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Plum Creek Golf Club

Scott Barla

PGA Director of Instruction
Plum Creek Golf Club
Carmel, IN

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Hit the Little Ball and Not The Earth First....

Descent into ball impact comes down to three physics principles. The Club face, Club Path and Angle of Descent. Most beginner or amateur golfers don’t realize that club face to ball first causes a post cut divot. Therefore they are trying to “get under the ball” vs drop club face on the ball. Scoop vs […]

What club do you have confidence off Par 4 or Par 5?

After 30 years of teaching-coaching golf. I have seen where the rubber meets the road off the tee box on Par 4’s and Par 5’s. You can teach-coach the individual what is the higher percentage of success club off the tee in certain tee box decisions. But the reality is the player usually doesn’t stick […]

SuperSpeed Equipment Owner-Coach

Yes, you can increase club speed without losing accuracy. But the percentage of amateur players that would fit in that answer check box is lesser than higher percentage. Why? After using the SuperSpeed Adult and Junior equipment sets with tens of students the past two years. I see that players are committed to the journey […]

Upper Story and Lower Story

Topped Golf Shots are a cause of club face leading edge at lowest groove line of club impacts the north pole of the golf pole. Actually the golf ball has so much top spin from this club ball collision that it makes ball go down into the ground. The next time you top a golf […]

Perfect 14 Club Equipment Golf Set

This question for the perfect 14 club set is very open ended for most golfers, because your clubs have to match the player. Case in point is a recreational golfer vs competition golfer. Both love the game. Both have different skills and priorities on the golf course. The recreational golfer has been told in the […]

Shoreacres 12th Hole

Seth Raynor is one of the greatest golf architects in the early 20th century. He had a very unique to use Redans in his course design. The 12th hole at Shoreacres, Lake Bluff, IL, has one of Raynor’s best examples. Very short par three that had a 60 foot drop off from the elevated tee […]

Indoor Winter Putting Drills

After working for 30+ years with golfer’s of all skill levels, you see patterns. I work with local boys high school team the past five winter indoor. We do the line game to develop speed control from various distances. The drill video for further understanding is at my website to see. As well as other […]

The Backswing Fix

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