcp range and up may be able […]

3 wood go far!

The 3 metal can be a fantastic weapon on the tee box. In fact, many players actually hit the 3 farther than their driver on average. This happens for many reasons: Shorter shaft = center face contact More loft = less side spin More loft = more carry distance for lower club speed I think […]

Driver or 3 Wood Now vs The Past

My answer to this question has changed 100% over the last ten years. Drivers were much harder for the average player to hit 10-20 years ago then they are now. 3 Woods were much easier to hit due to the shorter length of the shaft combined with a more forgiving loft then the standard driver. […]

Situational Strategies

3 wood off the tee is oftentimes not a bad idea. I wouldn’t say you should always hit it instead of your driver (except in situations where you just cannot find control and accuracy with your driver). Most of the time 3 wood off the tee is appropriate when driver is just too much club. […]

Find a 3 wood you love

Everyone needs a trusty 3 wood. And you may hang on to it for many years. I think more people should play 3 woods but they need to practice off of a tee and off the ground. 3 woods are shorter in and length and have more loft so in theory should be more forgiving […]

Hit Your Driver

Most people think they’re more accurate with their 3W than their driver, but that’s not true in countless studies. They’re shorter, for sure, but they’re just as accurate or less so than they are with driver. The driver is easier to hit (it’s larger, you tee up the ball higher) than the 3W, which is […]

Where is the widest fairway landing area

Are you playing from the tee box that corresponds to your carry distance with driver? IF not than you will most likely hit a lot of Drivers in your quest to have less than 3 wood for your second shot 🙂 However, when playing the appropriate tee box it is best to look at the […]

Short club = Accuracy...

Don’t we hit are 9 iron better than are 2 iron?…3 wood is shorter than the driver, that’s why we hit the 3 wood better…Down wind the 3 wood is better than the driver…Also, the driver phycology binds you up…you over swing and do other messed up things with the “Ferrari” of golf clubs!…Fred Couples […]

Ball Speed is the Determining Factor

There are three factors to distance–ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. As a players ball speed drops they better have the other two and the best way to get them is with more loft. I think a lot of middle to high handicappers, especially the ones with slower ball speeds, would be better off […]

Grip Down on Your Driver for Control

First of all ask yourself or fitter, when buying a driver, what loft fits my swing ? The only reason people hit a 3 wood farther than their driver is the loft. The shaft is also shorter in a 3 wood but we can get that length by choking down on the driver like you […]

Seniors, ladies and juniors often need to use a 3 wood off the tee rather than the driver for multiple reasons

Seniors, ladies and juniors often need to use a 3 wood off the tee rather than the driver for multiple reasons. First the curve from a misplaced face angle is not as severe. Second loft is your friend when a player doesn’t have much club head speed. Third good contact may be easier with a […]

Be Smart off the Tee

A player who does not trust their iron game will often use the driver from the tee when they should not. Most players would gladly take an approach shot of 130 to 150 from the fairway, but if they don’t trust themselves from that range, they use the driver, hoping to force the ball a […]

Safe not Sorry

Absolutely more players should use their 3fw metal off the tee. The shorter length and more loft just make it easier to hit the club face more square, which allows for more distance and straighter shots. Players should still work on hitting the driver but if your playing and you have any doubt about hitting […]

The 3/5-wood is your FRIEND!

We all need to think more about using the correct club for our tee shots on each hole . Just because it is a par four or five, doesn’t mean the driver is the best play. Completing 18 holes with the lowest score possible means playing the percentages. If using a three wood off the […]

Swing a three wood with confidence!

Using a three wood off the tee is a great option and tool to have in your bag. There are situations, and certain holes during every round where the choice is given to “get it in play” or “go for it”. The basic risk-reward factor is an important aspect of the game. Many factors need […]

It is personal

This depends on how much you know your game. Some times they both can be either hot or cold. If that is case then I prefer to go with distance and take what I get. The 3 wood makes sense if you know you can strike it in play most of the time. I also […]

Confidence breads club speed

Take a three wood call it nothing call it what you Want, just put the loft on it , off the tee a “brassie” would be better too! We tested people with three woods off a tee in Aspen. The ball was flying as far as the driver which astonished the people, the only thing […]

Let Your Natural Instinct Take Over

Alignment is crucial to finding success on the greens, but overanalyzing your alignment can sometimes do more damage than good. We have all heard at some point to simply draw a straight line on the ball, point the line at your target and your alignment problems are solved. This certainly is a great method that […]

Read, Align, Roll

Alignment in putting is most significant in the shoulders, forearms and hand placement on grip. This enables the player to ‘swing’ the putterhead on an arc that rolls the ball on line without manipulation of hands or wrists.

Pick Your Intermediate Target

When putting- pick an intermediate target about 18 inches in front of your ball and on your start line. Aim at that target and commit to that line then all you have to focus on is distance. When aiming at your target set your club first then your feet and shoulders then take your grip. […]

My toolbelt of alignment aids for putting

A putting mirror, rulers or chalk line are tools to help with proper putter face alignment off the course. But on the course is a different story. One tool that is very popular is the line on the ball. I like to use it on slippery left to right putts since I tend to line […]

Putting Better

When it comes to anything green side, it’s essential to always be very creative. With regards to putting, you should also be extremely creative, even in terms of creating your own drills (probably only if you’re an experienced golfer at around a 15 handicap or better) that you may think are effective. Putting is also […]

Square Club face, Square Shoulders

The most important things to remember when setting up to putt is, use the alignment aid aimed at a spot halfway to the hole. Set the putter down behind the ball square to the alignment aid. Ensure that your shoulders are parallel to the target line. Set your feet parallel to the target line. Eyes […]

Putting Alignment

I think for you to achieve proper putting alignment when playing you need to work on your alignment when practice putting. There are some great training aids for putting that can help you with alignment. The Eye Line putting mirror, the Dirty Larry putting aid attachment, string tied to 2 Tees or simply alignment rods. […]

Aim the Putter to Where You're Starting Your Putt

Aligning is the process after you aim the golf club’s leading edge. Most golfers get aim and alignment confused. You must aim the golf club first. Then align yourself to how the golf club is aimed. The same applies to putting. The difference between putting and all other shots is putting you’re rolling the ball. […]

Eye Line and alignment aid

Two things are key when working on putting alignment. 1.) Proper eye line – your eyes should be directly over the ball in to ensure you are looking down your intended line when looking at the hole. To test this, either use a mirror or place drop a ball to the ground from between your […]

Get a second pair of "Eyes"

Find a PGA or LPGA instructor to stand behind you to check out your: eyes, feet, shoulders, arms, hands, ball position and then don’t leave it short!!!

Putting Position

In order to sink putts, you must be lined up properly. Use alignment rods, when you practice. Here’s how: find a 4 foot putt that is flat and straight, on your practice green. Lay two alignment rods down, parallel to one another and 4 inches apart. Position the rods so the hole is at one […]

Find a Putter you can AIM!

The two most important things in putter fitting is to find a putter the player can AIM and also one that they like the way it looks and feels. That said–putting is very independent and personal. Being able to aim the putter is key, using a line on the ball or the side pole trademark […]


Aiming your putter face to your line and then moving the putter down that line is paramount. How you stand at your putt matters not. More important is what stance (for you) makes it easier and comfortable to see and align yourself to the target line. Experiment with different styles of stance and posture until […]

Accurate putting

To putt more accurately you must understand what “square” is. The putter face must be square to the intended line ( perpendicular). Use an indoor putting Matt or get a 2 X 4 piece of wood that can be used as a target tool. Place toe of putter against the inside of 2 x 4. […]

Set-Up Sequence for Alignment Success

One of the best ways to find proper alignment when putting is to sequence your set-up appropriately. Many amateurs walk into a putt by setting the feet first, then take the grip, and finally try to align the putter face toward the target. Unfortunately, this set up sequence of Body-Grip-Putter can cause players to get […]

Aim Your Clubface First

On any shot, to include putting, aim the face of your club to your intended target first and then work your body into position second. I highly recommend lines on the ball being matched to lines on the putter for correct alignment. Most players are so misaligned that I truly think this is the only […]

Putting Alignment: Different Strokes

There are a myriad of tips and aids to help the golfer aim the putter and stroke along a correctly aligned path, but snapping a simple chalk line for a five foot putt is my favorite. Even a golfing friend can stand behind the line and tell you if the putter is aimed properly and […]

Alignment Rods

When Putting or Full Swing it’s always good to us Alignments Rods. Place one along your Toe Line then place one toward the Hole with this one Tap it with your Putter Face and see if your face is Square. Then take a golf ball and see what happens.

Two fold

I would say the answer is two fold: First, make sure you are able to set up properly to the club. This is done by using either video or a mirror to check your alignments. Once you have done that, you want to then make sure the putter is lined up to the target. Nothing […]

Alignment Factors

You first need to determine whether you need a center shaft or plumbers neck or gooseneck hosel. After that. The weight of the head. The size of the grip. All are factors.

Same swing, different setup

I like my amateur players to keep things simple so I do ‘endorse’ a same swing mentality. I just teach them to set up the body center and spine tilt differently for teed ball, iron swing and short game. That with proper ball position can give them proper attack angle for best contact and ball-flight.

Minute Differences

There are some pros that teach that the driver and iron swings are quite different and there are some pros that teach they are quite the same. The truth is that you really should have the same swing with every club. However, there are some minute differences between the iron swing and the driver swing. […]

Irons VS/ Drivers

I am an advocate that the iron swing and the driver swing should have some differences. When the ball is on the ground it should have a different angle of attack than when it is sitting 2 or 3 inches off of the ground on a tee. Here is Trackman data that I have; PGA […]

Yes and No

This is one of those it depends answer. If you want to have a similar ball flight yes the path and face numbers should be similar. If you want to hit a different pattern it might change. Also the feel might be different but actually look the same. In a perfect world there shouldn’t be […]

Flatten your Swing for Better Drives

When you strike a ball off the ground think of a tilted Ferris wheel with the club mainly working up and down. This means irons, fairway woods and hybrids need down strike for any height in the shot. Ball position needs to be centered and not too far up in stance to create this angle […]

One swing for all.

The golf swing should be the same for all full swings no matter what club is being used. Golf clubs are swung in a circle, the shorter clubs have more arc at the bottom so we take a divot. The longer clubs have less arc at the bottom so less divot. More divot with a […]

Iron out your swing with the Driver...

We have been told to “hit down” on the irons and to “sweep or hit up” on the Driver…I remember Arnold Palmer in 1965 at the Crosby Golf Tournament on the 1st tee at Monterey Peninsula Country Club the old Shore Course hitting down on his driver…Few hours later saw Jack Nicklaus do the same […]

Not even close

Ideal path for a driver is up and 2 degrees right. Ideal path for an iron is down and roughly 2 degrees left that’s a difference of 4 degrees. Irons and woods are built on vastly different angles therefore they cannot swing the same. Most amateurs struggle with driver because they swing it like an […]

Same Swing!

Absolutely!!!! They said in Ben Hogan’s prime if you couldn’t see what club he was swinging you wouldn’t know as every swing looked the same. The key to a repeating swing is to REPEAT IT! Your body gets used to a sequence and that sequence doesn’t need to change unless you are trying to do […]

Many swings and impact positions in golf

The driver and iron swing can be the same, or different, but impact is definitely different. Drivers are teed up in the air and there is more room for error. You can sway, extend and even jump off the ground and hit it. Iron shots, when the ball is on the ground, tend to fly […]

"One whole motion" Keep it simple!

Ideally, I would like each of our students to think of their golf swing as one whole motion, a simple and effective athletic move. If you build a core swing based on a foundation of good fundamentals in a step-by-step routine, and feel your natural rhythm and timing, similar to throwing a ball, the swing […]

Yes and No

You are just one golfer, with one swing. And believe it or not, your swing repeats. Now think about this. How many items are you trying to remember when you make a swing? If you’re like most amateur golfers, you have too many thoughts as you swing. So why would you want to produce a […]

Wider Flat Bottom With Driver

I believe the fundamental swings of tee shots and irons shots are close to the same, as far as the motions, but I also believe the Driver swing should have a flatter bottom or wider approach to impact then an iron swing. I like to use the correlation of the iron swing to the letter […]

Similar but different

I like to describe the golf swing as a U. During the iron swing contact takes place at the bottom of the U. With driver contact takes place on the upswing ideally. With some simple ball placement and making sure you have a bit more spin tilt at address with driver the swings can be […]

The swing is not the same with every club!

The swing is not the same with every club! This is one of the points I make with every first time student unless you’re playing with single length single lie angle clubs Every club is built different and therefore the swing plane with each club changes. Basically a pitching wedge swings much more up-and-down and […]

In order to control your ball flight, you must first learn to control your body!

When working with my students and clients it’s important to me that I share and teach what I’m working on for my own golf improvements. Golf fitness is designed for golf performance, and although we are all very different with a myriad of body types, swing flaws and levels of physical abilities, we all abide […]

Just Beware

This is not necessarily my area of expertise but I do warn my students that some forms of fitness can be beneficial to their game and swing and others could become very detrimental. Be careful and gather good information related to strength, speed and flexibility related to golf and general fitness!

Speed and Accuracy

The answer is: a player can increase swing speed and also increase accuracy. I do not teach my students to slow down. I want them to swing their arms and clubhead as fast as they can on balance and in rhythm and believe that if they utilize proper technique to improve path, face angle and […]

Speed and Accuracy

Can Not answer this question never ready hit the ball far to begin with, but anything is doable. Does the a student or client have the right PATH, Clubface and movements going?? How does ones body hold up??? Is there proof thru Biomachanics?? We only seem to have statics in the Modern Age, what where […]

At Least Stretch

For my junior golfers looking to play college golf or my college players fitness in golf is not an option. I’m partnered with Vault Performance who help assess my players and build a plan for them. For my clients who have full time jobs and struggle to even get time playing golf. I want them […]

For the swing to the player, not player to the swing

Everyone is different. And what’s great about golf is as long as you can hold a club and swing your arms, you can hit the ball. Players who are fit and athletic usually can turn better and can utilize a release with more core, shoulders and hips. On the other hand, people who may not […]

Being Fit is a MUST

I’ve always asked students if they work out or more importantly if they stretch and encourage them to at least stretch if not more. I also work with and recommend a friend who is TPI certified for anyone with physical issues or wanting to get on the right program to improve. I think fitness is […]

Fitness in golf is incredibly important for many reasons.

Fitness in golf is incredibly important for many reasons. Fitness allows lapse golfers a new outlook on playing the game, people who incorporate a regular fitness routine are reaping the benefits of working out. A few years ago, I started a stretching routine by reading the book “Fit for Golf, Fit for Life” by Randy […]

Don’t Be A Punk!

Fitness in golf can sometimes work to give you a competitive edge, that is if you work the right muscle groups. I really like to (also have my students) focus on opposite hand and arm strength, as the swing is an opposite hand and arm swing. Forearm raises and wrist curls (especially with the opposite […]

Fit For Golf

Your commitment to great golf starts with your approach to a healthy lifestyle. A strong cardiovascular routine, an aggressive strength training program and an extensive stretching regimen are all a must for longevity in golf. Get up early! Get in the gym! Commit to fitness every day! Eat healthy. Go to bed early. Drink water. […]

Beating balls...Not beating your body!

There is NO substitute for hitting balls…The golf game is learned on the range not in the gym…Who cares if you can bench press 200 pounds…You just missed a short putt!…Or, better yet, because you are so strong you drove into some ones back yard!…Exercise fitness in your swing…not weights!

A must for anyone who wants to improve their game

Fitness is a serious must for anyone of any age who really wants to improve their game. I have connected with several Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapist and trainers in the area and can send my students to the correct resource for their needs For three years, I have had a small fitness component in my […]

SuperSpeed Equipment Owner-Coach

Yes, you can increase club speed without losing accuracy. But the percentage of amateur players that would fit in that answer check box is lesser than higher percentage. Why? After using the SuperSpeed Adult and Junior equipment sets with tens of students the past two years. I see that players are committed to the journey […]

Yes You Can

I 100% believe you can increase speed without losing accuracy. Most amateurs would be better served starting with better contact and face to path improvement. From there adding more speed will improve distance greatly.

Speed from Timing

Enthusiastically yes! Ever wonder how great shooters in basketball look so effortless from long distance? It’s because of timing, proper sequence of muscle movement and good balance. To stick with the basketball example, a shooter’s motion and power comes from, and starts with, the legs (bigger muscles), then the motion (power) moves up the body’s […]

Swing easy and hit it hard!

The way to increase swing speed without losing accuracy: 1. Proper club fitting 2. Proper club face alignment 3. Proper body alignment 4. Swinging as fast as you can without losing your balance However if you would spend more time chipping and putting to the point of tour quality, you don’t have to worry about […]

Speed and Accuracy

Yes amateur players can both increase speed and improve accuracy at the same time. I am an advocate of SuperSpeed Golf, I have many students who have increased clubhead speed by 10% or more in a short period of time. Increasing speed generally improves mechanics as well as improving both wrist hinge proper release and […]

Use Wrists for Speed

To create speed in your golf swing you must use your wrists! I have so many students who just lift their arms on the backswing and then try to twist their body to create speed on the downswing. This does not work!! Two steps, your forearms have to rotate the toe of the club up […]

Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

Increasing a golfer’s swing speed is a two-part process. 1. Improving arm and hand speed 2. Improving the sequential nature of the swing Arms & hands for speed, and accuracy with improvement in sequencing. As always, good luck with the process !!!

Faster Swing with the Same Swing

Most amateurs try to swing faster or hit the ball harder to gain distance and end up losing a ton of accuracy only to pick up a mile per hour or two of swing speed. The key to building swing speed is to train for a faster swing off of the golf course. There are […]

Speed vs. Accuracy- Not Quite a Fair Debate

Absolutely. Speed vs. Accuracy isn’t quite a fair debate. Most amateur players swing slow and hit it crooked because of poor movement patterns and poor club face control. Think about it: If the club face is wide open during the swing, it’s difficult to swing hard without losing the face completely. Most players slow down […]

It depends

It depends on the golfer and their goals and capabilities. A junior golfer should make those neurological gains because it is fun and usually their swing works better. A beginning adult golfer or a golfer without speed should free up and learn a few key movements that create speed. The old way of thinking was […]

Creating speed and its demands!

If you can appreciate the simple idea of reflexive energy ! You will value the best reasons to pursue more speed! You can’t talk downswing speed without creating more backswing speed in context! If keeping the club head in a more consistent orbit or trajectory is an issue then your most likely swinging to slowly […]

Go For It!

Absolutely! It just depends where in the swing you increase your speed. Whipping the club back quickly and through impact will most likely throw off your tempo. Make sure to keep your body alignment and positioning in sync with your tempo, and focus on increasing your speed through impact. Swinging with a weighted club will […]

Super Speed

I was able to attend a SuperSpeed Seminar in our Section before COVID hit in 2020. I was familiar with the SuperSpeed program because I had already been using the product prior to attending. I found the seminar to be very informative and a nice educational tool. I do believe amateur golfers can increase swing […]

Long and straight shots

Most amateurs can increase swing speed without losing effective accuracy especially if they do it under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Usually the lower the handicap the farther the player hits the ball and they tend to be straighter. If a player is using good fundamentals and increases swing speed they should have the […]

Club Face at the Target

Golf is hard enough as it is. Standing sideways to swing and try to hit the ball straight sounds ridiculous to most. All to often in my lessons do I see students lining up their feet to the target. Not the club face. When we do this we get ourselves crossed up or not even […]

Train Tracks for Proper Set Up

I try to get my students to visualize train tracks for the proper set up. The outer rail being the target line with the club pointed to the target and the inner track the set up line. The set up line includes the feet, knees, hips shoulders and even your eyes. Those lines of alignment […]

Using binocular vision is important

Start by facing the target ( using your binocular vision) and then use either an intermediate target, an imaginary line to the target, or a very distant target to acquire a ball-target relationship. Set feet parallel to this and fire away. If your subconscious minutely adjusts your set-up let it be. Our subconscious is a […]

Full Swing Alignment

When it comes to alignment, a lot of people are really misinformed. They think it’s to aim “just their feet” directly at the target, when in actuality it’s to aim your feet, knees, hips and shoulders “parallel left of the target” so when you reach with the club to make your swing you’re actually aiming […]

Proper Practice

I think that most people need to be much more deliberate when they set up to the ball . Paying more attention to all of the details, joint alignment , pressure from the ground, etc:. Practicing with alignment sticks and practicing a routine can help significantly with learning a consistent set up !!

Align your Clubface First!!

I watch players every day wiggle their bodies into position to swing the club and then lastly set the club behind the ball. Please, reverse that action and after taking your grip place the club behind the ball aiming the face toward the target. This makes it so that even if the strike is not […]

Bring your target close to you

The best way is to bring your target close to you. You need to get behind your ball and pick out your starting line and draw a line back to your ball pick out a piece of grass just in front of your ball. Then your target is close to you and it,s easy to […]

Pre Shot Routine, every time!

Always start standing behind your golf ball and pick out a very specific spot where you want your ball to land. Then approach the ball while aiming the club face at that spot. I am in the club face is imperative for the stance of the body is built always around the angle of the […]

Everything on the target..

Align (right-handed golfers) left shoulder, eyes, hands and ball on target and trust your swing!

Line up with alignment sticks

Using alignment rods when you practice is vital for proper aim. Here’s how to use them: Lay two rods down, side-by-side, 2 feet apart and pointing in the direction of your target. Place a golf ball in the middle of the alignment rods. Stand behind your golf ball and make sure the rods are parallel […]

Train your Eyes and Instincts

Assuming one has a standard pre-shot routine to set up consistently, becoming misaligned is a gradual process. One gets a little off, then a little more, and still, the swing functions. Then a little more and “Boink!” It falls apart. At this point, the use of an alignment stick leads to, “Really? That feels like […]

Dreaded catch 22

By far one of the most critical errors that my students make is incorrect Aim and alignment. It is certainly a catch 22. Do you slice it? If you’re right handed you have to aim left to hit it in the fairway but how do you hit a fade on purpose? you open your stance […]

Golf clubs are like cars...

Well, the retailers on this page are not going to appreciate this but the truth is (in my opinion), golf clubs are like cars. Year to year the technology improves slightly. or multiple technological ideas are melded together into one product. But like car models, drivers from consecutive years are probably very similar to one […]

Priority #1

Without good alignment to your target, you can not expect to play great golf. Golf’s a target game, requiring your aim, then alignment, is spot on each and every shot. To align properly, you must understand that you have to aim something first. That something is the leading edge of your golf club. No matter […]

Preshot routine

Golfers need a proper pre-shot routine in order to align themselves properly. They should understand the importance of aligning the clubface first and then setting their body position accordingly.

Keep Up With Technology

Let’s face it, tour players update their equipment annually, because they are contracted to do so. Each and every one of us who wants to improve our game, should do exactly the same thing! The only deterrent, of course, is the expense. New equipment is the key to advancing our golf game. Research and development […]

Technology: Help Your Game & Learn to Hit New Clubs

Let’s be honest, it is not the clubs, right? Well…maybe. The best golf companies hire exquisite engineers to push the state-of-the-art when designing new clubs, so every few years, it is worth trying out the new equipment. However, make sure you do so with a qualified PGA Professional so that the technology works in your […]

Club fitting and new clubs

Golfers just starting out need to be fitted the most, then golfers whom been playing for a while then advanced. In recent articles I have just read WEDGES need to be replaced every year to 2 years, Irons should be replaced 3 to 5 years and Drivers 5to 6 years. Grips should be replaced every […]

My two cents

I’m inclined to say the average amateur player should be spending more money on instruction and relying on the teacher to advise when new club purchase is needed. Just my two cents.

Do it right and less often

The biggest difference for am and juniors in club fitting is the amount of change a junior can go through. If you have a big clubhead speed increase or junior growth then you need new clubs and fitting. If not much has changed in your swing or game you can wait. The biggest issue most […]

How often should one buy new irons?

For dedicated golfers and practicers, more than 150 rounds per year and consistent practicers, one should consider replacing their irons every 2-3 years. The wear on the faces and grooves will dictate this. As for wedges, every season. If staying with the same bounce and loft and brand, keep the old ones to practice with […]

New Clubs? Not so fast!

Even with the advances in technology- I think the average golfer needs three to five years to fully incorporate the new technology into their games. So probably a couple years after that. Wedges can probably be replaced every couple years.

Test Current Clubs Against New Model

When buying new clubs take your current set with you and head to a reputable shop with a launch monitor. This will track your carry, total distance and spin rate to name a few specs. Then during the fit if they can’t hand you something that increases carry and total distance, stay with your current […]

Feel is real

Every two years there are changes in design and technology. In the last ten years massive advances in golf balls, clubs, putters, and wedges have allowed us all to have a greater choice for a more enjoyable golfing experience. So those that can afford to stay up with the latest in high tech should change […]

Get new irons to reduce side spin or increase ball speed

I see way too many people trying to buy a better game. The job of the iron is to produce higher ball speed and or reduce side spin. If you’re looking to change irons get a fitting (outdoors) using a launch monitor! You want to see what’s wrong with your current numbers i.e.: peak height […]

"Looking for love in all the wrong places"

Driver is the only club that is worth looking at yearly…

Technique and Technology

The average amateur has technique issues and can’t fully take advantage of the technology. Yes the current technology is better than his or her technology but they need to improve their technique. I am a Master Club Fitter and Club Builder. I am a Performance Fitter for Competition. It’s always technique and technology both, it’s […]

Only when...

Only when they are better than your current set. New does not equal better. Better is better. I have a soft spot for old clubs, they work better on their last run. But in general if a new club or clubs perform exceptionally well… Put it in the bag.

Think You Need New Clubs?

With all the technological advances in golf equipment, its easy to wonder if a new this or that would improve your game. Well, new dishes won’t turn a hot dog into a steak, so lessons are a far better investment. That said, my experience has been that the game has changed, and, as I age, […]

Fitting is not just for tour pros…

Repeatable golf swings can benefit from modern club fitting technology. This goes for swings that consistently produce good shots or bad shots. If the club path and club face consistently move through impact changing lie angle and changing shafts can improve dispersion. So getting fit is not just for tour pros! The average high handicapper […]

New Clubs??

It is my belief that the average Amateur golfer if they are content with their scores and distance they hit the ball can have some older equipment. If the amateur is looking to make significant progress in his shot making and scoring then the equipment should be newer. Does not have to be the newest […]

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

It seems that companies come out with the ‘latest and greatest’ technology every year. But if it’s not going to help your game in a drastic way, should you upgrade? Most amateur golfers do not see a big difference in new clubs year to year, but I would recommend changing out your set every 3-4 […]


I get this questions a lot. My answer is generally the same. If you are playing golf frequently and it is a big part of you life you should try and stay up on the latest equipment. If you only play a couple of times a year and do not see that changing in the […]

Grip preference

I tell students that the key to controlling your golf ball is controlling the clubface……..and the only part of the body that touches the club are your hands…….therefore they have the most influence over face position……so if we introduce a proper grip early in their development, they have the best chance of success. A proper […]

Target side hand comes first

We all know what a bicycle wheel with bent spokes would look like. Typically, the wheel has 38 spokes as I recall. The golf swing is like a wheel with your center of balance being the axle. But we only have two spokes–right arm, left arm. And as we swing away from the ball, the […]

Good Golf Begins with a Good Grip

Grip / Hold “Hold the club, don’t death grip it!” Thomas T Wartelle, WGTF & PGA Pro @ttwgolf There is no one standard grip for everyone, only one perfect grip for each individual. Each person’s body is different. Therefore their anatomy dictates each person’s natural wrist and hand position. Once this is found, then we […]

The grip

Very simple I show my clients a picture from Ben Hogan’s 5 Fundamentals or I have them grip what are FORMED GRIPs, Simple as that!!!!!!!

Hold club lighter

The grip is your only connection to the club so we must get the size right to hold the club with the right grip pressure. When the grip is too small you will hold to tight and slow the club down When the grip is bigger you can hold the club lighter and speed the […]

Only when necessary

I strongly feel that the grip is extremely over taught. Squaring the club face at impact is the most important factor and that can be accomplished through a lot of different factors other than grip. Most grip changes can be insanely uncomfortable and unless it has to be done I try to avoid at all […]

Match Up Your Grip

The grip is a very important part of the golf and instruction. The grip is your connection to the club and is important for controlling the club face. Grip changes should be made when 1- you can’t hinge or rotate the club due to your grip 2- your grip doesn’t match how your release 3 […]

Get a grip - depends

With a brand new golfer we discuss the importance of the grip and the face that the hands are the only body parts that touch the golf club. That and the fact that the face is how all shots start, makes it very important to get the hands in a position that promotes a square […]

Simplify Your Grip

Let’s keep this simple, for a right handed player, the back of your left hand to the target, the palm of your right hand to the target, done!! Easiest way to feel this is pick up a yard stick, left hand on first, thumb on top, right hand on, thumb on top. Enjoy hitting the […]

Good Grip, Good Golf...Bad Grip, No Chance!

Good Grip, Good Golf…Bad Grip, No Chance!…Couldn’t be any simpler!!!

How the hands are placed on the golf club will influence everything that comes after

I place the highest emphasis on the grip when working with almost any student. If the player is advanced, I probably would not change the grip. However, with everyone else I most likely would. How the hands are placed on a golf club will influence everything that comes after. For this reason, I believe that […]

Only Connection to the Club Face

I’ve never been one to shy away from changing a players grip–but not right away. I’ve seen way too many “weak” grips in my career and how many folks slice the ball–a LOT. The hands/grip control the club face and if a player senses an open club face due to a weak grip they are […]

The Golf Grip Is No Philosophy!

The golf grip is no philosophy. Any qualified and trained instructor should know these facts with regards to the golf grip. First, the grip has the most influential effect on club face angle at impact, which determines how the ball curves or does not curve in the air. However, there is a correct way to […]

Most important fundamental

Simplest approach to a sound grip is to have the left palm parallel to the angle of the left arm and the right palm parallel to the angle of the right arm and then grip the club with thepalms keeping their position and after gripping be parallel to each other. Should produce a neutral or […]

Grip Keys

The reality is that how a player holds a golf club is critical to his or her ability to influence it. In order to apply forces to swing the club and control the club face, a player must have a functional grip. A poor grip is a (perhaps THE) leading cause of amateur struggles. The […]

The Clubface Mirrors the Grip

The grip is the most important fundamental in golf because it is the only part of the body touching the club. The way a person grips the club and the pressure in which they hold the club go a long way in determining the outcome of a shot. I have never given a first time […]

It’s the most important fundamental

To illustrate the importance of grip I will generally hold the club in 1 finger (index finger with heel pad on top) I will tell my student to pull it out of my hand. The student will usually look at me funny then pull like crazy and watch in amazement as the club does not […]

Know your miss

Every player needs to understand the difference in a strong, neutral, and weak grip and become comfortable with adjusting to his or her needs. If the student is missing right consistently, strengthen the grip by rotating the left hand to the right and/or the right hand to the left. This will help the clubface rotate […]

In the Fingers!

Far too many people grip the golf club in the palms. If you grip the club on the ground like you would at setup, it naturally sits across the palm. Instead, grip the club in the air so your fingers can go “across” the grip rather than down the grip. I tell many students that […]

Samurai Chop Grip

The lead hand on the grip needs to be what I call “built up on top” of the handle with two knuckles showing and in the fingers while the face is square. This gives you leverage to “Chop” the club and have control of the face. The trail hand needs to cover the lead hand […]

Grip - Keep it Simple

At the risk of sounding overly simplified – the grip is one of the most important fundamentals any golfer should learn. So important that Arnold Palmer’s father put his hands on the club and told him not to move them. Jack Nicklaus would return to his teaching professional every year for a fundamental tune-up. It’s […]

Get a Grip!

When playing your best golf, you are no doubt completely relaxed and enjoying yourself, right?!When you start to play poorly, however, it is typically a result of tension in your body, specifically from tight grip pressure. My advice is to keep your grip pressure soft! Try this: during your pre-shot routine, take a deep breath […]

A good grip is the key to good golf!

Grip position and pressure. Proper grip position and grip pressure are two of the most important fundamentals in the game. It is very important to understand and establish both for any player who wishes to play the game at a high level and consistently strike the ball well. In general, the club should be held […]

Your Grip Controls the Clubface

Many ways are talked about in moving the golf ball left or right but it’s really pretty easy! By changing your grip your ball will curve, let’s talk about it! In right handed player terms, if you show more knuckles on your left hand grip, the ball will curve left! If you set your left […]

Swing smooth, stay down, and hit it solid!

Here are a couple of simple keys that will help the inexperienced golfer make consistently solid contact, minimize, and eventually eliminate topped shots. Generally, there are two reasons for hitting the top of a golf ball. One is going at it too hard and quick, over accelerating the hands and arms, which either leaves the […]

Topping the golf ball? Get closer to it then

All the time when some one tops the golf ball they say; “Ooops, I lifted my head”! Balderdash I say. Instead, you just need to get closer to the ball. When your body is positioned too far from the golf ball, your arms have to make up the difference by you pushing them away from […]

Get tall and stay there

The obvious response is hit the bottom of the ball, but how? Lots of topped shots occur when there is a significant amount of lift on the backswing and players are not able to swing the down down into the bottom of the ball. Try standing taller at address and keeping the middle of your […]


There are a few corrections for dropping the ball but they are all based on the type of topped shot you’re hitting. The shortened lead arm (chicken wing) can be corrected simply by knowing that and extending the arm or reestablishing the full radius. “Late” topping where the body gets to the ball well before […]

3 ways to top a shot

Whenever a player hits a top there are three things that may have happened. One might simply be distance away from the ball or ball position left or right in the players stance. Use alignment sticks and make sure you’re not too far away from the ball address or that you have the ball either […]

Fix the Tops- Fix Your Radius

Topped shots result when a player’s swing radius shortens through impact. This can happen several ways, but most common is over-bending of the arms. To remedy this, two easy drills: 1) Place a tee in the ground a few inches in front of the ball being hit. Make sure the tee is level with the […]

Impolite to tap someone on the head!

It’s not topping the ball…It’s tapping it on the head…You need to spank its bottom!!!

Steep Top

The dreaded steep top, that’s a shot where a player hits the top of the ball due to the swing direction being so left and steep (for a right handed golfer). The clubs low point ends up being well in front of the ball especially with longer clubs. A good way to fix or improve […]

Swing through the ball

One of the biggest issues I see with students that top the ball is that they are trying so hard to “HIT” the ball that they lose focus of the target. The club is coming down on top of the ball as they try to lift it in the air. Frustrating to watch it roll […]

Stop the Topping

Topping is usually caused from a player bending their arms. The arms represent the radius of the swing, if the radius gets short, the player will not hit the ground. As the handicaps go up, players usually don’t move into their lead side nearly fast/earlier enough in the downswing. Because of the lack of forward […]

Topping the Ball

A number of things can result in a topped shot, but a primary concern is balance. If you focus on nailing the finishing position in perfect balance, with the weight almost entirely on the target side foot at the end with the body facing the target, this should allow the club to impact the ball […]

Use the ground

The downswing starts from the ground. Fire your right foot and right knee get your right knee past the ball and get all your weight to the outside of your left ankle. It will help you hit down thru the ball.

Proper transition

Topped shots are caused by the shortening of the arms on the way thru, which is caused by improper weight shift. Start with more weight on your back leg at address, and finish with more weight on your target leg. This will allow your arms to extend and no more topped shots !!!

The top is not caused by lifting your head!

There are actually 3 types of tops….one is from a path of the club that is coming down too steep into the ball so the club hits the top of the ball. Just like a plane coming in on a steep landing in order to avoid the ground the pilot pulls up on the plane. […]

K.I.S.S. Fix

The topped shot is a very common mistake amongst many amateur golfers, especially those new to the game. I’ve seen all too many (so called) pros try to fix their students with all the wrong answers, trying to make it this hugely complicated issue to fix the problem, when the answer is really super simple […]

3 ways to top a shot

The topped shot is usually followed by someone saying “I came out of it” or “I lifted my head”. Those things might be true but if you focus on what the club head is doing just before & after the offense, maybe you can solve the problem better. Top #1 is the shallow top. This […]

Taking The Top Off of Topping

Topping, or hitting the top of your ball with the bottom of your club, is much more common for newer golfers meaning we generally grow out of it. However- the slightly less ugly shot are just thin shots which we can always do and they are basically topping but just a little better. These shots […]

Be Athletic

Good golf shots begin with good posture and a good grip. Most people that top the ball have a poor concept, posture and/or grip. Most people have been told to keep their head down and arms straight…both of which have a tendency to lead to topped shots. If you want to stop striking the top […]

Upper Story and Lower Story

Topped Golf Shots are a cause of club face leading edge at lowest groove line of club impacts the north pole of the golf pole. Actually the golf ball has so much top spin from this club ball collision that it makes ball go down into the ground. The next time you top a golf […]

Topped Shots

The most common reason that I see for topped shots is most beginners and higher handicap players are trying to lift the ball up in the air with an ascending swing. When the ball sits on the ground it requires a descending swing, when the ball sits 2 or 3 inches up in the air […]

Ball Postion and Chix Wing

The 1st thing I see when teaching with video, most golfers play the ball to far up in their stance especially Irons. They have a tough time trying to find the Bottom of there Arc. The other cause I see is that Golfers Chicken Wing (or there lead Elbow Bows away from body). To find […]

Brush the Grass!!

A golfer can come out of proper posture before impact for a variety of reasons. Good arm extension, knee flex, and spine posture through impact helps us stay ‘level’ and gives the player a chance to strike the ball and ‘brush the grass’ or take a divot afterwards. Lifting the shoulders, chicken-winging the elbows, pushing […]

Improved lower body

The most common cause of topping that I see is caused by the lower body rocking laterally off the ball. Once the player has moved away from the ball it is hard to return the club to the proper impact position. Try stabilizing the lower body on the back-swing by improving posture and making an […]

Coming out of posture or lifting up

Usually coming out of posture or lifting up will cause the club to rise as it approaches the ball. The other cause is lack of extension of the arms that don’t allow the club to get down to the ball. Lastly, the lack of club awareness to intentionally hit the ground while striking the ball […]

Take a divot

Physically impossible to top a golf shot if you take a divot. Take a divot to cure the tops!

'Pre shot nerves' or the desire to help the ball in the air.

There are many causes of the ‘topped shot’ but many are caused by ‘Pre shot nerves’ or the desire to help the ball in the air. Both can be corrected by the golfer with some proper set up and mental corrections. Many golfers are taught and over stress about ‘keeping their head down’, most of […]

Correcting a slice

Slices can have multiple root causes, but the answer is simple: The face points to the right of the path (for a right hand golfer) at impact. Causes can be: 1: A grip that is too weak causing the face to point to the right. 2: An outside in swing path 3: Poor hand/wrist action […]

Stabilize the Face

The typical high handicap or novice golfer will roll their club face open on the backswing. Their club face moves very low and inside on the backswing. By low and inside, I mean the club is behind them early and too flat as compared to their shoulder plane at address. This under the plane backswing […]

Face or Path??

The simple physics (for right handed player) in putting slice spin on ball is that the face angle at impact is to the right relative to the club path. I will usually examine those two variables and the swing to establish if either is a strength and change technique to correct the other as much […]

The Clubface Sends It; The Swingpath Bends It!

Components of Solid Ball Striking Thomas T. Wartelle, PGA & WGTF Professional Facebook @ Instagram : @TTWGOLF The short answer: There is only one cause of a slice. The clubface position at impact is open to the path of the club at impact. The differential between the face and path determines the amount of curvature […]

Slicer Fixer Upper

Most common causes of a slice is pulling in towards your left hip as your come through the ball. This causes side the face to move/rotate open on impact. Creating a side spin as it comes off of the clubface. The placement of your eyes is a major factor as well. Looking at the side […]

“Fix Your Grip”

Most golfers who slice have a weak grip with the left hand. Just keep moving your left hand over to a stronger position til the slice becomes a pull and you’ll be on your way to a better game !!!!

Fix Your Slice

Slicing the golf ball is one of the most common shot shape of amateur golfers. The most common issues golfers make are setup (aim, grip, stance, & posture), sequencing (topdown vs bottom up), and loss of lag through the down swing. In the linked video I discuss 5 ways to fix your slice and give […]

Slices start with a bad grip.

If you were going to take 1 golf lesson and get your money’s worth as a new golfer it would be wise to spend it on the grip. The grip is the only thing connecting you to the club and has a huge impact on your ability to square the face. Too many golfers grip […]

Fix your takeaway for a better swing

The most common issue I find for beginning golfers is not the set up or even rotation. It is how to start the golf swing and take the club away properly. Without a proper takeaway we have no chance at a great golf swing. We want to feel connected with the golf club as we […]

Fix That Slice!

Are you slicing the ball? Are you frustrated? Let’s fix it! The most common error that amateur golfers make, which leads to a slice, is poor alignment! When your feet are aimed one way and your shoulders are aimed another way, you’re in trouble! I find that with most right-handed golfers who SLICE, poor alignment […]

Pre-swing Fundamentals should be the main focus!

Golfers must understand that the swing that produces a slice is the result of poor fundamentals before the club starts in motion. The grip controls the club face and is usually one of the root causes of a slice, so gripping the club properly is paramount. From there alignment and ball position take center stage. […]

Chip Beck drill

I believe that the most common cause of the slice is the body outracing the arms on the downswing, thus forcing the arms out and over the target line. In order for the ball not to go straight left, the club face is kept open, which causes the ball to curve drastically from left to […]

Lower Body

One of the most common issues I see with beginners and also higher handicap players is proper lower body movement. I believe the lower body movement is very similar to the motion of throwing a ball. Hogan described it as skipping a stone, or I would say throwing side arm. To many players either don’t […]

Close the toe of clubhead

You need to see the second knuckle on your left hand at address shoulders on insides of feet left foot open about 45 degrees turn chest hips going back then push off the ground right foot right knee and start closing the toe of clubhead coming down and hit all the way thru with left […]

Setup and Swing Path

Slices come from putting a spin on the ball from left to right (right handed golfer). The spin on the ball is caused by the path of the club through impact. Slice spin comes from an outside to in swing path. Many techniques are taught on how to fix a slice. Start with your setup. […]

Fix the grip, fix the slice

The root cause for the majority of slicers that I see is a weak positioned grip. It leads to in-swing issues that are simply the body’s way of trying to correct the open face caused by the poor grip. The best way to correct it is to see your local pro and have him show […]

Most Common Cause Of A Slice

The most common cause of a slice is an out-to-in club path with an open face at impact. The drill that I like to have students use to work in this is a drill involving the use of an alignment stick and a swim noodle. Take the alignment stick and push it into the ground […]

It's Path or Face... or Both!

A golf ball will slice because the club face is open to it’s path at the moment of impact, now which is the bigger issue for you? Is it an Open Club Face or is it the “Out-to-In” Club Path? Many times they work off each other, if you swing across your body you might […]

Starts with a turn

The most common slice I see is the classic “over the top” where the club cuts across the target line. The face angle is open to that path; otherwise you’d see a pull. Although this path is often caused by “throwing” your hands from the top (casting), I believe the root of the problem starts […]

Faulty connection to the handle

A slice is all due to a faulty connection to the handle. What I mean is putting hands on the Handel in a position that causes the clubface to be open at impact. The number one drill that came out of a test on lots of people on how to cure a slice , came […]

Fix That Slice!

Are you slicing the ball? Are you frustrated? Let’s fix it! The most common error that amateur golfers make, which leads to a slice, is poor alignment! When your feet are aimed one way and your shoulders are aimed another way, you’re in trouble! I find that with most right-handed golfers who SLICE, poor alignment […]

Know your clubface and path

Where is your clubface at impact? What is the path of the club? If your clubface is open to your path (path to the left, clubface aiming to the right for example), this is a main cause of slicing. Drill: Slow down the swing (75% slower), and learn/feel to match the clubface with the path. […]

Slicers & their swing path

The first thing to know about slicing is if you slice-it is because the face of your club is open to the swing path. The most common swing path with slicers is when they swing outside to in, meaning for a right handed golfer- their club is swing too far to the left as they […]

Turn your shoulders and complete your backswing

In my opinion, many times when I see golfers hitting a slice, they never fully turn their shoulders or get their left shoulder behind the ball. I try to have students feel like their left shoulder is completely under their chin and behind their golf ball at the top of their backswing.

I don't have golf clubs

With Covid 19 and more people taking golf lessons people are showing up with no clubs. As a fitter too I recommend the box set to get people get off the ground. If working with someone for 2 years guide the client to an upgrade.

A Couple Big Common Issues

Here are the 2 most common problems I see with beginner golfers. The first is the slice. It is a common problem amongst many beginners because most beginner golfers don’t usually know how to grip the club properly, which has a direct affect on club face angle through impact and side spin. The second most […]

Be Better at the Basics

The most common issues I encounter with beginning golfers are faulty grip, poor posture and bad sense of alignment. It is not that they are not good with the basics, but most newer golfers are either unaware of the proper check points or have been misguided by a friend or family member. With newer golfers, […]

Educate and Welcome Beginners

Beginners need two things: First to be welcomed at facilities and made to feel comfortable. Second, they need to educated as to some basics of the game if wanting to go play. For example know the importance of playing without delay, searching for balls, putting out and picking up. They also need to know the […]

It all starts with a solid foundation

I have never given a first time lesson (especially to a beginning golfer) and not addressed a grip and or posture issue. Beginning golfers try all the time to keep their heads still or down (which is total nonsense). Most beginning golfers also try to keep their arms very straight (which leads to very rigid […]

Reboot Your "Computer"

Too often, the beginning golfer comes to the lesson tee overloaded with bad information and the idea that a golf swing is a series of “must” positions to achieve that they’ve learned from well meaning friends/spouses. It would serve most quite well to accept the adage, “Everything you know is wrong!” when it comes to […]

Be Yourself

Most amateurs who’ve had a taste of golf get sucked into the thought that there’s a perfect way to swing to club. I try to impress on amateurs interested in improving that often the one piece of the swing they neglect is to take advantage of the skills they already possess, rather than trying to […]

Keep it simple

Most beginners swing with their arms, instead of rotating to shift their weight. (Back to the target and belt to the target.) That brings us to #2…They think more about the backswing than the delivery. You see some great players with unusual backswings but they swing to the target line and finish in balance.

They did not learn the game from the hole backward

The most common issue that I see with beginning golfers is that they did not learn the game from the hole backward. So that is where I start with them. It’s not as sexy as hitting the long ball but your skill of club face control and ball control is developed. Also as the distance […]

I am not good enough for fitted clubs

If you start with ill-fitted clubs, you will have bad habits that will be hard to break.

Golf's a Target Game

The biggest issue I am asking most all my clients to work on and make as perfect as possible is their aim and alignment to their intended target. With all shots! Golf is a game of targets. And if you’re not aimed properly to your target, you significantly reduce your ability to hit your target. […]

Concepts Matter

Poor concepts of how a golf swing is suppose to get a ball in the air and moving at a target is the greatest hinderance to good results. They believe the ball is “lifted” into the air by the club in a scooping motion. They also believe the ball should fly straight. They need to […]

Where am I and where am I going?

The biggest issue I encounter with beginners is how uncomfortable and uninviting a golf course atmosphere can be. Not knowing where the golf shop, practice facilities, first tee, and most importantly bathrooms can be a huge issue. Please know that all golf professionals want and need business so any questions that lead to you being […]

Masters Favorite

My pick for the Masters this week is Jordan Speith. He has been in good form and he is very comfortable at Augusta.

Jon Rahm for the win

I really like Jon Rahm this week at the Masters. I believe the winner will be someone who drives it long and straight who has a great short game to match. You need to be a complete player to win here and I believe Jon Rahm is the complete package. In addition, his wife just […]

Hot Hand

I’d have to say I like Justin Thomas. He’s in great form and I don’t like DJ’s chances (hard to win back-to-back majors) or Jordan Spieth (hard to win back-to-back weeks). This one is wide open though and won’t be surprised to see a new winner or a former major winner step up. My heart […]

El Nino for the win

I like Sergio Garcia. He has won before there so he has the experience. He is playing well going in and seems to a new found confidence in his putting. He has always been one of the best ball strikers.

Horses for Courses

I believe that the players who score well at Augusta National seem to score well there every year. So my pick is a repeat with Dustin Johnson because he won in November by 5, he knows how to play the course now and he says he is feeling good about his swing – that’s enough […]

JT putting on green jacket

I’m going to run with Justin Thomas putting on his first Green Jacket at the Masters this week. Justin has the ability to hit his irons at a nice high trajectory which should be an asset because it sounds like Augusta is running pretty firm and fast. I also like that he has great distance […]

Bernhard Langer- A Master Winner

My choice is Bernhard Langer. He is a two-time Masters champion. Bernhard turned pro in 1972. In 1986, he became the sport’s first official number one ranked player. At 63 years old, he is a long shot. But in my book, he will always be a Master Winner in golf and life.

My pick...Bryson De Chambeau

My pick…Bryson De Chambeau he will attempt to over power the course and if it comes off will make it a pitch and putt course. Putting at Augusta will be the only thing that could derail his attempt. Tiger did it, hit the ball into places no one had hit the ball to in length […]

Aussie wins the Master's

Cameron Smith is going to win the Master’s. The 28 year old Aussie has been knocking on the door this year with good finishes in The Players Championship and Genesis Invitational. Both of those courses favor good ball strikers as does Augusta National. Add that to his two top five finishes at Augusta, T5 in […]

Ride the Hot Hand

I like Jordan Spieth. There’s a lot to say about confidence heading into a Major, particularly at Augusta where you already know the shots to hit. There’s less “surprising” shots and sightlines when you’ve played 30-40 rounds on the course already. Spieth also has a tremendous career record at The Masters, and the return to […]

Louis for the win

I like Oosthuizen because his putting stats are at the top. I look away from the most popular picks, because they won’t pay out that much. And I don’t pick guys that were hot 4-8 weeks ago, because everyone has peaks, and they don’t last forever. Good putting is a must at Augusta. Louis is […]

Masters favorites

It appears that the powers that be will have ANGC running fast and firm this week. Absent of any inclement weather to soften it up, the Champion should come from the group of players with the most controllable game, and, of course, the great putters. Look out for Webb Simpson, who hits it plenty far, […]

Ricky Fowler is ready...

Ricky Fowler is an excellent putter…You need to be an excellent putter for 4 days!

Winner Winner CHix Diner

Justin Thomas hits it out there far enough, hits it High and can roll the ROCK.

Jordan Spieth comin on strong

Jordan Spieth is the best putter on tour in my opinion. He also has one of the best short games. His full swing seems to be rounding into shape as well, especially since he just won this past week. Finally, he is a former Masters champion. All these make him my pick.


Just had a baby Life is in a great place

Louis Oosthiuzen

Number 2 in total putting entering the masters and always plays Augusta well. To me whoever is putting really well always has a chance to win at Augusta.

Jordan Spieth

I do not think there is a clear favorite to ever win the Masters, but I do think Jordan Spieth will have a great week and be a top three finisher. He has played some magical golf at Augusta and seems to have a great connection with the course. His short game is a great […]

Spieth Wins again!

Jordan Spieth has discovered his Magic at the Masters once again. Augusta rewards the best putters and there is none better than Jordan Spieth.

Tony Finau WILL break through!

After dislocating his ankle at the Masters Par 3 a few years ago, Tony Finau has been a staple at the tournament and always a threat to do serious damage. Effortless power and a strong short game is the key at Augusta these days, and Finau’s putter is starting catch a hot streak. The most […]

Working the ball and putting

Overall, Bryson De Chambois. Long and works the ball. The student of the game that seldom loses focus and can putt. That is what it takes to play Masters.


One of the best things about golf today is that there is a huge number of players who can win Majors. Look at what has happened in the women’s game over the past few years. Very few of the “so called favorites” have one–I bet no one had Patty Tavatanakit on their radar screen. The […]

Louis Oosthuizen

Could be the best swing in golf and he plays usually plays well at the National.

Bryson Part 2

I think he learned from his last trip to Augusta. He will be ready for the challenge and ready to win it.

new daddy

I think John Rahm will win he hits that left to right cutter and putts it well.He is a new Daddy and will be highly motivated to play well

First time long shot

I like Tony Finau or Viktor Hovland this week!


Kevin Kisner . He’s going to get hot Th and Friday. Then show some grit and hang on to win in a three way playoff.

Look to the Top 10

Any one in the field could win this year’s Masters Tournament. But look to the Top 10 ranked in the world as your favorites. Because of either personal or professional connections, I’ll be hoping either Bryson DeChambeau or Colin Morikawa dawns the Green Jacket Sunday evening as either wins their 2nd major. Justin Thomas and […]

Tony Finau

I think Tony has amazing potential, and is great underdog pick. He stays steady finishes in top 10. Bit can go on a hot steak at any moment.

Rahm, first of many major victories!

I would like to repeat my statement from five months ago,….. Jon Rahm is my pick to win the Masters! To win a major championship, it takes a combination of talent, heart and soul, power, and a passion for the game. Mix these in with great touch around the greens, laser focus, and a relentless […]

“Jason makes the Day”

To play well at Augusta National, a player must have a well-rounded game and possess an unbelievable short game within 50 yards from the green. Green reading, speed control, club selection, targets, angles, are just a few of the skills necessary to navigate the course. And finally, do you possess the emotional skills to be […]

Cameron Smith

His game sets up great for Augusta especially due to his short game prowess.

Justin Thomas wins the Masters

Justin Thomas is my pick to win the Masters.

Speith, Who Else??!!

Jordan Speith has been trending all year and with a breakthrough win last week and his short game sharp, this is a easy bet!! If it stays firm and fast that also helps his long game accuracy. Bet the ranch, go Jordan!!

Nose over your front toe.

Increasing spin on a chipshot requires a couple of very simple things. First it helps to play with a softer golf ball and a sandwedge that is less than 30 years old. Professional golfers typically change out their wedges every three months, the average golfer changes his wedges out every century. From a technique standpoint […]

Friction is the key

Long story short friction is how we get a ball to spin on the green. You can increase friction by adding speed and not letting (water, grass or dirt) get in the way. You do this by having clean grooves and newer grooves. The technique to add spin is setting up fairly neutral hitting a […]

Best way to get spin on chip shots

Every shot that you hit has spin on it (well struck shots have backspin and poorly struck shots may have forward spin) but they all have some kind of spin. In order to get more backspin for stopping power, here are the three things you’ll need. A clean face, good clean contact on the ball […]

Keep it simple

Pitch and run is a stroke of brushing the grass, Stop and little forward motion or even backspin is the same motion. The arc becomes more abrupt on the takeaway and more of a punch and hold on the down swing.Light grip , as in putting, gives you feel, but see your spot where you […]

Spin to Win.........

Open up your 56 degree wedge and hit it off the toe of the club hitting across the ball…

3 steps for “Spinny Chips”

1) Use a premium soft ball like a prov, chrome soft or tp5 2) minimize grass between clubface and ball at impact. Practice from fairway or 1st cut. 3) let your chest and hips rotate thru impact slightly to help keep the heel of the club moving. So have a slight “pivot” and keep clubface […]

3 things to spin the ball

1. Clean club with sharp edges 2. A ball with a softer cover 3. A firm surface to hit off, it is hard to spin a ball out of the rough. Use a lofted club like a 56 or a 60 degree wedge. Play the ball very close to the back foot with the club […]

Favorable Condition's that create backspin

The conditions that increase backspin on chip shots are 1clean sharp groves 2 golf ball with spin capability3 closely mowed tight turf 4high loft club 5delivering club face at sharply descending angle6 forward leaning shaft7 club accelerating thru impact By assessing these condition the player can judge the amount of backspin the shot will create […]

2 of 5 Important Factors

There are 4 fundamentals to a good setup position that every golf pro should teach. They are grip, alignment, posture and ball position, which we could discuss in more detail if you contact me. But, I like to add a fifth, which is distance from the ball. There are 2 (of these 5 fundamentals) that […]


I get this one a lot and my common answer is you need to learn how to swing down on the ball. The goal is to have proper ball then turf contact. The problem is with many players they tend to flip the club at the ball or try and lift the ball up in […]

Feet together

Put your feet together touching. Place the ball in front of a particular toe on your right foot (assuming you are right-handed) Say middle toe for your driver. Then take your stance without moving your left foot. The ball will be in the same position every time no matter where you are.

Prepare before you move the club

grip- see second knuckle on left hand when you look down right hand on side of grip- you can use a 10 finger grip for more speed. Stance- shoulders on inside of feet-set weight more to right leg like 70 right 30 left. Ball position Driver off left instep long irons/hybrids for right handed player […]

Getting ready for higher swing speeds.

To be well prepared to swing a driver long irons and hybrids at the club speed they need you should have an “athletic readiness” set up. Example a wider stance for balance, a solid posture position, bend from the waist and slight knee bend to activate or engage your trail foot speed, leg action and […]

Set up correctly to spin the ball on short shots.

To put a little spin on the ball around the green you must first understand that you have to strike the ball at the bottom of the downswing. To do this requires a good set-up. Start with a narrow stance and position the ball a little back of the center in the stance. Lean the […]

Little step, big step.

For Drivers, long irons and hybrids, we usually simply say, ball in the front of your stance. Not everyone will be the same but basically if you set up to the ball with your feet together and the ball between your big toes, now take a small step wider with the target side foot and […]

Proper Set Up Routine

Set up routine where you reference the ball position with the lead foot and width of stance with the trail foot. Left hand remains opposite inside of left thigh on all shots. Ball position will determine shaft alignment with left arm as well as secondary spine tilt.

Set the Club First

The first thing to do when setting up to hit a long club is to set the face behind the ball aimed at your target. You should also focus on “soling” the club flat on the ground so that neither the toe or the heel are up off the ground (see photo below). From there […]

Use the Natural Position of the Club!

Each golf club in your bag is built to have a natural shaft lean, either forward, backward or vertical. The key to finding the correct setup position is to make sure the club is placed on the ground in its natural position. A 60 degree wedge for example has a massive natural forward shaft lean […]

Grass is a Small Tee

Hitting a fairway wood is probably the most difficult thing to do from a fairway lie in golf. The lack of loft and narrow margin of attack angle make it easy to miss hit due to thin or heavy shots. First, think of that ball sitting on a short tee made of grass. There is […]

Home of Golf

The 1st and 18th at St. Andrews are tough to beat. Besides being the home of golf, there are always people around like a small gallery of fans that are more than willing to show their appreciation of a well hit shot with applause. Don’t let this opportunity pass you up if you can help […]

Hitting Fairway Woods

If lofted fairway woods are a challenge, the golfer probably has the low point of the swing behind the ball. Try to get your weight on your front foot at impact so you can sweep the club on the ground If lofted woods are fine but a 3-wood is challenging, I suspect the golfer cannot […]

Weight transfer into ball is your best bet

The length of the club combined with the ball forward in the stance requires good timing for good contact. You must rotate and shift your balance to the forward foot to time the strike at the ball. The tendency is to hang back which causes the club to ground out behind the ball creating chunks […]

It’s All in your Mind

Fear is not real, stop practicing fear ! Danger is real , and you are not in danger hitting your 3 wood! . Put the ball a smidge more forward in your stance, angle your spine a smidge to your trail side , and swing !

Fully Turn Your Chest

When golfers get tight they shorten their turn. So make sure you fully turn your chest on the backswing and your chance of good impact increases

Fairway wood fear

For most of us, the fairway wood can present a challenge. With its long length and lack of loft, it certainly is one of the most difficult club to hit. I advise my students to make sure the ball position is forward enough in one’s stance. Then put your hands a bit forward as well, […]

Nip the Turf

To make better consistent contact with fairway metals off the turf try and nip the turf. Practice sweeping the grass and hitting the ball at the bottom of your swing arc. Ball position is important as well. make sure your ball is positioned where your club bottoms out. This will help you nip the turf […]

Ditch the 3 wood

Ditch the 3 wood and buy a 5 wood.

Try to use your MESS - most effective swinging speed

The 3 fairway especially is a battle. One getting the ball in the air high enough although there are 16.5 degree 3 fairway woods now. Two The player is the farthest from the green when using it and the level of effort goes up considerably, beyond normal. Consequently your swing can get “violent” out of […]

Loosen your grip

Unless you have a great lie forget trying to hit a 3 fairway wood. Use a heavenwood or a 7 fairway wood. The most important thing to work on to correct the problem is to make absolutely sure you are not gripping the club too tightly and that your shoulders are relaxed and not scrunched […]

Fairway Wood Hitting

I think the fear from hitting the fairway wood stems from amateurs using too little loft to hit the ball in the air. Too often I meet students that think they must hit a 3 wood because it will go further. This is simply not the case as it is a product of launch conditions. […]

How to decide on 14 clubs

Deciding on 14 clubs can be a confusing endeavor with so many options out there. The only two clubs we know we need is a putter and a driver. How do we decide on all the clubs in between? This really depends on club head speed and how far you carry your clubs. In general, […]

Finding the Ideal Set Makeup...

Finding the ideal set composition varies for every player, but there is one thing that should be a constant. Get the correct clubs in your bag that you will use, not what looks cool! When it comes to finding your ideal set makeup, you should look no further than your local PGA Professional or a […]

Take Your Time

I have worked with hundreds of golfers that have clubs in their bag that they don’t use. Most of the time it is because they have no confidence in them, or they don’t know how far they go. My recommendation when it comes to club fitting is to take your time. Take the time to […]

Start with a Professional Fitting to Fill the Gaps in Your Bag

There is no longer a cookie cutter set of clubs that fits every golfer. We encourage golfers to set up a fitting with a golf professional that uses a launch monitor to make sure you have the right mix of clubs for your game. Some golfers like hybrids versus long irons and this means this […]

Replace your long irons with

People ask me all the time for help with their long irons. And the first thing I tell them is to get a three, four and five hybrid to replace those long irons. Hybrids are far more effective option; for those of us with average to below average clubhead speed; than the long iron because […]

Set Make-Up

The best thing anyone can do is consult with their PGA Professional. They will help standardize the gaps between your clubs for consistency top to bottom. Higher handicap golfers should favor higher lofted clubs. For example, a 16°-18° fairway metal can be easier to get of the ground; hybrids will be more forgiving than long […]

Set make up

When you are thinking of the clubs in your bag there are no stock answers. Club companies do not have a standard loft for clubs. Realizing that loft is your friend think about having higher lofted woods/ hybrids at the top of your set. We saw this weekend at the TPC, players with 21degree 7woods. […]

Know Your Distances!

There are a lot of options in equipment these days and with only being able to carry 14 clubs in your bag, picking the correct set configuration can certainly help lower your scores. The key to knowing what you need is to understand your personal game and most importantly, how far you ‘carry’ the ball […]

Trust your PGA Professional!

Coming up with a 14 club set make up has a lot of variables. Consult your PGA Professional, this is what they do; help golfers improve their game through instruction and club fitting. It has been my experience that most golfers (excluding professionals and elite amateurs) over estimate their ability. Their shafts are too stiff […]

Perfect 14 Club Equipment Golf Set

This question for the perfect 14 club set is very open ended for most golfers, because your clubs have to match the player. Case in point is a recreational golfer vs competition golfer. Both love the game. Both have different skills and priorities on the golf course. The recreational golfer has been told in the […]

One-Piece Takeaway

There are a thousand reasons a player could be hitting the ball poorly, but I think one thing that’ll help most golfers is a one-piece takeaway where everything works together. To practice this, setup in 2 steps: 1) Take your regular setup with hands dangling out over your toes 2) Leaving your right hand where […]

Keep it simple

The backswing positions the club and your plane. Low and slow is good advice for most. The shoulders will set your plane and most will depend on your stature. Better yet, I like the the drill that Justin Rose often uses. Hold your angle close to impact and all will be okay. Repeat and repeat.

"Hands touch the sky"

Backswings can be short and quick at times…Let’s all of us get our hands to touch the sky on the top of the backswing…Jack Nicklaus in his prime did this the best!

"You don't hit the ball with your backswing sonny!"

Pretty funny story about a tour pro that was new on the Ben Hogan staff and asked Ben to watch him hit some balls. Ben watched and gave him a tip that had to do with something in the down swing. The player though, asked a question about his backswing….”You don’t hit the ball with […]

Think Baseball, Hockey, or Tennis

Have you ever hear someone say I can’t play this game because I have too much of a baseball or hockey swing? Perhaps what they are really telling you is that they really weren’t very good a baseball or hockey, because good base ball, tennis, and hockey players learn golf very quick! The backswing for […]

Backswing Secrets: Key Fundamentals

Improving the backswing is a mighty goal of many players- even top professionals work on this part of the swing! However, it’s important to realize that a good backswing is derived from a quality grip and set-up position paired with athletic body motion in the takeaway. If these fundamentals are correct, the backswing becomes more […]

3 Drills I’ve Used Before

*Here are 3 great drills below (that I have used many times before) to teach my students how to improve their backswings.* 1. The Full Length Mirror Drill: It really helps to see the positions you’re in while you make them so that the next time you have to repeat that correct position over the […]

How to find your natural backswing position

Here is a drill I use when my students can’t seem to get a feel for their backswing and are getting too technical and consequently confused. Take your stance then swing up to a three quarter follow through hold it for a couple of seconds then swing it back down so it has enough momentum […]

Use Your Time Wisely

For most amateur’s time is a big issue, they need to have a good plan on how practice when they get the time. Most amateur’s I coach need to improve their pivot (rotate in their tilt better) and get a wider / more out hand path going to the top. I believe they can do […]

Making changes for Windy Conditions

This is a vital part of playing golf, especially in certain areas of the country. First, change your expectations! Getting the ball in play off tee, getting approach shots anywhere on the green, or playing holes in a different way than you are used to are vital adaptations for windy conditions. Second, slow that tempo […]

Make sure to use a pitching technique so the wrists are involved in the swing.

The Sandwedge is the heaviest club. Make sure to use a pitching technique so the wrists are involved in the swing. Practice hitting different shots and feel how much the ball runs out.

Think Ferris Wheel

The term “Bomb & Gouge” was used a lot a few years back when describing the games of tour pro’s like VJ & Phil. The idea came from the tactic of bombing the drives as far as you could not worrying about hitting it into the rough because you were close to the green and […]

Less can always be more

A good lie sitting up in the rough can often times fly farther. The sitting down lie can very easily produce a knuckle ball that will roll out but not fly. Often times less club from the rough can work out distance wise and take the long miss out of play.

Know Your Limitations.

When it comes to escaping deep rough (or even any bad lie for that matter), it’s good (especially for amateurs) to always remember this one really important piece of advice. That is, the worse the lie the more the loft. In other words, the worse your lie is, you should pick a more and more […]

Play It Like A Bunker Shot

If you find yourself in the thick rough around the green, try hovering your club like a bunker shot. The goal is to get the club going thru the rough with some speed. However, it is so important to have a loose grip. This can help “lessen” the blow to the ball and allow it […]

Assess the Lie

How does the ball sit? Buried? Perched? Nestled? The lie determines what part of the wedge is integral to use during impact. It also dictates the hand action needed to pull off the shot. Buried lies demand skillful use of the leading edge. It is important to get the club digging into the ground to […]

Get Steep not Shallow

For a finesse wedge shot out of high grass green side you must setup for a steep descending angle of attack into the ball. Put 80% of your weight on your lead foot…setup open or to the target and hinge your wrists up and outside the line on the takeaway. These are all steepening factors […]

Treat Deep Rough Like a Bunker!

The next time you find yourself in deep rough around the green, don’t fear! Simply treat the situation like you are in a green-side bunker! When playing from a green-side bunker, you should swing aggressively and hit sand first. The same can be said when playing from deep rough, you need to swing aggressively, hit […]

Pop it!

The severity of your lie will obviously dictate what you are capable of doing. However, a couple of tips that might help from heavy rough around the green… 1. Use your highest lofted club to minimize the amount of release you get 2. Tighter than normal grip pressure to keep the club from moving in […]

Steeper is Better

To get out of heavy rough you need to get your club down to the back of the ball at impact. Pick the club up steeply at take away and drop it down steeply through impact. This will limit the amount of interaction between your club and the grass before you impact the ball.

Speed is key when playing from deep rough.

Most golfers are not comfortable taking a big swing when they are in deep grass around the green but it is the only way to get consistent results. Treat this shot just like a sand shot. From an open stance position the ball forward, open the clubface and make a bunker swing. You should hit […]

Deep Rough

This can be a very difficult shot for almost everyone. Where most people get in trouble is they try and make their normal swing. Because of this the club comes in at to shallow of an angle and they get to much grass between the clubface and the ball. You have to check the lie […]

Splash it Out!

There are many different ways to play shots around the green out of the rough. Variables include the lie, type of grass, pin position, and even firmness of the green. One option is to play a splash shot similar to a bunker shot. Having grown up playing out of Bermuda grass rough, I find this […]

Chop shop

It is like a deep seeded bunker shot. Find the ground and hope that the wedge you are using does not bounce or turn. Some cut and mostly hands… When it is sitting down you can only hope for the best. As for Tiger, he had two looks at it. The ball may have been […]


Techniques for deep rough around the greens is much like a menu, lots of choices- 1. Use a SW rather than a PW or LW rather than a SW 2. Ball position could be left heel as opposed to middle of your stance 3. The face angle could be slightly open or a lot open […]

Get out of that ROUGH

Need help getting out of that thick rough? Simply update your stance and club face. I like to teach my students to move the ball a bit further back in their stance. This allows for a steeper angle of attack and reduces the amount of grass between the club face and the golf ball. Also, […]

In deep around greens

Some grass is going to get caught on the way to the ball by the clubhead. Use a Sand wedge with lots of bounce. Don’t try to hit the ball, hit one ball width behind it, slide the club underneath the ball, keeping the clubface facing skyward after impact.

Bad lies in rough

As a PGA Pro that plays with alot of high handicap golfers they seem to put there hero hat on thinking they can hit their mid to high irons onto the green. Well no so much, they either hit their shots low and left or duff it. So in this take a more LOFTED club […]

Use the bounce and splash it out

This will depend on the lie and where the pin is located. Generally the use higher lofted clubs while opening the face a little to create “bounce” is a great option. The swing will need to bigger and have some acceleration to get through the thicker grass. Like a bunker shot the club will not […]

Use a Wedge From The Deep Stuff

So your ball is in the deep stuff?! Use a wedge to get out. Loft is your friend, in this shot. Keep your grip pressure soft and your muscles loose. Stay focused on the ball so that you will keep your head still. Take the club back on a steep angle and swing back down, […]

Aim a little left and try to get steep angle of attack.

Aim a little left and try to get steep angle of attack. It will tend to come out a little right so aiming left will help.

It’s not often that the first poor shot screws up our score, it’s the second poor shot that immediately follows the first one!

There are many variables to consider that would determine what kind and how exactly to hit this shot. Let me say this though, it’s not often that the first poor shot screws up our score, it’s the second poor shot that immediately follows the first one! We often make an attempt to recover from our […]

Find a way to make par

Hitting out of deep rough with the wrong game plan can be a round disaster for many amateur golfers. I think the most important decision to make is pre shot and determining the best place to miss the shot to make par. Often that could mean taking one less club then the normal yardage and […]

Back in the fairway for a one putt par...

Take your wedge out, put it back in the fairway and get the next shot close for your one putt par…

Don't be a Duff, Lay-up out of Rough

Escaping deep rough while advancing the ball a long distance requires tremendous club head speed. Unless you are a high-speed player, the odds are in your favor to lay-up in the fairway and attempt to get up and down. Even if you do have speed, we often see many tour players still lay-up out of […]

Loft Up

In the deep rough loft is your friend. No matter what distance you may have the first objection should be getting the ball back in play first. Then after that you can focus on hitting closer to a target. So the order of operation should be what can I get out of this lie, how […]

Pebble Beach Hole 6

The 6th Hole at Pebble Beach is my favorite hole I have ever played. The beauty of that hole is hard to describe to anyone who has not been there. The tee shot on the par 5 is dramatically downhill with ocean bordering the right side and sand along the left. The second shot forces […]

PAR 3 17th at TheTuxedo Club

The 17th hole is a Par 3 over a lake, but it was to be an Island Green in the middle of the lake with Tee boxes set up in the mountain the covers 16th green, 17th tee and right side of 18th par 5. This is also not the original golf course, it’s origins […]

#2 Olympic Club

Downhill right to left shot. Through the schute with the fairway sloping left to right. Best three wood of my life missed the trees just ran through the fairway. Uphill left to right shot. Chop cut one up to the front of the green and two putted. Great par…. For me. Or you can hit […]

The Greatest Golf Hole any one has ever played.

The Best golf hole ever played…. The 18th at Pebble. The 18th hole at Pebble Beach Golf links is without question, the greatest hole of golf I’ve ever played, and probably for every one else who has had the privilege and pleasure to experience a round at Pebble. The walk down the fairway on this […]

Hole #16 at Bandon Dunes Golf Course, Bandon Oregon

Hole #16 at Bandon Dunes Golf Course, Bandon Oregon. This hole provides one of the most spectacular views in the Pacific Northwest if not the world, located along the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. The layout of the hole and the changing wind and weather conditions give players numerous options off the tee depending on […]

Most Iconic Hole

This is a great question as I sit here and watch more snow coming down out of my window. Favorite hole is a tough one to narrow down, so I thought I would give you the most Iconic hole that I have been able to play. I was lucky enough to get to play Merion […]

Hole #16 at Cypress Point

16 at Cypress Point is the greatest nerve wracking tee shot in the world along with the most beautiful.

Palm Beach

#18 Palm Beach Par 3 Maybe the hardest finishing hole in the State when the wind is blowing!

#1 the Judge at Pratville

#1 the Judge at Pratville the tee shot is incredible and it’s the first shot of the round it looks like you are landing on a aircraft carrier and the ball never looks like it’s coming down.

14th Hole at Seminole Golf Club

I was lucky enough to get to spend a day at Seminole Golf Club and the entire experience exceeded all of the hype. The 14th hole stands out in my memory for multiple reasons and though there may be other holes on the property considered harder or more picturesque, this was my favorite. The 510 […]

Tobacco Road Hole 1

Tobacco Road – Sanford, NC (30 mins from Pinehurst) Hole 1, Par 5 at Tobacco Road. An awesome elevated tee shot between two enormous mounds. Requires a straight shot through the middle. 2nd shot is a long iron/Wood into the green, which is a blind shot. Hard to hit this green in two, so your […]

Having just played #16 and then having to execute another well placed tee shot tested my skills that day

My favorite hole I ever played is #17 at Cypress Point in Monterey, California. The beauty of the ocean is spectacular, obviously, but having just played #16 and then having to execute another well placed tee shot definitely tested my skills that day. Golf heaven!

TPC Sawgrass #17

My favorite hole is hole number 17 at TPC of Sawgrass. This is my favorite hole because of the difficulty of such an easy shot. If you were to play any other hole from 145 you would be expected to hit the green most of the time. There is no forgiveness in the hole as […]

My favorite hole ever

My favorite hole is an easy decision. Number 18 at Saint Andrews in Scotland. Walking across the Swilcan bridge with my dad the wind was hard in our face my drive ended up on the cross road 50 people are behind the green I hit 8 iron off the road from 132 yds two feet […]

Hands down winner for me!

My favorite hole that I have played is easily hole #4 at Bethpage State Park Black Course. Even though this hole only measures 517 yards from the back tee, the challenges lay throughout the hole. Bunkers down the left hand side force a player to hit the fairway. Any player who bails out to the […]

I’ll go with #18 at Erin Hills GC in Wisconsin

A very long & difficult Par 5 with a spectacular view of the Basilica up on Holy Hill.


Gee thanks Backswing–at 68 years of age I’ve been fortunate enough to play so many courses and holes or see them from the perspective as a rules official. I remember the day Ed Hoard (former PGA Rules Chairman) and I walked around Oak Hill before the 2003 PGA–I said WOW on every tee except one. […]

#6 Mesa Country Club. Mesa, AZ

I have always loved #6 at Mesa CC designed Billy Bell 1948. The hole is so far from what one would picture in the Sonoran desert. The tee shot is one of the most intimidating in golf. The ball must thread the needle through o shoot of giant eucalyptus trees, carry the Arizona Canal 220 […]

Scenery, fun, challenge: A great golf hole at Banff

The Devil’s Cauldron at Banff is the most spectacular golf hole I’ve ever played. Spectacular scenery, a downhill shot over a glacial lake, and a green abutting the steep mountainside….it just doesn’t get any better! Holes like this one are why we play the game.

Mtn Lake CC, Lake Wales FL

Seth Raynor, ranked #27 in top 100, hole #1, slight uphill, short hole, well framed tee shot, 8 or 9 iron second shot to a triple segmented green with bunkering on 3 sides, awesome !!!!

Number 14 at Toqua Golf Club

Number 14 at Toqua Golf Club, Tellico Village, Lenoir City, TN. Short par 4. Only 330 from champ tees. Lake down the left side.

St. Andrews hole #1

St. Andrews hole #1. Being blessed with the opportunity to actually get play the famed golf course is something I will never forget. Standing on the first tee with my group of friends is something I wish every golfer could experience.

Shoreacres 12th Hole

Seth Raynor is one of the greatest golf architects in the early 20th century. He had a very unique to use Redans in his course design. The 12th hole at Shoreacres, Lake Bluff, IL, has one of Raynor’s best examples. Very short par three that had a 60 foot drop off from the elevated tee […]

18 hole at Riviera CC in LA,California

The 18th hole at Riviera CC in LA,Calif. I played in the LA Open in 1987 its a dogleg left par 4 uphill and the best tee shot is a little cutter bleeding left to right which is my go to shot and on Friday during the Tournament I hit a beautiful tee shot up […]

You Have 185 To The Wicker Sir

When I first took a glance at this question my thought was how in the world could I possibly pick a single hole out of all the incredible courses and holes I have been so fortunate to play. Would I choose it based on beauty, great strategic design, its place in history or that I […]

The Road Hole

My favorite golf hole ever played is the 17th on the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland. Commonly referred to as The Road Hole, it combines unique quirkiness with an ever-challenging yet playable design. I would not consider it a “natural hole” due to the railroad barn/hotel and stone wall and road elements to […]

Harbour Town Golf

My favorite hole is 18 at Harbour Town Golf Links, it’s a picturesque hole. The hole can play very different from day to day based upon the wind coming of the sound. One of my favorite holes and plays difficult on the PGA Tour as well.

#18 At Baltusrol Golf Club

#18 At Baltusrol Golf Club. The history that has taken place on that hole made it #1 on my list. My tee shot ended up about 15 yards in front of the plate in the fairway where Jack Nicklaus hit his famous 1 iron in the 1967 US Open. He went on to win the […]

The best Par 5 in the world

Pine Valley Golf Club has 18 unique holes set in the pine barrens of southern New Jersey. Every hole could be on this list for me. Personally, I love five pars and the strategies needed to navigate them successfully. Aesthetics, playability, challenge and shot value are the pieces of the puzzle that make a hole […]

The 3rd Hole at Oak Tree National Edmond, OK

In all of my travels around the country, Oak Tree National in Edmond, Oklahoma still holds the top honor in my heart. I am a native of Oklahoma that currently lives in Texas. Every time I have the chance, which is not very often, I cherish the opportunity to return to Oak Tree National. When […]

16th hole at Cypress Point : On the rocks!

Been playing Cypress Point Club since 1975…This was a tough day to get to the green on 16…On rocks with a bad 5 wood…Made a 4 and did not get carried into the ocean or attacked by the male seals!…My favorite hole good days and bad!

Risk it all!

The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge #14 is one of the best Risk/Reward holes I have ever played. Going for the green creates a much longer carry distance over the ravine but if you don’t…reload. The bail is to the right in which the carry is less but you still have to commit or suffer the […]

The smell of coffee and pastries

It’s difficult to pick a favorite hole because there are so many fabulous holes out there. But there is a hole on a course in Sweden that I have fun memories of. The 10th hole at Djursholms Golf Club located in the City of Djursholm, Sweden (a suburb north of Stockholm). The course is a […]

Favorite Hole

I was fortunate enough a few years back to play 2 days at Cypress Point. The course itself is just amazing. Lots of water views but even if you take that away, the routing and design stands on it’s own. The most memorable of course is Hole #16. But really the 3 hole stretch of […]

11th at the Bluffs

The 11th Hole at Arcadia Buffs is one of the best holes in the world. This 633 yard par 5 has one of the best views in all of golf. The tee shot is nearly blind with just a sliver of the fairway showing. The caddy tip is to aim at the native bunker through […]

All and More

The 7th hole at Teeth of the Dog. A spectacular one shot hole with nothing between tee and green but beautiful ocean.Tee choice allow shots of 90 to 200 yards.I have made every score from 1 to 6 and enjoyed them all! Besides wind and water the hole borders the Pete Dye homesite. I feel […]

Fishers Island Club, NY #5, GREAT par3!!!

You could put a lot of holes from Fishers Island Club on your list of favorite golf holes but to me the 229 yard, par three 5th ranks among the best in the world. The back tee location is on a point where you can see 3 states. One thing for sure when you play […]

The 16th at Loblolly in Hobe Sound, Florida

The 16th at Loblolly, a great likeness to Calamity, at Portrush

Par Four 8th at Pebble Beach

Most people will pick the 18th but my favorite is the par Four 8th at Pebble Beach, The second shot is highly challenging with stunning views of the Ocean which you have to go over, a small hard to hit sloped green makes the entire hole from tee to green a wonderful experience. A great […]

The Cardinal by Pete Dye, No. 12 - Greensboro, NC

When you think about a par-3 designed by the legendary Pete Dye, the first hole that naturally comes to mind is TPC Sawgrass No. 17. Having played that hole, the aura is spectacular. However, my favorite golf hole is a different par-3 designed by the man known for near-impossible layouts, and that would be The […]

Putt on a yardstick

To groove a dependable, consistent putting stroke: putt on a yardstick. Being able to roll the ball down the yardstick (3 feet) ensures the ball is starting where you intend it to. All you have to do now is pick the right line and the right speed. Visualize that yardstick when on the course – […]

Rhythm is the key to good distance control

Sometimes the weather makes getting a good practice putting session in difficult. When you are stuck inside grab a putter, some golf balls, about 10 feet of carpet and a metronome to work on your putting rhythm. There are lots a great aids to help with your putting. In the video below I use a […]

One Handed Indoor Putting Drill

To keep your putting sharp here is a drill that I use at home. First take your normal putting stance and grip. Next, take your lead hand and place it on your trail shoulder. Now putt the ball, making sure to strike the ball with a descending blow, holding the putter with your trail hand […]

One Hand Drill

Indoor putting is a great way to improve your putting stroke so long as you have a good surface to roll the ball. I would recommend purchasing an inexpensive putting mat to get you started. My favorite drill for any player is to putt using only their trail hand (right hand for right-handed golfers). Simply […]

Starts at the Beginning

A player is more likely to manipulate the club face if they don’t trust that it is correct at setup. First, the hands must be properly placed on the grip. There are a lot of grip styles but traditionally getting that target side hand grip correct with the handle through the palm and not in […]

Indoor Drill For Putting

Most beginners struggle to understand how the body moves during the putting stroke, and we tend to see the wrists and elbows breaking down quite a bit. Try this drill: Start without a putter – place an alignment stick across your chest and under your armpits. Place your palms together in front of you and […]

Stabilize your lower body to improve your putting

One of the most common faults I see beginners have in their putting stroke is a lower body that moves around during the stroke. Stabilizing the lower body is important to build a more consistent stroke. Here is a simple drill to do at home. Get in your putting stance. Engage your core and your […]

Practice under pressure

Often we hear our students express that they “hit balls fantastic on the range, but just can’t take it to the course.” This is often due to the fact that the area of the range is much larger and there is less pressure to hit the target. On the golf course you only get one […]

Putting Drill

Most players don’t realize their stroke path is all over the place. A simple drill for the winter indoor months would be to address a ball in your hallway about 1 to 2 inches from the baseboard. Make putter swings and do not touch the wall. Your putting game will love this in the spring.

Get in good posture

Place an old CD upside down so you can see your face in the mirror side. Place ball in the middle and make small stokes. Be sure you see your face in the mirror after the ball leaves.

Easy Putting Drill

What you need : 1 putter 1 ball 1 red brick A smooth surface to putt on if you don’t have a smooth carpet buy a 8 foot runner that you would see at a business. A red brick on it’s side is twice as wide as a golf hole setting upright it is the […]

Indoor Winter Putting Drills

After working for 30+ years with golfer’s of all skill levels, you see patterns. I work with local boys high school team the past five winter indoor. We do the line game to develop speed control from various distances. The drill video for further understanding is at my website to see. As well as other […]

Eyes over the ball and keep your head still!

A reoccurring problem I see among all golfers with their putting stroke is they position their eyes incorrectly at set-up and move their head before striking the ball. An easy way to correct these flaws is to place a small flat mirror on the ground and position a golf ball on it. When you set […]

Play the Course on the Range

If your time is limited either due to lack of daylight or pending appointments, try hitting a small or medium bucket of balls and play a round a golf on the range. Start by warming up. Then play 9 holes of a course you play often or know fairly well. Hit a tee shot simulating […]

Prepare before you move the club

You need to always pick out a target and you have to have a checklist of things you do in your set up to prepare before you move the club. Preparation gives you your best chance for success !

Random Practice vs. Block Practice

We often hear from students that they have it grooved at the range but it doesn’t translate to the course. Many of the golfers I encounter utilize block practice where they may hit the same club 20-30 times in a row before switching. I encourage my students to randomize their practice in a few different […]

Use alignment rods when putting

The key to sinking putts is having your putter face aimed properly. Here’s a great tip for getting your putter face square at impact. On the practice putting green, find a 3 foot putt that is flat. Lay down two alignment rods, 4 inches apart and parallel to one another. With the golf hole on […]

Play your favorite course on the range

The best way for established golfers to practice on the range is to use about half of the bucket on BLOCK practice.(Repeat the shot over and over to work on a specific skill) Then use the second half of the bucket on DYNAMIC practice. Play your favorite course from the range tee. Imagine each shot […]

Divide Your Range Session Into Smaller Segments

I teach at a public driving range facility, which means I have the opportunity to watch interesting methods of practice on a daily basis. The most common approach I witness is the “rapid fire” method, which doesn’t accomplish a whole lot other than aerobic exercise. We are all guilty of this at times, but there […]

Supervised Practice and Short Game focus

We all know that scoring happens around the greens. So why do the members head to the full-swing area and bang driver after driver? Because they can!! With supervised practice via golf professionals on staff, “walk the line” type presence, and scheduled lesson time, players can improve their games more easily. It takes encouragement from […]

Baseboard putting

Put the toe of your putter against the wall. Then take your stance and bend from your waist and stand closer until the top of your head is also resting on the wall. This ensures your eye is directly over the ball at address. Take small putting strokes back and forth using the wall to […]

Well aligned...

For me, I can use alignment sticks effectively. One is just outside the ball or parallel right of my target. One is close to my toe line or parallel left of my target. The last one is just inside my left heel perpendicular to my toe line. The reason for the alignment stick inside my […]

Practice with a purpose

Most people spend way too much time “practicing” on the range without getting better. And most people hit way too many balls. There is a reason classes in school are only 50 or 60 minutes long. Any longer and we stop losing interest. Or like me-maybe you fell asleep. We need shorter, more focused practice […]

Practice with Purpose

This is a great question that can really determine whether your practice and lessons will be worthwhile. First, you should set a goal for the session, is your goal to improve your technique or a skillset, or both? If your goal is to work on swing technique, make sure to utilize the drills and/or training […]

Visualization and Simulation Practice

Some of the most effective practice at the range can be obtained through visualization and simulation. Mixing up the shots you hit on the range as you do on the course. You may hit 30 shots in a row on the range but that never happens on the course. Visualize the front nine at “said” […]

Motor Pattern Training

There is no improvement taking place without feedback! Thus the use of training aids & drills ! In the beginning, you may do more “dry runs” than balls, and eventually you’d be @ 50/50. Good luck with your training !

Practice Patiently with a Purpose (PPP)

Always have one or two (no more) skills and drills in mind before arriving at the practice facility. Try and learn something from every shot and be patient. Take your time hitting balls and if you get frustrated, take a break or come back another time. Frustration can cause old habits to resurface.

Have a plan

Most amateur golfers go to the range and just hit ball after ball without a plan for each shot/swing. From picking the target, visualizing the ball flight shape and trajectory, working on rhythm timing for each swing on the range is what is essential for “effective practice”. It is the quality of your practice that […]

Practice with a Purpose

The main issue I see with golfers is not having any real goals or objectives when they practice. They are basically whacking golf balls and hoping it ends up near a selected target. If it does that, they think they did well. But if not, they just try to feel something different and hope for […]

Open the door to better putting

Most amateurs I teach have a tendency to move their head during their putting stroke. Try this indoor drill: Place your head in the door way and assume your putting stance. Next make several strokes while keeping your head against the door frame. If you feel your head wanting to move it probably is on […]

Effective practice happens when you have a plan

To get the most out of the time you have to practice make sure you create a plan before you arrive at your facility. Asking yourself the question, “what do I want to accomplish” is the first step in creating the plan. For example, you may want to improve on some part of your full […]

Target specific versus fundamental specific practice

Define your session before you start: Is it a fundamental refresher to reinforce a feeling or practice a ball flight that is challenging? Is it a session where you want to produce shots that will help improve scores? A-pitches with varying hand action B-approaches with trouble left or trouble right to a specific yardage or […]

Putting aids

I have a couple of Putting aids that I like. The Eye Line Putting Alignment mirror does a great job of helping shoulder alignment and eye position at address. It can also make you aware of excessive head movement during your stroke. The Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf. This is great because it really helps […]

Push or Pull Your Putts?

Learn to pull with your left or push with your right hand. Pulling means back of the left hand at the hole, pushing I mean palm of the right hand at the hole. Determine which hand is your dominant hand by hitting putts one handed. If you can control the face better with the right […]

Grip pressure is the key

90% of the time when I am working with a player on putting they squeeze the grip way too hard. The more pressure you put on the grip the more the face moves and rotates through impact. The best most simple advice you can try is to grip the putter as lightly as possible.

Grip and Balance are Key

To promote a stable face at impact when putting, as well as any other shot, your grip needs to be secure and correct and your body needs to be in balance. Although a putt may not be the biggest swing you bring to your golf game it still needs to be correct. What is correct? […]

Stable base leads to stable face

A stable base wil help to promote a more stable face at impact. I see a lot of my students , especially beginners, move their lower body a lot while making their putting stroke. Try putting with no lower body movement, so the face can be more stable at impact. This way unnecessary movement can […]

Keep It Simple

To maintain a stable club face through impact, there are many opinions amongst many good players as to how to do just that. Some promote the opposite hand low method. Others promote the claw grip or long putters, etc. Any way you look at it, the purpose of all of these methods is to maintain […]

Set up and practice

The grip for a putter needs to be very different than the grip for a full swing. In a full swing grip, you grip on your fingers with your forearms rotated so they point down. This encourages free wrist action during the swing. The putter grip should be in your palms with both firearms pointing […]

Rubber Bands and Yard Sticks

Being able to control the face of the putter through impact is priority #1. This enables you to hit the sweet spot of your putter consistently with a consistent face position that allows the ball to start on and stay on the start line of any putt. Use rubber bands to highlight the sweet spot […]

Tee it Up

Don’t worry where not playing golf on a Par 3 , Par 4 or Par 5, where going to use on the practice Putting Green. This was brought to the light by Tiger Woods. Place your Putter on the green about 5 feet from the Hole, place a Tee outside the Heel and Toe. From […]

Putter Ball

A putter with a stainless steel head in the shape of a golf ball. Hit it in the middle or else. It can tell you if you are setting up too close or too far away


I my favorite putting aids are items that don’t guide the putter but build awareness. I tend to use tees or coins for visual aids. My favorite aid to buy in a store is the Visio putting Mat. It’s a great template for the face to path relationship and also a great way to see […]

Putting aids

Every year I get asked by a number of students, what putting aid(s) do you recommend? A couple of my favorites are: the Eye line Golf putting Mirror and the second is an alignment stick. The mirror is awesome for helping players get lined up and also understanding where their eyes and shoulders should be. […]

AIDS are nothing more than a crutch.

I don’t think Faxon , Crenshaw, Nickalas and Palmer ever used any aids for putting. AIDS are great until you take them away. They build confidence until there gone and then the worst possible thing for putting, panic sets in. Ever go to baseball spring training? Look around all you see is gloves, bats and […]

Drive for show...Putt for dough!

No training aid…Just hit 200 to 300 putts a day plus putt against someone better than you…

Putter must swing in a slight arc

My favorite putting training device is the putting arc. I have always believed that the putter swings in a slight arc.

Simple Yet Effective

A 4ft ruler from your local hardware store. The yellow ones are best as one side is blank and even comes with a 1/4″ hole pre-drilled at the end. Place your golf ball on the drilled hole and putt down the ruler at various speeds on a level surface. If your golf ball makes it […]

Seeing is believing!

For me, my favorite putting aid is the EyeLine putting mirror. I’ve used the small version and currently have the new groove model in my bag. I use this mirror before every tournament round as well as every practice session. It’s simple to set up and hits multiple putting facets all in one. I place […]

The chalk line: simple, effective.

The trouble with most putting training aids is that they may not work for every type of stroke. Swinging door, or pendulum? But my favorite is the chalk line, because it works for every type of stroke, and offers direct, immediate feedback. Simply find a straight putt, clip the end of the chalk line over […]

Think Thin

When hitting a normal fairway bunker shot (without a high lip on the bunker), it is a much easier shot when the Amateur can think about hitting the shot thin on purpose. You do not want to hit much if any sand when hitting from a fairway bunker. This is easy to practice by finding […]

Don't aim at them!

Don’t hit your driver if you think you can reach the fairway bunker…If you do get in just hover your club over the ball and hit down on it…Hybrids are the best out of fairway bunkers…

Hit in Front of the LINE

I’ve always taught students there are three reasons why players struggle with ANY bunker shot: 1. Inconsistent impact point in the sand 2. Inconsistent depth of cut (only important in greenside bunker shots) 3. Scared to death because of all the previous bad shots they’ve hit from other bunkers. First issue is to get over […]

Pick Your Poison

The best way to describe a good fairway bunker shot is one that gets out and travels to a safer spot. Trying to be a hero or hitting a perfect shot isn’t a great goal. I always like to pick and order of how to play these shots. 1- Can I get this club over […]

Quiet the lower body

Take one extra club and swing smoother with minimal lower body movement and feel like you stay tall through impact. This will help you make ball first contact. It’s really about getting the ball out of the bunker and back into a scoring position.

Swing Smooth and Never Fear the Fairway Bunker Again

Fairway Bunkers can be very scary and overwhelming if we let ourselves overthink it. Obviously we will find ourselves in a few different situations inside the fairway bunker, normal lie, up against the edge, side hill lies, and a buried ball. The biggest key to successfully getting out of the fairway bunker for every one […]

Evaluate / Strategize / Execute

For many amateurs, escaping a bunker can be a really scary thing. But it really doesn’t have to be if you know how to approach the shot. Let’s just clear up one thing first. There is one major difference between escaping a green side bunker and a fairway bunker. In a green side bunker you […]

Change your focus point for solid contact

In a fairway bunker we hear all the normal mechanics of keep your feet and body quite to make clean contact and that’s all good and well but here’s the real secret. Take plenty of club for the distance needed but focus on the front edge or just forward of the ball for a great […]


Fairway Bunker Shots can be intimidating at first glance. Especially if you’re facing a high front lip of the bunker between you and your intended target. The best thing to do before even thinking about what you’re going to do is take a deep breath and relax. This is not as difficult a shot as […]

Fairway bunkers

Fairway bunkers are tough. Most places don’t have an area to practice them, so it can be difficult to get proficient at it. My best advice is to make sure you take a club with enough loft to get the ball out. Depending on your skill set pulling a club that can get to the […]

What did Lee know?

“Wood in the bunker, wood in the head” Lee Trevino. That was one of thousands of Lee Trevinoisms. He thought any person trying to hit a fairway wood out of the bunker had lost his marbles. This was back in the day when woods were wooden and shafts were steel, and sweet spots were pee […]

Keep It Simple in Fairway Bunkers

The art of hitting out of a fairway bunker isn’t “picking it clean”. It just takes the ability to hit the ball first. This is the same skill that you need to hit the ball off the fairway. This idea of “picking it clean” actually causes amateurs to do some interesting things that actually cause […]

Change Your Focus

A lot of my students feel nervous when they find themselves in fairway bunkers. However, fairway bunkers do not have to be a make-or-break shot in your golf round. Simply, change your focus. The next time you find yourself in a fairway bunker, follow these simple steps to get your golf ball out of the […]

Think Tempo in the Bunker

Hitting a full shot from a fairway bunker, to a target that is far away should feel easy. Truth is, the player should hit the ball first, when striking a full shot to a target far away. Only in a green-side bunker should we hit behind the bar. The problem that we all face is […]

Fairway Bunker Play

If you struggle from Fairway Bunkers play to a strength hit a more lofted club and into play. Then when have time to practice start to try the following, take a Mid Iron grip down 1 inch, play the golf ball a bit back in the stance. From there focus on a spot an inch […]

Adhere to a different approach than greenside bunkers

The main thing is to adopt a different set of concepts than you would for a greenside bunker shot. It can be as simple as creating a concise and easy checklist. 1-do not dig your feet in like you would for a normal bunker shot. Remember we are not trying to take any sand behind […]

Get out and Play

Golf Lessons are great for everyone, but the only way to find out about Golf is to play on the golf course at the right time. For beginners start out on the fairway about 220 yards out on a PAR 4 fairway and tee the ball up. Do the same on a Par 5 hole […]

On course coaching!

On course coaching! That’s our best practice. Once we have taught basic fundamentals and swing mechanics, I often take my students to the course. Most of the time their high scores are not a result of swing mechanics but club selection, shot choice and execution along with experience. You will have more success in scoring […]

Situational Awareness

I think that taking students to the course and putting them in a variety of situations – a sort of “modified” playing lesson – where you can talk through the options and then play them out, can be some of the best time spent on the golf course.

RealTime Golfing Situations

My most effective way to teach my students how to play … is by putting them in real time situations throughout the course, wether it’s off the tee, around the green or managing their game in trouble, teach them real situations as well as the fundamentals of golf.

Play Golf With Your Pro!

I love to play golf with my students! One of the best experiences any student of the game can have is an on-course lesson with their PGA Professional! Make it your new year’s resolution to get out on the links with your golf instructor! Book a nine hole lesson, book the tee time and play […]

Spend a majority of the time on the course (and practice your short game)

Since GlenArbor is a seasonal club with a winter teaching facility, most of my students time is spent on mechanics in the winter. During the spring, summer and fall the majority of my time with them is spent on the golf course and short game area! Students need to learn how to navigate different conditions, […]

How to play the game

Simple answer Get out of the teaching facility and get on the course.

Short game, play while practicing and just play

First is to get them to appreciate and work at their short game. Use their imagination and experiment with different short game shots while practicing and on course when playing alone. Second play holes from the practice tee. Go through their routine and play holes on their course on the practice tee—hit a tee shot, […]

one-man scramble & worst ball

Once the player has achieved a reasonable level of consistency on the range I explain hitting balls on the range (even if they have progressed away from block practice to variability practice) is different from the the actual playing of shots during a round. The success rate of range versus actual play is usually lower. […]

Man has to know his limitations

I tell students to play within your confidence level. That means understanding the risk vs. reward on your shot selection. You must be able to see it, feel it and trust it in order to think positively and convert.Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan said the game was played between your ears. In competition, never try […]


Playing lessons combined with creating pressure at the range

From the Green Back

When I have someone that wants to improve their scoring ability, lower their handicap, or just shave shots. We start at the green and work our way back. Improving distance control and flight control from inside 100 yards is the best way to help lower your score. The best players in the world work countless […]

Chip, Sand, and Putt.......

Get them to fall in love with chipping, sand bunker and putting…

Focused Practice

The most effective way teach golfers how to play golf is to go on the golf course. Let’s say that is not possible and you only have the practice areas. If that is the case you need to create holes on the range either from a course you play or in your mind. When you […]

Playing lessons make a difference

To become a better player, rather than just swinging the club, take a playing lesson. I have observed that a lot of problems on the course occur not because of the swing, but, rather, because of what a player does with it, and the habits they have while making a shot rather than just hitting […]

Building A Better Routine

I find that most golfers fail to have a consistent routine. They fail in having a process oriented mind. They fail to be confident because they have no clue why or how they got over the ball and then pull the trigger with absolute mindlessness. In order to become a “player” rather than a “hacker”, […]

Take it to the Course

I have always tried to work in on course lessons with all of my students. This past year I offered 9 and 18 hole playing lessons and did more thanks to the pandemic. Over the years, playing lessons have really helped my students understand the why on how to play a golf hole. The when […]

On Course Playing Lessons

The game is played on the course. The game is rarely taught on the course, in my observations. Sometimes what your Students/Members/Customers/Golfers want is something they can’t identify, and taking them out to a spot on the course and getting in six holes in an hour can be eye opening for both of us. I […]

Practice Like You Play

Performing well on the course has a lot to do with practicing properly. After you are warmed up, hit balls to exact targets and alternate clubs on each shot like you would do on the course. For example, pretend you are playing a par 4 hole. Choose your driver and hit it to an imaginary […]

Where am I going?

Golf should be played from the ball forward thinking of where we want the ball to go! Focusing our mind on a ball flight and landing spot helps us swing vs. hit at the ball!

Play the game, in front of you!

At its best, golf is played in front of the golfer, meaning the golfer doesn’t have to think of their swing other than a simple trigger or thought. Playing the game in front of you means you are focused on what you want the ball to do and you have the confidence that you can […]

On course guidance.

After a certain level of proficiency has been developed swinging the club, it is time for me as an instructor to take my students on the golf course. There I can see if they’re actually making the swing that we’re working on, and how they manage the course. I make very detailed notes when I […]

Playing the game

The first obvious answer would be playing lessons. However I believe playing lessons are more suited for talking strategy on how to play the hole or a what shot to play. Learning to play different shots can be achieved on the range. I was taught to focus more on controlling trajectory, low, medium and high, […]

Teaching new golfers to play

I start talking about playing the game from the start, during the initial lessons I explain what the clubs are for, tell them how the game is played and how to to keep score along with a few basic rules and some etiquette. Depending on their experience many times I take them to the first […]

Simple Tips for Better Alignment

Using alignment rods or clubs is always the go to when it comes to this. But after a few swings they must often times get moved. Here it was I do with my students. Instead of having the alignment rod at your feet or by the club. Set two alignment rods or clubs. 3 feet […]

Proper alignment

I instruct my students to first, aim their club face at the intended target and then align their toe line parallel to groove lines on the club face. From there, align the hips and shoulders parallel to the toes and club face. When properly aligned, the player should see this | | NOT this / […]

Don't believe your eyes!

Good alignment is the result of having your left shoulder a little bit left of the target(right-handed golfer)…Eyes, hand and ball are on the target…Very simple…

Check your alignment

Like life, you can do everything right, but if you aren’t aligned to the correct target, you’ll be looking in the wrong place to correct your inaccuracy, perhaps messing up a perfectly good swing. Generally I am most concerned with shoulder alignment, and less with hips and feet. An easy and sure way to check […]

2 Techniques That I Like

There are a couple of good full swing drills that I like which help well with full swing alignment. One, you can always lie down an iron on the ground (pointing at your target) when you’re hitting balls on the range. Then line up your feet, knees, hips and shoulders on that same line to […]

Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks… I think these really are a necessity to solid practice. You can use them for a number of different drills.


The use of alignment rods along your foot line and target line can be very beneficial when practicing. Another great way to work on your alignment is to use an alignment rod along your target line while out on the golf course. If you get a chance to practice on the course this can be […]

Alignment Rods

If you ever attended a TOUR EVENT or just watch a Tournament more likely or not those players will have Alignment Rods in there golf bags. As a teaching pro I have least 8 of them. So what do I use mine for???1. Alignment both Full Swing an Short Game, Ball position, Putting, Swing Path […]

Alignment and optics

The path on which you swing the club is where the ball will initially launch, as your ball flight. If you are not hitting the ball on your intended line of flight, you probably could be lining up wrong. You get comfortable with a set up and swear your okay, but it is an optical […]

Full swing alignment

An alignment stick laid across the back of your heels at address is really easy for most people. They can step back and visualize the line the ball is on when they see the line their body is on by the alignment stick.

Alignment Sticks

No better and more versatile swing aid you can purchase than alignment sticks. But using them properly is the key. Here are 2 of my earlier videos I created to assist you with using Alignment Sticks properly.

Ready, Fire, Aim!

I love the way my mentor taught me to teach…he drilled it in to me that a person can only miss hit a ball 3 different ways. Too Shallow, (usually in to out) Too Steep, (usually out to in) and a missed radius. Everything in golf can be explained looking at the swing from this […]

Alignment sticks for the win

The best couple of dollars you can possibly spend! Home Depot, Lowes, or any other hardware stores will have sticks in the mailbox section. Using alignment sticks in the only sure fire way of knowing you are properly aligned during practice. I highly suggest using a target on the ground an inch or 2 in […]

When Windy, Change Your Club; Not the Swing

I have a lot of my students ask me about different playing conditions. For instance, they ask me if their swing changes when it gets windy. My answer focuses around a golfing methodology that tries to keep as many variables the same in whatever environment you’re playing. For instance, you could certainly put the ball […]

Windy conditions

When at all possible try and let the wind be your friend. On down wind shots, especially tee shots try and get the ball up in the air a little higher than normal. It should give you more distance. If you know how to curve the ball in both directions, again try to ride the […]

How to play in the wind

First of all, be patient. You have to take what the weather gives you. Realize that everyone is playing in the same conditions as you. Those who are patient and calm and think there way around will do fine. An example of this hitting a tee shot into the wind. Every ounce of you is […]

Respect the wind, Use the wind, own the wind!

Tips on playing golf in the wind Growing up in New England, we never knew there were any other conditions in the spring or fall. If you were going to play golf, you learned to deal with the wind and adverse conditions. Later in my career, this proved to be of great value and my […]

Practice Makes Permanent

My advice for all my players is to always hit punch and 3/4 shots in practice. This normally has a few benefits for timing and contact help. The other side of this is always having a shot to hit in windy weather.

Take more club and swing easy

A couple main things for playing in the wind Take more club and swing easy Play one shot at a time (always a good idea). It’s easy to get discouraged in tough conditions.  Just keep playing Take more club and swing easy


Get your putting stance wider and stable. The slightest movements kill any putt

Windy Golf Course Strategy

Try to swing in slow motion. Will help tempo and reduce ball spin.

Make the wind your friend!

We’ve all probably heard the old saying, “Swing easy when it’s breezy” and I would have to say I’d agree with that most of the time. The tendency into the wind is to tense up and swing harder but that only adds backspin and makes the ball shoot upward into the wind and come down […]

Play the Conditions

It is best to not fight the conditions of the day that you can’t control. Learn to play your ball flight with different conditions. For example, if you are hitting into the wind, don’t swing harder, just take more club and make a balanced swing. Too many people try to fight the elements and end […]

Playing in windy conditions

“When it’s breezy, swing easy” Before you begin your round, try making full swings at 50% of your normal swing speed. You can increase the percentage of power until you find YOUR rhythm. Players tend to swing harder than usual in windy conditions. Do the opposite and you’ll really notice a difference in ball flight, […]

Growing up in it helps

Best advice is talk to and learn from people that grew up in windy areas. There is always the when its breezy swing easy train of thought, or play it back in your stance and hit it low. Both work but not everyone is comfortable seeing the ball back in their stance at address. Best […]

Stay smooth in the Wind

We have all heard the phrase: “Swing easy when it’s breezy” this is easy to say and difficult to do. When the wind picks up I have watched players that are normally good ball strikers become very poor ball strikers because they feel the need to muscle the ball to the target, I play and […]

When Its Breezy, Time To Swing Easy

There is a tendency to swing harder in the wind. While it takes mental discipline, the best approach is to swing with less swing speed and focus on solid contact. Ever notice how some of your best shots seemed almost effortless? Use a relaxed, slower tempo, with more club (less loft) into the wind. It […]

Hit Longer Clubs Shorter Distances

Playing in the wind is a creative art form, oftentimes of just making your best guesses. But, there are proven strategies that are effective. A good method for many is that for every 10 mph wind, club up or down 1 club depending on if you’re playing into the wind or downwind. I think the […]

Patience and solid contact

Having spent 3 summers as the Teaching Professional at Sankaty Head Golf Club on Nantucket Island has given me vast experience playing in the wind. Nearly every day the wind would blow 30 MPH. It was more common to se 50 MPH than below 20 MPH. The most important thing in my opinion is center […]

Wind = Higher Scores

Understand all scores will be higher. When wind is 10mph or stronger it changes the roll of a putted ball. Drill- Go to center of putting green and putt a ball to all 4 corners of the green. This will help you adjust your feel for speed in all wind directions. Remember (in making club […]

When it’s Breezy, Swing Easy!

When it’s Breezy, Swing Easy. “Tee it high and let it fly” is a good thought that can prove beneficial to the golfer who feels the wind at their back. And remember, when it’s blowing hard, the best thing to do is “swing easy.” Tempo is the key. Golfers typically work too hard when they […]

Swing easy when it’s breezy

Playing in windy conditions is one of the most difficult things for a tournament player. The better a ball striker you are the less the wind effects the flight of the golf ball. Most players try to knock down shots but in my opinion they use the wrong technique. Most play the ball back in […]

When it's breezy...Swing easy!

Take one more club into the wind and stay in balance…Down wind, take one less club and stay in balance…


“OMG, It’s windy and I am a high ball hitter, I don’t have a chance today !” I think a lot of people think this way, and destroy the opportunity the embrace one of the many challenges of this special sport. Here are a few things that I recommend playing in the wind! 1. Grip […]

Let the wind be your friend!

In windy conditions, most amateurs try to fight the wind. They usually swing harder, it’s human nature. Into the wind, take more club and make a controlled 3/4 swing. You want less spin on the ball to cut thru the wind. Downwind you can hit it hard to get it up in the wind and […]

Reduce spin for success in windy condition

Having played a lot of golf in Las Vegas, you have to learn in very short order how to play in the wind. And the key to success, if to control how much spin you impart on the golf ball. This includes backspin and side spin. Too many amateur golfers have bought into the mantra […]

Hit it Low into the Wind

Well in todays golf we are told to hit it as far as possible. This is great, but into the wind this is NOT GOOD. You could SPIN it too much and could be knocked out the air. So how do we improve upon this?? Take ONE Extra club, place the golf ball in the […]

Control in the wind

To help get better control in a windy situation, first you need to question is the wind into me or going with me. If the wind is going with you. Don’t think “grip it and rip it” off the tee. That may lead into an over swing and that’s never good. Think make a full […]

Hit an Extra Club, Hit it Solid, and Play the Wind

I tell my students three things when playing in the wind: 1. Hit an extra club. If you hit your 7-iron 165, hit a 6-iron from 165 instead (assuming a cross-wind that doesn’t really affect your playing yardage). The ball will come out lower, and with a bit less spin, both of which stabilize the […]

Good Attitude

One reason why players struggle in the wind is because they don’t like playing in it, they have a bad attitude about it and try to change their game to deal with it. The best advice I can off is DO NOT CHANGE THE WAY YOU PLAY. Trying to swing too hard into the wind […]

When Playing In The Wind, Manage Your Spin

When playing in windy conditions, a key element to a player’s success is to manage the amount of spin put on shots. Many player’s try to hit down on the golf ball to flight it low in the wind (ie: ball position more back in stance at address). Unfortunately, this can lead to also creating […]

Shallow your swing

I love this question. The drill I would recommend is also a drill I use with students when they are coming down to the ball with the shaft too steep. So this is a multi purpose drill. When you are playing shots in windy conditions, especially if you are heading into the wind, the clear […]

Bryson DeChambeau will win because of his length & overall ability to score

Bryson DeChambeau will win because of his length & overall ability to score, he’s also influencing sports betting and will be promoting DraftKings! He’s changing the game! He’s figured out how to beat the golf course vs the players. Jack, Tiger and others dominated the other players, Bryson is dominating the golf courses utilizing fitness […]

2020 Masters Champion

I would like to see Bryson DeChambeau win the 2020 Masters. When Tiger won his first he was hitting it further than anyone in the field. If Bryson can hit it as far as he has been and control his ball, he should be able to post some low numbers. Should be an exciting week […]


I like Rory McIlroy this week to complete the career grand slam. I feel with the Masters out of the traditional date some of the focus has been taken off of him in his quest to complete the career grand slam. Also with the course probably playing softer and longer I believe he will be […]

Boom it!

Bryson. He can minimize the golf course if he hits it straight. All par 5’s ar reachable for him and tough pins are more accessible with shorter irons.

Long off the tee and putt with passion

Bryson Dechambeau fits the headline. In my heart it deserves to be Rory. Once in a while you have to shape a shot, like #11,13 &18, so the best of the best in this department is the Bubba. That’s what Dutch Harrison used to say, “is a pretty good Trifecta “!

Easy answer on who will win Masters

Golf fans all across the world will be the winner of this year’s Masters. With this crazy year of 2020 the fact that the Masters is willing to be played and conducted in November is great for the game of golf. I can’t wait to watch the drama unfold. I will miss the patrons.

Wide Open

It’s hard to pick a winner when none of the stars have competed much lately and none are playing well. I’ve always liked Jason Day and would like to see him win, he’s doing well right now in Houston. It would be hard to bet against any of the bombers—DJ, Bryson, Finau, Rory, etc. I […]

Bombs Away

If Bryson drives the ball well he is hard to beat. The way Bryson has been playing golf recently and the lines he will pick off the tee will be tested fully. If he is driving it well not many people can keep up with him.

Jon Rahm has what it takes to win at Augusta

It takes a combination of Talent, Heart, Soul, power, Passion for the game, great touch around the greens, focus, and relentless desire, to win a major. That is exactly why Jon Rahm is my pick to win the 2020 Masters. Coming off some recent victories, and strong finishes are some of the reasons Jon Rahm […]


Bubba, starting to play good again

Strong and Balance

Jon Rahm Solid ball striker – very long -hits down on irons should help in November grass Very intense – will focus for first major

Grand Slam for Rory

Just have a good feeling that Rory gets it done!


I’m going to go with Rory. I know that he hasn’t been in top form lately but I’m going to roll with him to get his career grand slam. Maybe coming in under the radar will take some pressure off and let him play to his ability. I just have to believe that his high […]

Mirror and Short Club

When it’s getting too cold or the time change interferes with your practice use a short club and mirror. If you get in the habit of swinging twenty swings a day in a mirror working on your setup and swing feels. You can make some changes and be very productive without the ball flight interfering […]

Fitness makes a difference

First let me say that I moved from Oregon to Las Vegas twenty-one years ago for a reason. For those who live in climates that have a real winter, fitness and range of motion are perfect winter activities. Putting and pitching techniques can be improved easily indoors. If you don’t have an indoor hitting area, […]

Putting and Fitness

I have always felt the winter months are best used for practicing putting and the stroke. There are many very good putting surfaces available for inside practice. I also think it is a good time of year to make a grip or stroke change without worrying about the impact that change will have on your […]


Place a set of tee’s upside down , around a two foot circle. Putting up & down, try to lag everything in the circle. Putting on concrete will improve your touch. But wait…you will never be afraid of downhill putts again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stretch like CRAZY

As the colder weather approaches, golfers are just happy to still be playing. But it’s a hassle to warm up on the range because it’s COLD. Players would rather ride than walk because it’s COLD. There’s very little practice sessions because it’s COLD. So my recommendation is to keep as flexible as possible. Use the […]


During down time its so easy to lose your “feel” of your swing. Doing just 15 minutes a day of the drills that keep you “in touch” with your swing can keep you sharp when you get back on the course. If you don’t have some drills in mind I suggest the following (1) Feet […]

Indoor golf exercises

Good morning Golfers! The best indoor workout to stay limber and gain strength at the same time is, invest in a TRX! I use mine twice a day and it has really helped with flexibility and I’ve added several yards to all my clubs!

Get Creative

Here are a few good ideas for improving your game indoors when the cold weather approaches. 1) Buy a putting mat to work on those short putts 2) practice your swing in front of a full length mirror and 3) plan out your strategy for each hole of the golf courses you regularly play so […]

Work on strength, speed, flexibility and conditioning

If you live in Idaho golf takes a back seat to hunting and skiing/snowboarding. Winter is the time to work on conditioning. I self admittedly hate the gym setting, but there are a lot of other ways to improve your game other than just lifting. I started doing pilates and love it. Going on some […]

Work out, improve speed and balance!

If you have to put the clubs away for the winter, don’t stop swinging. Use some swing speed trainers or an Orange Whip to enhance your speed. A short 10 minute session once or twice a day can improve your speed so when it thaws out your ready to outdrive your couch potato buddies. You […]

Utube Time...

Get on Utube and watch smooth swinging professionals…No Tiger, Rory, Dustin, Bryson, Jason, and the rest of the over-swingers!…Nice LPGA smooth swing video’s should help the overly amped up male golfer!( No, Alexis (Big Al) Thompson either!

Mirror Work

The winter time is perfect for making posture and swing changes. I’m a firm believer that you CAN change your swing without a club and ball. What you need to do is change the sequence and way the body and arms work and move, and all you need is a mirror and lots of reps. […]

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Luckily I live in Southern California where we don’t have to worry about a “off-season.” However, I do advise students on how to keep there game sharp during the busy holidays when they don’t have time to practice or play. The same indoor practice routine would apply to areas of the country where they are […]

Takeaway Drill

Place a golf ball and a sneaker on the floor in a straight line. Set up to the golf ball and swing the club back pushing the sneaker out of the way. The resistance will teach you how to move the club back with the arms, hands, shoulders, and chest.

Better Physical Perception Better Seing

We get very little cold weather in Jupiter Florida so come play ! When working indoors I like to stretch and strengthen golf moves .An important part of this process is to improve our perception of how we move and how far each moves reaches. Take your full swing address position with your hands crossed(lead […]


Being fit for your golf clubs is one of the most important things you can do to help improve your game. Technology has come so far that we are now able to find the proper loft, lie, length, grip size, shaft, and head design in order for you to maximize the centenderness of the shot […]

Drills over the Winter

There so many way to improve inside, but this one of my favorites. Get in front a MIRROR, throw a magazines on the FLOOR open. Go get your 7 iron, now take your shoes off because we are going work on your set-up. With your FEET just on the corners of the MAGAZINE hold the […]

Off season training

Yes it is that time of year again. You can definitely try to keep your game sharp during the off season. Here are a few things you can work on. Short putting-most people can find a carpet with decent speed or you can purchase a putting mat. It’s a great time of year to firm […]

30-Day Indoor Plan

In April I created a whole 30-day plan at  with videos and a brief description of each day’s drill.

Once You Groove A Swing

You shouldn’t get custom fit for clubs until you’ve actually grooved a somewhat efficient swing, hitting the ball consistently in the air with distance and somewhat straight. Experience isn’t quite as important as long as you can hit the ball somewhat efficiently, since everybody learns at a different pace.

Instruction before clubs

Amateurs need to get their swing closer to where they want it before getting fit for new clubs. Find a quality instructor and at least get some advice on the proper grip set up and pivot. Then a club fitter will put you in the clubs that will fit.

Do Your Research!

This is a topic that customers and students ask all the time. Someone who is new to the game usually doesn’t need to get fit. However if they are tall or shorter they should definitely look for clubs that are a appropriate length. Also a important component even for beginners is finding a proper shaft […]

Best time amateurs should get fit...

Hello golfing world, The best time for amateurs to get fit for clubs is, as soon as they are committed to playing golf. Utilizing your own equipment while practicing and or playing makes such a difference in your dedication to improve.

Club Fitting

I would say as long as #1 they are at least a high schooler or older, mostly because of strength purposes. And they are consistently shooting 90’s or below. Most golfers might not realize how big of an impact a set up properly fitting clubs can have on their golf game. It is a must […]


Genuine beginners should start out with a simple set. 3 wood, 7, 9, pitch, putter. Work back from green to tee. If you set a realistic goal (par) for each player…could be anything from 36 to 86…keep them enthralled!!! Talk to your students about what they want to achieve…and guide them to their experiences and […]

Drive the Best Piece You Can

I think once a player has some kind of consistent move in their golf swing that puts the club face on the ball, it’s time to get fit. If you’re driving a 72 VW Beetle and I’m in a 2020 V8 BMW, I’m blowing you away every time and it’s not even a contest. If […]

At what point is club fitting necessary

When a beginning golfer starts to play the game, they often don’t think they want to invest in a good set of custom fit clubs. They aren’t good enough. Well, I’d say at the very least they should take a lesson or two and have their professional check to make sure the equipment they have […]

Fit Time

Fit time is as soon as possible when thinking about new clubs or a first set. It’s virtually impossible to develop a consistent golf swing without the right equipment. Poor posture develops from the wrong length, poor path and face position from the wrong lie, poor grip from the wrong grip size and all kinds […]


I’ve been fitting golf clubs for over 25 years. My experience has shown that anytime you are investing in 1 club, or a set of clubs, it’s absolutely in your best interest to be fit for the club your purchasing. Hey, I get it, fitting is more time and possibly more investment into just 1 […]

As Soon as they start

Students should be fit with golf clubs from the first day they play. It is important that all golfers began with proper grip size shaft length shaft flex head weight and club set make up. Many players develop bad swing habits because of incorrect starting equipment. During the players development the coach can add clubs […]


It depends. In my world of junior golfers, the right fit is key because trying to play golf with clubs that are too long and too heavy usually creates a non-golfer. Almost completely gone are the days when dad takes a hacksaw to his old set so that they are close the right length but […]

Immediately. Don’t overthink it.

Similarly to the search for instruction, a Golfer should keep in mind that the fitter needs to see ‘The Miss’. Every Fitter I have met in the last year, be it Callaway, Taylormade, Mizuno, Titleist or the Instructor at a Green Grass Property has seen so many swings that they could fit you correctly based […]

Club Fitting for Whom

So whom benefits from a club fitting?? Advanced, Intermediate, or Beginner and the answer is Beginner. By explain the benefits of having the Right Lenght, Lie Angle and Grip Size you sort of break down any barriers that a client may have. Though most in this case wait to take golf lessons I try to […]

Sooner rather than later

The answer to this question comes in two parts. First, if the player is not of normal size, they should be fit as soon as they can. A player who is too tall or too short or has any other physical issue should be fit ASAP so that they have the best chance to learn […]

Fit for Golf...

Sooner the better…Experience is not necessary….


I think it all depends on how long they have been playing and what kind of priority golf is in their life, as well as financial situation. I believe beginners should get a quality box set. I have had a lot of success with beginners getting the Strata Ultimate box set from Callaway. The Strata […]

Fitting Clubs for amateurs

This question comes up all the time during the initial interview with my students. The short answer is this: if you have played some golf and have clubs currently after a lesson or two I would suggest getting fit. If it is a brand new player, I recommend that we work the swing through 4 […]


80% of golfers have never been fit according to the NGF. Even beginners need to be fit in a static fashion, taking measurements and using an educated guess by a knowledgeable fitter. To truly fit someone we need a somewhat repeating swing motion. Best done on grass outdoors where ball flight can be seen and […]

When to get fit ?!?

I think anyone that is using clubs that are an obvious misfit. I.e. too long , too short , too heavy, too light, lie angles are extreme, etc. and have developed some decent fundamentals and reasonable consistency to there motion, and shot pattern !!

Go to shot

The go-to shot for amateurs around the green is a Chip, this shot has a low trajectory, place ball back in the stance, shaft leans forward, weight on lead foot, use a putting motion-minimal wrist action. Get the ball on the ground as quick as you can. Once you start pitching you put air into […]

Arm Lock

I had done a little research on this a month ago or so. It is a very unique technique. I believe they refer to it as an arm lock style of putting. Conceptually it makes sense for the way Bryson’s head works. It is a bio mechanical way of putting. The way he locks his […]

The perception of scooping the ball for success has been a longtime issue with golfers.

The perception of scooping the ball for success has been a longtime issue with golfers. As a way of eliminating that misperception, I hold a golf ball up and demonstrate the difference with my hands of hitting down or trapping the golf ball vs the scoop. Hitting down creates back spin which lifts the ball […]

Try Brysons technique to make more short putts

Brysons technique for putting is brilliant because of its simplicity. With the shaft of the putter more vertical the stroke becomes more straight back and straight through. The longer shaft secures the putter against his forearm so it’s easier to square the face at impact. Fewer moving parts and simple angles in the setup make […]

Robot vs. Mozart

Bryson DeChambeau is too mechanical for the average person…However, there are some you could teach this method to…I want a free flowing motion in putting , I call it classical or putt like Mozart would have putted…He would have very good technique and be graceful on putts 10 feet and in!

Yes Bryson has it right!

Bryson’s putting stroke should be emulated regardless of the length of the putter with this in mind. The ball position sits under the fulcrum point of the lever system , left armpit , right armpit in context. That is the lowest point in your stroke pattern . It should , could result in better roll […]

He's Unique

Putting is very personal and there are really no musts in putting. One thing I think is very important is good posture–you don’t see any tour players today–PGA or LPGA–who have bad posture when putting. Here’s what I’ll say about Bryson’s style: 1. It works for him. As I mentioned there are no musts–find a […]

On putting strokes

What makes anybody a great putter isn’t just the stroke. It’s the ability to read greens and sense of feel. All your putting stroke can do, at best, is roll the ball down a line with a good sense of distance. If your read is off by 3 inches, or speed is off, you miss. […]

You have to feel what works for you

It’s impossible and foolish to try and suggest what Bryson is doing isn’t what’s best for him. The key to that is that it work FOR HIM! If you have the dredded yikes or struggle coming out of putts before impact then I absolutely think some of his methods would be worth a shot. When […]

Putting Answers

On the putting green the golf ball does not care how you hold the club / align your feet or body. The only things that matters – did you send it on the correct speed down the correct line! The more you putt the better you can get at figuring out the correct speed and […]

DeChambeau Putting style

DeChambeau’s putting style works very well as there is little chance of unnecessary body movement during the putting stroke. The most important thing to realize is, Bryson determines his start line and the length of each putt down to the millimeter. The fact that the putter shaft is connected to his left arm doesn’t allow […]

Very efficient

Simply 90 & 0 degrees horizontally shoulder stroke plane …. very efficient!

Bryson’s putting technique

All that is required to be a great putter is great direction control and great distance control and great green reading. If this technique works for Bryson who is to argue. I’ve found most people who have tried this method improve direction but struggle with distance. Oh, one more thing that is required to be […]

Feel and React vs. Measure and Execute

I’d categorize Bryson DeChambeau’s putting technique as perfect for him but not for everyone. What I mean by that is, his method of gathering data like the distance, the gradient of the slope, the speed of the green etc. then making a back and through swing measured by distance works for him. It wouldn’t work […]

Bryson’s Putting Works

He finished 10th in SG Putting for the 2020 season. There is a lot of value here. Bryson has matched up his putting to his equipment and how he processes information to make him a great putter. If you want to do a straight back straight thru (SBST) stroke then you need a putter with […]

Keep it simple

The putting stroke I teach is simple and has very few moving parts. I prefer my students to be more focused on feel and target. Bryson’s stroke, although stranger looking, seems to be quite simple with only the shoulders swinging the putter. I’d also predict that his putter is built to fit that stroke perfectly.

Bryson's Putting drill technique

Bryson’s new putting technique is simply a putting drill that we used to do 40 plus years ago.. The only difference is that the putter is made specifically for using that type of putting stroke. This is very similar to Matt Kutcher’s technique that hes been using for many years. The technique allows the user […]

80 degree lie angle,why not?

The lie angle must deviate by 10 degrees from vertical, good for Bryson for noticing. The more vertical the stroke ( a shaft plane deviation of only 10 degrees) the more margin for error. Why haven’t the putter companies featured more models with that shaft angle? Coupled with the arm lock Bryson has created a […]

Many unusual putting techniques

Over the years, players have tried all sorts of ways to get the ball in the hole. The long putters eventually could not be anchored, but you had to practice with it for weeks before you had the confidence to put in into competition.Sam Snead used a short putter and straddled the line of the […]

Stabalization is good for putting

Bryson removed many varibles while employing his putting technique. Many putts are missed due to excessive indipendent arm and wrist motions. His style while difficult to develop touch with is very scientifically sound.

If it works for you why not??!!

In my opinion Bryson looks so mechanical in his putting stroke but he has had great putting rounds. Look at the last round of this years US Open! So my point is if you find a style of putting that works, then use it until you find the putts not being holed or the speed […]

Go to shot around the greens

Most amateurs don’t spend enough time on short game but just watch what Tour Players do on television. Set up is important, so play the ball in the MIDDLE of your Stance which is about 4 inch wide ( clubhead is 4 inches), from there grab your Pitching Wedge with hands forward, make a small […]

Shift Your Weight Properly

Most ‘scoops’ are the result of an incorrect weight shift on the downswing and follow through. A ‘scoop’ is often coupled with a falling back onto the trail foot as the player tries to lift the golf ball into the air. It can be very difficult to time the release of the scooping motion, which […]

Evolution of the swing

As a senior player, I was taught to play the ball off my left heel… This was Nicklaus and Watson. My teachers were Dr. Gary Wiren , Bill Strausbaugh and Paul Berthaly. Now there is no lateral shift of the hips . Most players take the club steeper or more upright and place the ball […]

What's in Front of Your Golf Ball?

All too often higher handicap golfers are overly consumed with actually making contact with the golf ball. This interferes with your natural ability to strike the ball with speed at the correct attack angle. Unlike other sports where you are “reacting” to the moving object, golf forces you to “act’ on a stationary object. What […]

A Few Factors

I see a lot of beginners who top the ball and catch it thin a lot. I always tell them that this is a lot of times not such a swing issue, but rather a simple matter of just hitting the ground solid more consistently through impact by returning the club head to where it […]

Gravity! A relationship worth appreciating!

In the backswing the club and arms move back and up in context. If there is any more obvious influence then gravity I don’t know it! The down part of the swing could be the simplest of all the swing movements. Play with the fall or lengthening of the arms as you rotate and extend […]

Brush and Finish !

I wouldn’t tell any of my average Golfer lessons to hit down. That usually equates to a “Fat” shot. Most golfers need to Feel they are sweeping or brushing the turf six inches before and six inches after the ball. Keep the club accelerating through the hitting area . And don’t forget – finish the […]

Don't think hit down on the ball!

Telling students to hit down on the ball isn’t the answer. If they always miss the ground it’s either a concept or fear thing. Their concept is wrong because they think they can lift the ball off the ground. I explain why it’s possible but leads to poor contact, then have them hit balls off […]

Miss the towel

I am not the originator of this exercise, but I have found that placing a towel a few inches behind the ball helps the student move their pressure more efficiently and as a result creates a more descending action into the ball.

Low Pointing

This is a good question. It is something I focus on a lot during my lessons, especially for quality iron play. There are a few things that have to happen so that the low point of your swing is on the target side of the ball. First we need to understand how the lower body […]

Descending Angle of Approach--Why and How.

It is possible to play decent golf picking, or scooping the ball rather than hitting down and through it, but doing so leaves zero margin for error. And with the ball setting on the ground, it is impossible to play well with the club coming up, lifting the ball. Hitting down provides the greatest margin […]

Hit Down Easier

I believe that the easiest way to hit down through the ball is to really understand weight shift. In order for you to hit down through the ball, the grip of the club has to be in front of the ball at the time of impact. This position is way to hard to get into […]

Start hitting it solid, its all about balance!

For players of any skill level, it is so important to define your balance at impact! Generally, every great ball striker has all of their weight firmly on their forward foot at impact!!! Establish confidence in this by setting up for some short swings (waist to shoulder high) with 95% of your weight planted on […]

Lean the Shaft

First I don’t like the intent of trying to hit down on the ball. Before you know it they’ll be sticking the club in the ground. The reason folks “scoop” the ball is because they are trying to help it in the air. Start my simulating a good impact position using an impact bag if […]

Striking down to hit hit better

Place a towel on the ground, now put a golf ball roughly 5 inches in front of it. As go to hit the golf ball your job is to MISS the towel, if you nick it or it moves NO good. Hope this helps

Don’t scoop!

This is a great topic to cover. I find that most players play the ball too far forward in their stance because the path of their swing is outside in. Once that happens they are doomed to scoop the rest of their life to understand how to hit a golf ball correctly you have to […]

Clear out!

In order to stay down and cover the ball with a downward blow, we must clear our lead side out of the way. Feel like your body is opening up to the target, only after you get the weight into your lead leg, hip joint.

Focus on your finish

A lot of players think or try too hard to make the club come into the ball on a downward angle of attack. One of the main faults that I see a lot from my students who flip is an improper finish position. Players who tend to “scoop” the ball at impact tend to hang […]

Crisp iron shots

Crisp iron shots require a slight descending angle of approach to the golf ball. Students need to understand that the golf swing is a circle understand where the bottom of the arc of the circle should occur (slightly in front of the golf ball). The question then becomes how to move the bottom of the […]

Don't tap it's head...Spank it's bottom!

The student loves to help the ball up…In doing so, they top it or as I like to say: “you are tapping it head”…You need to spank it’s bottom…Position the logo of the ball near the right bottom part of the ground and get the student spank or hit down on the logo part of […]

Back, Up, In and Down, Out, Forward

A couple things come to mind on this. Having the student explain their thoughts on impact positions and what they perceive is happening during the impact interval. Are they trying to “help” the ball into the air by flipping their wrists at impact? It is usually a good discussion and leads to my explanation that […]

Go-To Short Game Shot: No Wrists

Leave the wrists out of your short game shots. I see many of my students attempt to garner extra spin and check on their short shots by flipping their wrists at impact. This does not help with consistency, or with solid contact. When looking for a go-to short game shot, practice hitting half-shots with your […]

The Go To Shot

Learn to hit a chip shot and you can hit any shot, any where! You can hit chip shots from the fairway, the rough, around the green, under trees, over bunkers, and the list goes on. Chip shots can also be hit with almost any club in the bag, making it that much more versatile.

Play the ball as close to the ground as possible.

I see too many amateurs use one club for all their short game needs, and it’s usually the highest lofted club in the bag. The best players in the world will play short game shots closer to the ground because that shot is easier to control, it doesn’t have to be hit perfectly to get […]

Putt, Chip and Pitch - in that order

The short game in golf simplified – is having the golfer play the odds. The quicker a golfer can get the ball on the ground and rolling towards the hole the better. So with this in mind, the process for evaluating / deciding the shot to hit around the green should be as follows: Evaluate […]

Putting with loft

Take a short iron, grip down and hold the shaft vertically just like a putter (heel of the club should be off the ground). Make the same stroke as the putter!

The Feel Shots

I get asked all of the time. How do you hit those 50, 60, or 70 yard pitch shots? Well, my answer to those students is that they’re feel shots. But, don’t get confused on that because feel can be taught, especially with those types of feel shots. It’s about doing your math. For example […]

Short game is not on their radar...

What is a go-to short game shot for amateurs?….There is none!!!…They like ball in the air not ball on the ground!!!

Inexperienced players, chip and run shot for more fun!

I can’t emphasize enough that amateur golfers get the ball on the ground, and rolling like a putt as soon as possible. Your feel for distance is based mostly on how a ball will roll out. It takes a long time to develop the skill and confidence to manage a sand wedge consistently around the […]

Play Smart!!!

Put the ball back in your stance. (For a right handed player)…off your right foot. Keep your weight 70% o n your front foot (left-foot for a right handed player). Do not just use a sand wedge. Pick the best club that will get the ball on the putting surface and roll it to the […]

Learn the Stock Pitch Shot for Short-game Success

For amateurs looking to improve their short-game, the most important shot to learn is the basic 15 yard pitch. While most short-game instruction stresses the importance of the low running chip shot, a stock pitch shot is a better option to actually build short-game technique around. The reason for this is that once one has […]


Chip shot – position ball in the back of the stance, lean the shaft forward and make a putting like stroke. Making ball first contact is much easier than having to worry about chunking it or blading it.

Get The Ball On The Ground Quickly

When you have a lot of green to work with, Amateurs would have much more success playing a Chip and Run then using a sand wedge and playing a Pitch shot. Since the Lob wedge became more popular too many rely on that club for most shots around the green. From my view that club […]

Less Loft Better Results

A lot of my students simply use too much loft when chipping around the greens. Place and keep your weight on your front leg. Use a pitching wedge or 8 iron and make a putting motion taking the hands and wrists out of the shot. Distance control for every golf shot is imperative. Understand how […]

Short game

To try and keep this simple I would have to categorize it into two different groupings. High handicap players/beginners and low to mid handicap players. The high handicap/beginners should look at a bump and run shot. It is a low running shot played with a 7,8 or 9 iron off of your back foot with […]

Short Game Magic

There are 3 rules for choosing a short game shot, 1) Putt whenever you can, 2) Chip when you can’t putt, and 3) Only pitch when you have to. The decision to select one of the short game shots depends on the situation. The biggest mistake most amateurs make is automatically reaching for a lofted […]

Same Swing - Different Clubs

A standard chip and pitch swing is the first short game stroke for every player to learn and develop. Learn to play this stroke with 3 or 4 clubs from highest loft to an 8 or 7 iron. Use this stroke with the correct ‘loft’ depending on length and green availability to get the shot […]

Go-To Green Side Chip

The best shot for all golfers to use when they are close to the green, with no obstacles in the way, is a green side chip shot. Think of it this way: chipping is like putting. Use a PW, a 9 iron or an 8 iron. Here’s how: aim the club face at the target. […]

Finding each amateurs personal go to shot.

I would say that there is no single go-to shot for every amateur. Amateurs have been inundated with so many varying ways to go about hitting shots around the green that it often leads to confusion and poor short games. For example, many students have seen the Phil Mickelson hinge and hold method. Now, there […]

Keep it simple

I am a big fan of a 54 of 56 degree wedge played in the middle of your stance with your weight more on the lead foot. Too often golfers try to lift the golf ball during a pitch or chip shot. The bottom of the club and the ground are your friend.

Keep it simple

Close to the ground whenever possible is the key. Always putt, when you have a relatively good surface. Next look for the 6 or 7 iron pitch and run. Many players use a putting stroke, but brush the grass and it is a player preference as to the grip and approach to this stroke. Most […]

Chunk and run

Most amateurs that I work with will typically try to use the wrong club around the green and leave the ball a long way from the hole. In doing so this adds strokes to their score. I try to help them understand club and turf interaction and using the proper club and technique to get […]

The Return of the Chip

A great go to shot around the green for any player is a chip with a 9 iron. First, let me explain why a 9 iron…you see, a 9 iron will have around 45 degrees of loft. This is important when you think about ball contact and control. If you consider the equator of the […]

Learn a Basic Chip

I define a chip shot as a shot that has minimal moving parts and is hit with a de-lofted club that engages a bit of the leading edge. It’s best chosen when there’s a bit of a cushion under the ball, as it’s not the most forgiving motion, but it is one of the simplest. […]

“Toe Chip”

Select your appropriate club for the distance you need to roll the ball. Place the toe on the ground, heel in the air, stand the club up to almost a putter lie Angle-70 degrees or so (close to vertical). You are now standing almost putter distance from the golf ball. Chip the shot off the […]


Keep it simple stupid ( K.I.S.S.) is used often and almost a cliche by now but very good when it comes to playing around the greens. I’ve seen too many players with low point issues or the yips trying to use the bounce on a simple chip. I would rather see more amateurs putt the […]

Collin for the Win

Looking for a solid bet to win the U.S. Open? Look no further than Collin Morikawa. His golf swing is simplistic, repeatable, and with a calm and winning mentality, he will be tough to beat. His dispersion rate (distance missed left to right from the target) with a 6-rion is that of most touring professional’s […]


My pick for this years U.S. Open is Matt Kuchar. The biggest reason why is because Winged Foot is a good course for average length players, and the rough looks, well, rough! Matt has been solid throughout his last several years with his performance largely due to the fact that he doesn’t hit many foul […]

Louis Oosthuizen

A perennial contender in Majors, Louis has the ideal combination of driving accuracy, iron play, and with a steady putter he can get it done at Winged Foot. Also- a fantastic bunker player!

Tony Finau

It seems that he’s ready

Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas has been one of the hottest players in the world recently and has been close to winning multiple times. Also his experience from winning a major championship before if invaluable.

Two in a Row?

I like Colin Morikawa to win, he’s played well on tough courses this year and is one of the best ball strikers out there. If Colin gets the putter rolling he’s hard to beat that was the difference maker at the PGA Championship.


Xander Schauffele. He’s gonna do it eventually. Why not now? Really nice young man too.

US Open Champion!

Xander Schauffle


I have not been able to watch much golf this year but I am going to go with another young player that I think is due. Xander Schauffele has been playing very well for a least a couple of years now. I think he has made almost every cut and has had some high finishes, […]

Distance and Recovery

Length and power will be paramount for the week with this ywar’s set up. Length to literally compete with the courses added length since 2006 and power to advance ball from rough. This years open won’t be solely about who shoots the lowest but who makes fewest mistakes on approach and around the expanded green […]

Long and straight

Hitting fairways deep, is always the history of the Open. Dustin Johnson seems likely, but I think somebody that may rise like Simpson or Day might surprise. When all in it will be fairways hit.

Colin Morikawa

There are many who could win this week, but I would pick Colin Morikawa to win the US Open at Winged Foot. I think his golf swing and game are a nice match to Winged Foot. Winged Foot is a straight drivers course which he does well and his game is built for Majors.

Grand Slam for Phil...Fairways only!!!

I think Phil will win…He will forget about 2006 and do what he needs to do to win…Put that Driver in the trunk and 3 wood it around Wing Foot…He is long enough not to use driver…USGA does not care about your fairway wood shots, irons, chipping , bunker, or putting…All they care about it […]

DJ until someone stops him

Hard to bet against DJ and the roll hes been on. I would love to see Xander break through on such an iconic rest this week.

Who can get it up and down the best.

It is always tough to be a single player as a favorite. Only during the days of Tiger’s dominance was that possible. Winged Foot is going to be the toughest test the players will face in quite a long time. Common sense would say that driving the ball in play will be at a premium […]

You don't win the Open, the Open wins you!

I’ve been waiting for a ‘major’ breakthrough for Xander Schauffelle. This may be his time after a very solid playoffs!

Rahm and Finau playoff continues on Monday!!

I already have my VCR set to record the 2 hole playoff between Jon Rahm and Tony Finau! I had it set for Monday , but they changed the rule in 2019 from an 18 hole playoff to a two-hole aggregate ( I disagree with the decision to abandon the tradition!). I love to see […]

Winged Foot

The golf course is going to be the winner. Whoever comes in first is still going to be second to this incredible masterpiece.

Tiger Woods

I’m thinking the rough will be tougher than ever with no fans to trample it down. Patience, putting and experience will win the 2020 US Open.

Adam Scott

Driving will be a big factor as the rough at Winged Foot is brutal;Scott has streaks where he drives the ball beautifally. Maybe like the victories of Orville Moody and Ed Furgol, it might not be short game artist that wins.


Collin Morikawa will win The U.S. Open His ability to fade the ball off the tee to keep it in the fairway is one reason. The second reason Is his short game which is required at a U.S.Open layout The third reason is his putting The fourth reason is he doesn’t have any scar tissue […]

Hitting a Draw: The Easy Way

Need help hitting a draw? Here is how to hit a draw with purpose and power. First, ensure that you are square to the target. Many folks aren’t lined up correctly and this causes errors in the path of the club. Secondly ensure that when you take the club back, that the club face matches […]

Top 5

1. Virtues Golf Club: Nashport, OH Best views in Ohio, Top 100 ranked in America, Arthur Hills GC 2. Springfield Reid Park North Golf Course: Springfield, OH Held multiple USGA qualifiers, NCAA DII National Championships, and Ohio Open 3. Shaker Run Golf Club: Lebanon, OH Held 1998 Ohio Am Championship and 2005 Pub Links Championship, […]

Play a low running draw around trouble

The three step answer is align yourself to second base, aim the club at the shortstop, and swing to the second baseman. You’ll need more loft, because you’re going to deloft the club when you close the face. You’ll think about making contact toward the toe, because closing the face not only narrows it, but […]

Better Described with an Image

This image shows the path that the club head should take, the direction the club face should be pointing, and where the target line actually is. This is a great visual of how to hit a draw.

Aim your feet (toe line) and shoulders (for a right-handed golfer) to the right of the target and aim your club-face at the target.

When you need to intentionally draw the ball, simply aim your feet (toe line) and shoulders (for a right-handed golfer) to the right of the target and aim your club-face at the target. Your club-head path should parallel your toe line. Take your normal swing and you should see the ball curve from right to […]

3 Ball Drill

The 3 ball drill will not only help a player hit draws & fades on demand but it can also help you make your swing more dependable. Line up 3 balls in a triangle pattern with 2 balls on your toe line about a club length outside each foot and the point of the triangle […]

Change Your Face

For an amateur swing more in to out is difficult. A lot of the time the bigger issue is an overly open clubface at impact. For the average golfer if you learn to square or close the face first you can still hit a draw without coming from the inside, you just need to aim […]

Close stance

The easiest way is to close your stance to the target line so it’s easier for your path to be more in to out . Just remember to make sure the face is somewhat closed to the path . A good example would be path 4 degrees right of target at impact and the face […]

Easiest way to hit a draw

The easiest way to hit a draw is to close the club face relative to the SWING PATH at impact. For most weekend golfers, this will result in a PULL DRAW where you would have to aim to the right of the target with your feet and body to get the ball to finish on […]

A Few Different Ways

There are a few different ways to work the ball. Some golfers are conventional in their approach and others are not so conventional. The conventional ways (that I endorse) to hit a draw include strengthening your grip and closing the club face. But, I’ve found from my personal experience (which may be more unconventional) that […]

Get the toe of the club to the ball first!

Anyone looking to hit a draw must first understand how the golf club is engineered to work. A person must be educated on getting the toe of the club around to the golf ball first. To hit a draw a person must feel like the toe of the club is wrapping around the golf ball. […]

Swing the club at 1 O'clock...

Tell the student to imagine at the address position they are standing on a giant clock (right hand golfer)…The ball is at 3 O’clock…They need to swing the club pass the 3 O’clock position to the 1 O’clock position…Then tell the student 1 O’clock is are favorite time of day!

Your Grip Controls the Clubface

Many ways are talked about in moving the golf ball left or right but it’s really pretty easy! By changing your grip your ball will curve, let’s talk about it! In right handed player terms, if you show more knuckles on your left hand grip, the ball will curve left! If you set your left […]

Hitting A Draw

#1 Make sure you are in a neutral or strong grip setup position. #2 one of the biggest keys is to take the backswing more around the body (taking the club inside) to get the ball starter to the right of the target (for right-handers). #3 you need to roll the hands over in order […]

Swing out to the right where you'd like the ball to start

Take a little closed stance aiming a little to the right where you’d like the ball to start, and pull the right foot back little. Swing out to the right where you’d like the ball to start and let your forearms rotate to the left as you swing through the ball which gets the clubface […]

Explain path and face

The most efficient way to help a player hit a draw is to explain how the relationship of path and face creates the shot. The next step through drills or the use of tech is to establish path. Divot feedback for irons and obstacle feedback for woods create feedback for the player. The final step […]

How to spin it!

To hit a draw the easiest way is to aim body to the right( for right hander) and pre-set club face pointing towards intended target. Then swing along body lines and the ball should curve. Move the ball back in the stance a bit to promote in to out motion. Be careful to give yourself […]

Aim right and turn hard!

Lots of misconceptions about how to actually hit a draw. I hear it all the time “just roll your hands over it.” Yes that will cause the ball to move right to left, but there is no constancy to this. In order to properly hit a consistent draw aim right of the target, swing the […]

The inside path to better golf

As a golf instructor helping a “slicer” experience a hook/draw is very exciting for both the teacher and the player. It is critical for long term development of a player to learn to hit an intentional hook. Nearly every low handicap player develops this skill. The ingredients for the hook/draw are simple. Through impact the […]

No-brainer draw technique

Take a normal stance but aim right of your target. Rotate the grip so that the club face is pointed to the left and swing normally. You will need to practice with different clubs because the effect of closing the face will reduce the effective loft which will make it harder to get the ball […]

How to draw the ball

When you want to curve your shot from right to left, as a right hander, then you have a “draw shot” in mind. Here’s how: Aim your stance 5 yards to the right of your target line. Close your shoulders and your hips, so that they are also 5 yards to the right of the […]

Shot Shaping - Draw

It’s so important for players to understand what causes curve in ball flight. No matter what the player wishes for based on grip, stance, ball position, etc., the only way the ball will curve left (for right hander) is for the club path to be slightly right of target and the face to be left […]

Draw Shot

This is the Holy Grail for almost everyone. I will try and keep this as short as possible. To understand the draw lets first discuss the slice. The slice occurs when the club head is on an outside to inside path on the the forward swing. The club face is also open relative to the […]

Grip the club so you can see 3 knuckles on your left hand(for Righties)

If your grip is strong enough(both hands rotated away from the target) its the best way to stop your slice. When you look down at your top hand you should see at least 3 knuckles!

Posture and pivot are the keys

The simplistic answer is to aim where you want the ball to start and close the face to where you want the ball to finish. That won’t work with longer clubs it the golfer has a steep, outside -in swing. Short irons will be pulled and less lofted clubs won’t get up in the air […]

Coronado Golf Course

Coronado Golf Course is the place to go . The price is great $42 during the week walking . Close to downtown San Diego with great views of the bay , the bridge and the Hotel Del Coronado . A must if you travel to San Diego

Emerald Hills GC in Sterling IL.

This year on Fathers Day my Dad and I played Emerald Hills GC in Sterling IL. It is $25 with cart everyday/all the time. The conditions were very good, nice practice facility, and course that every level can play. Thanks and congratulations to city of Sterling IL for your support, dedication and contribution to golf […]

Nashville National: Tennessee's Secret Gem

Are you looking for a public course, with the best bang for your buck? Look no further than 15 minutes outside the “Music City”. If you visit this golf course, be prepared for a beautiful course that sits right at the foot of the smokey mountains, bringing in beautiful views you can only get from […]

Plenty of Golf in Phoenix that is value

For the greater Phoenix Metro area, the city of Phoenix has some pretty good municipal courses. The two that come to mind and are at the top of the list would be Papago Park and Encanto Park Golf Course. Papago also houses the Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams for ASU so you know conditions are […]

Rum Pointe

Rum Pointe is a great golf course in Berlin Maryland, but it is really affiliated with Ocean City Maryland. I have played there multiple times and the conditions have always been excellent. It is a Links style course with almost all the holes giving you water/Bay views. If you can tie it into an Ocean […]

Near Seattle, Play Snohomish

Snohomish Golf Course, about 30 minutes northeast of Seattle, is one of the most impressive layouts for the dollar I’ve ever seen. Their market has always been at the value end of the spectrum, but that doesn’t mean its not a first rate design. The irrigation system is not sophisticated, so when summers are a […]

Rock Hollow Golf Course

Beautiful track in Peru, Indiana. 1 hour north of Indianapolis. Great layout in great condition! Priced right too! Rock Hollow Golf Course

Riverdale Dunes in Brighton, CO

I believe that Riverdale Dunes Golf Course in Brighton, CO is an incredible value. This Pete Dye designed course is always in amazing shape and is a great value. They host many Colorado tournaments and they are always on local “Best of” lists. I believe they even made a Golf Digest list at one point. […]

Sandpiper In Santa Barbara, CA

In my opinion, the best bang for your buck public golf course that is both fun and challenging (which I’ve had the pleasure to have played a number of times) is Sandpiper in Santa Barbara, CA. You get the bang for your buck because of the awesome beauty (as many of the holes are right […]

Rock Hollow Golf Course in Peru, Indiana

Beautiful track in Peru, Indiana. 1 hour north of Indianapolis. Great layout in great condition! Priced right to! Rock Hollow Golf Course

Beeches Golf Club in the resort town of South Haven, Michigan

Fun Course in Southwest Michigan The Beeches Golf Club located in the resort town of South Haven, Michigan is one of the best values around and a great golf course. This links style course has great turf and the lay out is awesome. 7200 yards from the back tees make this no pushover so pick […]

Boone Golf Club, Boone NC

Beat the heat! Boone Golf Club, Boone NC. Air-conditioned golf course all season. Better yet, great greens and usually in top shape.

Bethpage Black!

Hands Down,  Bethpage Black! Great track that just held the 2019 PGA Championship and will be hosting a Ryder Cup in a few years! Enough said!

Beathpage Black Course In Farmingdale NY

The Black Course at Bethpage State Park is one of the absolute best tests of golf in the world. The Black Course has hosted two US Opens and one PGA Championship and will soon host the Ryder Cup. Although extremely difficult, it is equally fair which is why I love it. It is always in […]

San Juan Oaks in San Juan Batista in Northern California

You get what you pay for or do you?  San Juan Oaks in San Juan Batista in Northern California is the best course for the price…Not overly priced this golf course is a masterpiece!

North Palm Beach CC

North Palm Beach CC Formerly a Seth Raynor layout in 1926 Redesigned by Jack Nicklaus 2006, 2019 On the Earman River Nice elevation changes Undulating greens Very challenging

Monarch Dunes Golf Club in Nipomo, CA

Monarch Dunes – gem of the central coast – is one of my favorite golf courses anywhere. The Pascuzzo and Pate design carves holes through stands of towering Eucalyptus trees and takes full advantage of the natural rolling terrain. The first time I played here was early in the morning the day before my college […]

Indian Canyon in Spokane Washington

A great Chandler Egan design that hosted two USGA publinks championships Indian Canyon

Soule Park in Ojai, CA

Your new Soulemate Soule Park in Ojai, CA is a hidden gem. A well maintained golf course with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Twilight rate (starts at noon!) is only $37 which includes a cart. Well worth a visit.

Gateway National - Madison, IL (Across the river from St. Louis)

Friendly atmosphere and staff. Course always in great shape. Gateway National

Get your first putt closer!

Work on two areas when you putt. 20-40 foot putts, getting those within a 3 foot circle and then work on 6 feet and in. Become great in short putts and long putts. Don’t worry so much about the 10-20 footers they will be fine. The key to not 3 putting is distance control with […]

Increase driver distance

Good morning! If anyone wants to hit their driver farther, it is extremely important to get fit for the driver that will warrant better performance numbers. Secondly, do something to increase your flexibility. I personally have a stretching routine I follow every day before leaving my house. Lastly, if you seek more distance with the […]

3 steps to better putting

1. Get advice from a PGA Professional regarding your putting technique 2. Practice distance drills. Never putt from the same place twice. Vary uphill and downhill often. Take a rehearsal stroke while looking at the target to FEEL the energy needed for proper distance 3. Create some putting drills with measurable goals that put pressure […]

Never 3-Putt Again

Need help with eliminating those nasty 3-Putts? This quick tip will help you immediately reduce putts per round by helping you with your speed control. You’ll need five golf balls, a putter, and a surface to putt on. Line up to your first golf ball, and don’t take any aim. Don’t even aim at a […]

Distance control!

In my world of teaching kids golf, I can say without a doubt that, a new golfers first big leap in scoring is when they stop 5 & 6 putting and begin 2 & 3 putting. This occurs when they figure out how to hit the first putt close to the correct distance. The two […]

Reduce 3 Putt Frequency

The key to reducing the number of 3 putts is really quite simple. Too many golfers are paralyzed by fear of controlling the line, when distance control is by far the most important. Making putts boils down to three components. Reading the break, hitting it on the correct line, and also the right distance. Knowing […]

Play More Break

There’s a reason many use the phrase “missed on the Amateur side”, or the low side of the hole. It’s been done so often it’s become a norm in our lexicon. When you miss on the “low” side of the hole, the ball is running away from the hole, meaning it will come to rest […]

Keys to solid putting

In general, practicing the three basic skills of putting will help minimize the number of three-putts, but even the best will have to deal with this reality of the game. Three putts happen! Practice the things that matter on the greens. There are three basic skills. First, learn to line up square and be aware […]

Choose Your Poison

Fast, severely sloped greens create three putts. Assuming your stroke is decent, try to minimize your 3-putts with a realistic strategy for any specific putt. What I mean is this: You are unlikely to 3-putt from 15 feet, (in fact, your 50% sink distance is probably only about 5 feet), but you are also unlikely […]

3 Putting

I went to a seminar a few years ago and one of the topics was Putting. They did a statistical breakdown which I thought was very enlightening. To summarize it they suggested that people should practice two lengths of putts. Long putts, 25 to 30 feet and short putts 3 to 5 feet. Based on […]

Play the ladder game

Play the ladder game until you hole 100 feet of putts. Ladder Game – Put golf balls 10, 20, 30, 40 feet from the hole. Downhill first then uphill. You must 2 putt or better to move to a longer distance. If you 3 putt you must return to the 10 foot putt.  

3 steps to better putting

1. Get advice from a PGA Professional regarding your putting technique 2. Practice distance drills. Never putt from the same place twice. Vary uphill and downhill often. Take a rehearsal stroke while looking at the target to FEEL the energy needed for proper distance 3. Create some putting drills with measurable goals that put pressure […]

Distance Control is the Key

Lag putting and distance control are the best way to cut down three putts. If you are leaving yourself outside of 3 feet for your 2nd putt odds are not in your favor of 2 putting. I would work on grouping balls from 20-30-40 feet then work on 3-5 foot putts.

Speed Should Be Your First Thought

I think most golfers who are prevalent to three putt do so because they are usually consumed with worry about the line and do not think enough about the speed. Speed should always be the first thought and the last thought when putting. I often ask the golfer who says he is not a good […]

Big Muscle Stroke for better putting

First of all work on your iron and wedge game, the closer you are to the hole will improve your putting stats!! Related to your putting stroke, feel your chest and shoulders making the stroke as opposed to your hands. My fellow instructors who teach better players tell me that putting is in your hands […]

Focus on the correct line

Make the second putt! Seriously, the key to eliminating to 3 putts is to focus on the speed of the putt so you can hit it the right distance. Too many golfers focus on the line of the putt to the hole when one should be focusing on a line that is even with the […]

Speed kills

if you’re unsuccessful with speed (distance, slope, putting stroke length and tempo) alignment is irrelevant. all great putters and all bad putters have one thing in common – speed – it’s either correct or not. 3 drills to develop speed and distance feel: 1. graduated practice – start on as straight a putt as possible […]

Green Reading and Speed Control are Key

Golfers may 3-putt for several reasons, but the top two stand out: 1) Poor Green Reading 2) Poor Speed Control The first, poor green reading, is the number one cause of 3-putting that I see. If you think the putt is uphill right-to-left, and it’s actually downhill left-to-right, you haven’t got a chance. Poor green […]

90% mental the other half is physical

Like the great Yogi Berra once said, “Baseball is 90% mental the other half is physical.” I couldn’t agree more with regards to putting. So how do you fix the mental aspect? Get fit for a putter. Putter fittings often get overlooked and its the club you use the most. Loft and lie can make […]

Several Proven Methods

There are several proven methods for eliminating 3 putts. The first one I want to talk about is developing feel and distance control from much practice and trial and error. Most people who often three putt are usually lacking in this area and need to especially practice on the practice putting green before their round […]

Trust your speed

Speed control may be the first and most important element in being a good putter. Good putters are usually good at judging speed. And some great putters were just born that way. If you were not blessed with that skillset, here is a simple drill to help you develop speed control. On the practice green, […]

Get the gimme range

Three putts are one of two problems. Either you don’t lag putt well or you have the”yips”. Both can be controlled from over thinking and negative vibes. Try one drill for both problems. Once you have aligned your stance and the putter face to your intended launch line, look at the hole instead of the […]

Simple - Stroke a Great 1st Putt

All 3-putts, ALL, are created by a poor first putt. In 99% of the cases of a first putt being poor is directly related to controlling the distance a putt travels. Want to avoid 3 putting, learn to control your distances! Contact me directly to learn how you can eliminate 3-putting.

Nothing worse than a 3 putt!!!

The golfer must have desire, discipline and dedication to practice putting…30 footer and in…30 minutes a day…That should do the trick!?

Speed not line..

Very simple…make sure the last thought is speed..most amateurs leave their putts short..for that matter, they leave most shots short..picture a 2 foot circle behind the hole and get the ball in the circle. Amateurs focus on line and forget speed. Pros focus on the speed to determine the line.

Speed first line second

In order to improve your chances of reducing 3-putts or worse, you have to figure out the speed it takes to get the ball to or just past the hole. Once you figure out the speed, then your line can be chosen based on speed. I see far too many players that fall in love […]

No 3 putts!

Probably This is the biggest area of improvement for anyone higher than a 12 handicap. It’s all about speed control and reading the greens. See my you tube video for reading the apex of the putt.. for distance control practice a ladder drill 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19, 21,23,25,27,29 ft putts all set up with 14 balls in a […]

Getting more distance with driver

Well the easy answer is “more protein shakes!!” Honestly, it comes down to the rotation of the hips and shoulders and that would be flexibility. Fitness is so very important to all sports but especially Golf. I recommend to my students to continue working on the core and even some strengthening of the legs. All […]

Distance Control Through Rhythm

The single best way to reduce 3 putts is to have better speed control on all your putts. Consistent speed at the hole allows you to always have a short putt for your second. Good speed control also allows the ball to take the break near the hole in a consistent way. In fact, it […]

Learn Distance Control

Most three-putts occurs because of poor speed: a golfer leaves a putt well short or blasts it well past the hole. You’ve heard the advice to “not decel on it” but I’m here to tell you that’s WRONG. The best putters OFTEN DECEL their putts… and it’s a big part of why they’re so good […]

Driver Distance

Distance is the one thing that everyone craves. However if you truly want to hit the ball farther, you have to train for it. It will come down to a combination of fitness, flexibility, launch conditions and speed. I believe distance in golf is acquired through fast twitch muscles, meaning it is more like a […]

Orange Whip Workout

I send my players through a orange whip workout. A lot of speed trainer devices. Simply swing work outs will increase speed quickly!

The endless quest for more distance...

The endless quest for more distance will continue to plague golfers of all abilities if they train improperly. The most common fault is the YouTube, magazine article, or quick tip from their buddies on how to circumvent the real issue. The 1st Step to adding distance is getting the body more flexible to prevent injury. […]

Hit it square

Most amateurs can hit it farther by improving there centerness of contact, path and angle of attack, and face squareness. After getting those dialed in get the driver (and other clubs) properly fit and they are golden for length AND accuracy. If they want to try fitness, make sure you are following guidance of a […]

Speed = Distance

Students often come to see us looking for more distance. Who isn’t, right? From an instructor’s perspective, the real question is, “How can the student generate more club head speed”? The answer comes in three parts. First the student must be evaluated on their set-up. Secondly, the student must use large muscles and ground forces. […]

Swing Improvements.

Most amateur golfers believe that club head speed comes from swinging the arms faster. They try to accelerate the hands. This leads to a steep angle of attack and an out to in swing path. Resulting in a weak slice. At impact the shaft is leaning away from the target. The power comes from the […]

Magic Pill!

There’s no magic pill to get you more distance. Strength training, stretching, stability, cardio and proper technique are the pillars that support distance. Also solid contact is a must as well. The key is getting started. Start with 2 days a week of the above with a certified trainer or coach. Then move to 3 […]

Clubfitting is essential if you are serious

People buy drivers mainly for the wrong reasons, e.g. Tiger uses it, Rory uses it, I want to look cool, keep up with my buddies etc. If you are taking instruction to improve your game and want to increase driving distance, you need to be fitted for your next driver. There are multiple adjustments for […]

Distance,distance,distance !

The most often question asked on the practice tee is this question on how to get more distance.The answer will vary on the students development. Assuming you have no obvious flaws, then we can address the core objective. Fitness should require a personal trainer, because you only want to build your golf muscles. DeChambeau took […]

More distance

There are many ways the get more distance with the driver, but I think the best way is to be a better you! Get more mobile, more stabile, stronger and faster! Learn how to use the ground to create speed. Have better Tempo and spatial awareness ! Learn how to disassociate your joints for segmental […]

No magic bullets for distance

If you need more distance, work on solid contact first. If you are a scratch player, computerized club fitting MAY help, but knowledgeable eyes can also. If you’ve played the game for many years, technique changes will upset your instinctive timing, and that’s a tough one to overcome. Develop your short game and recovery skills, […]

Short swings, built long swings....

Want more distance? Get more efficient with your swing mechanics!….Good working mechanics are achieved buy a rock solid short game swing! When your swing mechanic’s are improved, then distance will be gained by swinging the club faster…However, if your mechanic’s are sub-standard, then you have no chance!…Sorry….

Play the right tee!

Extra distance is something that everyone wants but few can deliver. I usually make the case for players to work on increasing their distance through club fitting, exercise and practice….But, while your doing those things play the tee that scales the course in such a way that you get the “Tour Experience”. That simply means […]

increased driver distance

I am compelled to comment on this, since I’ve made sort of a opinion shift of late on this topic. For most players, I agree that better swing technique, more consistent impact factors, and improved fitness are the most important keys to improved length in todays day an age. However, with your better amateurs and […]

Get Fit For Golf

Want to hit the golf ball further? It is imperative that golfing athletes work out and make their bodies healthy and strong! The three areas of fitness to train for the game are: strength training, cardiovascular endurance and muscle flexibility. My advice to every golfer who wants to hit the ball further is to hire […]

Increase driver distance

Good morning! If anyone wants to hit their driver farther, it is extremely important to get fit for the driver that will warrant better performance numbers. Secondly, do something to increase your flexibility. I personally have a stretching routine I follow every day before leaving my house. Lastly, if you seek more distance with the […]

Centeredness Of Contact

Most people think in order to get more distance you have to swing harder or be some extreme physical specimen. But, they often forget that when you make a more efficient move at the ball you will catch the sweet spot more often, which automatically results in more distance without having to exert any extra […]

Find the sweet spot

While this is overly simple, most amateurs struggling with a lack of distance are not striking the ball in the middle of the club face. Most teachers that I talk with and learn from stress the importance of striking in the middle of the club face. I have never met a player who finds the […]


The first Thing to consider would be your optimization numbers. Be sure to get on a track man system and find out if your distance is being optimized for your speed. Your angle of attack launch, spin and club specifications Have to complement your personal speed. I have seen as much as 25 yards more […]


I will definitely give a plug to the “Impact Snap” training aid. It’s small enough to keep in your Teaching Bag and quick to use. My favorite is using an impact bag. However I fill mine up with about a Third of sand and then add packing foam. If you really want to work on […]

Impact Drills

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West Coast guy

unlikely anyone outside the west coast comes away with this one. the weather, the juicy rough, the dead rough and the grainy greens makes this one a locals dream – look for Colin, Xander and other with ties to the left coast

A real beauty..

Beautiful lay out challenging greens. And thick rough, beware the straight shooter.

Best course in San Francisco, period!

I have played Harding Park many times…From the late 1960’s to the 80’s in the San Francisco City Championship…Why it’s my favorite and I have played all the big names in San Francisco is because of the variety of different type’s of holes…Not all the same in your face hard like the Olympic Club…It has […]

Tough golf course.......especially from the rough.

I remember the Lucky Invitational in the 60’s but the golf course was totally different. Today’s Course is very fair but does require playing from the fairway. It will be fun to watch Phil.

City by the Bay

I grew up in Atherton about 30 miles south of Sf where summer temps are dry and mid 80s. But I played a lot of golf and junior golf at Lake Merced, SF CC, and the Olympic Club. Soft fairways, fog and wind usually present but such gorgeous courses. The guys in the afternoon might […]

Working for television there now

Course is set up almost like a US Open venue. Narrow fairways and some deep rough. With no spectators, that rough is going to stay long. My first group I walked with chopped out five times. No chance other than a layup.

Actually playing the PGA Championship at Harding Park

This is my 7th PGA Championship. The golf course is set up beautifully! The rough is long and fairways are narrow! With the wind blowing and the marine layer it feels like fall to winter golf. A premium is put on your drive to have access to the hole locations. With no fans it’s a […]

A Dynamic Impact Requires Dynamic Practice

Where the hands should be at impact is a common question many amateurs ask. While it’s understandable to think practicing getting the hands in the proper spot at impact would help achieve better contact, a couple points to consider: 1) In a real golf swing (not a drill) impact is dynamic- it’s a motion, not […]

Parallel palms

Swing the arms (no club) with the palms parallel (not touching) from hip high to hip high,allowing body movement to accompany.

Think of your hands in the address position...

With an impact bag get the student to swing the club into it and hold that position so they can see and feel what their hand should be doing…Ideally, hands should be in the impact position, as they are in the address position…


Impact is hopefully the fastest point in ones swing. To be consistent in getting your hands in a good position you can go through a long list of drills but one of the oldest and best is an impact bag or box. It really engages your head and body to remember what impact should feel […]

I have them start at three quarters of a follow through

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Golf is a game of motion not positions.

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It is easy

I grew up listening to my golf pros in the Pro Shop. Telling stories about the tour or local tournaments. They gave me golf tips , as well, but listening to them was like reading the Bible. Dutch Harrison was able to mix humor with education,as one. I hung on every word. Pros can emanate […]

Mental aspect of golf

Golfers must be mentally ready to achieve the outcome of the shot they’re attempting to hit. Visualizing the shot, feeling the shot by making the practice swing for the shot and trusting the swing you make is going to provide the desired outcome is incredibly important.

PGA Junior League is great for kids!!

We are fortunate to host two PGA Junior League teams at our course, Zaca Creek. It is a perfect learning center, with full access for the juniors to learn and practice all aspects of the game. PGA Jr League gives them the opportunity to take it out onto the course, learn playing procedures, etiquette, and […]

Junior Golf: Keep it Simple

It is extremely important to keep junior golf fun, safe, and engaging. When creating a junior golf environment, use props. The putting green is a great example. A few tees, some string, and creativity can go along way in getting kids excited about the game of golf. The next time you create a fun environment […]

Play Golf with your Friends

The best way for Juniors to be inspired is to play golf with their friends. Learning to play the great game of golf is just better with your buddies. What better learning environment than boys and girls together, playing games and learning golf skills without even knowing it. Just pure play! The fun is what […]

Ideal Junior Golf learning environment

The ideal learning environment for my Junior Golfers is the short game area on the driving range. The area is large enough to set up several different drills for skill development. Following the drills, we take the Juniors into the golf course to test their skills learned.

easy as pie

Get them onto the golf course

Ideal Junior Golf learning environment

The ideal learning environment for my Junior Golfers is the short game area on the driving range. The area is large enough to set up several different drills for skill development. Following the drills, we take the Juniors into the golf course to test their skills learned.

Social, Safe, Fun

Social – Where kids can meet new friends to play golf with Safe – Assure the parents that when they bring their kid to golf, he or she is safe Fun – Playing fun 15 minute games that develop skills and enhance learning

Teaching & Coaching Junior Golfers

Children learn best when the environment created for them is fun, task specific & clear, and free of performance pressure… The following is a ‘recipe’ for developing healthy junior golfers/athletes. This ‘recipe’ is taken from Mr. Chuck Hogan’s book Golf & The Intelligence of Play: “This is a rare dish, only for the most discriminating […]

Junior Golf

If we are trying to build/shape a swing I want high volume reps on the range. If we are trying to play the game then getting on the course is better. However this depends on your situation. I am at a very nice Public Facility that has a lot of rounds played. Getting out on […]

Freedom - no helicopters

The best learning environment is one in which you can form a bond of trust with the student without interference from parents. I like to get on eye level with my students even if I need to get on my knees .. Trust on both ends is so important .. and sometimes the role of […]

Games Based Learning

The ideal learning environment for junior golfers is FUN! At US Kids Golf we teach coaches to operate using 6 keys: 1. Teach Lightly – This means no lectures, no sitting around. Teach a new skill in 60 seconds then… 2. Play a game that increases the skill your introducing – After a short 60 […]

It Depends On The Junior Golfer.

I think my ideal learning environment for junior golfers depends on the junior golfer and their skill level and goals in golf. If I have a junior with a lot of talent who wants to play college or pro golf, I would recommend that they take private individual range/short game lessons with playing lessons and […]

Junior golf is the PRESENT and the FUTURE

Junior golf is a huge part of our facility at Canyon Springs. We have around 400 players throughout our year long programs. Our juniors are on the course as much as possible. I strongly feel that getting junior comfortable with on course settings is extremely important. When or if they need more instruction I find […]

Self Discovery

It depends a lot on the students age and where they are in their development. If you have a pretty standard junior golfer, I like an environment with open space for them to be creative and learn from competing. Learning to hit shots while competing helps the junior learn faster than hitting the same shot […]

Why Justin Rose is a guy to emulate

Justin Rose has been on tour for many years now. He broke onto the scene in 1998, after an incredible finish at The Open at Birkdale. Just initially struggled and missed 20 something cuts in a row and then over time came back to win a European Order of Merit, a US Open, FedEx Cup, […]

Be a Furyk, Be a Lopez

Too often people try to emulate the golf swing of a player for no good reason. Yes, its a nice swing, but everybody has a different body type, a body that moves differently and at a different speed than anyone else. In addition, many try to correct unorthodox moves because “they aren’t correct”. Well, if […]

That’s easy- Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus

That’s easy- Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, they are the best because they are the best at combining the physical and mental aspects of the game, they played to win! A friend of mine once told me if you’re not good performing a task, then copy one who is better than you.

There isn't one!

Tour players are physical freaks with great flexibility in ways the normal golfer can’t match, and core strength that most golfers don’t compare too. As a teacher I would say look at anyone of them from a purely face on view, find one with a similar grip to yours, and copy their impact position. Look […]

Charles Howell III

Without Question it’s Charles Howell III. A can’t miss kid with early success, but can you believe he’s been on the PGA Tour for TWENTY years? He only has THREE wins (his last two were twelve years apart), but over $38,000,000.00 in tournament earnings. The reason for this selection is that golf is HARD. Anyone […]

Emulate The Same Body Type and Personality

I think it is very important to emulate a tour player who is the same stature as you and also the same type personality. Body type is important because different body types have different swing tendencies that suit their body types. A scientific or methodical person does not benefit from trying to emulate a feel […]

Monkey see...Monkey do...

I think an amateur can emulate an attitude that a players has…He will not be able to emulate the tour player’s swing…So if the amateur can concentrate on attitude and composure that would be the start to a bit more success on the golf course…I think all tour players exhibit this trait, so my answer […]

Anyone who allowed their lead heel to rise in the backswing

It has perplexed me for many years that golf instruction has gone away from copying the amazing footwork evident in most all of the players in the hall of fame. One of the hallmarks of the great players is superb footwork. Nearly EVERY great player has allowed their lead heal to come up as they […]

Learn the fundamentals and make your own personal swing

I have studied thousands of swings over the 22 years. I realize that they are ALL different, yet effective in their own way. I don’t believe that amateurs should emulate any tour player. Do you think Nicklaus, Hogan, Snead, Trevino, Besselink, Jones, Palmer, Floyd, Casper, Darcy, Wolff, Furyk or any other great player that figured […]

J.B. Holmes Short & Simple

I would like to see more amateurs emulate J.B. Holmes. I have seen too many amateurs with long, loose backswings. This often causes a lack of control, consistency, and power. While a long swing can create power, it only does so if the correct kinematic sequence is performed in your downswing. The proper kinematic sequence […]

Golf is 80% mental and 40% mental

That’s easy Golf is 80% mental and 40% mental…

You must have a physical game developed to a certain point to where learning the mental game become and more important ingredient to the total golfer.

The mind is the computer. The Mental game is an important element of playing the game and in learning the game. However, a basic Camry will not race against a formula 1 race car no matter how much it tries to believe it can. You must have a physical game developed to a certain point […]

Golf is Not a Game of “Being Perfect”

Golf is a game of misses. It is not a game where we need to be perfect. And when we hit good shots, followed by bad ones, it is important to remember to not let our highs get too high or our lows get too low. Having a good pre-shot routine, using good golf swing […]

Warm up the engine!

First incorporate some sort of stretching routine before you venture out to hit some shots. I usually spend at least 15 minutes prior to swinging a club stretching. Once ready, start with some half wedges and then progress to longer clubs. Don’t make the mistake of jumping out of the car and reaching for the […]

Make it a game with consequence.

An ideal pre-round warm up should get you ready to play your best today. You’ve practiced, you’ve been doing this a while, and you know that if you’re looking for that magic bullet on the range right before you play, you’re in trouble and in for a long round. However, if you hit a few […]

Warming Up: Keep It Simple

When I’m on the practice tee giving lessons, I see so many golfers warming up incorrectly. If you want to ensure that you’re ready to play your best golf, here’s a four-step process to get you prepared. Number one, make sure to stretch. I’ve had students that play other sports, and when I ask them […]

Old Guys Warm-up

As I age, my warm-up routine has changed. I no longer can tee it up can go “Trunk to Tee!” So my warm-up depends on what time of day I’m playing… Morning rounds are very different than afternoon rounds. If I have a 7:30-8am tee time I’m going to begin my physical warm-up when I […]

Visualization and Emotions

I believe one of the most under practiced skills is visualization ! Every shot , every curve , etc. should be pictured clearly in your minds eye! Just like any other skill it must be practiced and believed ! Players must develop there own techniques for emotional control!! If a players emotions are running wild […]

Start from the bottom...Up...

Pre-round warm-up is: Five ball from Sand-wedge to Driver…Then back to sand-wedge for about twenty-five forty yarder’s and one last driver and that will do it…Fifteen minutes on the putting green and we are ready for SLOW PLAY!!!

Make Warming Up a Warm Up- Not a Practice Session

When warming up before a round, the best advice I can give is to literally treat your time as a warm-up. You should not be trying to work on your swing (a common amateur mistake). That’s what practice time is for. Warm up time, instead, should be utilized to get your body and mind ready […]

Make it Yours

Whenever you are warming up for a tournament you should be working on shots you will encounter on the course and your go to shot. This always gives you a safety blanket before you play. If you find yourself working on your swing this is no the time. You need to use what you have […]

Warm up short and sweet

Warming up is a matter of personal preference. I remember Golf Digest did a study years ago which found golfers who did not warm up actually played better than their counterparts. Go figure. Before play, I just keep my range time short and sweet, perhaps 15 balls. Any more than that and I start thinking […]

Warm up session

If I can block off enough time my ideal warm up would be 60 minutes long. -10 min. Long Putting-25 to 30 feet -20 min. Short Game-chipping, pitching, bunkers -20 min. Full Swing-Working my way through the bag. Short irons to Driver. Making sure that last shots hit will be with the club I am […]

It's all about the course you're about to play

I dont have a specific warm up routine. What I do to warm up completely depends on the course I’m going to play. If it’s a shorter course I will spend a lot more time on wedges. A longer course more mid to long iron work. I want to feel as comfortable as possible with […]

More Mental Than Physical

My ideal pre round warm up (especially before a tournament) is usually more mental than it is physical, as (before the round) I usually like to get a yardage book of the course or have played a practice round so I can strategically plan my attack to each hole before I get there. I like […]

A simple plan to develop focus, confidence and improve your mental game!

Yogi Berra once said ( referring to baseball) “the game is 90% mental and the other half is physical!” I agree with him 140 percent when talking about golf!!! Most golfers don’t come anywhere close to performing at their potential and capability, simply because they don’t manage the rational thought process for becoming strong mentally! […]

Mental aspect of golf

Golfers must be mentally ready to achieve the outcome of the shot they’re attempting to hit. Visualizing the shot, feeling the shot by making the practice swing for the shot and trusting the swing you make is going to provide the desired outcome is incredibly important.

Relaxation and Concentration

Mental control of your golf game is a developmental process. It starts with having fun playing the game. That does not mean you have to be good to enjoy the game but it helps. A simple mantra that best describes playing the game of golf is that golf is a game of total relaxation, then […]

Practice with clubs and shots you will be using that day

Need to adjust your pre-round warm up to mimic the clubs and shots you will be hitting that day. If it is windy, knockdown shots, If the course is wet and playing long, more fairway woods, hybrids and long irons. The short game becomes more important if the conditions are such that hitting greens in […]

Don't overwork, prepare smart

Before a round you want to be loose and confident. This is not the time to practice or work on your swing–this is the time for focusing on one positive swing thought and seeing what your ball flight is like today. My pre-round routine is something like this: 1) Roll some lag putts on the […]

Pre-Round Warmup

I like to arrive at the golf course an hour to hour and fifteen minutes prior to my tee time. After dropping my bag off or loading on to a golf cart, I’ll check in at the pro shop or tournament registration. Then I like to go to the putting green and roll about 15-20 […]

Arrive at Golf Course 1 hour before tee time.

:10 – Putting Green – Gaining confidence in Controlling speed of putts. If I feel the greens are fast I putt downhill putts of diferent distances. If greens are slow – practice uphill putts :35 – Practice Tee – :10 – Winning with Wedges – Play Hi and Low 1/2, 3/4 full swings with each […]

Accept and Get On With It

For me the first thing I do when feeling nervous is to accept it. Trying to ignore how I’m feeling doesn’t work for me. I accept my nervous energy and then move to getting focused. Also, the more I think ahead the more nervous I get. I say: accept what you feel, stay present, be […]

Prepare well, Play well!

The first tee! Prepare to have a good start and play well! How to prepare for the first tee jitters The opening drive off the first tee in a round is an interesting experience that only golfers can understand. It can be the most humbling, or the most satisfying event in a day, a week […]


First Tee nerves tend to hit most people. You want to get off to a good start, you don’t want to do something to embarrass yourself and you feel it is a positive way to get things going. There are a couple of good things you can do. First try and work on your breathing, […]

Have a consistent pre-shot routine

I would say the best way to overcome nerves on the first tee is to have a consistent pre-shot routine. This will not only help you overcome the first tee nerves, but any nerves you will have throughout your round. This helps to relieve tension during your setup, and help you feel confident before you […]

Breathe and use a routine

Best way to tackle nerves and hammer your first tee shot? First, take a deep breath and exhale slowly intentionally lowering your heart beat and making it easier to focus. Next have and use your pre-shot routine just like any other shot. This will help your mind stay on the task of hitting a solid […]

Go through your complete routine

Practice hitting the shot required on the range before arriving to the first tee. Do not leave practice range until you have a clear picture and have performed the shot several times. When you arrive at the tee go through your complete routine.

Find a comfort zone!!!

As a PGA PROFESSIONAL and a successful player…this is a difficult task. Any advice I give should be digested carefully. Think of positive experiences, playing great rounds, your best tee shot ever, or even the prettiest girl you ever kissed! If you immerse yourself in this, your jitters will recede. Pick the best club to […]

First Tee Jitters

Very common to experience the “First Tee Jitters”, everyone does! The best way to deal with them is to rely on your pre-shot routine and trust the swing. You really have to learn to detach yourself from “outcome” and focus on “process”. Work through your routine, and learn to let it go. We really can’t […]

Who is stronger you are golf.

Every time you tee it golf is a challenge on who will win, golf or you. Not by score but mentally are you tougher than golf. If you have first tee jitters than sorry you have already lost. If you let it it will beat the crap out of you. If you are frustrated or […]

Fooling myself

I always try to end my warm-up as if I’m finishing out on the second or third hole. I just walk over to the first tee like its just another hole in the middle of the round.

How to overcome nerves on the first tee.

Many swing flaws in golf are rooted in tension experienced by the body. Typically, this tension is a result of performance anxiety stemming from an overactive mind. The abundance of thoughts interferes with our breathing patterns and ability to focus. Anytime we experience stress on the course, such as first tee jitters, it triggers a […]

Know YOUR Basics

A player must have a simple, basic swing concept so that under pressure, when the mind almost goes blank, they have something simple and uncomplicated to focus on. For me, it’s start in balance, stay in balance, and nail the finishing position. By keeping it simple, the brain has something do-able to focus on, preventing […]

only the positives

It is hard to teach positive thinking, but everyone can act to overcome jitters . A dress rehearsal on the practice tee of envisioning being on the first tee and the shot you are about to hit will help. Do it several times. Chewing gum may also relax you. Look how many greats chew gum. […]

Nerves are Natural, embrace them.

Being nervous on the first tee is natural for the athlete who is passionate. Nerves mean your care. Controlling your feelings is essential. And enjoying the moment is a must. The best way to control your nerves is to realize that you are in charge of every golf shot that you play. Do not try […]

Say "Relax" then Swing Away!

Say relax to yourself then swing away!


Remember one of the best first tee shots you’ve ever hit, and focus on it for 15 seconds before teeing off. Visualize it in slow-motion. Poor first tee shots tend to follow a poor mindset – worry, fear, anxiety, whatever. Change it by focusing on something positive.

It's Just a Game

I’ll answer this one in two parts. First, nerves are a sign that you care. If you weren’t a little nervous, I’d wonder why you’re even playing the game. Calm the nerves by doing something you’ve done thousands of times before – your pre-shot routine. If you don’t have one, DEVELOP one! If you’ve heard […]

The Best Defense against Nerves

The best defense against nerves anywhere on the course is a great pre-shot routine. With our young students at the U.S. Kids Academy we say; “Plan, Set-up, & Play” To help them develop a repetitive routine. The “Plan” includes picking the target, then picking the club based on distance, wind and deciding if it’s up […]

Overcome "fear" not nerves

You can’t “overcome” nerves on the first tee if “overcome” means shut down your body from the normal heightened state of awareness (what some call “nerves”) that every golfer should have on the first tee. You can eliminate “fear” on the first tee using four approaches. 1. Before you go to the first tee, practice […]

Visualizing the range back home

Practice visualizing the first tee when you are practicing on the driving range back home. Look at your favorite target on the range, look at the ball, and picture yourself shaping your shot to the target. When your ready to hit the ball on the first tee (any tee for that matter) Line up and […]


Being prepared is the best and easiest way to calm your nerves so you feel good about your first swing of the day. Having a little bit of nerves is a good thing; it means you care and you’re wanting to play well. But being too nervous or having no nervousness at all is a […]

Golf Drill to shake the 1st tee nerves

The best way to avoid nervous on the 1st tee is preparation. A drill for this is playing a round of golf on the driving range with a particular golf course in mind. This would mean changing clubs for the appropriate hole (Par 3,4,5). Then visualizing that particular hole and a target. This will help […]

Acknowledge those 1st Tee Jitters

The best way to overcome nerves is with the same strategy you would implore in a negotiation. Step 1: Acknowledge the feelings/thoughts and gain awareness. Say to yourself “I know I am nervous and I sense how this is making me feel”. Step 2: Make the feelings ok and reassure yourself. It is okay to […]

Calm Yourself with a Ball Toss

First tee jitters are a good thing. It means you are engaged and you care about the adventure you are about to experience. Embrace it! Nervousness and excitement are the same emotion. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming, especially when you can feel your heartbeat. This means your mind is “racing” and you need a […]

Jitters on the first tee; EMBRACE IT!

I’ve been fortunate enough in my lifetime to play in six PGA Championships, ranging from 2002 to 2019. I have made it to the weekend in two of those times but most importantly I have hit the first tee ball in the first group off the first hole in 2013 and 2019 to open each […]

Embrace the Challenge

Often in this case people fear nerves, it is important to understand them and give them some respect! I let our players know and for myself, embrace the nerves, trying to ignore doesnt work. Say, hello, recognize why you are feeling this way, then let yourself know that this is what your have done all […]

Preparation is Key!

I always found that if I put in the time and the effort to prepare for the event I always did better on the first tee. I would also remind myself that this shot carries no more weight than any of the other shot I would hit that day. They all count 1. Is it […]

You're Going to Be Nervous

Well I asked this to a 18 time major champ when I caddie for him in Florida and he told me you are going to be that way. But for myself in tournaments or qualifying I would take a deep breath and release slowly. Then have positive self talk about the shot at hand.

No substitute for a good pre-shot routine

Pre-shot routine needs to be practiced too, but when you feel comfortable and confident it works, your first tee shot has a greater chance of being successful. Nerves are normal, don’t fight them.

A Routine for the First Tee Jitters

In an ocean of nerves and negative first tee feelings, you need a liferaft to get you through the choppy waters. This liferaft is a routine that consists of a methodical warm up session combined with a well thought out pre-shot routine. Let’s begin with arriving at the golf course. Give yourself plenty of time […]

Embrace Those Nerves, Come Prepared!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first hole with your buddies or the first hole of the Ryder Cup, everyone has nerves. What we do with those nerves can have a big impact on not only the first tee but a good chunk of the round. The best way to make sure that you’re ready […]

Practice and a Game Plan

I think all golfers from beginners to tour players all have some nerves on the first tee. The best way to conquer those nerves and fears is to have a Practice tee session prior to getting to the first tee. Hit at least 20 full shots or enough to understand what your ball flight will […]

Enjoy the Challenge

The first tee nerves aren’t a bad thing they just mean you care. If you learn to focus on what your’re trying to do and not on all the trouble. Once you start to master this it becomes fun to embrace the challenge and enjoy succeeding under pressure.

It's just another shot!

Figure out where you want to hit it, what kind of shot you want to hit, and go through your pre-shot routine if you have one. If you don’t have one…get one. Focusing on what you need to do will clear out most of the “noise” and reduce anxiety. You also might focus on taking […]

1st Tee Jitters

If you do not have your nerves jumping on the 1st tee you probably are not entirely ready to play! The key to handling your nerves is to redirect the nervousness into focus on the shot at hand. Pick your target and swing to it. Too many times I see players get onto the tee […]

Nervous or Excitement

When we get nervous – golf swings get shorter and faster. On the first tee – try making the biggest slowest swing possible Reminds of a story – Gary Player once asked Jack Nicklaus if he got nervous before a big tournament or one first tee. Jack responded I do not get nervous – I […]

If you aren't nervous on the first tee you don't care

I’ll never forget watching an interview with Tiger Woods when he was asked if he still gets nervous playing golf. He immediately responded “If you are not nervous on the first tee you don’t care.” He went on to say he hopes he never loses that feeling because he then would know his time is […]

Nervous? Where's your attention?

The first thing when feeling nervous is to understand that nerves are natural. I like to say if you’re not nervous, you’re not ready! Second, nerves are just excess energy and normally dissipate on their own. Simply having this awareness alone, paired with the understanding that nerves aren’t something to fret about, can help many […]

A little butterflies are good!

Being a little nervous is usually good, it helps you concentrate & perform better. Take a deep breath, “see” your shot in your mind & take your swing. Trust it, you will do fine!

1st Tee Nerves

It affects everyone to some degree, if it didn’t, something is wrong with you LOL… It probably comes down to confidence. If you are confident in your ability to hit a great shot, you will tend to enjoy the opportunity on stage. If you’re not, and have doubts – you’ll need to do all those […]

Still Teaching

In North Carolina we are still able to teach in person using precautions but some of my students choose to send videos, launch monitor data or scorecards rather than meet in person. I use a really simple app called Coach’s Eye to create a lesson voice over drawing lines etc. I will also film myself […]


Since the pandemic started to shut down everything, I’ve not coached in person like I use to. I’ve been meeting with players on Zoom, giving FaceTime lessons, and also using various apps. For most of my players I’m trying to switch over to the Golf Stats Coach app. The combining of stats and swing videos […]

Positive Vibes Only

This is the time to really get to know your students on a personal level. What things they are interested in can help you as an instructor. For example, if their favorite golfer is Bubba Watson, their favorite show is American Horror Stories, and their favorite club is a 1-iron; this student probably does not […]

Erik Horve Golf Academy Players Staying Sharp During Corona Virus Pandemic

My students and I decided that we weren’t going to let the Corona Virus and the Stay at Home order interrupt our training. Since mid March we have been working remotely and safely using FaceTime, Zoom and Skype. These sessions are scheduled as usual and have proven to be very productive in maintaining solid swing […]

remember basics

I do not use video but corresponde in a phone call. Students always start by checking the 4 address principles of grip, club face alignment, stance and posture. Then I may remind them of a drill or drills that we have used once they explain the problem that needs to be solved. For example, swinging […]

You tube tips at home

I am videoing tips on practicing at home on my you tube channel edschwentgolf.

Communicating golf instruction during closure

Every week, our club newsletter goes out to the membership and it is a great opportunity to submit a golf instruction video clip. At home golf fitness tips, to keep your game in shape, for example, have been was very well received. Although the driving ranges are closed and no physical lessons can be given, […]

Stay Connected with Students

In this time away I feel it is important to stay in contact with your student base. To do this, I have posted different topics and tips on my social media platforms. I have also put on my social media a link where anyone can send me their swing and I will analyze it for […]

Keep it "SHORT" and simple...(KISS)!!!

The short game is usually the first thing to go after the winter and a long layoff. Use your ingenuity to keep your hands, eyes, and body sharp. Practice chipping, pitching, and putting on your carpet to a coffee mug or a putting cup in your living room. You can even putt on your garage […]

Vary the content and keep it fun!

Trying to engage with the membership as much as possible has been my main goal. My focus has been trying to give them content they don’t normally see. I have been sending out videos of drills but my most successful interactions have been with drills that are games. This way the whole family can get […]


Golf Coach App

Open but with a different feel

In Idaho we are still open for business. We still have to abide by the 6 feet of social distancing. I have given a few lessons and the distance factor definitely makes you have to demonstrate much more than normal. A few students are still reluctant to come to the facility. I have recieved many […]

Website, Facebook, Email

The three media formats that I like to use is Facebook, my email and my personal website. As a teacher is Florida our season ended very quickly and I lost a lot of the tail end of lesson series and new Leasons during the end of March and all of April so far. How much […]

Remote Coaching

There are several ways to stay connected to your students. The video attached gives one idea on how to make it happen. Stay strong!

Virtual Golf Lessons

Staying in touch with students is a cornerstone of great teaching programs. When world events make it impossible to see students face-to-face, technology helps fill the gaps. A great place to keep working on your game from afar, is . This online platform allows students to use their cellphone or tablet to record their […]

Analysis and virtual discussion

Right now I’m not only obeying the stay at home order in Colorado, but we have 8 inches of snow in our yard so I can’t even swing outside. Because of this, I have had to get real creative with my online lessons. Here is how I lay them out; First I review videos from […]

Offer your expertise from a distance

I have recently started using a digital coaching mobile app, called PerfectMotion, that accurately measures body movements during the swing. The student runs the app on their phone and makes swings with or without a ball. The app uses AI to detect body motion issues in the swing and provides immediate feedback to the student. […]

Email blast about online virtual lessons

I have been a V1 Golf branded academy instructor for the last 10 years. During that time, I have accumulated well over 700 emails from the lessons I have given using V1. With this student database, I have been sending out email blasts about my online virtual lesson options with the V1 Pro App. In […]

I just called to say: how are you?

A simple call, text or email can go a long ways…It’s doesn’t have to be about instruction…You could offer to help out in other ways…

Teach more with Verbal Cures

I think that this is a really tough time to teach without spending quality time together. We have been forced to social distance because of the pandemic that is going around. When teaching we are so used to touching the student and moving them or the club they’re are using. That has stopped. We can’t […]

Online Membership Sites

I am doing online lessons via Zoom and I also have a membership site with over 60 video lessons. I have been selling memberships for over a year but since the start of the coronavirus crisis I have opened the site up so that my students can access it for no cost. I included a […]

Staying Connected

It is unfortunate I’m not outside in the sun teaching at this time but I’m making the most of being inside. I am currently staying connected through Phone, Virtual Lessons and Mostly Social Media. My Instagram account is a big part of how I stay involved with my students and golfers around the world. Giving […]

Keep them engaged and happy!

Send them video tips, at home drills to do, Fitness at home to do, communicate with CoachNow app. CoachNow is the best for communication. I offer free video analysis – no charge for anything. Keep them engaged and happy!

Our state guide lines say that driving ranges, putting greens, and practice areas must remain closed at this time.

Here in the state of Ohio golf facilities have been open then closed and the opened again. Our state guide lines say that driving ranges, putting greens, and practice areas must remain closed at this time. I am currently not instructing at this time.

Major Changes!

Two of us have moved from the golf shop to the grounds crew, also going from salary to hourly. Clubhouse is completely closed, no pull carts or carts, ball washers are covered with trash bags, practice range is closed, yet Wednesday, we had 110 members play! They want to get out of the house! It’s […]

Daily lesson schedule.

I have closed my lesson tee until further notice. I’m have a heart condition that puts me at higher risk. Teaching involves close personal contact and I, for one, am not willing to take that risk. Please stay safe everyone!

On Line Teaching

Promoting more on line coaching, instruction, in home content that golfers can do while they are staying in home. Make the best of this down time and use it wisely.

Caronavirus 2020

With the social distancing mandates and public and private gatherings no longer allowed we have turned to social media to stay in contact with our members and students. I have been making instruction videos out on the course and in my Trackman Simulator room for my membership. We send out a new video weekly to […]

Golf cancelled

Currently, my facility is shut down due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Time out to reflect...

Being indoors for the past 10 days when you are use to being out doors is a challenge…The golf industry is in neutral now and I’m sure when this issue passes, the industry will pick up where it left off and most likely have an upswing (no pun intended) that will be very positive…

Still looks like golf

Our golf course is still pretty busy, although we closed the grill. We’ve made the standard adjustments like; turning the cup upside down (so you don’t have to reach into the hole), removed the rakes, made checking in easier, only reason to come inside is to use the restroom, etc. etc. As far as teaching […]

A Shift in Business

Uncertain times will always create a change in business. As more golfers are staying at home and disposable income is drying up, it is important for golf courses and coaches to find ways to make their services accessible and affordable, while staying profitable. Myself and a coworker are using this as an opportunity to create […]

It's a new world for the golf industry

With the issues surrounding Covid 19, a lot has changed in the golf industry. The course at which I teach, DragonRidge CC in Henderson, Nevada, is still open. The restrictions are members only, no outside play or charity tournaments for awhile. Golf cars will be one person only. No rake, tees or anything else that […]


Your teacher always wants what is best for the student. Client, disciple, mentor, friend, compadre. We are here to make you a better player, but first and foremost we’re all committed to enjoying the Game of Golf, enriching life outside our lives, and to teach all the great benefits to your life and well-being that […]

Growing Social Media

Now that i am not allowed to teach at my facility (tennis and wellness has also been cancelled) i am keeping myself busy doing videos for instagram and facebook for my students to follow. I have recognize that these videos are being shared with friends and family. My instagram following is growing and getting good […]

Carry on! Golf is good Therapy.

OUR CHOICE IS TO CARRY ON Greetings all. We hope you and your families are all safe and in good health. This an interesting and challenging time in all of our lives, and I believe we will get through this and have a better world when this “thing” is well behind us. Perhaps we will […]


Our course is open. Teaching from at least 7-10ft from golfer. I have clients who’ve taken online lessons before so this is continuing and increasing. You can find me on Instagram rickwoodsongolf or Twitter @rickwoodsongolf

Golf...A "breath of fresh air" during trying times.

Christmas Lake Golf Course feels very fortunate that the Governor of Indiana is behind the thought of golf being an essential outdoor activity with a high degree of safety if done within the CDC guidelines. He basically encouraged Hoosiers to get out and enjoy outdoor activities as long as they are done with social distancing. […]

Adapt and Evolve

Any business or personal plan must be able to adapt and evolve with the changing circumstances that surround you. Golf presents the same, changing circumstances with each round, with each shot. Knowing that I wanted to reduce the actual time I spend on the tee or on the course coaching, I began a new program […]

Get Your Lesson Without Going Outside!

Hello fellow golfers! If your golf course is closed, or you’re stuck inside, simply take a video of your golf swing using your phone or tablet. From there, simply log on to and create an account. Upload your golf swing video and within 48 hours you’ll receive a virtual golf lesson from a PGA […]

Angel Park Course Restrictions

15 minute interval tee-times, each person (even family, couples, exclusive of those juniors under 18) all ride separate cards, no coolers, sand bottles, pencils or scorecards on the carts. Tee-Times are available 8:00-5:00. F&B available, window service at the clubhouse, snack bars, beverage carts also available depending on business levels. Bag are carried onto and […]

Security Job added to Responsibility

We are doing well as can be expected. My wife and I both are PGA Golf Professionals in the New York Metropolitan Area, which has been the epicenter for this crazy pandemic. Fortunately, both our families are healthy and staying positive, but it is definitely a strange time for both of us. We are both […]

How things have changed.

The golf industry is at a standstill in my area. I went from teaching 50 hours a week to zero overnight and it’s been an adjustment for me and my clients. I’ve been doing more webinars and podcasts, and more social media work. I am also dabbling with online lessons, but it takes time to […]

Stay at home

The Golf Course that I Teach at was one of the first in the Philadelphia Section to close do to COVID 19. The Course is owned by the Township and they got ahead of this outbreak right away. I live in Montgomery County and in the beginning we had the most COVID 19 cases in […]

Still Coaching

I’m still able to coach in Orlando just limiting the number of students and taking precautions. We’re not touching flags and wiping down carts

Take on the challenge of Blind and Adaptive Golf!

Getting involved in Blind and Adaptive instruction is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In general, I recommend you approach your students with limitations and challenges the same as you do all of your players. Do your homework, and have a plan in place to help each individual get the most out of what they have […]

Building a lesson for each individual

Most, if not all of us have some form of limitation in movement. I make it a point to ask each student if they have any physical limitations that may restrict them during the golf swing. Once I have this information I will watch them hit balls and then build a game plan to help […]

Everyone's Able

I approach every student the same. I am not a “model” teacher. I prefer to build on improving clubface position, impact quality and shaft path through solid fundamentals based on unique physical abilities that the player has. I believe I am the one that has to be adaptive to fit the needs of every player! […]

Flexible Teaching Methods

I have been lucky enough to be affiliated with the PGA HOPE Program since its inception in the Philadelphia Section. Over the years I have dealt with many different challenges. Prosthetic arms, legs and PSD. What I have found is you need to be flexible in your Teaching methods. Everyone is completely different and what […]

Working With Wounded Warriors

The highlight of my teaching career is working with our Wounded Warriors. Being able to take golf, and use it as a rehabilitation tools is a very unique and understated tool that many sports simply can’t mirror. When working with wounded warriors, the teaching methodologies are tested and challenged. Instructors who can teach golfers with […]

Get PGA HOPE Certified

I had no idea how creative you have to get to teach people with disabilities until I went through the PGA HOPE training class with Judy Alvarez. She taught us to think outside the box. We had to put ourselves in situations that emulate an adaptive golfer. We had to use special equipment that had […]

Adapting to Adaptive Coaching

A teacher must be able to adapt to the needs of students. No where is this more apparent than a situation where one is instructing a golfer with adaptive needs. Asking questions of a person with adaptive needs maybe a delicate situation but some discovery needs to be done to better understand the students challenges […]

How to approach teaching golfers with adaptive needs

Learning everything we can, prior to the scheduled lesson, is always very helpful when teaching golfers with adaptive needs. Scheduling a 30 minute buffer before and another 30 minute buffer after the golf lesson is a great strategy to ensure that the student and coach are comfortable and that the transition time goes smoothly. When […]

No one answer

These players come with a wide variety of challenges. We must be prepared with ideas for each different issue. Not unlike players without adaptive needs we must assess them and work with their strengths. I was teaching a gentleman with CP a few years back. When he used both hands to grip the club he […]

A little leg work and patience can give you great answers

Launch monitors exist to collect data that we could get on the course, if we were patient and diligent enough. When I saw this question, I assumed that it wasn’t going to be a bunch of golf coaches plugging other launch monitors besides the two listed above. Launch monitors exist to tell us how far […]

Olde School feedback/ pound some balls and see where they go!

It is nice to be able to take advantage of all of the technology available today. But playing the game well always comes down to associating your routine, swing keys, and feel with the character and quality of the shot! It is so important to simply observe your shots, be aware of the swing keys […]

The Naked Eye

Don’t get me wrong, I think technology can be great, but oftentimes it confuses students more than helping them, as their minds get flooded with swing thoughts and they can get paralysis from analysis. If you really have a good teaching pro that keeps it simple and knows swing fundamentals along with ball flight laws, […]

Impact Spot, Club Face, and Carry Distance are Key

Launch monitor technology is invaluable tech for any golfer who is serious about improvement. Devices like TrackMan or FlightScope provide important feedback to measure your current technique and improvements over time, as well as to dial in your club fitting needs. The key is to find a certified instructor or fitter who can utilize the […]

SkyTrak may be your answer

I have been using SkyTrak for the past 3 years and have found it very valuable for my indoor teaching. I honestly have not used it much outdoors. Easy to use and quite a bit less expensive than the others.

Ball flight laws

If a teaching pro understands the laws of ball flight, he/ she can figure out quite abit of information to fit a student to clubs and correct swing flaws.

Low cost launch monitors

FlightScope Mevo and Swing Caddie are low-cost alternatives – around $500 – that will provide valuable data.  

Toy's vs. Fundamentals...

How about your eye’s….Any good teacher or fitter can see the ball spinning in the air….Too much spin stiffer shaft…Low spin a more flexible shaft….Lastly, this obsession with these “toys” really takes away the true issues of the student trying to find the correct shaft or club: Poor swing fundamentals!…


I use SKYTRAK every day. It is a great alternative and not quite as expensive. SKYTRAK shows me all the data needed for fittings, lessons, etc.


If you are comparing apples to apples, an alternative to these two new age launch monitors would be the Foresight GC Quad. All deliver very similar parameters, but at a price. However, if we are talking more affordable alternatives for the general golfing population than here are a few: 1) skytrack , 2) Mevo or […]

GC Quad

GC Quad is a great alternative but also comes with it’s differences much like Flightscope and Trackman.

Understanding impact & ball flight

Before trackman & foresight, there was John Jacobs who said the sole purpose of a golf swing was to produce a correct & repetitive ball flight… he went on to say the method employed was of no consequence as long as it was correct & repetitive. When I started teaching I was fortunate to be […]

Dig it out of the dirt!

Both of those devises are an important part of learning. For coaches they are a valuable asset and tool. For golfers they are fun and provide feedback. A golfer must practice and let the club and turf give you feedback first and foremost. You have to dig it out of the turf to figure it […]

Distance, trajectory and spin

I think that being an effective and precise wedge player involves controlling swing length, speed and angle of attack. The only way to get it close is to control distance, trajectory and spin. I feel the turning of my chest to control distance on wedge shots. Its not easy and many weekend golfers could be […]

I strongly feel deceleration is the number one issue with wedge play across all levels of players.

I strongly feel deceleration is the number one issue with wedge play across all levels of players. That being said having the proper swing length to execute the indented shot plays a big factor in consistent good wedge play. A combination of both is important. Understanding how to sync length and speed will lead to […]

I like to teach the swing length

At the Matt Stotler Golf Academy I like to teach the swing length( the distance the club is pulled back from the ball in the backswing) in 3 positions, a 1/2, 3/4, and full swing positions. The one constant is swing speed, keeping the same tempo helps control distances. Using a 4 wedge system with […]

I am definitely a fan of working on dialing in swing length to dial in wedge distances.

I am definitely a fan of working on dialing in swing length to dial in wedge distances. I think it provides more consistency as opposed to focusing on swing speed.

Distance control in the short game is one of my favorite things to teach.

Distance control in the short game is one of my favorite things to teach. For golfers that average a score over 85 you can shave the most strokes quickest by getting on the green with an up-and-down attempt from 0 to 50 yards and getting on the green from 50 to 100 yards. For distance […]

Controlling distance is a combination of the two.

Controlling distance is a combination of the two. Control the length of the backswing to know how much energy to give you shot. Control your tempo to be consistent from day to day. Speed around the green hurts more than it helps the average golfer.

I believe wedge distance is best controlled by swing speed or tempo.

I believe wedge distance is best controlled by swing speed or tempo. However every player is different and some may learn best by swing positions. However under tournament pressure, subconsciously trusting tempo I believe produces the greatest results.

BOTH. One relies on the other!

BOTH. One relies on the other! It’s about rhythm and timing. I’d say there is no other shot in golf that requires more practice and “feel” than the Less than full wedge shots! You gotta play a lot golf to hit these shots well. There’s simply not substitute! We feel with our eyes NOT with […]

I believe in the theory that swing length determines distance.

I believe in the theory that swing length determines distance. If the lower body is allowed to rotate uninhibited and freely, length of the backswing length will dictate the amount of travel that the ball will carry. Ball position will also play into the final piece of the carry and rollout.

Thinking of 9-10-11 o'clock is just a way to adjust your swing speed.

Thinking of 9-10-11 o’clock is just a way to adjust your swing speed. Obviously the speed is the important part. Amazingly the thought of taking the club back to 9 10 or 11 will all finish at approximately the same place. It is just the thought of the length which helps adjust the swing speed.

I've always been a big believer in acceleration with wedges.

There’s so many variables (yardage, hole location, wind, green pitch) but I’ve always been a big believer in acceleration with wedges. A club will not generate as much speed through impact if the downswing starts from the hip versus the top of the head, so players can modify shot length without compromising spin if they […]

Both are important in their own ways.

To dial in your wedge shots both are important in their own ways. Number one is control the length of your hand path. Length of the actual range for the head of the club is less important… Number 2 is tempo… It is easy to create more ball speed with faster tempo.

The length of the swing will regiment itself, if you simply apply the mental preparation of "See it, feel it trust it".

The short game is, of course, precision. Apply a light grip, relax your muscles and use a calm swing tempo. The length of the swing will regiment itself, if you simply apply the mental preparation of “See it, feel it trust it”. Just as you want to see the cup in your mind’s eye when […]

If I was forced to pick one thing to focus on I would pick length of swing.

If I was forced to pick one thing to focus on I would pick length of swing. Think hit and resist- More follow through=More Distance Less follow through= Less Distance Most amateurs follow through too much because they are trying to scoop the ball into the air

You're not John Daly. My answer to this question for almost everyone is to work on swing length for your partial wedge shots.

John Daly once asked Tiger why he practiced so much, and Tiger said something like “John if I had half the talent you have in your pinkie finger, I wouldn’t need to practice as much as I do.” John Daly made a full backswing, with his club draping down his back, on even 60-yard wedge […]

There are actually three elements for golfers to control, in order to dial in distance on their wedge shots.

There are actually three elements for golfers to control, in order to dial in distance on their wedge shots. 1. Club Selection- choose the proper loft! 2. Backswing- take the club back to the appropriate position for that club. 3. Finish- swing completely through the shot and finish high. *The swing speed should be smooth […]

Player’s should focus on swing speed to dial distance in on you’re wedge’s.

Player’s should focus on swing speed to dial distance in on you’re wedge’s. Speed creates distance. Focusing on the length of the swing will cause miss hits, chunks, blades, etc. Even if you do focus on the length of the swing you still need speed to create the control/distance of the shot!

IMHO I think it would be based on the player and the shot.

IMHO I think it would be based on the player and the shot. I would respond better to length of swing while other players I know key on the speed. Higher speeds with the body will increase the spin on the ball…good for some situations but not all. Long back swing and slower rotation will […]

When practicing pitching, players should focus on their length of swing, rather than speed

When practicing pitching, players should focus on their length of swing, rather than speed, and even club choice to control the distance and trajectory of their pitch shot. Once a technique to pitch the ball with a consistent pattern has been developed, the way it is practiced is vital to producing good results on the […]

When hitting wedge shots I like working with my students on touch and feel.

When hitting wedge shots I like working with my students on touch and feel. If we talk in terms of soft, medium or hard it usually translates into length of backswing. Usually when hitting a pitch shot softer instantly the students takes it back shorter. A little bigger backswing when hitting it medium and a […]

We have seen success with adopting swing length to dial in distance for shots inside 120 yards approximately.

We have seen success with adopting swing length to dial in distance for shots inside 120 yards approximately. Half swings with all wedges and note distances, 3/4 swings will all wedges and note distances will dial in most needed yardages. For even more precise measures, move down the grip as well.

You should try and create distance control like you would shooting a rubber band.

Distance control is controlled by both swing length and speed. You should try and create distance control like you would shooting a rubber band. The longer you pull back the longer it goes. The longer you swing the club, faster the swing will go. If you try to create distance by speed swing.(taking the club […]

Having the clear understanding that the hands are in control of the weight of the golf club, while our body is key in supporting the weight in our hands will help gauge true distance control.

Having the clear understanding that the hands are in control of the weight of the golf club, while our body is key in supporting the weight in our hands will help gauge true distance control. This will allow a proper foundation for both length and speed throughout our swing. At the end of the day, […]

Swing length is easier to manage and teach

Swing length is easier to manage and teach because feel is very difficult to impart on someone else

It’s BOTH!

It’s BOTH! LENGTH OF SWING: I teach my students to use a clock system in order to train swing length. For example a right handed player, a 9 o’clock backswing length would be when the players arms are parallel to the ground in the backswing. I like the follow through to mirror the backswing length, […]

I like to use a clock dial image to gauge distances.

I like to use a clock dial image to gauge distances. I get stock yardages taking the club back with lead arm parallel to ground, 9 o’clock then a little more to 10 and up to what one would consider to be a full swing then accelerate through to finish. Basically 50%, 75% then full. […]

I really believe it is a blending of both.

I really believe it is a blending of both. When working with someone on wedge shots I want them to be athletic. What I mean by that is if they were going to throw a ball their arm and body movement would be different for a short throw vs/ a long throw. For a short […]

I've had success working with players focusing on "swing length" to improve in the scoring zone.

I’ve had success working with players focusing on “swing length” to improve in the scoring zone. With most players now carrying a minimum of 3 wedges, I suggest they take their wedges and range finder to their practice facility and “chart” their distances. Take a simple index card and list the wedges they have in […]

I hate to say it, but it depends on the player. Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate.

I hate to say it, but it depends on the player. Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate. It depends on two things; time the player can put in and touch/feel/coordination. There are golfers out there that have a lot of time to practice, great facilities to practice at and the touch to see a distance and hit […]

It's important to keep as many "constants" in your swing as possible.

When dialing wedges, it’s important to keep as many “constants” in your swing as possible. For instance, if a student can keep their stance width very narrow, grip the same, and tempo consistent, they will be much more precise with their short game. With borrowed methodologies from world-renowned instructors like Dave Pelz, a simple “clock” […]

I thought it was only going to be a summer gig, but I started giving the majority of the lessons and I had a great mentor in our first assistant, Scott Stevens.

I actually got into the golf business by accident. In college I got a mathematics degree from the University of Colorado. I was going to be a teacher or maybe one day a professor. That was my dream. After college, I took a job teaching college prep to high school sophomores. I hated it! I […]

I've always loved having the pressure on me and not relying on others.

My uncle played briefly on the old Nike Tour and after going to an event my dad asked if I’d like to try golf and that was that. As time went on, I got pretty good, played at Liberty University and decided to turn pro. I played for a while on mini tours all over […]

I remember getting my starter set of Bob Rosburgs for Christmas when I was seven years old. I couldn't wait for Spring to come so I could go play with my Dad.

I remember getting my starter set of Bob Rosburgs for Christmas when I was seven years old. I couldn’t wait for Spring to come so I could go play with my Dad. I fell in love with the smell of cut grass and warm sunshine. I maneuvered and chased my golf ball in that quiet […]

My stepdad introduced me to golf around age 10. He grew up playing golf, and still plays now.

My stepdad introduced me to golf around age 10. He grew up playing golf, and still plays now. He worked with me until about age 13 and then once I reached a certain level, he began taking me to see a local PGA Professional, Brad Westfall. I worked with Brad until about age 15-16. Those […]

It was the smiles on the faces of the students he was helping that sort of triggered something in me that “helping people can be so rewarding.”

I had a summer job when I was 22 years old working on clay tennis courts and mowing grass on Fishers Island, NY when I got asked to work a Golf School for Billy Harmon. I was the fetch boy for chipping, bunker shots, range balls, etc…I wasn’t a golfer growing up, having played baseball […]

My brother Les inspirited me to play golf and take up the game. His love for Arnie was impressive and I combated him loving Jack Nicklaus.

My brother Les inspirited me to play golf and take up the game. His love for Arnie was impressive and I combated him loving Jack Nicklaus. In the 70’s he (Les) was a scratch golfer and golfed every morning after work. Les competed often. I came home on leave from the Navy in 1975 and […]

I was inspired by my late father Dan Parker Sr and Kevin Triefenbach (PGA professional at Gateway National in Madison Illinois).

I was inspired by my late father Dan Parker Sr and Kevin Triefenbach (PGA professional at Gateway National in Madison Illinois). They both showed me that golf is all about the “hang” with your friends and family. And that playing golf with others is the best character revealing tool they have ever seen. My desire […]

Golf was a sport I wanted to participate in because of my friends and watching Arnold Palmer, Billy Casper, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player etc. on TV.

Growing up, my family could not afford to belong to a country club or pay green fees at a public course. Most of my friends belonged to a country club and played golf. Golf was a sport I wanted to participate in because of my friends and watching Arnold Palmer, Billy Casper, Jack Nicklaus, Gary […]

I fell in love with the game at age 10, mostly through the influence of my parents, who both played the game.

I fell in love with the game at age 10, mostly through the influence of my parents, who both played the game. I have worked at a golf course every year for the last 55 years. I played many mini tour events, and tried to qualify for the PGA tour seven times. Never quite reaching […]

I was fortunate to grow up 20 miles from St. Andrews in Scotland and my playground included too many famous courses to list.

My father inspired me to get into the game as it is undoubtedly “the game for life” in many ways. I was fortunate to grow up 20 miles from St. Andrews in Scotland and my playground included too many famous courses to list. Having competed against the likes of Sam Torrance and Ewen Murray, I […]

My grandfather got me into the game of golf.

My grandfather got me into the game of golf. As a city kid in the late 70’s it was never really an option for me. He asked me to take lessons, bought me clubs and said “golf is a great game to meet people, it could help you in the business world, you just never […]

I got into the golf business by playing golf at an early age and falling it love with every aspect of the game.

I got into the golf business by playing golf at an early age and falling it love with every aspect of the game. It has taught me so much in life about how to be a good professional and about people and myself in general.

Growing up outside of Buffalo, New York, I was inspired by PGA Master Professional Steve Carney to make golf a career and enter the PGA PGM program at Methodist University.

Growing up outside of Buffalo, New York, I was inspired by PGA Master Professional Steve Carney to make golf a career and enter the PGA PGM program at Methodist University. Steve Carney taught me that there are many ways in the golf business to be creative and make money. I liked that the industry had […]

Golf has been a part of my life since I was 15 years old. I was introduced by my dad and fell in love immediately with the game.

Golf has been a part of my life since I was 15 years old. I was introduced by my dad and fell in love immediately with the game. Was fortunate enough to play collegiate golf and during my last semester of college I did an internship at the first tee in Houston TX and ever […]

My Uncle Don is the one who got me into the game.

My Uncle Don is the one who got me into the game. My parents never played but it was my uncle that would take me golfing all the time and ignited that interest in playing the game. It was the challenge of the game and also the opportunity to spend time with and compete with […]

What really grabbed my attention that drew me to the game... was that every golf course is different, beautiful, and challenging in its own way!

I had some family in the golf business on Hilton Head, and college wasn’t working out for me at the time so I moved to Hilton Head. What really grabbed my attention that drew me to the game ( not growing up playing golf, I played football,baseball, and basketball), was that every golf course is […]

My dad and brother were my biggest inspirations in getting involved with golf.

My dad and brother were my biggest inspirations in getting involved with golf. I grew up playing ice hockey. When my family moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina, hockey wasn’t so good and we lived in a residential golf community. My dad and brother would go to the golf course frequently and I began to […]

A few people inspired me to get into the game of golf...

A few people inspired me to get into the game of golf, personally my dad and my pap got me into actually playing the game of my freshman year of high school. Professionally Tiger Woods made the game of golf fun to watch and ultimately made me want to play the game. After my freshman […]

I fell in love with golf when I fell out of love with football.

I fell in love with golf when I fell out of love with football. My sister’s boyfriend at the time, who was a good player, took me out one day and I caught the bug. I was fortunate enough to get a “no pay” job cleaning restrooms at my local public course and was given […]

My father was the one who inspired me to start playing golf at just 3 years old.

My father was the one who inspired me to start playing golf at just 3 years old. He has played his whole life, and wanted to introduce me to it. Originally, I went to college to become a pilot. However, after two years I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore and chose […]

when you’re ten years old, it’s funny what can influence you....

When I was ten years old I followed my father to the golf course one weekend. Although I didn’t play golf, I enjoyed being outdoors and doing things by myself. While waiting for my dad to finish his round the head pro asked me if I’d like to make some money? Not wanting to miss […]

I was inspired to get into the business by the first PGA Professional I ever worked for, Don Vallario.

I was inspired to get into the business by the first PGA Professional I ever worked for, Don Vallario. He was the PGA Head Professional at Spring Brook Country Club for over 31 years. I saw how well respected he was by the members and staff, how he handled himself in difficult situations, and how […]

One of my neighbors was the Golf Professional at Eastward Ho Country Club, one of the best clubs in New England. John Scheffler had served as Jack Grout’s (Jack Nicklaus Coach) assistant for many years.

I grew up on Cape Cod in the town of Chatham. One of my neighbors was the Golf Professional at Eastward Ho Country Club, one of the best clubs in New England. John Scheffler had served as Jack Grout’s (Jack Nicklaus Coach) assistant for many years. John was a great player and teacher. I was […]

During the summer, I was waiting tables at Castle Pines Golf Club in Castle Rock, CO. It was there that I met Keith Schneider. Keith is the Professional who was my inspiration and who got me into the golf business.

Growing up, I was a baseball, basketball, and soccer player. I actually didn’t start playing golf until later in college. But I loved it. I loved everything about it. The traditions, the history, the courses, the equipment, the clothes, the shoes, the fun, the laughter, and because of that organic respect and integrity that is […]

Allen Self took me on a tour of Bay Hill and introduced me to Arnold Palmer. I was hooked!

My father introduced me to the game when I was very young. He and I would play games around the practice green for hours. That was the time we got to spend together when he wasn’t working and I wasn’t playing other sports. When I was in high school my football coach had me tryout […]

I grew up on the golf course with my dad being the golf professional that taught me to play and to enjoy the game.

My dad inspired me to play and excel at golf. I grew up on the golf course with my dad being the golf professional that taught me to play and to enjoy the game. Later on leading to ownership of a golf course. As I became a better player members at our course would ask […]

My inspiration in golf is, without a doubt, my Grandfather. He's a special man and he used golf to teach me so many lessons about myself and about life in general.

My inspiration in golf is, without a doubt, my Grandfather. He’s a special man and he used golf to teach me so many lessons about myself and about life in general. He loved the game because it gave him a chance to spend time with friends and family – people he truly loved. Golfing with […]

I was inspired by my access to a golf course via being a caddie

I was inspired by my access to a golf course via being a caddie. I started shagging balls for .50 cents an hour at Fox Hill Country Club in Exeter Pa. I was 9 or 10 years old at the time. I began caddying carrying 1 bag for .90 for 9 holes and 1.50 for […]

I would have to say Matt Stottern, PGA who was the head professional at Blue Lakes Country Club where I was working out of college played the biggest factor.

I had many people that helped in my decision to become a golf professional. My parents were always extremely open minded and supportive of whatever decisions I made. I would have to say Matt Stottern, PGA who was the head professional at Blue Lakes Country Club where I was working out of college played the […]

Two Parts to the Answer:

1) “Who inspired you to get into golf and ultimately pursue becoming a golf professional? ​Initially I was inspired by watching Tiger Woods as a teenager make golf so exciting. Previously I was a Baseball, Football, and basketball player. Tiger brought energy to the game and before I knew it my parents picked up some […]

My father got me into golf and sparked my love for the game at a young age.

My father got me into golf and sparked my love for the game at a young age. He saw my talent and helped me to excel. My PGA Professional, Richard Hall, also helped craft my game and attitude on and off the course. I learned to really love the game through The First Tee program, […]

Ultimately, I wanted to become a golf professional because I really wanted to play for a living like the tour pros I saw on TV, especially Fred Couples.

My answer is two-fold: Ultimately, I wanted to become a golf professional because I really wanted to play for a living like the tour pros I saw on TV, especially Fred Couples.  So, in 2000 I decided to figure out if I could do it.  I went to the Leadbetter Golf Academy here in Naples […]

Will Reilly, a former National PGA Junior Golf Leader Award winner

Will Reilly, a former National PGA Junior Golf Leader Award winner, was a young pro at Twining Valley GC, the local public golf course I used to frequent in college. He would find time to play games with me – chipping, putting, pitching, etc., and was my introduction to what PGA Professionals do day-to-day. He […]

I really started to take interest in the game when I joined The First Tee program, where I ultimately became the initial First Tee Scholar.

I come from a family of golfers, as both my mom, dad, and sister were active in the sport. I really started to take interest in the game when I joined The First Tee program, where I ultimately became the initial First Tee Scholar. Through my time and experiences being a scholar, I was able […]

I was inspired by Brent Buckman. Brent has tremendous charisma and I admired his ability to lead.

I was inspired by Brent Buckman. Brent has tremendous charisma and I admired his ability to lead. He was in charge of the opening of Barton Creek, a speculative Club at the time in the Hill Country outside of Austin. I basically bullied my way onto his staff while finishing my degree at The University […]

My mom inspired me to play golf. She was a club Champion at Stanford University Golf Course, which was our home course growing up.

My mom inspired me to play golf. She was a club Champion at Stanford University Golf Course, which was our home course growing up. Both my parents worked for the University, Dad coached Baseball and Mom worked at the Stanford Hospital. I played a lot of little league baseball growing up along with soccer and […]

I would have to say being dropped off at the golf course at age 7 and picked up at age 17 created a love for the game.

I would have to say being dropped off at the golf course at age 7 and picked up at age 17 created a love for the game. Bob Stevens and then Mark Popp were the PGA Golf Professionals that I looked up to. Bob’s wife Penny would take me putting and spend time with me […]

I am a third generation golfer (hence my entity 3rd Generation Golf)

I am a third generation golfer (hence my entity 3rd Generation Golf) as my Grandfather played on the Neckbone and Chitterling Tours (minority tours) and my dad was a pure athlete as he was a three sport collegiate athlete. He was scratch as a right hand golfer and a ten handicap left hand. He was […]

My attention to the game was earnestly grabbed as a teenager. I was fortunate to live near a venue (Castle Pines Golf Club) that hosted a PGA Tour Event (The International).

My attention to the game was earnestly grabbed as a teenager. I was fortunate to live near a venue (Castle Pines Golf Club) that hosted a PGA Tour Event (The International). Watching those tour players was very impressionable on me. I saw Phil Mickelson hole a wedge from 80 yards and went home to work […]

The two who really stand out are Hank Johnson and Scott Davenport.

Like most Golf Professionals, I’ve been fortunate to have many mentors who have taken the time to invest in me and my career but the two who really stand out are Hank Johnson and Scott Davenport. Both were Golf Digest Instructors while also working at the NorthRiver Golf & Yacht Club in Tuscaloosa while I […]

I started playing golf at 8 years of age, joined as a junior member at 10 and worked in a golf shop on the weekends, on my own while the Professionals were out playing at the age of 12.

I started playing golf at 8 years of age, joined as a junior member at 10 and worked in a golf shop on the weekends, on my own while the Professionals were out playing at the age of 12. I was enamored and with the Assistant Professionals ability to play the game, the diversity in […]

Easy question, my inspiration is my father. I began working for my father and former PGA of America President, Tom Addis when I was 14 years old.

Easy question, my inspiration is my father. I began working for my father and former PGA of America President, Tom Addis when I was 14 years old. Prior to his role as PGA President, he served many years for our San Diego Chapter and Southern California PGA, as well as on National Committees and Board […]

I have always had a love for the game of golf and was inspired to get into the business by my father who was also in the service industry.

I have always had a love for the game of golf and was inspired to get into the business by my father who was also in the service industry. (My dad Ron owned and operated a Dry Cleaning Business) I believed my love for the game and the passion for servicing people to provide a […]

The integrity and personal skills of the local PGA professionals drew me towards the golf profession.

The integrity and personal skills of the local PGA professionals drew me towards the golf profession. Being involved with the greatest game of all has been a treat.

I was always a huge baseball player, but when Tiger won the Masters in 97’ he really transformed the sport.

I was inspired to get into the golf industry nearly my whole life. My parents were both avid golfers, and I grew up in the height of the Tiger era. I was always a huge baseball player, but when Tiger won the Masters in 97’ he really transformed the sport. We had tons of athletes […]

I think it's a great thing for golf, it introduces fans to a variety of new young players.

I think it’s a great thing for golf, it introduces fans to a variety of new young players. One of these players will end up winning majors and get new golfers introduced to the game.

These guys are proving that no matter where you come from, there is a possibility for you to fulfill your dreams of becoming a world class player at the highest level.

Absolutely!!! This is the diversity golf has needed for a very long time. Look at how many global players have won over the last few years. Especially rookies just getting started! I am super excited about it! These guys are proving that no matter where you come from, there is a possibility for you to […]

The best part is seeing talented players with different areas of expertise win at the tour level- big bombers and short game aficionados alike

Absolutely. Today, more than ever, we have the opportunity to watch the best in the world compete at the highest level of competition. The best part is seeing talented players with different areas of expertise win at the tour level- big bombers and short game aficionados alike. In addition, it’s exciting to have players from […]

It's a good thing for those "wide variety of winners!" However, like other sports, I think the game is more compelling if there's one dominating force that everyone else is gunning for.

It’s a good thing for those “wide variety of winners!” However, like other sports, I think the game is more compelling if there’s one dominating force that everyone else is gunning for. When Tiger was in his prime every tournament he entered garnered the question, “Tiger or the field?” Whether you love him or hate […]

For aspiring tour players, multiple winners is good for their hopes and dreams!

Historically 1-3 dominate winners in tour are best for TV ratings and interest among non golfers. However, for aspiring tour players, multiple winners is good for their hopes and dreams!

If a less recognized player has a great week, it is just his dream come true and our pleasure to watch it happen.

Our tour is primarily made up of people seeking the dream. When someone has a chance to break through, most viewers may find themselves interested to see if this could be that player’s day. It is always nice to see the big names that we root for. They also set the bar, that a win […]

More talent creates heightened competition like we saw last week during a 3 way playoff at the Sony.

Having a wide variety of winners on Tour is always a good thing. That means there is more depth of talent. More talent creates heightened competition like we saw last week during a 3 way playoff at the Sony. More winners, more professionals for fans to root for makes for a better PGA Tour.

It is a positive sign of where the game is and the direction that the game is going.

I would say that the variety of winners on tour is a good thing. It is a positive sign of where the game is and the direction that the game is going. The quality of players coming up through the mini tours and college is getting better and better every season. Tiger raised the bar […]

The reality is that the dominant winners are compelling. That’s why we watch sports.

Multiple winners on tour have always been a good thing and will continue to be a good thing. The more people that win send the pool and make it easier for a dominant winner to rise above and create separation value. The reality is that the dominant winners are compelling. That’s why we watch sports. […]

As a fan I feel this adds more excitement to the events.

I believe that it is good to have such a wide variety of winners. The days of Tiger winning as often as he did has gone away as the newer players are more tournament ready and the competition is even better. It now gives the fan an opportunity to hopefully see more players in a […]

More young players are winning these days in my opinion due to familiarity to the equipment and balls.

More young players are winning these days in my opinion due to familiarity to the equipment and balls. The Pro V1 came out in 2002 and that changed the game. The first balls these young guys played in junior golf was longer and straighter than the balls guys in their late 30’s or 40’s had […]

I see a much greater value in having events that everyone in the field has a chance to win and I think we are right there now.

I think the wide variety of winners on the PGA Tour is a great thing for the game and most importantly the future of the game. Today’s player leaves college and are instantly ready to win on the tour and from my view this adds excitement. This also tell’s the youngsters through teenagers of today […]

It is a testament to a much improved junior golf program throughout the United States and the world.

Having a large number of very good players on the tour is great for golf. It is a testament to a much improved junior golf program throughout the United States and the world. It also says a lot about the quality of golf instruction.

In Golf no two swings are the same but they all can get the job done!

Absolutely variety is the spice of life and in Golf no two swings are the same but they all can get the job done!

With the quality and development of golf instruction, technology and fitness training, player development is out of sight.

Not only is it a good thing, it is inevitable. With the quality and development of golf instruction, technology and fitness training, player development is out of sight. You are witnessing the new normal. Expect this to continue as more and more golfers believe they can do it!


Yes…However, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and who’s next???

It promotes for more growth of the game. Almost this attitude of “if he or she can win, then I can win”

In short, yes! It promotes for more growth of the game. Almost this attitude of “if he or she can win, then I can win”.

It shows that anybody can win anytime and that the tour isn’t just being dominated by only a few good players that win every week.

I believe having new blood in the winners circle is a good thing for golf because it shows that anybody can win anytime and that the tour isn’t just being dominated by only a few good players that win every week. It also shows the strength of the whole tour that if you earn your […]

It helps golf enthusiasts see a myriad of golf swings and styles that are successful.

100%! A wide variety of winners on Tour is a great thing for the game. Though there are golf fans out there rooting for Tiger to eclipse the total wins and majors which is also great for the game. Keeping viewers and fans engaged in golf is a huge part of the vitality of the […]

It not only shows the depth of talented players on the tour, but also exemplifies that everyone has a chance to win.

Yes I think that having a wide variety of winners on tour is great for the game. It not only shows the depth of talented players on the tour, but also exemplifies that everyone has a chance to win. It should encourage and inspire the next generation of collegiate and aspiring professionals.

It shows diversity and that it’s a global game which makes it more appealing to many more people.

Totally! It shows diversity and that it’s a global game which makes it more appealing to many more people. “Grow the game”

I think we are seeing the Tiger Woods effect now where he made golf cool and all these younger players just idolized him and wanted to be him when they grew up.

Having new winners on the tour each week just shows the depth of talent in the world of golf these days. I think we are seeing the Tiger Woods effect now where he made golf cool and all these younger players just idolized him and wanted to be him when they grew up. Enjoy watching […]

I feel we all relate to certain types of energies that other people exude.

Give me as many examples of excellence as possible. Embrace the reign of a Champion while reminding yourself there’s always someone out there that we don’t know…..yet. I would suppose that this question arose from Editors observation that we are being exposed to the stark contrast between Tiger’s era of dominance against today’s era of […]

I think it’s great for the game but not for the tv ratings.

Its always fun to see different players win on the PGA tour. I think it’s great for the game but not for the tv ratings.

I think it is a great thing, especially for our Junior Golfers.

I think it is a great thing, especially for our Junior Golfers. It is important to see that anyone can accomplish great things if they believe in themselves, work hard, focus on a goal. We are all unique, and everyone’s golf swing and game are also unique. I like to see young players identify with […]

Absolutely. All golfers have a few (I'd say five) commonalities, and a whole lot of different preferences

Absolutely. All golfers have a few (I’d say five) commonalities, and a whole lot of different preferences, like grip strength, alignment, how far off their ribs the trail elbow gets in the backswing, and a whole lot more. Golfers should notice and focus on the commonalities in their own practice, though. We call them the […]

I don't necessarily want to see just one player dominate, nor do I want to see a different player win every week.

I don’t necessarily want to see just one player dominate, nor do I want to see a different player win every week. To me in an ideal situation you will have your top 10 to 20 players going at it and hopefully you can get some great final round head to head match ups. It […]

In the last year, golf has been able to add different role-players to their inventory of champions.

A wide variety of winners is always a good thing for golf. In the last year, golf has been able to add different role-players to their inventory of champions. The news media has done a terrific job casting a new “villain” in Patrick Reed, the “flawed hero” in Tiger Woods, the new “cool uncle” with […]

TW,Love a fighter and underdog

TW,Love a fighter and underdog,especially the way he is hitting his tee ball!!!

My favorite player on the PGA Tour right now is Justin Thomas

My favorite player on the PGA Tour right now is Justin Thomas. Reason being because of his relentless efforts to get better physically and mentally. To add to it, he has sense of humor and personality.

PGA Tour: Rory McIlroy & Ian Poulter. LPGA Tour: Sandra Gal

Favorite PGA Tour Player for me is a tie. I am a huge Rory McIlroy fan for all that he does on and off the course. The player tied in my book is Ian Poulter. Both great players and both work social media well. I believe Poulter tends to get a lot of unwarranted abuse […]

Tiger Woods & Adam Scott

The topic at hand is difficult and a person can debate for hours and still may not be satisfied with just picking one favorite Tour player. I will have to go with my top two and the reasons why. 1. Tiger Woods: Simply put, Tiger is good for the game and the golf industry as […]

Tiger Woods

No one moves the needle like Tiger. Nobody

Brooks Koepka and Rory Mcilroy

There are two players that I really enjoy watching right now; Brooks Koepka and Rory Mcilroy. I like Brooks because he seems to carry himself like an athlete and doesn’t seem easily intimidated by anyone. I also appreciate that he had to work for it. He had to start on the European Challenge Tour and […]

Favorite player on tour currently is Webb Simpson

Favorite player on tour currently is Webb Simpson. His grit to overcome putting woes and his unique swing have impressed me.

Tiger Woods, he’s grown the game better than anybody in recent history.

Tiger Woods, he’s grown the game better than anybody in recent history.

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson reminds me of a Moe Norman type of savant, capable of recreating golf to suit his own conceptions and analysis. He is relentless in his quest for perfection, and not content that he has reached any pinnacle in his game. He embraces learning more than anyone else out there, and has the mind to […]

Tiger Woods is and always will be my favorite player on tour.

Tiger Woods is and always will be my favorite player on tour. Right now he is by far the best player. I love his mind. He thinks better than anyone out there. As a result of a strong mind, he is able to perform a confident swing that produces whatever his mind conjures up in […]

My favorite player is Jordan Spieth.

My favorite player is Jordan Spieth. He has the it factor that no one else has had since Tiger in his prime. The “it” is hard to define. But, the putts he made at the British Open to beat Matt Kuchar is “it”. If someone could explain the ball flight rules to him and get […]

Brooks Koepka

Brooks Koepka I like the way he prepares mentally for a Major, I feel if he remains healthy he could add a few more. He’s not afraid of anyone

My favorite player currently and since his rookie season on tour is Jordan Spieth.

My favorite player currently and since his rookie season on tour is Jordan Spieth. I really enjoy watching him think his way around the golf course and around the greens like players did before the current ‘distance era’. I also think he comes across like a great guy to other players, the fans and the […]

As a PGA Golf Instructor I really appreciate what Tiger Woods has done for my business and the health of the game.

As a PGA Golf Instructor I really appreciate what Tiger Woods has done for my business and the health of the game. He is arguably the greatest golfer in history and I believe he has a great chance to surpass Jack’s majors record. He is charismatic, generous, and loyal to family. And recently has figured […]

Tiger Woods has been my favorite player since he came on the tour and will be when he’s off the tour as well.

Tiger Woods has been my favorite player since he came on the tour and will be when he’s off the tour as well. The fire, the drive, the emotion is something you just don’t see in most players. We’ll never see another player like this guy. Enjoy while you can!!

My favorite player on tour for a little while has been Rickie Fowler.

My favorite player on tour for a little while has been Rickie Fowler. He’s a good guy who has had a solid career so far and has some serious style and personality. Style and personality always go a long way with me.

My favorite tour player right now is Dustin Johnson.

My favorite tour player right now is Dustin Johnson. Not only is he an incredible athlete (supposedly a fantastic basketball player), but a self described gym rat. I know he hasn’t played since August, but sometimes time off does wonderful things (see Tiger). I love how he addresses his shortcomings, such as his wedge play, […]

Too many to count!

Too many to count! A lot of great golf is being played on both the PGA , LPGA and Champions Tour. The great thing about tournament golf is the fact that you play a different venue each week and everyone start off the week in the same position. Nothing more fair than that! Pat

Patrick Reed! He's my "favorite" in the villain sense.

Patrick Reed! He’s my “favorite” in the villain sense. In movies it’s the villain who is always the most interesting character. Reed cheats, lies, and attempts to circumvent rules and protocols – anything in order to win!

Two different players for two different reasons

Favorite Player on the PGA Tour….. this is hard… why because I have two for two different players for two different reasons. 1) Intriguing and story line : Tiger Woods Nothing is better than seeing my childhood idol not only compete again, but win! He is chased down Sam Snead, and is in pursuit to […]

My all time choice would be Tom Watson... I'll take Bruce Koepka today

As great golfers are positive thinkers, I select my favorites by how they represent the game in the face of adversity. My all time choice would be Tom Watson, as he even smiled when he hit a bad one. The closest most tour players can do is to keep their dissatisfactory reactions to a minimal. […]

Rickie Fowler...No fear style of golf

Rickie Fowler…No fear style of golf…Good attitude never loses temper…Nice golf swing…Best putting stroke of all time!!!

Mathew Wolfe

Mathew Wolfe bc of his uniqueness

Tiger Woods! ... I also love watching a lot of others including Jordan, Xander, Ricky, and Brooks.

Tiger Woods! I’ve always been a tiger fan growing up and just his comeback has been great for the game of golf in my opinion. Having someone to watch try and break records every week is something you don’t get to see much. I also love watching a lot of others including Jordan, Xander, Ricky, […]

Besides Tiger Woods....? Yeah it’s Tiger!

Besides Tiger Woods….? Yeah it’s Tiger! There’s nothing more jubilating then watching Tiger win. I think this week will be interesting at the presidents club to see how much TW picks himself under pressure. If he looks at himself in the present tense he’ll pick himself a lot and if he’s looking into the future […]

I don't really pull for many guys over the others.

I don’t really pull for many guys over the others. Usually I just enjoy the tournament and how each player uses their unique gifts trying to win. Obviously having Tiger back in the mix is exciting and I’ve enjoyed the steady rise of Xander Schauffele. Very solid and seems like a good guy. Certainly looking […]

My favorite player on tour has always been Tiger.

My favorite player on tour has always been Tiger. He is fun to watch and is great for the game. Looking forward to see how he does in the presidents cup.

Charles Howell is one of my favorite golf swings on tour!

Charles Howell is one of my favorite golf swings on tour! Its the precision and power that he puts on display. His year in and year out improvement both physical and mental is a testament to a determination for consistency which he clearly exhibits via his rank every year! I also like Xander Shauffele. His […]

I use easy to understand terms & items, such as the range ball basket

I love this topic because I like to keep it simple & not overwhelm my students. I use easy to understand terms & items, such as the range ball basket. I have the student hold the basket with hands open & toss it to me like it’s their golf swing. I don’t want them to […]

In today’s Information Age, less is more

What a great question. I try to instill in my students that there is a lot of information out there. I relate to that info as “medicine”. When someone is sick, they go to a doctor and the doctor will prescribe the right medicine for that particular illness. Taking the wrong medicine will usually make […]

I’ll physically move the student through the swing

The first thing you need to do is identify error(s) that occur and create a plan. Because we primarily learn by what we see and feel, I primarily use that to get past all of the how to’s. For instance, to shallow out the downswing, I’ll tell someone to swing to right field. To get […]

I don't have a student work on any technical concept unless they 100% understand it

Golfers have always been susceptible to over thinking due to the nature of the game and the seemingly endless stream of opinions and information on how to swing. Bobby Jones once said that it was a “horrifying state of affairs.” There is nothing wrong with being technically minded as long as the student understands why […]

Teach people how to score (short game) before technique

I spend more time on the golf course teaching them how to score with the game they have now. Most students will not commit enough time to make changes in their swing so I am honest and up front with them. I ask each student, would you rather a pretty swing or lower scores. A […]

You need to feel it, NOT think it

This is a great topic of discussion. It is true that we are bombarded with so much information, technology, terminology and fancy theories about how to swing the golf club and develop good swing mechanics. It is fun to learn. Information and knowledge are GOOD in developing a solid game, up to point. The key […]

They have 8 seconds to pull the trigger!

We will discuss and go through some of the swing mechanics together as I help them get the club into the correct positions. We will talk about any questions that come up with regard to positioning of club, body, etc. Once they get over the ball though, they have an 8 second rule to start […]

All Matt Stotler Golf Academy students go through a Body Motion and Swing Assessment to determine flexibility.

All Matt Stotler Golf Academy students go through a Body Motion and Swing Assessment to determine flexibility. This is comprised of bending, extending, and rotational values. Breaking it down even more we look at shoulders and hips to see the amount of turn, tilt, bend each student has in these areas. For the students who […]

An injury or physical limitation can dictate the roadmap for making swing changes.

Understanding your student’s physical limitations is extremely important for a good instructor. An injury or physical limitation can dictate the roadmap for making swing changes. At Swing Essentials, we simply ask the student if they have any limitations or injuries. This will allow our instructors to ensure that we avoid further injury to these areas. […]

The tests that I perform to determine a student’s physical limitations are designed to expose what prevents my students from getting into the proper golf swing positions.

The tests that I perform to determine a student’s physical limitations are designed to expose what prevents my students from getting into the proper golf swing positions. My main test is the “toe touch test.” I get my player to bend at the waist, from a standing position, with both legs straight, and show me […]

I start with the lower body and move to the upper body.

I start with the lower body and move to the upper body. I start with the ankles, knees, hips, rib cage, then back. Sometimes I have my student setup to hit a shot, then instead I’ll put a golf ball behind their club and have them push it back. Then I’ll measure swing speed, ball […]

On all stretch’s I observe balance and posture

First observe the students locomotion as they come to tee. Vertical stretch by placing hands on top of stretch pole and stretching hips as far as possible from stretch pole. Hold stretch pole and repeat with legs crossed . Place stretch pole across shoulders and rotate torso holding lower body still then hold torso still […]

I tend to use the TPI screens to assess physical limitations in the shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles, glutes, etc.

As a TPI certified professional I tend to use the TPI screens to assess physical limitations in the shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles, glutes, etc. TPI lays out specific screens that a professional can learn and implement in their

If you can stand up on your own and move your arms and legs- you are able to make a golf swing.

If you can stand up on your own and move your arms and legs- you are able to make a golf swing. I have yet to find someone with those abilities not be able to perform a golf swing with enough speed to play the game. The idea that some needs to go spend 20 […]

I will fairly thoroughly check range of motion, etc.

I am generally not a fan of conducting anything like a full screening before getting down to the lesson. It is often irrelevant if a student’s left elbow has a restriction if what we’re working on is their knee work. Which is not to say I don’t ever check on anything here – I will […]

It’s always good to just ask them before they start with you

With regards to physical limitations with your students, it’s always good to just ask them before they start with you (as an instructor) if they have any physical limitations you should know about. Then, adjust the lessons to adapt to those limitations accordingly. There are tests you can do to determine flexibility for example though. […]

First thing I always do is ask the student if they have any physical limitations that we need to pay attention to.

I do a lot of work with the Philadelphia PGA HOPE program. It is a program for Military Veterans and Wounded Military Veterans, so I understand having to work around possible physical limitation. First thing I always do is ask the student if they have any physical limitations that we need to pay attention to. […]

Have them swing the golf club...You can see immediately their physical limitations...

Have them swing the golf club…You can see immediately their physical limitations…

TPI assessments along with a number of things we used in my Nicklaus/Flick Golf School days.

I use TPI assessments along with a number of things we used in my Nicklaus/Flick Golf School days.

I run them through a performance evaluation.

I run them through a performance evaluation. Mostly TPI with my own spin and of course ask many questions about their current fitness level and level of training.

I usually work together with a fitness professional

I have the students perform some basic tests from the TPI screening process; however, I am not an expert in this field and do not feel comfortable analyzing their limitations in detail. That is why I usually work together with a fitness professional and refer my clients to them. This ensures they get the correct […]

I took the TPI Level 1 seminar a few years ago, so I run them through the screening tests.

I took the TPI Level 1 seminar a few years ago, so I run them through the screening tests.

Put them through a TPI screening that consists of 16 tests

I see a lot of students that are older and have limited range of motion. I’m a TPI Certified Coach. Put them through a TPI screening that consists of 16 tests and a couple of extras if they cannot perform the full test. For example, if the student can’t do the deep squat test properly, […]

We do a full physical assessment starting with a Functional Movement Screen

Our overall all philosophy begins with “Function Dictates Form”. We do a full physical assessment starting with a Functional Movement Screen testing mobility and stability thru foundational movements as well as neurological connectivity. In addition we utilize screens that are more specific to golf or any rotational athlete . Multi-segmental screens, such as, upper and […]

Right off the bat, a hand shake to determine hand strength.

Right off the bat, a hand shake to determine hand strength. Toe touches for hamstring tightness. If you can’t touch your toes there might be issues that create lower back problems. Hip Twisters to see if they can disassociate upper and lower body. Shoulder rotation test. If you do not have proper shoulder rotation it […]

I like to see how much shoulder rotation is possible

Working with lots of seniors I like to see how much shoulder rotation is possible before it compromises the spine angle of the player. Now days even younger players struggle with proper spine angle and shoulder rotation…forcing the teacher to engage in remediation efforts toward flexibility and stability.

When you can control how far your ball is flying and rolling or stopping then you can attack pins.

To speak on the drills to strengthen your short game, I could go on for days because I consider the short game to be from 115 yards and in. But to narrow it down I will start with pitching and work our way to the green. Pitching is all about distance control. When you can […]

The key here is to learn how far the club needs to travel in the back swing and through the forward swing to achieve the desired distance.

There are two areas in the golf swing which require feel or touch; chipping and putting. I’m going to talk about chipping. Chipping requires practice and I know that is a term so widely used that it is ambiguous in understanding. What do professionals mean when they say practice? It means you need to develop […]

Pitching & Chipping are two different shots and thus a player needs to set up differently and the swing action is slightly different.

Pitching & Chipping are two different shots and thus a player needs to set up differently and the swing action is slightly different. Chipping: A chip shot is a shot that flies a little lower in which the carry distance is less and then rolls out more on the green. Think of that ratio as […]

When around the greens, keep the feet narrow, possibly even touching.

When around the greens, keep the feet narrow, possibly even touching. Pick out a small target to land the ball, and feel like your going to toss the ball there. I have my students actually toss the ball to get the feeling of just using their hands and arms in this swing.

I like to pick a hole on the practice green, then visualize where I want the ball to land and roll out to the hole.

I like to pick a hole on the practice green, then visualize where I want the ball to land and roll out to the hole. Then, I will place a towel slightly off the area I’m trying to fly the ball to. Then I’ll hit the shot to find out if I was correct. If […]

When I teach, I have four bullet points for chipping and pitching.

When I teach, I have four bullet points for chipping and pitching. The first point is the ball has to be somewhere between your feet. I know this can sound obvious but I’ve seen tons of players putting it behind their back foot. I find this causes a “Stab” down at the ball and poor […]

One of the most important aspects of chipping the golf ball is the golf clubs connection to the ground.

One of the most important aspects of chipping the golf ball is the golf clubs connection to the ground. What is the feel we want players to have? “Brushing the Grass” is a great thought and feel. We don’t want players to stab at the ball or blade it. Take a few practice strokes and […]

If I am personally working on short pitch shots for myself I set up a teaching basket and chip or pitch from different areas using a shag bag.

If I am personally working on short pitch shots for myself I set up a teaching basket and chip or pitch from different areas using a shag bag. If I make it then I leave it and keep going and each time I pick up the balls there are less and less because they are […]

My number one thing for chipping around the green is keeping the ball close to the ground.

My number one thing for chipping around the green is keeping the ball close to the ground. This is more of bump and run shots. I believe less things can go wrong when the ball is rolling on the green and that’s what I like to see. So what you do is put your weight […]

The wedges should be used as designed, in other words, the clubs should never be de-lofted.

The wedges should be used as designed, in other words, the clubs should never be de-lofted. Do not forward lean the club to effectively make a sand-wedge a 7-iron. If you need less loft, change clubs to a lower lofted club. Use the “bounce” or bottom of the wedge, not the leading edge to deliver […]

One of my go-to drills when it relates to pitching - using the bounce of the wedge.

One of my go-to drills when it relates to pitching – using the bounce of the wedge. Set up the drill – place a row of golf balls roughly the length of your foot in front of your ball. Pitching from behind the balls helps use the bounce whereas pitching in front of a row […]

The shot needs to be hit with intention and the first order of business is to examine where the ball is and how it lies with the grass.

Over the 25+ years of teaching as a golf professional, when it comes to short game the vast majority of high handicap golfers really don’t have a very good idea of what needs to happen with a club in a ball. The shot needs to be hit with intention and the first order of business […]

I find that the biggest struggle in teaching short game is distance control and ball reaction based on different clubs and shot selection.

I find that the biggest struggle in teaching short game is distance control and ball reaction based on different clubs and shot selection. To work on that, I’ll find a spot on the short game area and then pace off 5 steps (use paces when working short game because that’s how you’ll do it on […]

I'm a big fan of variability during short game practice as well as playing games that create competition and simulate pressure.

I’m a big fan of variability during short game practice as well as playing games that create competition and simulate pressure. As we all know on the course we are faced with constantly varying lies, distances, and conditions. We are taken out of our comfort zone and face variables with nearly every shot on course. […]

Coaches Eye

Coaches Eye

I use Hudl Technique .

I use Hudl Technique. It’s really easy to use and the frame by frame is great . You can voice over videos and easily send them over to clients via email. To me it’s a game changer for it’s practically and time savings.

V1 & CoachNow

I’ve used V1 for 25 years and it is still the best complete platform. I use coach now for a golf team I help and like it.



I use HUDL.

I use HUDL. Had V1 but found sharing with HUDL was easier and it doesn’t require my students to do much to receive the videos

Swing Catalyst.

We use Swing Catalyst.

CoachNow is the best for simplicity and ease.

CoachNow is the best for simplicity and ease.

I use Hudl Technique app.

I use Hudl Technique app. It is for many sports, but records in slo-mo. Can do all the normal lines, etc. I like it!

Currently I have the Coaches Eye video analysis app

Currently I have the Coaches Eye video analysis app on my i phone and i pad. I have found this app to be the simplest and most efficient. It allows me to draw multiple lines on the screen and it computes degrees of angles, etc. It really allows the student to understand plane, path, club […]

JC Video

We will be using JC Video this year to share lesson videos with our Members and Guests. They have developed an app that will allow our Professionals to share edited videos on the spot. Included in the software is a swing locker that the students can access from their devices. There is a cost per […]

Just tape it and use any available application

I love videos . Though I was in retirement mode and did not invest in the new technology, I loved any videos that my students would provide. Simply coming in the Pro Shop and asking what I saw, my student could get a simple explanation in front of their eyes. Just tape it and use […]

Coaches Eye & V1 app

Coaches eye & v1 app

I use V1

I use V1

Email or text message thread

Email or text message thread is easy enough to refer back to. No need to be fancy.

Hudl technique

Hudl technique

no video...old school instruction

no video…old school instruction look with your eyes and feel with your swing…

Hudl Technique

Hudl Technique is what I use, very simple and easy for students to send videos back to me.

The Swing Essentials Golf App

The best teaching application on the market is the Swing Essentials Golf App. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s like having a PGA Professional in your pocket for on-demand lessons anywhere at any time. Simply use the app to film your swing and then press “submit”. Within 48 hours, a virtual […]

Outdoors: Hudl Technique | Indoors: GASPLabs

When I am Teaching outdoors I use Hudl Technique on my I-Pad. It is a Free motion capturing app and is used in a lot of other sports as well. I have had great success with it and minimal issues. Your customer just has to sign up for the app and they can receive and […]

V1 video analysis software for daily lessons and Coach Now for long term and online lessons

I utilize both v1 video analysis software for daily lessons and coach now for long term and online lessons.

CoachNow and Hudl

I use CoachNow and Hudl to share videos with my students.

I use ball flight technology in club fittings and with more advanced players to dial in wedges or check the launch angle of drives.

Libby Larsen once said that “The great myth of our times is that technology is communication”. Ball flight technology provides many data points for PGA instructors during their lessons and they use this data to paint a more complete picture of the golf swing. However, an influx of data without a basic understanding of the […]

When I teach with TRACKMAN, I like to explain to my students that there are only two numbers we’re going to study together:

TRACKMAN launch monitor technology is put to use on my lesson tee when I custom fit golf equipment. It gives me all the ball flight information I need to accurately read my students’ needs when it comes to equipment. Launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, smash factor, angle of attack and land angle are the […]

Golf practice and player development are going through a period of tremendous change, and technology is a central component in that transformation.

When I’m teaching indoor I use Ball Flight Technology all the time. I’ve been blessed to have access to a TrackMan Simulator and rely on it for ever indoor lesson I give. Golf practice and player development are going through a period of tremendous change, and technology is a central component in that transformation. This […]

What I have found though is using the data really depends on the skill set of the player.

I am fortunate enough to be able to Teach both indoors and outdoors. In season I am outdoors at the course and during the off season, and on inclement weather days, I have a Teaching Studio. In the Teaching Studio I have a GC Quad Launch Monitor, it also is what drives the Simulator. I […]

I only use launch monitors in club fittings

I only use launch monitors in club fittings. A lesson with a launch monitor turns into how fast was the club head, faster than the last?? A waste of a lesson

The ball flight laws are the only absolutes in golf.

The ball flight laws are the only absolutes in golf. How all shots start is according to the club face at impact. Your grip and aim are primarily responsible for the face at impact. How all shots curve is the swing path in relation to the face. Your aim and posture are primarily responsible. We […]

The use of a launch monitor in a lesson is double-sided.

The use of a launch monitor in a lesson is double-sided. I find it very useful to know what the player is doing and measure any changes. However, it becomes a distraction when the player focuses too much on the numbers and not how they are making changes in their swing. I usually don’t let […]

Overrated....Harvey Penick did just fine without it

Overrated….Harvey Penick did just fine without it…I can see if someone needs steel or graphite on one shot…

I use technology as a complement to my eyes and gut.

I use technology as a complement to my eyes and gut. I also spray the face of the club to track face mapping and be sure contact is center. Vertical and horizontal gear effect can mislead our eyes. If the strike is toward the toe, for example, tech read will recognize open face but of […]

I have learned a great deal using TrackMan with my students. It is especially useful for seeing angle of attack.

I have learned a great deal using TrackMan with my students. It is especially useful for seeing angle of attack. I’ve given 40,000 lessons. I can generally see club path and club face but angle of attack in my opinion is impossible to determine without TrackMan. Divots mean nothing. Many low handicap players hit hooks […]

I have an indoor studio with Flightscope and E6 software. It is the only way to learn the game.

I have an indoor studio with Flightscope and E6 software. It is the only way to learn the game. Shaping shots and controlling ball flight is the way to play golf.

I use a foresight gc 2 launch monitor.

I use a foresight gc 2 launch monitor. Only rely on it partly, mainly for better players needing to control 1 degree on path and for club-fittings. Like to associate feel vs real with it for students that like to see numbers.

I, like others, watch ball flight and relate that to the golf club alignment through impact.

I, like others, watch ball flight and relate that to the golf club alignment through impact. But do not use any tech.

I have never needed technology to show someone how to control their ball flight.

I have never needed technology to show someone how to control their ball flight. The harder a person swings the more backspin and the higher the ball will fly. Backspin is counterproductive when it comes to hitting a lower ball flight. I teach students to take one or two more clubs than the distance requires, […]

I am a FlightScope Ambassador and use it often with clients.

I am a FlightScope Ambassador and use it often with clients. I mainly use it as an “MRI” to show clients the 3-dimensional shape of their swings and how we plan to make improvements. Using a lot of numbers can confuse some clientele. But using it as a confirmation of what is happening in their […]

I use it frequently but for my information mostly.

I use it frequently but for my information mostly. Explaining low point or path and face angles can be quite challenging to many students and looking for the difference between a path that is 2 degrees in to out vs. 5 degrees in to out is not helpful to many students. Launch angles for drivers […]

Technology is a beautiful thing! The more information you can collect the better off you are.

Technology is a beautiful thing! The more information you can collect the better off you are. Whether you share that information with the student to help him/her learn is a decision the instructor needs to make. I enjoy seeing the information as it ties good results with correct positions / feels for me.

Trackman and flightscope are like an MRI for a golfer.

Trackman and flightscope are like an MRI for a golfer. Get the information and then turn it off. They don’t continue to put you in and out of the MRI machine when you have to get one. Once you come out of the machine they have the images needed and give to the doctor to […]

Ball flight technology is for the student.

Ball flight technology is for the student. I can see the club swing and based on that and the flight I can tell what the face was doing. But I use it for verification for the student so they understand. In today’s world it is a very important tool for the student and the instructor. […]

Feel is Real...

Feel is Real… I believe golf is a game that is played by feel after you have developed a fundamental golf swing which is repeatable and confident. Once you have developed the fundamentals it’s all about the target and less on the golf ball and mechanics. There is no perfect swing; only the one you […]

I use ball flight technology more for getting distances and dialing land angles these days.

I use ball flight technology more for getting distances and dialing land angles these days. From using it pretty heavily over the years, my eye has improved, but if I ever question what I’m seeing I’ll for sure double check it.

I am always looking at the ball flight to help me determine the easiest way to help my student not only improve, but understand why shots happen!

I am always looking at the ball flight to help me determine the easiest way to help my student not only improve, but understand why shots happen! My FlightScope X3 is always running so I can measure each shot, then, when I need to explain to a student what caused a shot to curve the […]

I do not use ball flight technology. Living in the south means I’m outdoors for full swing lessons.

I do not use ball flight technology. Living in the south means I’m outdoors for full swing lessons. We can see ball flight. My students are interested in watching the ball fly, not looking at numbers on a screen.

I use Trackman technology on nearly every lesson on full swing.

I use Trackman technology on nearly every lesson on full swing. I’ve been doing it for 6 years. I use it with the Trackman Camera App so that when I want to show the student a slow motion video of their swing it is ready after every swing. Sometimes I show them the data and […]

I teach primarily in a hitting bay using video, a BodiTrak pressure mat and a Flightscope launch monitor.

I teach primarily in a hitting bay using video, a BodiTrak pressure mat and a Flightscope launch monitor. I use the Flightscope to measure how swing changes effect ball flight, to compare different clubs (especially drivers) and to practice distance control. I have a large junior program and I use the launch monitor in drills […]

I rely on it quite a bit because measuring what our eyes cannot see if helpful.

I rely on it quite a bit because measuring what our eyes cannot see if helpful. I also think it helps the student see progress in a form that is objective rather than subjective

I use ball flight technology in every lesson.

I use ball flight technology in every lesson. I find it very helpful in helping students understand how and why the swing changes we are making are important. It also helps encourage them to see specific parameters of improvement through the lesson

With regards to ball flight technology during lessons, I try to keep things pretty simple for my students

With regards to ball flight technology during lessons, I try to keep things pretty simple for my students as most people we teach are beginners. So, I may show a student the difference in spin between a Titleist pro v1 and a Pinnacle or some other hard (low spin) ball in the short game area […]

It depends on the student

Having been a PGA PROFESSIONAL for 20+ years, the answer for me is that it depends on the student. A serious player is yes, the more information regading launch angle, spin rate, path, swing speeds on all clubs, carry distance, etc., is extremely vital. For the majority of players, the answer is also yes!!! These […]

I use it to verify what I see on camera, then zero in on what number/swing issue is most needed.

I use it to verify what I see on camera, then zero in on what number/swing issue is most needed. I only show a few numbers to students so they don’t get too confused.

The way that I use ball flight technology is through my Foresight GC Quad.

The use of technology in golf is a MUST in today’s day in age. But too many players and instructors beginning their careers use it a little too much in my opinion. Technology has it’s place in instruction to either give needed feedback on club performance, or to give feedback of a desired outcome the […]

I do currently use both a Flightscope Xi and a Foresight GC Quad.

Ball flight technology has come a long way. I do currently use both a Flightscope Xi and a Foresight GC Quad. I only pull out the launch monitor when we want to see the numbers and make changes. This allows me to show the changes in either angle of attack, face angle, club path, etc. […]

We use ball flight tech when fitting as far as showing spin rates and club distances...

I’m an old guy and teach in the old school way of knowing what produces certain types of ball flight. The only thing that matters in the golf swing is your clubface at impact and the path of the club with the two matching up for direction, period. We use ball flight tech when fitting […]

I do not use it at all. I would only do so during a fitting.

I do not use it at all. I would only do so during a fitting. The average golfers has many other issues he/she has going on & ball flight is not one of them, (except getting the ball in the air)!

Swing Like a Pro by Dr. Ralph Mann and Fred Griffin.

Swing Like a Pro by Dr. Ralph Mann and Fred Griffin. This was the first biomechanics study book of it’s kind using the best players in the world as the models. It’s hard to find the book as about 20 years old. But still to this day the type of book any amateur could understand […]

There are some people that like the book I wrote about eye dominance, "Golf for the other 80% "

There are some people that like the book I wrote about eye dominance, “Golf for the other 80% ” on Amazon.

The Stock Tour Swing by Tyler Ferrell is one of my favorite golf books.

The Stock Tour Swing by Tyler Ferrell is one of my favorite golf books. Loaded with drills and anatomy lessons for better understanding of complex motions.

The two best instructional books I have read were Tiger Woods, "How I Play Golf" and Mike Malaska, "I Feel Your Pain".

When it comes to Instruction books, there are some classic examples like Hogan’s 5 Fundamentals, or Jack’s Golf My Way. But the two best instructional books I have read were Tiger Woods, “How I Play Golf” and Mike Malaska, “I Feel Your Pain”. Both are really easy to understand and apply to your golf game.

Golf instruction is not limited to the physical game. The mental game is equally if not more important than the physical.

Golf instruction is not limited to the physical game. The mental game is equally if not more important than the physical. Dr. Bob Rotella is one of the leading sport psychologists in the game. He has worked with a number of tour professionals and has written multiple books. “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” […]

There are so many great books on golf instruction that cover different areas of the game.

There are so many great books on golf instruction that cover different areas of the game. I recommend Jim McLean’s Eight Step swing book and Mike Adams Cracking the golf swing code for the full swing. Anything by Dr. Bob Rotella is a good book to read for the mental game. Iain Highfield, Matthew Cooke, […]

There are three books that are important if you love the game of golf, want to understand it better, and have a desire to become a good player!

There are three books that are important if you love the game of golf, want to understand it better, and have a desire to become a good player! ( I define a good player as a person who gets the most out of their given ability and is satisfied with their own personal performance.) 1. […]

Hands down is Youtube

Hands down is Youtube. It probably doesn’t pop up as a golf website. But it truly is the best collection of golf swings, teaching methods and so much more. The issue is weeding through all the information and finding what is applicable to your game. But as an instructor to get access to so many […]

The best websites are forums or chats (I.e. golfwrx, mygolfspy, pluggedingolf)

The best websites are forums or chats (I.e. golfwrx, mygolfspy, pluggedingolf), , as the real golfers provide actual feedback on the equipment and topics discussed. because it is my website..... because it is my website…..

I use a variety of Web sites, new letters, and blogs to stay on top of the industry.

Have you ever wondered what a PGA Golf Professional , Certified Personal Coach, owner of a Golf Academy, and a Division 1 High School Program use to navigate the ever changing golf industry? I use a variety of Web sites, new letters, and blogs to stay on top of the industry. Here are a list […]

My favorite golf site is

My favorite golf site is because I can get a fast and humorous rundown each morning about what is going on everywhere in golf. Geoff pulls no punches and interjects his opinions on all things golf which are always thought provoking. The best part is the Shackelford site is emailed each morning early so […]

My favorite golf websites are ones that keep me up to date with the latest golf equipment like Golf WRX, My Golf Spy, etc.

My favorite golf websites are ones that keep me up to date with the latest golf equipment like Golf WRX, My Golf Spy, etc. The forums are great for feedback and also real data from experts that have done the testing and can give us a better idea of how the equipment actually performs side […]

I'm really fond of just about all of the new Stroke Lab putters from Odyssey

I’m really fond of just about all of the new Stroke Lab putters from Odyssey. Particularly like the Indy model, but they’re all so balanced. I’ve always liked the balanced feel of counter-weighted putters, but not the additional length it takes to get that balance. The Stroke-Lab putters are like the best of both worlds. […]

Golfers should wash and clean their grips every 5 to 6 rounds.

Traction between the hands and the grip is a key element to be able to maintain control of the golf club with a light grip tension. Golfers should wash and clean their grips every 5 to 6 rounds. Hot water, any kitchen grease cutting spray (409, Fantastic, etc), and a stiff bristle brush will clean […]

I recommend getting re-gripped at least once every six months.

I recommend getting re-gripped at least once every six months. Fresh grips are proven to improve feel, lower scores and overall make your golf game better. Make sure you get the right size for your hands.

Never go more than a year without changing your grips!

For an active player (3-4 times a week) grips would need to be changed twice a year. For a casual golfer (2 times a month or less) once a year would work fine. Never go more than a year without changing your grips!

It all depends on what fits your eye.

It all depends on what fits your eye. I would say for sure go with a bigger grip so your hands become less active. Odyssey stroke lab is a good place to start.

I wasn’t much of a fan of the new format

I wasn’t much of a fan of the new format as I think in every tournament each player should start with the same score regardless of fed ex cup points. I don’t think it made it more fun for the fans either.

Putters are such an important instrument.

Putters are such an important instrument. Some things we just can’t compromise even though they “are all flat on the front.” 1. We have to be able to line in up and then roll the ball where we are aimed. Usually our eyes need to be above the target line or slightly inside to accomplish […]

Big carrot at the end of the year. Made it interesting.

Could make the tour more competitive through the whole year? Big difference between $15 million and $400,000. Big carrot at the end of the year. Made it interesting.

I think the tour is well on its way to forming a more exciting Tour Championship

I think the tour is well on its way to forming a more exciting Tour Championship. There is bound to be some fine tuning but it was certainly more exciting than in years past as the players having the best season were all in it at the end.

I would say it wasn’t as exciting according to my members comments.

I would say it wasn’t as exciting according to my members comments. Going into the last event there were only maybe 5 or 6 players with a chance to win the Tour Championship.The other 25 were just playing for a big check, no chance to win.

The best drill I have used is the "broken tee drill"

This is a very common mistake. The best drill I have used is the “broken tee drill”. Take a broken tee and place it directly in front of your ball. After you take your set-up, please focus directly on the broken tee instead of the golf ball. Now try and directly hit the tee instead […]

I thought the format made for great television.

I thought the format made for great television. In the end Rory would’ve won even if they all started at even. That shows that the most deserving player for the entire season won. Rory and Brooks both won three times this year, and it was fitting to see if come down to them, and Xander, […]

I would say that all golf tournaments should start with everyone even

I would say that all golf tournaments should start with everyone even and should it really count as a win for records should the person starting with 10 shots win? That being said Rory did shoot the lowest score for the week not counting the starting strokes so that makes it save some face in […]

It was like watching a horse race with staggered starting positions!

I thought the new format was a fun and exciting way to create more interest and something new to talk about. It was like watching a horse race with staggered starting positions! It was fun leading into the event to talk about who could make the biggest move and who might feel the most pressure […]

Easy to watch and kept it exciting not having to worry about points and such.

Loved it.  Easy to watch and kept it exciting not having to worry about points and such.

I especially liked what they did with the FedEx Cup scoring.

I really enjoyed the many changes . The season is completed before football season starts. Moving the PGA to earlier in the year with one Major every month, keeps the big names in more events. Ticket sales and viewing audiences broke records while the players purses have grown. I especially liked what they did with […]

Without doing the "math" I think it was a very exciting event...

Without doing the “math” I think it was a very exciting event…

I don’t think they are done tweaking this thing yet.

I don’t think they are done tweaking this thing yet. I didn’t like the fact that there weren’t many players with a chance after 3 rounds. I really think the players total scores for all three events should be used, possibly with the first 2 events being weighted a little less—say 50%. Rory was -2 […]

What would be more exciting is if they had 2 events at once. Who is actually truly winning the event and who is winning the Cup.

The Tour Championship was better this year with the new format. They may want to tweak a few of the shots given but you should have an advantage for your year long success going into the event. What would be more exciting is if they had 2 events at once. Who is actually truly winning […]

The one I seem to check out the most is Swing U Clubhouse

I get inundated with emails from different golf websites, like I am sure most other Professionals do. The one I seem to check out the most is Swing U Clubhouse. They seem to have timely stories, golf instruction and equipment reviews. It seems to cover a lot of what I am looking for in a […]

I would encourage anyone who loves the game to go to

For several reasons, I would encourage anyone who loves the game to go to, instagram or facebook.You will find a variety of interesting current and informative golf content, including tips to improve your game, more than 100 exclusive interviews and profiles of PGA , LPGA, PGA Champions Tour Players, such as Vijay, Jon Rahm […]

Find a qualified putter fitter

I would recommend each golfer find a qualified putter fitter. Over the years the golf industry has begun to acknowledge that Equipment Effects Motion. So, if that’s the case, which I believe it is, shouldn’t we be testing how golfers aim and swing with different club types? Head shape, hosel type, sightline, length and lie […]

Wear them out with practice ! And then change them after you can't hang any more .

Wear them out with practice ! And then change them after you can’t hang any more .

Start with an internet search to identify what irons you are interested in and read player reviews for player feedback

Start with an internet search to identify what irons you are interested in and read player reviews for player feedback (super game improvement, game improvement, or players club). Next, seek out a reputable retailer, fitting center, or best of all a Class “A” PGA Professional with fitting experience. Talk to them about your questions and […]

Visit a demo day and let the club reps guide you towards a new set of golf clubs.

If a new player is a member of a club I would just consult their PGA professional. If not I would contact the local PGA section office and ask for demo day information at local public facilities. Even for new players I recommend staying with the five or six top brand-name club makers. Visit a […]

Once the golfer has an understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish, they should be fit.

I honestly believe club fitting should be very early on in the process. Once the golfer has an understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish, they should be fit. Once properly fit to what they do naturally, the instruction of how to become more consistent can begin. I’ve seen too many novice golfers give up […]

A basic fitting combined with instruction will make the game more fun.

The greatest tools in the world will not make a person a skilled carpenter. That being said, new clubs are fun. New players need equipment that at the very least helps them improve. A basic fitting combined with instruction will make the game more fun. As players get better, the details of a fitting become […]

Go see a PGA professional and start with a good posture, work on your grip, and align yourself properly to the golf ball. Then, get fit...

Embarking on the search for a set of custom fit clubs can be daunting for new players. As a PGA member, my recommendation would be to find a PGA professional for a brief consultation. In my experience, there are many kinds of new players. Some beginners are “weekend warriors” on a journey to find a […]

Find something that makes you feel confident when you look at it then get it fit to your needs.

I have always felt that a player should choose something that is appealing to the eye first and foremost. All major manufacturers have good stuff and can provide proper specs after fitting. Find something that makes you feel confident when you look at it then get it fit to your needs. Keep in my that […]

Test and compare

For adult, beginner golfers, the decision on buying new clubs can be very overwhelming due to the large amount of different manufacturers and models available combined with the high price tags. The best way to start is the same as with any other big purchase, test and compare. Attending demo days or going down to […]

Once you’re hitting the ball consistently in the air with distance and can make a few pars when you play, then maybe you might want to get fit and upgrade to something nicer.

I personally think one of the best ways for a new player to start their new club search is on Craigslist or at your local Roger Dunn Golf Shop because when you’re starting out you don’t need any fancy clubs. You can find good used sets at both of these places and a used set […]

Most amateurs and new players are unaware of how important correctly fitted clubs are...

Most amateurs and new players are unaware of how important correctly fitted clubs are. Clubs that aren’t fit correctly can lead to many bad habits and injuries. I think the first step is to find a local PGA Professional or club fitter that can help make the process easier and less stressful. If they aren’t […]

Most importantly find a fitter you know or were recommended to that you can trust.

Most importantly find a fitter you know or were recommended to that you can trust. It’s equally as important to see the ball fly, hitting a ball 10 feet into a net and going strictly off of numbers is never a good idea. Trackman or something similar and video are also important. Have an idea […]

At the Jack Nicklaus Academy we send our clients to True Spec

I recommend every new golfer to get custom fit for clubs once they are comfortably swinging the club. This might be after some basic golf instruction so the fundamentals are in place. Once you are ready I suggest going to a professional club fitting facility where an expert can guide you in the right direction. […]

Consult your local PGA golf professional for a series of golf lessons and a golf equipment fitting, simultaneously.

There is no doubt that the proper equipment is very important for the success of a new golfer. Professional golf instruction, from a PGA golf instructor, is even more important! Luckily, PGA golf instructors are skilled at golf club fitting for the beginner! My advice is to consult your local PGA golf professional for a […]

Seek out your local PGA golf professional that is specialized in club fitting...

Seek out your local PGA golf professional that is specialized in club fitting…

Over the years, clubfitting has taken on a science of itself.

Over the years, clubfitting has taken on a science of itself. Long ago, we worried about the proper swing weight,length and grip size. Golf has evolved to a large variety of products, lie and loft angles to your launch angle and ball flight, etc. Most PGA Pros will give you good advice and know their […]

Club fitting and teaching go hand in hand

The most important thing you can do is see a PGA Professional. Club fitting and teaching go hand in hand. If you see a PGA Pro they are going to work with you on the best motion for you and get you set up with clubs that best fit you. Unfortunately if you go to […]

Ben Hogan said that a good grip is the most important element of a golf swing.

Ben Hogan said that a good grip is the most important element of a golf swing. Getting golf clubs re-gripped is essential to peak performance. If the grip on the golf club is old and too slick, the golfer will try and compensate by tightening up their grip and their forearm muscles. This will decrease […]

Blue Top Ridge at Riverside Casino, Spirit Hollow GC in Burlington, IA, and the home of the PGA Tour's John Deere Classic, TPC at Deere Run.

The best three public courses in the western Illinois and eastern Iowa region are Blue Top Ridge at Riverside Casino, Spirit Hollow GC in Burlington, IA, and the home of the PGA Tour’s John Deere Classic, TPC at Deere Run. They all make beautiful use of the properties they were built on and there are […]

If the grip is noticeably firm, or slick

It depends on many factors, but if the grip is noticeably firm, or slick, then you’re past the time when you should have replaced the grip.

Think about getting the toe of the club to the target

This is a problem for so many golfers as they try to “lift” or “hit” the ball instead of swinging the club to the target. My main thought for the player is to think about getting the toe of the club to the target. By swinging the club and having the toe go to the […]

If your grips look worn or if they are slippery, you should replace your grips.

Depends on some key factors, how many practice balls have been hit, how many rounds have been played with this set of grips. Heat, dirt, and oils from the skin also wear on the life of a grip. If your grips look worn or if they are slippery, you should replace your grips. I recommend […]

Learn to maintain your grips, and change them as needed.

When it comes to managing your grips, the Manufacturers probably won’t like my answer! Learn to maintain your grips, and change them as needed. Frequency of play and practice is the main factor. Get in the habit of washing them regularly with warm soapy water (for conventional composite /and rubber grips) and spray them with […]

If you are an avid golfer then I would recommend that you change your grips every year.

It really depends if you are a avid golfer or not. To me an avid golfer plays regularly, at least once a week and practices a couple times a week. If you are an avid golfer then I would recommend that you change your grips every year. I would also recommend that if you practice […]