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Mattawang Golf Club

Mattawang Golf Club

Mahlon Dow

PGA Golf Professional
Mattawang Golf Club
Belle Mead, NJ

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Think Train Tracks

The biggest issue I see with golfers is a lack of understanding of the proper set up. If golfers visualize train tracks, they’ll have a better set up to reward good swings. The club face should be aiming to the target. The body should be parallel (left) to the clubface . This creates target line […]

Pay Attention to Consistent Ball Position

From my view proper ball position is critical on every swing made and too often the most overlooked basic. I think the most common mistake that golfers of all abilities is a lack of consistent ball position with the same club. Too often I watch golfers play and practice with the same club and the […]

Shorter Swing is Key to Control & Consistency

I think most golfers can experience a few benefits from a shorter backswing. It is much easier to control the distance and the overall flight of the golf ball from a shorter swing. In particular when hitting into the wind, a full swing will often create too much spin and balloon the ball. Golfers will […]

Whatever It Takes

There is not simple answer as to how much one should spend on golf lessons and every person and or scenario is different. Many of my students over the years, I am able to solve their issues or get them back on track in a few swings. Many of that group wanted a series of […]

Down and Through Range Ball Stripe

For many years I have taught students how to take divots by taking a Driving Range ball and putting the stripe down at what would be 6 o’clock on a clock and having the golfer hit down and through the stripe. The stripe needs to be flush with the ground and barely in sight from […]

Over Swing vs Long Swing

An over swing in golf can cause many issues, with the biggest issue being inconsistency. From my view an over swing is when someone moves laterally off the golf ball or shifts their weight so much to the trail leg that the weight gets on the outside of the back foot. The collapse of the […]

Tempo is VERY Important and Overlooked

I will preface my answer by saying that I am a “Older Thinker” when it comes to the golf swing, but I think Tempo is absolutely the most important and overlooked thought in the golf swing. It is vitally important to have the proper tempo in the swing to hit consistent shots and find consistent […]

Stop With The Head Down!

Over the years I’ve heard way too many am’s telling their playing partners or family members to keep their head down or on every miss hit they’ll say “You picked your head up!”. In some cases the advice giver is correct on the end result but nearly always caused by another major issue. Often the […]

I Stole A Lot From Greats!

What a great question! My journey covers 50 years in this great game. I had the great joy of working for true legends in our great business. Some were great teachers and some were just great folks that you just hung on every word they said. The honest answer is I took a little bit […]

Driver or 3 Wood Now vs The Past

My answer to this question has changed 100% over the last ten years. Drivers were much harder for the average player to hit 10-20 years ago then they are now. 3 Woods were much easier to hit due to the shorter length of the shaft combined with a more forgiving loft then the standard driver. […]

Wider Flat Bottom With Driver

I believe the fundamental swings of tee shots and irons shots are close to the same, as far as the motions, but I also believe the Driver swing should have a flatter bottom or wider approach to impact then an iron swing. I like to use the correlation of the iron swing to the letter […]

Train Tracks for Proper Set Up

I try to get my students to visualize train tracks for the proper set up. The outer rail being the target line with the club pointed to the target and the inner track the set up line. The set up line includes the feet, knees, hips shoulders and even your eyes. Those lines of alignment […]

Jordan Spieth

I do not think there is a clear favorite to ever win the Masters, but I do think Jordan Spieth will have a great week and be a top three finisher. He has played some magical golf at Augusta and seems to have a great connection with the course. His short game is a great […]

Find a way to make par

Hitting out of deep rough with the wrong game plan can be a round disaster for many amateur golfers. I think the most important decision to make is pre shot and determining the best place to miss the shot to make par. Often that could mean taking one less club then the normal yardage and […]

Think Thin

When hitting a normal fairway bunker shot (without a high lip on the bunker), it is a much easier shot when the Amateur can think about hitting the shot thin on purpose. You do not want to hit much if any sand when hitting from a fairway bunker. This is easy to practice by finding […]

Putting and Fitness

I have always felt the winter months are best used for practicing putting and the stroke. There are many very good putting surfaces available for inside practice. I also think it is a good time of year to make a grip or stroke change without worrying about the impact that change will have on your […]

Get The Ball On The Ground Quickly

When you have a lot of green to work with, Amateurs would have much more success playing a Chip and Run then using a sand wedge and playing a Pitch shot. Since the Lob wedge became more popular too many rely on that club for most shots around the green. From my view that club […]

Colin Morikawa

There are many who could win this week, but I would pick Colin Morikawa to win the US Open at Winged Foot. I think his golf swing and game are a nice match to Winged Foot. Winged Foot is a straight drivers course which he does well and his game is built for Majors.

Speed Should Be Your First Thought

I think most golfers who are prevalent to three putt do so because they are usually consumed with worry about the line and do not think enough about the speed. Speed should always be the first thought and the last thought when putting. I often ask the golfer who says he is not a good […]

Emulate The Same Body Type and Personality

I think it is very important to emulate a tour player who is the same stature as you and also the same type personality. Body type is important because different body types have different swing tendencies that suit their body types. A scientific or methodical person does not benefit from trying to emulate a feel […]

Practice and a Game Plan

I think all golfers from beginners to tour players all have some nerves on the first tee. The best way to conquer those nerves and fears is to have a Practice tee session prior to getting to the first tee. Hit at least 20 full shots or enough to understand what your ball flight will […]

I see a much greater value in having events that everyone in the field has a chance to win and I think we are right there now.

I think the wide variety of winners on the PGA Tour is a great thing for the game and most importantly the future of the game. Today’s player leaves college and are instantly ready to win on the tour and from my view this adds excitement. This also tell’s the youngsters through teenagers of today […]

My favorite player currently and since his rookie season on tour is Jordan Spieth.

My favorite player currently and since his rookie season on tour is Jordan Spieth. I really enjoy watching him think his way around the golf course and around the greens like players did before the current ‘distance era’. I also think he comes across like a great guy to other players, the fans and the […]

Pine Valley is the best private course I have ever played.

I have been a PGA Member for over 35 years and have been blessed to play many of the greatest courses in the world, but that answer is an easy one for me. Pine Valley is the best private course I have ever played. I have only played there once and that was 33 years […]

I have noticed a 16 minute quicker round pace when we are walking only

Since I have been at my club for 25 years, I have noticed a 16 minute quicker round pace when we are walking only with the same golfers being timed with carts. My read on this is that the cart slows play down because golfers stay in the carts instead of walking to their ball […]

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