Michael Merritt

Talisker Club

Stonebriar Country Club

Michael Merritt

PGA Teaching Professional
Talisker Club
Park City, UT

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It depends

When you first begin it doesn’t matter if you use different golf balls. As you become more serious and want to get better, I would recommend using the same type of golf ball. I would suggest this because golf balls feel, launch, and spin differently. Using different golf balls means constantly adjusting to the firmness […]

Focused Practice

The most effective way teach golfers how to play golf is to go on the golf course. Let’s say that is not possible and you only have the practice areas. If that is the case you need to create holes on the range either from a course you play or in your mind. When you […]

Bryson’s Putting Works

He finished 10th in SG Putting for the 2020 season. There is a lot of value here. Bryson has matched up his putting to his equipment and how he processes information to make him a great putter. If you want to do a straight back straight thru (SBST) stroke then you need a putter with […]

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