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Straight shots or crooked ones??

Your swing plane is very important in getting the ball to fly toward your target. Always remember that you are swinging the club from a tilted plane and if you change the plane or posture the path of the club will be altered as will the flight of the ball. Try to make sure that […]

Where are your eyes when putting?

This is always a great topic as most players are confused with where to have their eyes. I have done both and have found that the eyes should be just inside of your target line. It allows you to swing the putter on a better pendulum path and will help you to keep your head […]

Downhill Lies made a bit easier

It is always fun to bomb a tee shot then find yourself on a downhill slope. Most players will struggle with this shot and top the ball more often than not. What I tell my students is they have to get their shoulders and hips on the same line as the slope. Once they get […]

I have been very fortunate in my career to have a few great mentors.

Two of my earliest were Mitch Joannes and Don Hill, both PGA Members. They worked at two completely different clubs but treated everyone like they were their friend and not a member or a customer. I also watched how well they talked to the “kids” that were there in the Junior Programs and how they […]

New Clubs??

It is my belief that the average Amateur golfer if they are content with their scores and distance they hit the ball can have some older equipment. If the amateur is looking to make significant progress in his shot making and scoring then the equipment should be newer. Does not have to be the newest […]

Swing through the ball

One of the biggest issues I see with students that top the ball is that they are trying so hard to “HIT” the ball that they lose focus of the target. The club is coming down on top of the ball as they try to lift it in the air. Frustrating to watch it roll […]

Putting aids

Every year I get asked by a number of students, what putting aid(s) do you recommend? A couple of my favorites are: the Eye line Golf putting Mirror and the second is an alignment stick. The mirror is awesome for helping players get lined up and also understanding where their eyes and shoulders should be. […]

Take it to the Course

I have always tried to work in on course lessons with all of my students. This past year I offered 9 and 18 hole playing lessons and did more thanks to the pandemic. Over the years, playing lessons have really helped my students understand the why on how to play a golf hole. The when […]

Stay smooth in the Wind

We have all heard the phrase: “Swing easy when it’s breezy” this is easy to say and difficult to do. When the wind picks up I have watched players that are normally good ball strikers become very poor ball strikers because they feel the need to muscle the ball to the target, I play and […]

Fitting Clubs for amateurs

This question comes up all the time during the initial interview with my students. The short answer is this: if you have played some golf and have clubs currently after a lesson or two I would suggest getting fit. If it is a brand new player, I recommend that we work the swing through 4 […]

Chunk and run

Most amateurs that I work with will typically try to use the wrong club around the green and leave the ball a long way from the hole. In doing so this adds strokes to their score. I try to help them understand club and turf interaction and using the proper club and technique to get […]

Getting more distance with driver

Well the easy answer is “more protein shakes!!” Honestly, it comes down to the rotation of the hips and shoulders and that would be flexibility. Fitness is so very important to all sports but especially Golf. I recommend to my students to continue working on the core and even some strengthening of the legs. All […]

1st Tee Jitters

If you do not have your nerves jumping on the 1st tee you probably are not entirely ready to play! The key to handling your nerves is to redirect the nervousness into focus on the shot at hand. Pick your target and swing to it. Too many times I see players get onto the tee […]

SkyTrak may be your answer

I have been using SkyTrak for the past 3 years and have found it very valuable for my indoor teaching. I honestly have not used it much outdoors. Easy to use and quite a bit less expensive than the others.

As a fan I feel this adds more excitement to the events.

I believe that it is good to have such a wide variety of winners. The days of Tiger winning as often as he did has gone away as the newer players are more tournament ready and the competition is even better. It now gives the fan an opportunity to hopefully see more players in a […]

PGA Tour: Rory McIlroy & Ian Poulter. LPGA Tour: Sandra Gal

Favorite PGA Tour Player for me is a tie. I am a huge Rory McIlroy fan for all that he does on and off the course. The player tied in my book is Ian Poulter. Both great players and both work social media well. I believe Poulter tends to get a lot of unwarranted abuse […]

They have 8 seconds to pull the trigger!

We will discuss and go through some of the swing mechanics together as I help them get the club into the correct positions. We will talk about any questions that come up with regard to positioning of club, body, etc. Once they get over the ball though, they have an 8 second rule to start […]

Think about getting the toe of the club to the target

This is a problem for so many golfers as they try to “lift” or “hit” the ball instead of swinging the club to the target. My main thought for the player is to think about getting the toe of the club to the target. By swinging the club and having the toe go to the […]

...a lot depends on the player and their ability.

Putter recommendations are very difficult, a lot depends on the player and their ability. I do not have a “go to” putter, I will have my client/customer try an assortment and work with them once they have narrowed it down to what they like. It has to be a great feel, a great look and […]

New Albany Country Club

Tough question to answer as I have had the pleasure of playing many great private courses around the country. If you are looking for the best condition Private Club that would be New Albany CC. Spectacular from just getting on the property to how well the differentiation of fairway to rough was defined. This golf […]

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