Mark Smith

Highland Meadows Golf Club, Ohio

PGA Golf Professional

Mark Smith

Assistant Professional/Teaching Professional
Highland Meadows Golf Club, Ohio
Sylvania, OH

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The Bump and Run is a shot that can be used for great approach shots to the green. Experiment with various clubs and practice many shots to find the right groove. The Bump and Run is typically a chip shot… low trajectory with more roll. The idea is to get the ball on the green […]

The Nail Visual

I don’t like to use the term “Hitting Down” on the ball. Other issues could come out of that. I say, hit through the ball with a steeper angle of attack. Many times I can achieve this using a visual of hammering a nail through the ball. Keeping your eye sight slightly ahead of the […]

The Toe Drill

Hitting behind the ball or topping the ball is basically the same fault. Rotation and weight shift is sluggish. Getting to a better impact position is ideal. If the weight stays on the trail leg or the upper body falls back (opposite from where the ball is going) you are bound to hit fat shots […]

Old Guys Warm-up

As I age, my warm-up routine has changed. I no longer can tee it up can go “Trunk to Tee!” So my warm-up depends on what time of day I’m playing… Morning rounds are very different than afternoon rounds. If I have a 7:30-8am tee time I’m going to begin my physical warm-up when I […]

Website, Facebook, Email

The three media formats that I like to use is Facebook, my email and my personal website. As a teacher is Florida our season ended very quickly and I lost a lot of the tail end of lesson series and new Leasons during the end of March and all of April so far. How much […]

The Backswing Fix

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