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Zelocity & Ernest Sports

Zelocity and Ernest Sports is pretty good

Cover the ball

Feel as if your chest is covering the ball as you focus on watching impact

Tour Tempo

Easy, use the Tour Tempo app and read the book. With a consistent pre-shot routine and good tempo you will have the proper sequencing of YOUR swing. Consistent and powerfully struck shots will start happening.

Read grain on bermuda grass

On bent I am looking just at the slope. On bermuda I look at the cup 1st to see which side the grass is falling back into the cup which indicates the way the grain is growing. I then look in different directions to look for a shiny side of the grass which indicates downgrain […]

Weight forward

Start with more weight on your target side foot or be more dynamic in your weight shift to your target side foot to start your downswing. Pressure mats prove good ball strikers have about 90% of their weight on their target side foot at impact.



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