Ricky Mosel

Upper Montclair Country Club

Ricky Mosel

Assistant Golf Professional
Upper Montclair Country Club
Clifton, NJ

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More Consistent with a divot

There are tons of ways to swing a golf club and none of them are wrong. However, you will be more consistent with your ball striking if you can take a divot. Without taking a divot your swing is most likely too flat which will bring skulls and thin shots into play. Focus on bringing […]

The best drill I have used is the "broken tee drill"

This is a very common mistake. The best drill I have used is the “broken tee drill”. Take a broken tee and place it directly in front of your ball. After you take your set-up, please focus directly on the broken tee instead of the golf ball. Now try and directly hit the tee instead […]

Upper Montclair Country Club

Being that I am in the Tri-State area I am partial to Upper Montclair Country Club where I am currently the Lead Assistant Golf Professional. We have hosted every major tour and the everyday playability is spectacular. Other than Upper Montclair I would have to say Shinnecock. Obviously this goes without saying, but it was […]

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