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Core Components of Solid Ball Striking

The golf ball does not care about anything but the moment of impact. It has no opinion on the grip or any movement in the swing prior to impact. Great ball strikers all have core elements in common: they consistently achieve five factors at impact in relation to the intended target line. There are 5 […]

Good Golf Begins with a Good Grip

Grip / Hold “Hold the club, don’t death grip it!” Thomas T Wartelle, WGTF & PGA Pro @ttwgolf There is no one standard grip for everyone, only one perfect grip for each individual. Each person’s body is different. Therefore their anatomy dictates each person’s natural wrist and hand position. Once this is found, then we […]

The Clubface Sends It; The Swingpath Bends It!

Components of Solid Ball Striking Thomas T. Wartelle, PGA & WGTF Professional Facebook @ Instagram : @TTWGOLF The short answer: There is only one cause of a slice. The clubface position at impact is open to the path of the club at impact. The differential between the face and path determines the amount of curvature […]

Bernhard Langer- A Master Winner

My choice is Bernhard Langer. He is a two-time Masters champion. Bernhard turned pro in 1972. In 1986, he became the sport’s first official number one ranked player. At 63 years old, he is a long shot. But in my book, he will always be a Master Winner in golf and life.

Splash it Out!

There are many different ways to play shots around the green out of the rough. Variables include the lie, type of grass, pin position, and even firmness of the green. One option is to play a splash shot similar to a bunker shot. Having grown up playing out of Bermuda grass rough, I find this […]

The Backswing Fix

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