Robert Blackburn

Stone Eagle Golf Club

Robert Blackburn

PGA General Manager / Director of Golf
Stone Eagle Golf Club
Palm Desert, CA

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Keep Your Eye On The Ball?

We have all heard the saying ‘you must keep you eye on the ball’ to hit a solid shot. In my experience working with newer golfers in particular, they tend to take what they hear very literally. By telling them to ‘keep your eye one the ball’, they will become fixated on the ball creating […]

Let Your Natural Instinct Take Over

Alignment is crucial to finding success on the greens, but overanalyzing your alignment can sometimes do more damage than good. We have all heard at some point to simply draw a straight line on the ball, point the line at your target and your alignment problems are solved. This certainly is a great method that […]

Know Your Distances!

There are a lot of options in equipment these days and with only being able to carry 14 clubs in your bag, picking the correct set configuration can certainly help lower your scores. The key to knowing what you need is to understand your personal game and most importantly, how far you ‘carry’ the ball […]

One Hand Drill

Indoor putting is a great way to improve your putting stroke so long as you have a good surface to roll the ball. I would recommend purchasing an inexpensive putting mat to get you started. My favorite drill for any player is to putt using only their trail hand (right hand for right-handed golfers). Simply […]

The Backswing Fix

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