Philip Krick

Mohegan Sun Golf Club

Mohegan Sun Golf Club

Philip Krick Jr.

PGA Master Professional | Vice-President & General Manager
Mohegan Sun Golf Club
Baltic, CT

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Spieth Wins again!

Jordan Spieth has discovered his Magic at the Masters once again. Augusta rewards the best putters and there is none better than Jordan Spieth.

1st Tee Nerves

It affects everyone to some degree, if it didn’t, something is wrong with you LOL… It probably comes down to confidence. If you are confident in your ability to hit a great shot, you will tend to enjoy the opportunity on stage. If you’re not, and have doubts – you’ll need to do all those […]

BOTH. One relies on the other!

BOTH. One relies on the other! It’s about rhythm and timing. I’d say there is no other shot in golf that requires more practice and “feel” than the Less than full wedge shots! You gotta play a lot golf to hit these shots well. There’s simply not substitute! We feel with our eyes NOT with […]

The Backswing Fix

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