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Robert Sedorcek

PGA Golf Professional
Rob Sedorcek Golf Instruction
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Trail Arm

Keep your trail elbow to the ground on backswing. This keeps the trail elbow in a position to shallow the downswing. While doing this and release club after impact to achieve extension.

Quick Warm Up

I like to swing a weighted club in the parking lot. Do some Stretches on the first tee. Grab two clubs and make swings if you do not have a weighted club.

Golf Lessons

People come to see me to get better. Fix something in their golf swing. To get an understanding of their swing and how to get better. To become better ball strikers. To prepare for their next tournament.

Experience and Goals

Depends on the experience of the instructor and the level of the student ability and their golfing goals. Should be willing to pay $75 to $150 per lesson.

Don’t Listen

Keep Your Head Down! I here this all the time. Especially when people are topping the balls or shanking or just miss hitting the Ball. It should be keep you eye on the ball. Some of the best players in the world do not keep their head still.

My mentor was Stan Thirsk

Stan was the epitome of a golf professional. He helped me with my golf game, my career, and personal growth. Stan was a good man.

Boom it!

Bryson. He can minimize the golf course if he hits it straight. All par 5’s ar reachable for him and tough pins are more accessible with shorter irons.

Controlling distance is a combination of the two.

Controlling distance is a combination of the two. Control the length of the backswing to know how much energy to give you shot. Control your tempo to be consistent from day to day. Speed around the green hurts more than it helps the average golfer.

The Backswing Fix

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