Sean Kennedy

The Cliffs

Sean Kennedy

PGA Director of Instruction
The Cliffs
Travelers Rest, SC

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I warm up to play. I don’t play to warm up

Check out this video to prepare your self to play!

The best Par 5 in the world

Pine Valley Golf Club has 18 unique holes set in the pine barrens of southern New Jersey. Every hole could be on this list for me. Personally, I love five pars and the strategies needed to navigate them successfully. Aesthetics, playability, challenge and shot value are the pieces of the puzzle that make a hole […]

Rhythm is the key to good distance control

Sometimes the weather makes getting a good practice putting session in difficult. When you are stuck inside grab a putter, some golf balls, about 10 feet of carpet and a metronome to work on your putting rhythm. There are lots a great aids to help with your putting. In the video below I use a […]

The Backswing Fix

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