Tasha Bohlig

El Caballero Country Club

El Caballero Country Club

Tasha Bohlig

PGA Golf Professional
El Caballero Country Club
Tarzana, CA

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Be Prepared and Make a Plan

Here are three ways to improve your club selection and decision-making process out on the course: 1. Have Options: always have three clubs with you to give you options. I often observe golfers who grab just one club based on the yardage. Due to variables such as incline, wind, lie, etc., you will likely need […]

Acknowledge those 1st Tee Jitters

The best way to overcome nerves is with the same strategy you would implore in a negotiation. Step 1: Acknowledge the feelings/thoughts and gain awareness. Say to yourself “I know I am nervous and I sense how this is making me feel”. Step 2: Make the feelings ok and reassure yourself. It is okay to […]

TaylorMade Spider X

My favorite putter recommendation is the TaylorMade Spider X. I normally don’t recommend a particular putter to students because they should get what works for their stroke and their eye. With the stability and ease of alignment, the Spider X putter is easy to recommend. TaylorMade did a great job in creating a putter that […]

Riviera Country Club

Riviera Country Club is the best private golf course that I have ever played. Riviera combines a storied history with a tremendous test of golf that is always in impeccable condition. Every hole is terrific test of skill and strategy and the kikuyu grass presents a host of challenges for the player. Along with Riviera’s […]

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