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Cog Hill Golf Club

Ryan McGwyer

PGA Teaching Professional
Cog Hill Golf Club
Chicago, IL

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Go to a tour event sometime and take a look at the perfect divots of tour pros. A divot is evidence of a solidly struck golf shot. The more in to out (drawer) of the ball the less the divot. The more you play a cut generally the more divot you will take. Optimum Trackman […]

Hold it tight ball goes right!

Students often hold the club wayyyyyy too tight. This could be due to old, slick grips, a poor grip, not changing your grips regularly. If you hold it tight you inhibit rotation of the face on the downswing.

It’s a big decision get it right

Choosing the right golf coach is a really big decision. If I were doing it I would begin my search with finding a coach who continues his/her education with certifications. Being a “good player” has little or nothing to do with it. Finding a coach who is certified in plane truth, stack and tilt, A […]

Benefits of being properly fit

The short answer here is that the fitter has things that he or she can do to improve ball flight without changing your swing. Now I am not saying that a fitting is more Important than instruction it’s not but the fitting and instruction should go together seamlessly. In a perfect world your teacher should […]

The dreaded fat shot

Hitting “fat” or behind the ball is a swing fault that affects both high and low handicappers. The low handicapper typically has a swing path that is too far to the right (in to out) which will cause the bottom of the swing to occur too far behind the ball. The good player can also […]

Not even close

Ideal path for a driver is up and 2 degrees right. Ideal path for an iron is down and roughly 2 degrees left that’s a difference of 4 degrees. Irons and woods are built on vastly different angles therefore they cannot swing the same. Most amateurs struggle with driver because they swing it like an […]

Get new irons to reduce side spin or increase ball speed

I see way too many people trying to buy a better game. The job of the iron is to produce higher ball speed and or reduce side spin. If you’re looking to change irons get a fitting (outdoors) using a launch monitor! You want to see what’s wrong with your current numbers i.e.: peak height […]

It’s the most important fundamental

To illustrate the importance of grip I will generally hold the club in 1 finger (index finger with heel pad on top) I will tell my student to pull it out of my hand. The student will usually look at me funny then pull like crazy and watch in amazement as the club does not […]

Slices start with a bad grip.

If you were going to take 1 golf lesson and get your money’s worth as a new golfer it would be wise to spend it on the grip. The grip is the only thing connecting you to the club and has a huge impact on your ability to square the face. Too many golfers grip […]

Louis Oosthiuzen

Number 2 in total putting entering the masters and always plays Augusta well. To me whoever is putting really well always has a chance to win at Augusta.

Nose over your front toe.

Increasing spin on a chipshot requires a couple of very simple things. First it helps to play with a softer golf ball and a sandwedge that is less than 30 years old. Professional golfers typically change out their wedges every three months, the average golfer changes his wedges out every century. From a technique standpoint […]

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