Rick Martino

Abacoa Golf Club

Abacoa Golf Club

Rick Martino

PGA Master Professional
Abacoa Golf Club
Jupiter, FL

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Let’s Define a Lesson

Golf is a long term learning sport. The skills necessary and the infinite number of different shots make golf a life time of lessons. A student needs a long term plan to reach and maintain there goals. The cost of lesson will depend on where the lessons are taken. Ask about long term packages as […]


Stand on the big Ball – Hit the Little ball (balance ) Golf is the easiest game ever invented – Its only hard if you want to be good Swing easy and enjoy the extra distance! The club weighs less then a pound – you weigh (???)- think of the club as a Feather not […]

Purpose of Follow Thru

The follow thru is the result of the direction of forces created during the golf swing. A player needs a predetermined finish position to help control trajectory and distance. A slower swing speed creates a shorter follow thru. Verticality of follow thru position helps control the shots trajectory. Select desired position for shot. Rehearse your […]

Favorable Condition's that create backspin

The conditions that increase backspin on chip shots are 1clean sharp groves 2 golf ball with spin capability3 closely mowed tight turf 4high loft club 5delivering club face at sharply descending angle6 forward leaning shaft7 club accelerating thru impact By assessing these condition the player can judge the amount of backspin the shot will create […]

All and More

The 7th hole at Teeth of the Dog. A spectacular one shot hole with nothing between tee and green but beautiful ocean.Tee choice allow shots of 90 to 200 yards.I have made every score from 1 to 6 and enjoyed them all! Besides wind and water the hole borders the Pete Dye homesite. I feel […]

Wind = Higher Scores

Understand all scores will be higher. When wind is 10mph or stronger it changes the roll of a putted ball. Drill- Go to center of putting green and putt a ball to all 4 corners of the green. This will help you adjust your feel for speed in all wind directions. Remember (in making club […]

Strong and Balance

Jon Rahm Solid ball striker – very long -hits down on irons should help in November grass Very intense – will focus for first major

Better Physical Perception Better Seing

We get very little cold weather in Jupiter Florida so come play ! When working indoors I like to stretch and strengthen golf moves .An important part of this process is to improve our perception of how we move and how far each moves reaches. Take your full swing address position with your hands crossed(lead […]

As Soon as they start

Students should be fit with golf clubs from the first day they play. It is important that all golfers began with proper grip size shaft length shaft flex head weight and club set make up. Many players develop bad swing habits because of incorrect starting equipment. During the players development the coach can add clubs […]

On all stretch’s I observe balance and posture

First observe the students locomotion as they come to tee. Vertical stretch by placing hands on top of stretch pole and stretching hips as far as possible from stretch pole. Hold stretch pole and repeat with legs crossed . Place stretch pole across shoulders and rotate torso holding lower body still then hold torso still […]

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