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Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

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Thomas Fischer

PGA Director of Golf
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort
Las Vegas, NV

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To divot or not to divot

Taking a divot is not essential to a good golf shot. Hitting the ball in the center of the face with a square face is important, and if you take a little turf or not isn’t important. There have been great ball strikers who took big divots and others who didn’t take any. However, an […]

Telling someone to keep their head down is not a productive thought

I’m sure others will concur, but telling someone to keep their head down is not a productive thought. It hinders a quick, balanced turn and shift and is bad for your back. Honorable mention…..keep your left arm straight…… need more lag……you’re swaying.

Grip preference

I tell students that the key to controlling your golf ball is controlling the clubface……..and the only part of the body that touches the club are your hands…….therefore they have the most influence over face position……so if we introduce a proper grip early in their development, they have the best chance of success. A proper […]

Improved lower body

The most common cause of topping that I see is caused by the lower body rocking laterally off the ball. Once the player has moved away from the ball it is hard to return the club to the proper impact position. Try stabilizing the lower body on the back-swing by improving posture and making an […]

Fix the grip, fix the slice

The root cause for the majority of slicers that I see is a weak positioned grip. It leads to in-swing issues that are simply the body’s way of trying to correct the open face caused by the poor grip. The best way to correct it is to see your local pro and have him show […]

The Backswing Fix

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