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Mark Maness

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Fix your aim then your swing

The average right handed golfer aims 20 or more yards right of their target. Mostly I believe because of where they think they should align their feet. Parallel lines don’t describe aim very well. In truth, our feet, knees, hips, and shoulders aim much further left of the target then you think. Lay down two […]

Many planes

Everyone has a specific plane based on their anatomy. A basic test for plane is to measure arm length (when measured from tip of your right index finger to tip of your left index finger when arms are out stretched parallel to the ground and your chest) vs. height. If your arms are longer than […]

An emphatic yes!!

Yes and yes. The low point of a proper swing is 4+ inches in front of the ball. We want ball first contact on all shots from the ground. I learned from Tom Kite that it was desirable to take a small divot with a fairway wood, now a fairway metal. We use the ground […]

3 things to know before taking a lesson

When looking for an instructor you need to know 3 things. Your budget for lessons is number 1. At my facility we have instructors charging from $100-175 per hour with discounts for purchases of series of 3 hours or more. You may be looking for group instruction which is much cheaper. Second on the list […]

Not just length, but sand conditions

The length of shot is easiest to change by using different lofted clubs. Anything over 35-40 yards I begin to play with less lofted clubs. I go so far as to play a standard bunker style shot with an 8 iron from 70 yards or so. I was fortunate to spend time with Tom Kite […]

Stop Topping

Bellying the ball or topping it is very common. This is because the vast majority of golfers don’t use the club correctly. Impact should occur with the grip slightly ahead of the club head, but in most cases the reverse is true. Players are trying to lift the ball in the air by releasing the […]

Concepts Matter

Poor concepts of how a golf swing is suppose to get a ball in the air and moving at a target is the greatest hinderance to good results. They believe the ball is “lifted” into the air by the club in a scooping motion. They also believe the ball should fly straight. They need to […]


80% of golfers have never been fit according to the NGF. Even beginners need to be fit in a static fashion, taking measurements and using an educated guess by a knowledgeable fitter. To truly fit someone we need a somewhat repeating swing motion. Best done on grass outdoors where ball flight can be seen and […]

Don't think hit down on the ball!

Telling students to hit down on the ball isn’t the answer. If they always miss the ground it’s either a concept or fear thing. Their concept is wrong because they think they can lift the ball off the ground. I explain why it’s possible but leads to poor contact, then have them hit balls off […]

There isn't one!

Tour players are physical freaks with great flexibility in ways the normal golfer can’t match, and core strength that most golfers don’t compare too. As a teacher I would say look at anyone of them from a purely face on view, find one with a similar grip to yours, and copy their impact position. Look […]

No one answer

These players come with a wide variety of challenges. We must be prepared with ideas for each different issue. Not unlike players without adaptive needs we must assess them and work with their strengths. I was teaching a gentleman with CP a few years back. When he used both hands to grip the club he […]

TPI assessments along with a number of things we used in my Nicklaus/Flick Golf School days.

I use TPI assessments along with a number of things we used in my Nicklaus/Flick Golf School days.

V1 & CoachNow

I’ve used V1 for 25 years and it is still the best complete platform. I use coach now for a golf team I help and like it.

Whispering Pines in Trinity Texas.

Whispering Pines in Trinity Texas. The par three course is a great kicker to an awesome experience.

The Backswing Fix

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